Resteem Subscription Report #3 (Get Your Daily Resteem)

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Hello and Welcome to @yougotresteemed



For daily bloggers we do offer a Resteem Subscription. You will get free resteems and upvotes for the duration of your delegation. The amount you would like to delegate is up to you! So feel free to offer us any amount you feel is fair.

Those delegations will help us to give out more valuable random upvotes on our resteemed posts.


Current Delegation Supporter:


@mcoinz7920 STEEM delegation


Thanks for the support guys!

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I hope more people delegate

Please I 'll like to be clarified.

Who get the free resteem?
Who are to delegate?


You will get free resteems (usually one per day) and upvotes on your posts during the time of your delegation to us, @yougotresteemed.


Sorry but your post didn‘t passed the screening. Reason: Just a one line post.

Thanks for using our service but please only submit original posts with value to the community!

Can I delegate SP to you?


Sure thing! After we recieved the delegation we will start upvoting an resteeming every post of yours (up to max 2 a day)!

Thanks for concidering!