See Just How Powerful A Simple Steemit Post Really Is (In The Words Of An Illiterate!!!) The Internet Has Never Been This Awesome!!!

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When it comes to steemit, one major arsenal that we incessantly have to create awesomeness, is our "steemit posts" because it contains a piece of awesome us. Other things (steem power,  aren't as constant!

Till date, "words rule the world"! "Let the be light and there was light!"

More than anything our steemit posts, contains a piece of us! This is still our most powerful arsenal as steemians, because by means of it, we can reach nooks and crannies of Mama Earth and i mean, even "by means of it alone"! 

Even money can't accomplish this much awesomeness because it is not free!

On the outside (where our steemit posts also exist) and in the search engines, steem power matters less and perhaps, whale or minnow matters less there too. 

To non-steemian readers, a steemit post is a steemit post; whale or minnow! 

They simply find your steemit posts organically even in the search engines, as they look to learn or find solutions to challenges or answers to unanswered questions, thus, their measure of your substance is mostly in how much you impact them.

Your steemit post is can thus, be a valuable asset even to an large audience of non-steemians on the outside or to the world at large. 

By means of steemit, we have something for free, that the entire world of the internet-space seeks. 

The world of netizens (Joe/business owner/Apple or Facebook) long to dominate the search engines. 

There is obviously no doubt, that our steemit posts appear in the search engines and there is no doubt that is starting to hold its own, even by world (internet) standards as a viable source of relevance (information).

Alexa is starting to rank as top 2000 websites world-wide and this is happening in a span of less than 2 years!

I have been on the internet for a long time, even as a boy, endlessly seeking newer ways to stay out-of-the-box and to accomplish this, i had turned to the internet!

In one way (as a young boy), it had felt like this web space is an avenue to the rest-of-the-world or i had expected it to be so, until you find out very quickly that it is not or it has not been. 

Till steemit came into the picture to adjust matters! (The whole beauty of blockchain is to bring about positive disruption to the old-school stuff that the world very much tends to pose). 

Down to the web spaces, this influence of monopoly exists, which i didn't expect to be the case, upon starting out on the internet as a boy.

"I knew i was tied a bit, by my location". 

I had established that really early! 

I would develop innovation ideas as boy, against all odds and even norms and silently go on to the internet where nobody really knows me, with hopes that i could reach out to the world by this means and with hopes that location would become negligible as an odd.

Ofcourse, when it comes to innovation, i would dream limitlessly and to be limitless, i would be unrealistic and crazy. Hahaha, so even if my idea was of a video game that would be playable in Mars; i knew no bounds!

I used to go to canteens to eat (with the boys) and everytime, i spotted a round table with surrounding chairs, i would look at my boys and smile inside me and say in mind; this is all we need, to make dreams (innovation ideas) equals reality. 

I always knew that team of like-minded reputable great minds was key; i mean, give me such team and i will rally them and we would go move and displace Mount Kilimanjaro by 20 km, at 20 miles per hour! Hahaha.

But that was only part of what was needed; for i actually needed a team of un-tied likeminds!
When you are tied, except your genes and you are stubborn (too-lazy-to-quit), you almost are half-human!
Don't doubt me! Hahaha

Yes, location tied us and even when we created illusions of (we) being outside-the-box, we kept on so inside-the-box.

Note: Not like, we can't have made it in these locations (we are a stubborn too-lazy-to-quit breed), but what may have requires years, may have taken ages! We had a very un-enabling environment!

As the internet starting to become a thing, hope re-started to flourish. "The worldwide web" was it; our breakthrough! (A likely enabling environment or close!) We would be able to make "dreams equaller to reality". There is now a chance, that while the world says, you can't tour it because you are very much half-human, we can tour it from the nooks and crannies of our rooms, attain an enabling environment, where information abounds; rub minds with the rest of the globe or the like-minds in it and rehearse our innovation into fruition! 

But the internet very quickly started to become boring! Why?

Because location was also very much a factor on this so-called worldwide web!
Wasn't it suppose to be an inanimate thing afterall, without much preferences when it comes to status, location etc?

We expected it to pose positive disruption (adjustment) but it was a recyclement and replay of the same standards that hold sway in the world, where your location can very very much define you

By location, "i mean; "where you reside!" (Your IP address!). I rarely talk race because to me, there is only the "human race", with nations being locations!

I wanted to solve this!

As a young boy and especially, one who uses the internet with a slightly different expectation from it, due to my reasons for turning to it, i quickly saw alot that could make the INTERNET, truly "INTERNET"!

Well, it maybe it started out fine but over time, the state of the world started to shape it up.

A ton of netizens in the world alike, even obliviously, are trying to adjust the INTERNET, to accomplish this same thing; "Surpassing Google".

Hahaha, when you look at the internet closely, it isn't very un-obvious, that Google can rule and you can easily say Facebook too! 

Now, this is not a bad thing. I am not one to eat myself up about other people's success, for i admire it but nothing stops me from doing my own innovation as well.

We still hold knowledge here (in the world of the illiterates), that the world doesn't yet know and this sole knowledge is the solution to many of the issues the world faces. The elites however, may not know that we have this sole knowledge because the illusion that the world creates, is that the elites are worlds above us

So as a boy, i did start to want to educate the world of the things, that an illiterate knows, that they don't know! (Not as an activist, as a problem solver and innovator and lover and as a voice)

"The only free arsenal i could start with a young boy thus, was my young voice in the form of my words". 

So i looked into writing out stuff and i would try out blogspot and free wordpress and i would write and write and check my analytics, with hopes and it was always nothing to write home about!Hahaha, then i went into domain names and hosting with my small money as i continued seeking to have a voice, then i got very weak service and lost all my blogposts because i didn't pay for backup and when i the year ended, i didn't want to renew my hosting because of their slow service. This odds can crush a motivated boy's spirits!

Hahaha, then i would try and try and research new ways to try (all the make my voice reach the other nooks and crannies of Earth, where i felt that i also had potential audience, because i never thought my audience was limited to my location) 
same as i now never think that the audience for my now steemit posts, is limited to steemit!
Note: a part of this research for ways to beat location-limitations on the worldwide-web, was how i found steemit!

I did think location was a factor, in how the webspaces measure relevance (when i had started out on the internet even as a young boy)

So when i join steemit even as a minnow, it didn't matter whether i earned or not because i wanted to be heard and i knew steemit, with its decentralized servers helps matters! 

I tell you, even on Facebook, you may not get heard if your are in the Philippines and your audience is in USA; not even on Facebook itself! Worse, when you try to reach out to a potential like-mind on Facebook and you try adding someone from USA as friend; for Facebook can decide to suspend your account. 

The first time, i tried to reach out to Mark Zuckerberg in a DM, about an idea that may enhance Facebook, was the first time my Facebook account got deleted and this particular account was not restoreable (according to them and for no discloseable reason). The second time my Facebook account was suspended, i was so devastated that they heard my lamentation and restored my account but they had deleted two of my innovation idea pages "that i considered dreams". Then in my mind, i went (without knowing of decentralization and blockchain):

Just when you decide to dare to dream again and Mark throws a Berg at you and Zucks you right out of it!

Hahaha, i had learned how to spell the name "Zuckerberg" in the whole process of languishing in internet's centralization. Hahaha, i used to spell it "Zukerberg"!

Not saying that "internet's centralization is bad", but gosh, the world of the developing countries have an additional very-uniquely-special need for internet's decentralization, moreso, with regards to having a voice at least!

If these worlds don't have sustenance/much-hope/shine, don't take away their vocal chords too!

My target audience was never in my location. 

I wanted to reach the world out there, basically! 

But google, kept telling me, "you are in Jamaica, so why should we serve, your content to Australia?" Which is logical but according to me (at the time); this is what would ring in my young mind:

Google smarten up before i take over! 

Hahaha, so what if i was a Russian and i went to spend 3 months residing in Bangladesh?

Then, i would say in my mind; "ofcourse, human intel beats artificial intelligence everytime, else, type the word "money" in google and it should at least show the address to the nearest ATM among its relevant results"! Hahaha.

Over time, on the internet, i started to establish that a huge mass of internet users, enterprises, businesses etc wanted this same sole thing; "google ranking" or search-engine-domination so to speak! 

Yes, the spent millions of dollars on ADs/email lists etc but they never were satisfied because, those who opened their eyes could easily see, that the world's attention is keener on subjects that they have found organically!

Hahaha, then i started to play with the google search engines at the time, (like an illiterate "no books involved") and i would play with the search engines with different search phrases and experiment ways to rank, then i noticed that google owns Youtube too, thus, had a tendency to offer Youtube videos as well in search results as of more relevance than vimeo or daily motion videos and i started to look for ways, to make every post i make appear on the first page of google, every time!

At the time too, i saw a product on clickbank by a young man (related to Google ranking domination), who was said to make his first 40 million USD(S) selling this digital product. Hahaha, i thought it was a software (something that tweaks the algorithm etc) all along and at the time, it was selling for 40 dollars each and i was one broke boy. So i signed up for email updates, where they marketed me for months, till there came up a chance to get the digital product for 1 dollar, upon which i found it out to contain only a bunch of PDFs and videos, that taught you how to use the google keyword tool, to find pertinent keywords for posts titles and post-bodies. 

Then, it got more established to me: if a million people bought his product for 40 dollars each and i bought this product (a bunch of PDFs and Youtube videos) when it became 1 dollar, then aren't the masses of netizens, intrigued by this sole subject? 

They so are!

Let me pause on history!

Your Steemit Post is so so so powerful

Did you know that companies like insurance companies etc pay as high as 50 dollars per click for ADs, simply to be displayed as ADs on the first page of google? 
This equates to millions of dollars annually or so, to accomplish a feat, that several of us have accomplished even obliviously for free, by means of our steemit posts.

I told you i did blogspot and everything for years and my analytics was terrible, even with all my experiments. I have tried writing on Medium too and my analytics was so discouraging on Medium alone, let alone google rankings. Hahaha, i have written on buzzfeed too. I have written on many applications too, one after the other over the years and not only writing; experimenting!

Hahaha, there is a ton of SEO experts too or many who say, they are perfect with SEO and stuff but i am telling you, they can't tell me that they will do better, SEO-wise, with a brand new Wordpress+Domain+Hosting etc than they would do, if they applied the just the same/less expertise on a simple steemit post.

I do a lot of research really and in the past months, i know how many google search results of mine have produced steemit posts on a variety of search queries. I have seen several of my posts ranking too and i found steemit organically, while researching on the search engines (Google).  

Steemit brought about real disruption. Infact, one of the most potent genius of steemit/steem is the blogging/SEO aspect of it! 

Serve the search engines and perhaps, we can reshape it.

Even when it comes to steemit growth, i see this as steemit's genius! Kudos to @ned @andrarchy etc for this.

They stubborn stuck to the unconventional, harder yet more solid/fresh/etc testimonial route because when the vision is within dream and staunch, deeply-rooted and spanless, why haste!

Yes, ADs will work in promoting steemit and it can be fast too but that's old-school stuff. 

The whole beautiful essence of blockchain is positive disruption, by means of innovation, not competition and unnecessary strife. "The new school!"

Imagine a steemit post on the first page of google/bing/yahoo/etc for every search query ever done; what heights do you think steemit will accomplish in terms of growth/positive-disruption/awesomeness/newness/etc at those heights, when steemit is filled with the substance of reputable great minds!

We would have reshaped the internet! We would have surpassed Google! We would have contained the numbers!

Now if this is even slightly even the case; if there is a 1 percent chance that we can accomplish this by means of our each and every simple steemit post, won't we maximize 99 percent of every post, to appeal to the masses of audience that we also have in the search engines.

When it comes to breakthrough (as a whole) by means of the internet, it has never been totally about outright earning. It has mostly been about the potential or possibility of earning and perhaps, the potential of touching lives and the potential of telling the world and generations yet unborn: "i was here!".

As for the potential for breakthrough, if you have lived in the developing countries, you will have fuller grasp on how i means this things. Normally, i would tell the boys around me, "let it out there, for the world of the internet!" You just have to let a piece of awesome YOU out there since it is free, even if simply for the sake the evergreenly potential breakthrough. 

Yes, you true helper may not yet be a steemian. The brother whale you seek only here on steemit, may not be a steemian yet and may be out there in the world of non-steemian, looking for you actively in the search engines. So why not maximize to the full, the power of your simple steemit posts and enhance its potential by a large measure, giving all potentials in one go e.g increase your likelihood of trending on steemit, increase the likelihood of touching someone's live on steemit and off-steemit, increase the likelihood of getting opportunities on steemit and off-steemit, promoting steemit off-steemit and on steemit, etc

This breakthrough you so heartily seek, can come from some piece of awesome YOU, we have left out there even a decade ago, for its the INTERNET and now, with steemit and its decentralized, uneraseable/permanent nature, even moreso, now than ever before.

Someone can seek you out. The whale you seek, can be out there in the search engines. 

The internet hosts the globe and now more than ever before, by means of steemit, you can reach it for free. Make "free" count maximumly or at least try! No loss; no loss!

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Your Boy Terry


My community effort and steemit growth is a major part of my effort as "steemgigs" witness, thus, the use also of #witness-category

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful, especially in terms of giving me the direly needed extra drive & strength. Overall, there is no doubt, that i have been here on steemit, proven, solid and i will keep on being here! Steemit is in my books and my heart has a soft spot for it and this will keep on because upon it, i kept my legacies and even my sad stories and most utmostly, i get to have awesome YOU. 

For humans and steemians, i am all in, for you all

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click!

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This is one of the most interesting thing I've read. Thank you for sharing it to me in a direct message a couple days ago.

I've re-steemed it and I'll revisit it in the future.

That was pretty good for being TLADR. [almost].

I'll have to go back over it again myself,
since it's almost 3am on christmas,
and my kids will probably flip out tomorrow,
if i'm not up early enough for them.

Sometimes i like to read others peoples posts when they're real good,
to see how it feels and sounds,
to work with something that's been assembled well.

I tend to only work spontaneously,
and to often drive my friends "NVTS".

You have a nice small in your thumbnail lol,
and it makes me realize,
that if i'm going to work in video,
i actually have to get my teeth whiter.

Lol so overtired, sorry,

Read when you are rested and there loads of comments and there is awesomeness in the comment section. Stay awesome

Im not even sure if I posted the video I recorded for you. Steemit can be hard to navigate and keep track of still.

Hahaha, thank you bro. I share it with you cos of the human aspect of you that you stay much in touch with. Please add my last post, the one just after this and please read what goes on the comments. It is a beauty and ofcourse steemit is cos it helps in creating this beauty. The beauty in the comments will inspire you. Still struggling to reply to comments here cos my browser keeps crashing and even the crash is a beautiful thing

Really interesting post. Hard to get oneself noticed on steemit though I find... any tips?

Hi @surpassinggoogle, You're looking into the future of Steemit and having been part of the SEO team as content writer, I fully understand what that means and where it's heading towards. When you chose name @surpassinggoogle, you might not have thought of surpassing it this way....but this way or that way, you chose this name because it was in you anyway. We need visionary leaders like you who make perspective before time, people who can feel the pulse of time and write the destiny the way they want.

Steem On!

Hahaha, you just don't fully yet, just how learned you are in the real world but i believe you do

Things are in process and I believe in challenging myself. It :)

We would have reshaped the internet! We would have surpassed Google! We would have contained the numbers!

You have written so awesomely about our expectations. Steemit has made what was hitherto impossible, very possible. You won't believed how shocked I was the first time my post showed on Google, then afterwards, joy that I have achieved something I thought would have taken me years.
I see it as a rare privilege to be a part of all of this historic event
You also are a man driven by intense passion and see where you have come to be today and I know that you have not even started yet.

Hahaha i have missed you. You are so learned by every standard. Your kids will go places. I am ending up posting today and i think it follows this post. I didn't have such plans though

Thank you Terry for such wonderful comments and don't forget that you also bring out the awesomest version of me. I have missed you too, so much but I am praying that you will receive much grace to overcome your grief.

My goodness, that's actually the most "personal" thing i think i've ever read in the comments in my month plus on steemit. I like it. I almost wish that steemit would make all chat public and in the blockchain. I've always hoped that a way would appear, through which people would end up expressing their most genuine selves.

I believe that the World will change in our lifetimes,
drastically even,
but in the worst case,
i think we should be placing all out conversations into a time capsule of sorts.

At least later generations will "Know" TONS about what we talked about,
at least publicly.

What is the greatest "HISTORY" blockchain?

Enjoyed this all - ALX.

Thank you, I am so flattered by your compliment, I only speak my heart.

I am touched by your enjoying this. Hahaha what you wish, i envisioned it and gosh it is something to behold and twud work in Paradise. Can work here though but the world would have had to become forgivers and lovers and sifters of good from flaws etc. But yes, the world is adjusting and steemit is playing a huge role. It helps us to tap into awesomest versions of ourselves a bit more and the awesomest version of human is a gift to humanity everytime, according to me

Ofcourse, my amen is on default to awesome prayers from you

This is so true! As a young scholar, I have always been the idealist. I believe in the inequalities of the world and the justice that a person can bring if only one has the courage to kindle a fire in others.

I have always wanted to have my voice heard on so many platforms. For now, Twitter has been my instrument to share my thoughts about the world. My Tweets did vocalize my thoughts but there is a sense of entitlement to share it with a broader audience. I would like to surround myself with people around the world who shares the same views, who sees the world in a different perspective and is willing to share that view with the world.


It's nice to know that there are a lot of people in the world who shares the same humanitarian essence; who are really driven to make a difference rather than just make a profit. Other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit have their shares of spreading goodness with the world while making a profit out of it but I think it's about time to share that profit with the world, through Steemit.

What we post are our Intellectual Property. No one should be permitted to capitalize on our own thoughts and I will continue to fight for that right.

It has only been a week and I am beginning to see the future in Steemit. Not only as a Blockchain but as a Community. I am loving the work you do @surpassinggoogle. I am looking for more people on this platform who will keep my inspiration burning. Cheers!

Check out my recent post about my personal advocacy. I'm glad to be able to voice out my thoughts here without the stigma of being too idealistic. I would love to hear your thoughts.

You are a good advocate @josejirafi and your fight spirit is strong.

Perhaps you are a lawyer but even if you're not, your content is good.

Great job!

your name sounds Tiv

My mum just died and i am not as productive but i will try leave you a comment. It may not be today though.
In this comment you spoke like a scholar but your beauty is in that your human has not left you and this is substance. Even a gift!
Steemit is a beauty in terms of your vision and the way you are going, you will see things fast. This part when it unfolds is also very much a gift. You will learn a lot more about this thing called "human" here on steemit as "humans" will play themselves out and you will see it and it will help you re-tap into your human and grow the substance of it. There are books but there is so much knowledge in the hands of the illiterate. There is a lot to learn and that will be an aspect of steemit that you will cherish. There is a lot to learn here. With this learning, you voice will keep on inspired and will become all the more far-reaching

That moment when you feel like give reward of $50 for beautiful replies as these, you press the upvote button and the highest it could produce was $0.05. Again, you get reminded of how minnow you are.

@surpassinggoggle, despite the hard time you are passing through, you still try to give out your best to the world. Surely, the universe will conspire on your behalf.

strong and positive
Thank you

Hope your bro is okay. I can't say i have not missed you

Thank you
for the upvote !!!

It is a thing of awesomeness to express gratitude

Yes and Awesome you are :)
Thank you for the support

You spoke my mind. Gracias

Hope your bro is okay. I can't say i have not missed you

the universe will conspire on your behalf

Twas heartfelt and sweet like sugar. I say in Jesus' name for all of us amen

Let the light show us all the way !!!

a warmth thanks @surpassinggoogle for the upvote u made in my post,, as a beginner i really need help and guidance to start over here.God bless and sorry to hear about your mom, but she's happy with our Creator right now.once again thank you for a big help,.I learned the value of steemit,

thank for the up vote.. God bless

Thank you for expressing gratitude

Living in Gratitude will change everything in your life
Thank you

The earning potential and the help from the community in earning more is Awesome

You have a good heart and am sure God will gratify your sincere help to everyone her on Steemit. Am happy that I see your smile after the storm. A glass colored rainbow is just infront of you to see the beauty of it all. You are amazing. A down-to-earth person that everyone loves your thoughtfulness. Thanks Sir Terry. God speed!

You are sweet too and full of sweetness. I will reach you on fb soon. I am just currently not so productive but i will be restored to fuller strength soon. Stay awesome. My amen is on default for us all to your heartfelt prayers. In Jesus name amen

Consider this wisdom by @surpassinggoogle:

Most of the questions the so called elites in the world seek are in the book of illiterates

@buterdaniel. I agree with you on this. The heart of man is filled with greatness and the best way to express it is to write out or cheer through any convenient medium. That is why we are the most loved among God's creation.
If you are looking where share that idea don't hesitate to bring to steemit.

Hahaha, i built a bit more a bit in my upcoming post. Very short on post ideas. My productivity is low but something force this one out. Thank you for spotting the spottables. That very line, the world is getting to grasp it. Steemit plays things out even more and from just looking here, its all all the more obviouser

I can't believe you are still on "your feet " after being so much through. You are the best example of what support and humanity means; It is true, steemit shows humanity, and I am on this platform for only 3 months but I feel like I was always here. The accommodation is very easy when you have the chance to know other Steemians. You have a golden heart and gold keeps its value. We do appreciate for being around. You already did more than you could.

Thank you very much special woman

I am very sorry to hear your loss. I give you my condolences and my prayers. It must be really hard for you these past few days. I envy your passion and your courage.

I will continue to see the essence of humans in steemit and work towards appreciating both scholars and the illiterate and all things human

More power in what you do! Hope you find fulfilment and strength especially in this difficult time of your life.

Thank you. I will publish a post soon, in minutes. You will understand more things about steemit and in specialer ways than the conventional. This will speed you up

Wow wow,this really marvels me @surpassinggoogle. You know I spent a considerable amount of time reading and re-reading this post. It was just TOO MUCH for me to grab in just one read.while reading thus post, it was like I was reading about my own personal experience right before my eyes.
We who grew up in '' third world '' countries will better relate with what you have said here. I relate with, and I have learnt so so much from thus post, but for the sake of time I'll talk about just one part(even though I feel like speaking on everything that touched my core in the post)

I have know what decentralization meant since knowing about crypto, but I never knew that the name was 'decentralized'. Am always thankful to God for this revolution, for it has given a lot of voice to the voiceless, putting everyone on sought of a level playing ground. Prior to steemit, I had done a lot of blogging and website opening, but because of my location (am a Nigerian, I found it hard to get my ideas to an audience that I felt would benefit from it. One of the tricks I tried using was typing instead of ''',just so I could know what was going on on the other side of the world.the experiences are so enormous, but in summary, I'll like to say that this is an opportunity for Africa, , Asia, Europe, America, America, to make a difference in the life of anyone, anywhere. The is no longer reason to give excuses.
I feel like the restrains have been let lose. I feel like a bird whose clipped wings have be let go, with the skies being my play ground, giving me the opportunity to let go of that God given talent within me.

A big thanks to @ned for this platform,and to you @surpassinggoogle, not for designing this platform, but for making us see the hidden talent lieing in us, that we were not aware of.

I see @ned as Moses, and you as Joshua, that helped hold Moses' hand while he was holding the staff on top of the hill. Without your constant effort we would not have been able to make proper use of this platform.

I have just one prayer, that God will continue to strengthen your hands, so that you'll continue to be of tremendous mentorship and help towards us. God bless.

You have spoken beauty. Yes, you grasped. My amen is on default to your awesome prayers. Jehovah bless you too. Yes, "steemit" is that enabling environment

Very interesting to hear of your experiences, and enjoy your true heart mindset. All the best to you.

Wow. I enjoyed all through. Thanks for sharing @surpassinggoogle. Never knew you played basketball. Good to see the picture. Ofcourse why wont you play when you have got the height:)
Steemians are increasingly able to interact more freely and easily in different social environments online, much like they will later on in life in the workplace. This is a result of the endless exposure they get from being on steemit and talking to different people, some of whom are their inspiration just like you are to me.
Steemit gives us the opportunity to acquire skills that enable them evaluate and interpret different situations contextually and prepare themselves mentally for situations later on. Sites like Dtube have thousands of educational videos that give anyone the ability to sharpen and develop their various skills and talents
Investing in yourself is one of the best return on investments you can have. Whether it’s investing in learning a new skill, developing yourself personally or professionally, tapping into your creativity or hiring a coach, you need to give to yourself first before you can give to others. It is our responsibility to take the time to develop our gifts and talents, so we can best serve others. Investing in yourself is an example of self-love, you must love yourself before you can expect others to love you.
Your posts on steemit are searchable. Steemit has enhanced their search features to promote trending topics and issues. This means that your content has become more searchable by a greater number of people inside, and out of, your network, enhancing the opportunity for you to bless lives and reach out to so many people. Yeah a lot of times we are tempted to just post whatever we feel like without considering our audience probably because we are ignorant of how much lives we are reaching out. If you feel what you are posting is correct and if its not hurting others then proceed. Don’t look back. You must feel satisfied for what you are doing. You should feel proud of yourself that someone is happy because of you. Some may criticize,some may appreciate but all that is secondary. Thats why i really love reading all your posts @surpassinggoogle because you spend time writing them with the sole aim of touching the lives of your followers.
Matt. 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

The above is all i want to do along with serve Jehovah (primary).

You spotted all the spottables and more
I haven't that much attention to dtube to know it is becoming filled educational videos

Your word alone is powerful. It's one of the reasons why I write. To influence people... to motivate them... through writing and the things that I like. Before Steemit, my words may be powerful but they're not spread that much... but here on Steemit, people all over the world read, understand and become inspired. Being able to share my thoughts through writing means a lot... and it being spread to more people is overwhelming. Somehow, in my little way... through the words I put into writing, I have made a difference. It doesn't end with me, though... All Steemians are doing their best, too. As you've said sir Terry... it's a network of like-minded people. I'm really glad how my motivational series gets attention from people. I hope they can learn something from it. By the way, your feedback is much appreciated as always... Being a great mentor and someone I look up to, your words are very powerful for me...

Steemit is the best social network ever, I am also trying to help people, to motivate them and showing them how to grow on steemit, showing them how to never give up because I had a hard life and it taught me to never give up and do everything to reach my goal, If I have those qualities so I want people to have them also, and steemit is helping me doing this because people can hear you here, here is my best tips to all steemit users, and the most important tip I usually give is to never give up.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for writing all this amazing article, I feel that is from the bottom of your heart, thank you for helping people and giving them hope, you may don't know me but I've heard about you that you are an amazing person and I can feel it from your writing, keep inspiring people and never stop doing that. ☺

Super true... It's indeed a strong network of like-minded people... People who strive to inspire many others... Will check out your tips in a bit! ^^ Let's continue what we do and try to improve even more. Good luck and keep Steeming! ^^

Thank you for your drive and for aspiring to selflessly share of you

thanks, I hope I will be rewarded for that, because I see that is very hard to grow on steemit without buying those upvotes, I did everything that I could and it really need a hard work to be someone on steemit, I keep fighting and I will not give up, but I am just saying, most people really don't need a lot here, just a couple of upvotes and they will be happy, because even if they earn 1 steem dollar per post, it's already something, but most new people are earning cents, and they do everything they can to earn that dollar, I am sure that something have to change in this game, something is not fair.

Hahaha sweet girl

You are very welcome. Thank you for expressing gratitude. May Jehovah bless us all in Jesus name amen

You are awesome Sir Terry and hanks for helping us minnows to have our niche in Steemit. Thanks for always sharing your thoughts, I am inspired by your words and the way you boost us. Steemit helped me a lot with my writing as I go along each day posting my blog. Steemit also in a way helped me with my son's maintenance medicines as I earned. It's not just earning that keeps me here but the joy that I got through writing and sharing it to everyone and the friends I made when I joined Steemit. Thank you so much. God bless you more. Ingat. ;)

You are awesome. Take care of that boy

Thank you sir Terry!!! :) Keep being awesome! ^^

You are awesome. Take care of that boy

@tegoshi i agreed with your views about that powerful post of sir Terry.

Thank you! ^^

yes agree @tegoshei, i got the point.

Happy to know that... ^^

Love your truth, and commitment to doing good.

Thank you so much... ^^

Mr surpassinggoogle before clicking on your post, i was like thank God because he has made another post and now is the time to make some nice comment in other to generate quality amount of SBD.

Fortunately for me as i was reading through i stumbled on your drive(...i continued seeking to have a voice,) and it almost made me cry out because i found it impossible for such drive to die down. Unlike myself who tries to comment on some dolphins and whales in order to generate quality votes and when i am not voted for after commenting on a post it really hurts me.

Although votes are good, but it should be the secondary drive.(And thanks to you it is my secondary drive now).

But thanks to you i have a solid drive now.
Besides that i really learnt alot on the potentiality of quality post on steemit(The measure of your substance is mostly in how much you impact them.@surpassinggoogle.) and how effective this block chain can be on Mama Earth.

Nice Job Mr surpassinggoogle.

Awesome adjustment on your part. Down the road, this will pave the way for opportunities, heartfelt loves towards you from others and many other blessings, all way beyond in value than temporary financial earning. You substance just went up a notch

To non-steemian readers, a steemit post is a steemit post; whale or minnow!

It is we here who are so freaked about the 'wallet 'and not the 'blog'.
We are two concerned about Steem which fluctuates but ideas are constant.

Ideas rule the world.

Years to come, people will refer to your blog to find solutions to their problems and they'll be astonished what you were able to pull off then.

The blog is mightier than the wallet

Thanks for awesomeness @surpassinggoogle

Thank you for awesomeness bro!

You're double plus awesome sir!

Thanks for Awesomeness..

Your words has so much weight, so much power and you know how to get people hooked to read everything you want to say. I sincerely admire that. I love reaching out to people through my words, either though writing or speaking. I enjoy motivating. I so much love speaking my heart and getting messages across because people sometimes miss it when they don't hear the write words or have the right guide. My moto has always been: "I would rather live for a day and touch many lives, than to live for hundred years and not be remembered by anyone" - Anonymous. Your words still rings and i quote "So when i join steemit even as a minnow, it didn't matter whether i earned or not because i wanted to be heard and i knew steemit, with its decentralized servers helps matters! " That is it. That settles it. Thank you for another powerful post. I am watching you hahahaha and learning.

Keep the awesomeness up.
As for my posts, there is so much love involved
There is also a divine gift from Jehovah and i try to use it

Thank you sir. It is easy to stay motivated seeing your posts. Yes, the God factor. I never joke with it. Most of my posts central on it. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your inspirational post... ironic that it's through Google I connect to Steemit. terms of this community...I find other social media outlets tend to be the meeting of the mindless while the Steemit community represents a meeting of the souls.

So well said. So so so well said

They simply find your steemit posts organically even in the search engines, as they look to learn or find solutions to challenges or answers to unanswered questions, thus, their measure of your substance is mostly in how much you impact them.

This is the more reason why we all need to put in good work to our articles before posting, I have noticed that ones I search somethings on Google sometimes it refers me to some steemit post made by some users, and just imagine if the writer explained well and the post was informative, The searcher in question would be surprised to see hthey had earned on the post through this method also we are promoting steemit. We shouldn't just post for the sake or fun of it, we should take our time to make good posts ttat would be appreciated by the community, I understand that most people complain this days about getting little or no votes on their work so they would say why I do I have to write to impress someone when after all it won't amount to anything, you should know that all those periods of writing good articles and receiving peanuts you are laying a foundation and when that foundation stands you won't be able to comprehend the results. Rome was not built in a day as a we all say and so I implore us all to try to put in the best in our work, Recently I look at new users joining the platform and when they see other earnings the would want to make that instantly, it does not work like that it is a gradual process in which we must all follow.

it is true that a good post will make a writing worthwhile and give more benefits to others, many steemit users ignore this so that their posts are not qualified. but people will really appreciate the creativity and the messages that are in our writing.

Agreed. It does take a measure of selflessness on our part

I am amazed with your writing. each of your posts has value and benefits for the entire steemit user. I know a lot about steemit and others from your post. you are one of the people who spur the other steemian spirit to always write the best in this steemit community.

You are welcome switie

Alot said. "Impress your own self", that is even harder than impress others. Try tickle yourself and see how much it may not work. This said, i know of lots of opportunities i got from an unknown person who saw my stuff online. Once i was made leader on an online community from someone all the way from Canada because he fell for the person, he saw in my very simple quotes and this wasn't steemit. I don't want to go into testimonies. The world we are from should understand these things without much stressing. It happened on steemit as well, from day one, from minnow days and the boys who know know. Many Naijan steemians know. Beyond that, we need a voice in our world, more than we need money and money exists to spur that voice. It has become beyond us for us. Its about the world, else our we hold no real water. If you really did suffering and understand its essence, you will under these things

Try tickle yourself and see how much it may not work

You say so much deep things that touch people's soul. You reach toward the reason for existence and you uplift spirits.

This is really nice because even in your comments I see deepest truths and ideas to my life.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle

Hahaha thank you. I have more in my upcoming post. I speak a special language in this post for esp for naijans and the developing nations. Some catch it

Your always an inspiration to others @surpassinggoogle .always a great job.i learned a lots from u and multo grazie per te .keep it up being a supportive steemianss.

Thats why, i learned to give my best in my post because i believe every efforts, sacrifices and creating post with love can gets its value.

That is the power of good work.

Really glad to hear

Hahaha thank you. I have more in my upcoming post. I speak a special language in this post for esp for naijans and the developing nations. Some catch it

You have spoken well I must say we need to write good works.

I try to be sure that my ideas and facts are as accurate as possible to the best of my knowledge. I have seen a post viewed a million plus views on steemit with less than one dollar upvote. That shows people outside of steemit do read our posts here. Though at times it may appear as if it's only for our consumption. Thanks for the great reminder.

Yes, i saw it too but i was late on it. Yes, they so do.

Ok. Never seen a steemit post with more than 1m views

First off Thanks for sharing another wonderful stuff for all your supporters for Motivation.
@surpassinggoogle do you know that God will choose you in his favorite ones.....? Your approach towards people is amazing. Your generosity, attitude and love for mankind is unbelievable!

A very inspirational quote is for the people who don't care of their life as well others:
"I lay in the bed at the hospital and said, 'let's see what I have left.' And I could see, I could speak, I could think, I could read. I simply tabulated my blessings, and that gave me a start. Dale Evans"

Yes I'm totally agreed that we have everything which we have got from Almighty. Now its our turn to give thanks to HIM witch is so simple. We can give him a thanks by doing positive things / Acts.

This post once again made me so emotional....... Couple of weeks back I was just nothing. My SP was 0.01$, I don't even know what is cryptocurrency, my future was in dark, even my friends laughed at me when I tell them about steemit & crypto world. But Now I have 0.04$ SP, I have invested $35 (SBD) in various coins. I know that my future is now secure.

And this credit gives to steemit & then one and only @surpassinggoogle for your unconditional Support. I was an unknown and random person for you when I joined the steemit, I didn't know that how to handle it. But you gave me lots of Love, guidance, confidence and everything which I was in need. I learnt from you that how can we write a blog post. I learnt that we should be giving towards mankind, I learnt that how can you pose a brave man when you have already broken (Your mother was dead and you wrote a post for this community which is almost impossible in that condition).
I can write a book on you dear Terry, but in comments there should be limitations. We should give chance to the others.
Thanks a lot for everyone which you have given, All the best & Stay Blessed!

You have learned a whole lot and that is the special part. You are whale to me. It is a small world and we can be stuck in the same lift tomorrow or who knows our kids, so we can underrate anyone cos again its a small world. I see many beautiful tesmonies happening in the neares future in your case and mine and in our cases. Stay awesome. Stay present

@surpassinggoogle MARRY CHRISTMAS and Stay Blessed!

Hello @surpassinggoogle
Words are powerful, even Jehovah formed the heavens and earth with his word. The power of life and death is in the tongue (words).

Our steemit post goes beyond steemit, it goes beyond whale, dolphin... it goes into the phere of those who steem power means nothing to. I have always had this mindset of how important my words are, I have seen how my words have changed many things around, I've seen how my words have touch and impacted life.

Being on steemit offers me an opportunity to break the limitation called location. Now my words can go where I've never been. My words can hit you, in your country, in your room, right there in your closet, from your gadget.

The internet and the word will be a better place if we all take into consideration how important our words rapped in that steemit post mean.

I'm @samiwhyte

@surpassinggoogle, the name i had to cram before i had officially joined steemit, i mean the only only name that i know on steemit off head... The only name that pops up on every steemit meet up we have.. Atleast the 2 i have attended The only person i have been told countless times to follow.. And i am not disappointed at all. U have created a big impact on ths platform.. Steemitizens in cebu look up to u and now i know why. I am very new to the platform , iv learnt a lot from u and still is. Keep on keeping on.

Hahaha sweetness. Touching too. You are in Cebu? Hahaha, reallly touching. Thank you for expressing this freely

Yes am in Cebu. Thank u too po for what you do.

You are welcome. Stay awesome. I know i will visit Cebu soon or so i feel

It's always great to go though your post. As it contain something different, something inspiring. And this time you covered much needed thing, the kind of guidance that every new or old steemian need. Real aspect of why steemit will be the final destination of any blogger those are currently operating on different platforms. I never experimented this much as you did, about search engine results. thnx for sharing something that adds to us ☺

Sweet comment. Thank you for reading through and spotting all the spottables

Every single post here on steemit is so powerful, it can even move a mountains but you @surpassinggoogle (Brother Terry) you make every single steemit post a life changing, a source of living, a bread and butter for everyone. Thank you so much for your unconditional love and support!

Very very very sweet comment. It was powerful.

I loved the post and I feel like I have gone through many of the same struggles that you have. I tried the blogspot, my own domain hosting, and it honestly never really seemed to work.

Granted my audience were people in the United States and that is where I'm located. It still seems like my content ever really reached that many people as it was buried under people who had found ways to play the Google system. However with the advancements of Steemit it feels like reaching people from all around the world is a much more likely thing to occur.

Just as much as Steemit is a social tool or people can share the personal life stories is also a place where people can share very valuable information the forms of articles, and other forms of media. These things combined will make this is a very powerful tool going into the future.

@dzboston, bro you are right i agreed and support your lines.

Very beautiful comment. Just exaggerated the location factor a bit to play with creativity and pass a point. It is true that even being USA, the same can have been the case and steemit poses us a beautiful free powerful thing even courtesy of our ability to post, thus, the need to use it and value it

I think that the exaggeration worked very well honestly. It helped get your point across in the post beautifully! Welp, I glad that all of us are here and that we can all work together to create an amazing ecosystem on Steemit.

Hahaha yes to all. Thank you for spotting the spottables

Thanks for sharing this @surpassinggoogle. You're right. Our words matter, especially here in Steem. Where our voting power matters monetarily but it goes far beyond that.

We have the ability to change people's lives and influence them. Thank you for being a positive influence here in Steem

You are welcome. You grasped it all

That is really my objective. Every post I made shows a piece of me. It is who I am . I want the world to know it. I want to share something to the world. I want to inspire, I want the world to know my pains, not to make them sad, but for them to learn from me, from my decision, from my mistake. I want to help people, that is my good intention. At the same time, I want to learn with people who have the same problem, the person who will spend their time commenting on my post. Comments on my post really matters. This world is give and take, you must do your share and respect the difference.

Yes switie. I love these aspirations and desires

I've been a steady follower of you for a few days now and I can understand how you feel when you're facebook account got deleted/suspended. THey just don't care. Here in steem as you always say you are your own CEO and you choose how to use your STEEM Power.

I've decided to vote you @surpassinggoogle as witness and look forward to the positive change you can do here. Good luck!

Awesomeness. Thank you for the display of love towards me. Let's go.

Hello Terry! I made a post with healing music and would like you to listen to it, it is a powerful music for healing and fits to your post. Have a great day!

Thank you very much bro for thinking of me with respect to healing. Will visit. Stay awesome

Internet never got boring when I started in the Steemit platform. :D
It actually gets more exciting as days come and met a lot more of Steemians online and even in person through events.
True that through internet we can virtually travel the world and reach people who do not know us such through our posts and ideas shared online.

I agree. It's kinda new beginning for the internet. I have never been so excited for a new social network as I am now. The other social media platforms are getting less and less interesting.

Smiles! That's all I've got Terry. You have your way with words.

People from developing Nations like ours are tied by location and you explained that so well. Google is very guilty of this.

I think that has always been the plan; to create a divide between Nations instead of uniting them.

Yes, location tied us and even when we created illusions of (we) being outside-the-box, we kept on so inside-the-box.

Just like that dog,

In the end, determination beats it all and you have enough to achieve your goal.

Steem on Terry!

We will get to the top.
Oh! You are at the top already.

We will get there and adjust matters. We can't change it i a admit but we can adjust it

And i have been looking forward to reading from you, i was happy when @dayjee told me you posted already

This breakthrough you so heartily seek, can come from some piece of awesome YOU, we have left out there even a decade ago, for its the INTERNET and now, with steemit and its decentralized, uneraseable/permanent nature, even moreso, now than ever before

And this is actually true.. It start from within... And then internet coupled with technology is making things work even before you try.

And then your post alone is enough to motivate a dumb to be awesome and thats why i look forward to reading from you everytime...

Keep being amazing

Thank you for incessant love

@surpassinggoogle. Quoting you
"They simply find your steemit posts organically even in the search engines, as they look to learn or find solutions to challenges or answers to unanswered questions, thus, their measure of your substance is mostly in how much you impact them.

Your steemit post is can thus, be a valuable asset even to an large audience of non-steemians on the outside or to the world at large.

By means of steemit, we have something for free, that the entire world of the internet-space seeks.

The world of netizens (Joe/business owner/Apple or Facebook) long to dominate the search engines.
There is obviously no doubt, that our steemit posts appear in the search engines and there is no doubt that is starting to hold its own, even by world (internet) standards as a viable source of relevance (information)."

I cannot but agree with you that steemit has done so much to my own world as a blogger that have become. Words are powerful and it is a sign that steemit is really making a positive impact. Like i will always say that your POST is your voice especially when you have so much to dish out to the world. With steemit ,things have become easier and simpler.
For example , in the last 36 hours have written 3 powerful posts and if i use the word powerful am actually trying to let you know that serious research went into those write though there no much upvote on them . But the joy in there for me is the fact that i am able to express myself to my world and steemit made it possible.
Only great minds like you are present on this platform.
I like this post because it explains the power of our various post as steemians. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for always sharing more light on issues like this. You are my mentor always.

Thank you bro. More rewards are bound to come

Quoting you
""I knew i was tied a bit, by my location".
I had established that really early!
I would develop innovation ideas as boy, against all odds and even norms and silently go on to the internet where nobody really knows me, with hopes that i could reach out to the world by this means and with hopes that location would become negligible as an odd.

Ofcourse, when it comes to innovation, i would dream limitlessly and to be limitless, i would be unrealistic and crazy. Hahaha, so even if my idea was of a video game that would be playable in Mars; i knew no bounds!

I used to go to canteens to eat (with the boys) and everytime, i spotted a round table with surrounding chairs, i would look at my boys and smile inside me and say in mind; this is all we need, to make dreams (innovation ideas) equals reality. "

Steemit has given us all voice all over the world. Helping us to share out thought all over the world. It doesn't matter where you are you always getting your views across to you audience.
Remember your video that we watch during our meet-up and it really pass a big message to us . That's is the power of steemit blockchain.
Is just nice to be here. Thank you #untalented or opportunity to share even as a

Yep bro, i have everyone in mind and this is true but there will be time when it will be all the more evident


You really right sir, you have just mentioned yesterday that steemit is faster than the WordPress, in ranking I can tell that even in earnings. A simple steemit post is so powerful that may change the life of the people.

I am amazed of what/where you have been by means of digital world, you’ve surpassed bunch of search engines. And your Facebook account was deleted for suggesting an idea to it’s founder, that move was awesome and kulitness to the fullest. You inspired me sir for all of your work done.

Did you know that companies like insurance companies etc pay as high as 50 dollars per click for ADs, simply to be displayed as ADs on the first page of google?

Wow! A 50$ per click is a rapid money making engine considering millions of internet users may click those unknown Ads to them in the middle of net surfing. I was one of them, ADs are all out the web they can freely use FB, youtube, google, yahoo, and even exist in our facebook messenger.

Yeah I agree with you sir, its an old-school by promoting the platform through ADs but it can be the faster one. And if 50% or even 25% of the #steemit users are IT expert they can spread the world steemit to the world in no time.

The awesomeness of this community is expanding as fast as every click of the clock.
Thank you for sharing your thought, experiences and awesomeness sir @surpassinggoogle but your kulitness I cant explain how amazing it is hehe


Hahaha i wont lie, my kulitness is very very high and perhaps rare. But it is a good kind of kulitness, for the sake of others. Yes ads are faster for sure but the organic method is more solid. Both can definitely work together. Don't worry, its not only steemit, for soon there will specific apps for each niche built on steem. In 2018, communities outside of steem, will be able to integrate steem into their existing web interfaces, so steem will definitely go mainstream

wow! that's cool sir and please dont forget us when that apps will launch next year so we can be able to follow your presence and kulitness.. hahhaah I really love that term.

• I need to come up with the idea of a great article I have never before. • I want my site to be very beautiful before I release it. • My software (software) must be error-free before I sell it. • I must learn more and more before I proceed.
All of these sentences may seem somewhat logical, but believe me that most of what you will do is your disability and illusion that you are incapable of doing anything at all, and even more difficult is that it will force you in advance that you will not succeed if everything is not complete and organized. So what should you do if you are not 100 percent ready? Simply start with the 50% , never move immediately and do not make the perfect knot an obstacle that prevents you from getting started. Most of the plans you have made may be wrong, but you will not realize it as long as you are afraid of experimenting. Start experimenting with your ideas, watching what works and what fails, looking for what the market needs compared to what you offer and seeing where it will take you. Remember that success is not about having the best ideas, but it's about something more important: • Having the courage to start doing things and get some results from your next step. • Start offering products and services - regardless of the shortage - to those who need it and have the full readiness to accept it as it is.. That is, you have to know that there is someone in the universe who likes the services and products you provide and needs. What you have to do is find that person.
Stop fearing failure and being aware of what other people might say about you

You have covered them all. Steemit allows you room to play all these gradually out and minds to reward us for it

We would have reshaped the internet! We would have surpassed Google! We would have contained the numbers!

A statement worth pondering. It suits perfectly with your name @surpassinggoogle! No one could have said it better. We will keep on dreaming and steeming together as a community. Eventually, we'll get there!