Wowza, wowza, wowza - reaches number 1000 on Alexa

in steemit •  2 years ago  (edited) has just reached rank 1000 on Alexa.

That makes it the 1000th most popular site in the world.

A fantastic achievement considering steemit is not even two years old yet.

[ source : ]

The USA is still the main source of traffic but it is declining - now down to 29.6%.

After listening to the excellent interview between @starkerz and @ejemai today it would be very interesting to know what position fast growing countries like Nigeria are in the traffic source ranking but you need to sign up for an Alexa account for that information.

Just listening to @meanmommy33 on the new format Resteem Show of @ma1neevent and @poeticsnake on MSP Waves who was talking about @steemsugars, one other graph from the Alexa page shows the gender split - heavily in favour of males!

All these graphs and tables come from :

I must acknowledge @steevc for prompting me to check on the latest Alexa ranking after reading his '1000 coming soon' post ...

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Good times ahead!

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cash is .jpg

very good. I am very happy to be a part of Steemit :))

Grow Grow Groooooooooow! :)

It was a matter of time. I hope it can continue to climb, but I'm wondering why it's declining in the US. It's all getting exciting

I have a feeling the growth is just going to continue ;)

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