We have just hit 500,000 Steem accounts + We passed the 2,000 Alexa Traffic Rank

in steemit •  last year

Cheers everyone!
We've got two parties to celebrate at once!

  • Steem has now more than 500,000 registered user accounts.
  • Steemit.com has officially passed the 2,000 on Alexa.com for the first time. This means we're now part of the 2,000 most visited websites worldwide. In the USA, Steemit.com belongs to the 1,000 most visited websites. Wow!

We're growing steadily guys! :)

Welcome to my Steem Stats Report for Saturday, December 16, 2017. All data comes directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

1. Daily number of Posts (including comments)


2. Daily number of votes


3. Daily active users

DateActive users

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

6. Daily Amount of SBD converted to Steem

DateAmount in SBD
2017-12-15156 SBD
2017-12-1422 SBD
2017-12-1323 SBD
2017-12-12720 SBD
2017-12-111,054 SBD
2017-12-10514 SBD
2017-12-09786 SBD

7. Daily Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN

DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2017-12-15202,385 STEEM98,516 STEEM103,869 STEEM
2017-12-14149,661 STEEM197,207 STEEM-47,546 STEEM
2017-12-13913,176 STEEM181,737 STEEM731,439 STEEM
2017-12-12169,495 STEEM325,608 STEEM-156,113 STEEM
2017-12-11150,868 STEEM103,102 STEEM47,766 STEEM
2017-12-10639,901 STEEM204,319 STEEM435,582 STEEM
2017-12-09262,863 STEEM92,476 STEEM170,387 STEEM
Average p/d177,250 STEEM193,052 STEEM-15,801 STEEM

Largest 'Power ups' yesterday

Date & TimeFromToSTEEM
Dec 15, 04:57@blocktrades@znnuksfe33,769.793
Dec 15, 22:34@eeqj@eeqj20,000.000
Dec 15, 06:15@kmyang62@kmyang6218,856.859
Dec 15, 03:34@yirgacheffe2shot@yirgacheffe2shot9,673.179
Dec 15, 08:22@dobartim@dobartim8,200.000
Dec 15, 07:30@leejin-33@leejin-337,228.494
Dec 15, 14:47@virus707@virus7075,041.122
Dec 15, 14:17@bleujay@bleujay5,028.420

8. Daily Steem Transfers from and to exchanges

DateFrom BittrexFrom PoloniexTo BittrexTo Poloniex
2017-12-15163,838 STEEM0 STEEM54,628 STEEM1 STEEM
2017-12-14200,743 STEEM0 STEEM113,095 STEEM0 STEEM
2017-12-13216,467 STEEM0 STEEM199,330 STEEM13 STEEM
2017-12-12142,085 STEEM0 STEEM117,839 STEEM107 STEEM
2017-12-11154,358 STEEM0 STEEM119,402 STEEM127 STEEM
2017-12-10226,997 STEEM0 STEEM166,920 STEEM87 STEEM
2017-12-09250,614 STEEM0 STEEM118,004 STEEM942 STEEM

Largest transfers yesterday

Date & TimeFromToAmount
Dec 15, 16:36@steemit2@fdcb934e6cce28,846.000 STEEM
Dec 15, 22:33@fdcb934e6cce@eeqj28,846.000 STEEM
Dec 15, 16:37@steemit2@c91c2dfbf2f525,210.000 STEEM
Dec 15, 22:33@c91c2dfbf2f5@eeqj25,210.000 STEEM
Dec 15, 06:14@bittrex@kmyang6218,855.869 STEEM

9. Steem Price Update

Steem Price Update.png

¯\___(ツ)____/¯ Follow me @penguinpablo for daily Steem statistics.

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Thanks for a useful post. All those metrics speak for itself.
I see future is bright for steem.
Have not ever skipped even smallest chance to power-up very single bit I can. Ever since my day one here.

And still can not understand what makes people so dum to power-down. Then what, What next ?

Send to exchange, convert to useless fiat ???

Crazy world....


Dang Steemit... you go girl! 🐳


Power Down and convert to Fiat is necessary for some "starving artist" types but they are just hurting their future gains, this is all to true! I took some early ETH gains and rolled it into steem/steemit and it has been very good to me! I bought regardless of price, and when it was cheaper I bought more LOL! It is going to be my retirement, so far it has tripled and I see much bigger gains coming!


I like it, followed!!

Thank you PP!

Great news and concrats to all Steem users.

I think the active users give a good overall picture where were heading towards. On average we could see a 10% growth in the upcomming six months. That means 50K - 55K daily active users within 6 months.

Steemits BC has proven itself to be robust. When we attract new good quality content writers we can grow exponentially. Non the less today is a toast worth. Cheers.

Exciting times with steem also moving up. This is the right direction we are heading and I am expecting more good things to come in future. More power to steemit.

What I believe is it is because of the SEO friendly posting feature of steemit. Whatever is posted is shown on search engines most of the time. I got to know about steemit with the help of my brother.

But he was searching for something on google one day and was redirected to steemit while clicking on one of the result. After that the whole culture of posting and reward-based platform attracted him so much that he not only registered, but also brought me to this platform.

Thanks to Steemit Members and the creators.


You got a 0.54% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @babysteps!

omgalexa rank increasing is another amazing great achievement ! go steem to the moon !

time for celebrations!

Excellent news. We hope well for all of us. Your articles are always auspicious!

Congratulations to all on reaching these two milestones! Interesting that comments are dropping and less SBD are being converted to Steem.

Steem is flying like an eagle, flying against the storms and very consistent.

incredible. we will look back on this first half a million and smile in a years time, it's great to see that alexa ranking too, i'm sure we have plenty of google juice out there! :)

Wow, look at that , Look at all this excited chart and figure. For sure it is something to be celebrated and I think 2018 will be another great year for steemit as well. I expected it's Alexa rank will go up higher and that means more viewer and members are coming to this powerful website. It is great news for everyone since it will also hep to improve all the exposure of post in this place as well. Great job and well done for everyone who is a member in here. Have another great year.

Many of Accounts are spam bots. But i licke Steem.

No brakes on the Steemit Train because we cut the brakes!

but unfortunately half of these accounts are double accounts or dead accounts-zombies.
I have read that there is a user on steemit with over 900 accounts. upvoting each own account in a circle.

nevertheless its great to see that steem tries to improve and is working on these problems.


Damn, for real? Maybe we need a better verification system.

Thanks for those datas. 500,000 accounts : how many bots ? How many unique users ?

Is there any way to check how many people is in the registration queue? It sometimes takes almost a week till a new account was approved. I wonder if the current prices of both Steem and SBD booster the total number of registration requests. All the accounts created yesterday could had been registered weeks ago.


I had a friend sign up last week it only took 2 days, I was really surprised, now I've just got to get him using it!


The registration queue is not on the Steem blockchain so I think only Steemit Inc. knows how many people are in the queue.

Steemit Going to Sky!

Best wishes dear Steemians

Thank you for the reports, stats are always important to me. I'm trying to get my customers on here so showing them growth numbers could be a real help. Hard to get Board Game players on this site so far, so i will do my best.

Thanks for your work. Always interesting to read these statistics. One love for Steemit.

I understand a lot of Steemit through this post , thanks for your educative post ,
I requesting you,please you visit my account @shakirchy

I am very amazed that this steemkt has entered into the web tersebesar in the world. this is very unusual. i love this steemit .. thanks steemit. You mamlu turn poverty in this world into a little

And this is just the beggining bois! Keep it up!

Congrats #ALEXA @ 1988 Global || USA 1000 || Powering Up


good choice

next year will be the best ...

Fantastic news! Thanks for the detailed stats.

Stats and charts are always nice, thanks!

steemit progresses, it's nice to get an upvote from steemidians

awesome. its a great day to be alive ! :)

very informative, good post. thanks.

These are so good news, I can't wait to see Steemit in the top 100! Or just over facebook :))

This is fantastic. The future is hopeful.

Those of you who don't understand what Alexa ranking or traffic is, please read this:

According to the official Alexa website’s Our Data page, the rank is calculated using a ‘combination’ of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of pageviews on the site over the past 3 months – with the site with the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews being ranked as #1. The data is collected from a subset of internet users using one of 25,000 browser extensions for either Google Chrome, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer. [Source]

In a short time, Steemit has got this milestone. Really a big achievement by the end of this year. So, congratulations to all the Steemians. Cheers.

Thanks @penguinpablo for keeping us updated.

Steem On!

Congratulations Steemit Community, steemit archived it's first big milestone.

500k accounts and 30k active users, 6% participation, now why is that???

This is very good news. The growth of Steemit seems inevitable, but it's great to hear facts such as this. Much thanks for the updates.

I expect prices to rise on Steem, in response to the reaction of the crowd to this news. Good luck to you and good.

Resteemed at First Sight :D

Bravo Steemit

Well Done

YES !!!

1 Million Steemit Accounts here we come with full force !

and ALEXA under 2000 - Fantastic

Hi @penguinpablo and thank you for the nice post.

Was wondering what's up with account creation because here i see several thousands of accounts per day. But over the past two weeks i have made some friends enthousiastic about the platform and each of them has been waiting over a week or sometimes even 1,5 week for an account..... Now they are already making fun of me for promoting "A shit site".

Or are these statistics per day the "accounts created" which have been waiting for probably a month or so?

Back in 2016 when i signed up i got my account in like 1 minute.


The current verification process takes way to long indeed. This will be fixed/improved in the next hardfork (HF 20).

The new accounts in my stats are new verified accounts.


Thanks for the info! Time to read up on HF 20 then :)

Nice info, Pablo! Makes me feel good because I took some recent BTC gains, which were very nice, around 50%, and rolled them into steem which then nearly DOUBLED, so if I had've kept good records, I could show a cool 200% gain for a couple of weeks! This reinforces what I thought (or hoped) was happening. I bought so much steem so low that even if it drops quite a bit, I can just grin and bear it, and buy MORE.
I've also been converting the SBD as fast as I can, which is really paying off! Your posts are as good as any analytics I've seen of cryptos, in fact, better.
steemit logo .jpg

Excellent stats.

There are many ideas flying around out there in various posts, some of which could actually influence these stats dramatically (in a good way).





These are just two ideas that I see as feasible, there are dozens more out there in posts that people have written. Could be an idea to have a tag introduced along the lines of "ideasforsteemit" so that the relevant people can look through the ideas out there and see what could be taken into consideration and what not.

I am sure that Steemit can have a few million quality users in no time!

Just thinking out aloud here after looking through the stats.

BTW thanks for the stats, great to see things moving forwards!

great news! Resteem!

Thank you for putting all this information together in such a clear and useful way. Much appreciated!

This is an awesome report my friend!!
You don't really live on Antarctica do you?
Either way, I thank you for your supporting #gratefulvibes!!
And I'm following you and looking for more reports like this!!
Resteeming this!! Thank you again!!

Proud to be a part of this platform. The growth is inspiring!

We really growing so fast papa bear.

Great info, I am watching an nfl streem on reddit. I was thinking maybe steem needs an nfl channel. Every sunday over 100,000 people watch nfl streams. The ones who stream usually have a donate button. Im sure they would be thrilled to work on the steem platform. @penguinpablo

In comparison to total account, active users are very very less. If more and more users decide to be active in this community, all ranking will be up and up fast.

I still don't have a clear understanding about the difference between Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollar... Where should I keep most of my Steem...???

Wonderful post! I am updated! Thank you so much... I accept the fact that, STEEMIT is one of the best cryptos earning... But as usual, not all can afford for the upvote. And A lot of people stop using STEEMIT and a lot of people is registering also...

  • Estimated is, 65% of people stop in using STEEMIT and divert in trading ICO. They can't get upvote even their article have sense and they are hoping to get a big upvote by telling honest expression of their feeling and the reality.

  • 50% of newcomers in STEEMIT hoping their luck to earn and to express their feelings rather than using the Facebook. Newcomers by means of the other friend's recruiters. They giving hope to earn in a clean way.

They are just like me, frustrate to help other people who're hopeless in their life. My position and my heart are for charity works... Because I felt that also before and even until now @penguinpablo...

Thank you for sharing the great news and the detail insight! can't wait for the brightest future of steemit!

sounds good

I hope this isn't just a passing phase caused by the high SBD and Steem values on the market. Upvoted and resteemed as this is good news for us all.

How wonderful it is to read this type of publications I feel very happy that this page every day is growing more and I feel super proud to fomrar part of it, day by day we will become the most active blogger site worldwide and in a very close future we will be number one, that is our great goal, that is why I encourage many people to be part of this great project and continue to provide content of excellent quality.

Congratulations steemit and thanks for the information @penguinpablo

Great, yet shocking statistics. I followed you to keep up with them. Thanks for all the hard work putting this together. It's very useful information:)