Top 1000 for Steemit soon...

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According to Alexa Steemit could be in the top 1000 sites in the world soon. It's been steadily climbing since last year, with some lulls. I'm not sure what's driving it apart from organic growth. I do see Steemit mentioned in some fairly high exposure news sites, but it's still under the radar for most people.


Whilst it's growing worldwide it's falling in places like the USA. I think it was in the top 500 there fairly recently. Korea seems to have peaked too for now. Germany and Japan have been improving recently and those are big markets.


I was really on a high after all the talk of improvements at Steemfest last year, but we're still waiting on new features such as communities and the next hardfork that will allow for many more people to sign up. There was a post by the development team last week about some changes that are on a test system, but I haven't grasped what they mean for us yet. I think it's about scalability, which is obviously crucial to growth. We need the witnesses to be able to cope with it.

If you see Steemit being talking about then you should share that with the community. We need the news to spread and for the platform to have more credibility. It's doing pretty well, but this is just the start of something amazing.

Steem on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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I think part of the problem is that people are too busy earning money for themselves, when they should be looking at the bigger picture and go out there and promote steem to there friends... wich i am sure will payout even more in the long-term.

Exactly. What you make now may be nothing compared with what is to come if you build an audience.

its not always easy to promote though.....I found that I was telling everyone for a while but very few people took the next step. Its only after a certain amount of time that people start to believe that you are really behind something, now some of my friends are starting to take it more seriously. I certainly quietened down though when I realised not everyone had the time or the vision or the patience to deal with it right now. Theres a lot for people to get their heads round, which is why we need this hardfork to come around so that signups are easier, but theres no denying its a bit of a learning curve.....

People tend to suspect a scam and it's not the easiest platform to explain. I'm hoping it will get lots more media coverage soon. Once we can get more big names on board their fans will follow. That's starting to happen.

yeah. it seems like some well subscribed youtubers are starting to see the potential of D-Tube

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Hi @steevc - reading this post prompted me to pop over and check for an update.

Looks like steemit has just reached #1000 !!!

I have just put up a post with more details.

Good news! For once I made a prediction that came true

It was interesting that it peaked in the US and headed backwards yet is increasing overall in the world.

I guess it is simply the ebb and flow of what people like as they go through phases.....although I am not honestly sure how Alexa does its rankings..what the metrics are.

Either way, I agree...Steemit is still under the would be nice if the development team would get their act in gear. I know coding in terms of the timeline is not a perfect science and many bugs often have to be worked out but it is now going on many months since Steemfest and no end to the wait in sight.

Patience isnt steemians strongsuit it seems lol.

I think Alexa relies on people running their browser plug-in to collect data. Obviously the developers are trying to get things just right. I'm happy to wait if it means a better end product, but more frequent updates would help morale.

Yes @steevc

The development team could use someone to help with communications. Programmers tend not to be the best at communicating things on a timely basis. They understand the setbacks that come with coding and creating applications....the rest of the world does not.

I agree, an extra month or so to get things right is not a bad thing. Nothing worse than bringing something out and it filled with bugs. That is a total killer (for everyone other than Microsoft...par for the course for them).

Hopefully we start to see things changing in this area soon.

At Steemfest they said they were too busy to post, but they could delegate that to the 'marketing' guys.

Agreed. That excuse doesnt fly.

Their updates do not need to be full length books...a short 250 word post...

and like you said, let someone who handles the marketing do it....hell send an email to @jerrybanfield....he will post it 4 ties in 3 different media forms.

Just keep the user base somewhat aware of what is going on.

So, in Pakistan, the ranking got Last time I asked you about it couple of weeks ago, its ranking was around 856. Why it's dropping in US is still to be figured out. Thanks for sharing @steevc.

It's interesting to see where it's doing well. Japan and Brazil have big potential. We have some users in China apparently, but they block a lot of sites there

I'm really hoping we will pass the top 1,000 barrier soon. It's unfortunate that we've been declining a lot in the United States lately, but we'll get back up once more people come here and create good content!

I expect it to pass that in the next few days. We're getting more big Youtubers and other people with big followings elsewhere who could bring in a lot more

Yeah, the onboarding of influential people will do wonders for Steem!

@steevc I have said it before and I will say it again we are the Early Adopters and the masses will come to STEEMIT just be Patient.

I say that too :) Having been here 18 months I'm eager to see it move forward.

This can only happen fast when the community supports those who are using different mediums and their earnings to promote steemit.

There are lots of people who doing little and some do nothing to get out there and when these new guys come in and get discouraged with low upvotes on good content ms, they'll go back and we'll end up having low retaining Ratio.

Steemit promoters sometimes deserves to be on the trending page sometimes.

No doubt man, we will be in the top 100 in few months, steemit is inventing a new era ;)

It's going to be very different here when we have hundreds of millions of users. We are the pioneers

Yeah, just imagine how chaotic things will be here with millions of posts daily! It's going to be very difficult to grow an audience with so many people to compete with.

Yeah, that's right. We need to bring steemit to the grass root and make waves. ♨️♨️

if we are steacking and get together surely steemit will find very soon in the top 500 web site list, we should encourage others people who like this social page to join here, and it could be better marketing from your own family.

It's only a matter of time, though a few people still consider it ponzi, though I'm predicting before may it will make it to top 1000

Those people don't know what they are talking about. We know it works.

wow that's some achievement in short spade of time and no doubt steemit is wonderful website and i hope it will gain more heights in near future.

I think so as well Steemit is working really well and is so far the best platform, I have a lot of fun on here.

@steevc......i think,,,definitely the steemit community will be a great probability........

Great post.

Bad comment. Say what you really think