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I am the owner of @gaottantacinque (blog account) ..

                   me reporting some security vulnerabilities of Steemit /

.. and @gasaeightyfive (bot account). I also manage other 2 bot accounts on behalf of other 2 business partners: @marcocasario and @cribbio.

Long story short the last 3 accounts offer a Daily Free Resteem Service and they all had a reputation score at almost 40 but now have been nuked to 3 thanks to the bully scammer

I wrote the code for those Resteem Bots (and also open sourced part of it).

They all offer Free Resteems and additionally:

  • @gasaeightyfive: a very cheap resteem of users' last post without having to paste links around + a cheap resteeem subscription (user's new posts resteemed as soon as published);
  • @marcocasario: gives a ~ 0.02 / 0.10 $ upvote to whom resteems his post OR sends 0.005;
  • @cribbio: resteems 3 posts per user;

Yesterday @adm and @blacklist-a sent those accounts reputation to 3 after complained to them. I believe that they should at least have heard my side of the story before doing that.

At the moment on Steemit there are tons of downvote accounts created by one single angry user. I believe that using this approach of flatting out people's rep without warnings or getting the full picture will only lead to more users getting mad and try to ruin this nice platform.

This is what happened step by step in the last 1.5 months:

How did I first "encounter" I published on my personal blog a question about how to solve a coding issue to develop a resteem bot and I used the #resteembot tag.
It seemed to me like a generic tag and I had never thought that I would get a downvote for using it. flagged me without any sort of question or warning.
I replied that I did not know that it was "taken" and I removed it straight away but he did not remove the downvote (I guess he didn't like that someone was getting into the competition of the resteeming business). Later I found out that that tag existed even before he joined and that he started downvoting people to steal it (you can also check yourself scrolling down on the #resteembot page).

See also the conversation on - #steemitabuse channel - asking opinion about downvoting my post because I used "his" tag. In a nutshell they replied ask nicely to remove it. Didn't work out.

Then what happened? After a few days he started flagging the first post that I created on the other 2 accounts that I manage (this and @cribbio).
They were similar to @gasaeightyfive's post because I was testing the new bots on them.
I got accused of copying and pasting and put on his blacklist even if I tried to explain peacefully for almost half hour that I did not own the other 2 accounts and that I never spam. The reason for being blacklisted was that according to him a user cannot manage more than one resteem service. And that 1 post a day is spamming.
The funny thing is that none of these bots that I manage ever left a comment on the free resteem service users's posts. Yup, it can be surely be considered spamming.

Conversations on - #steemitabuse channel:
- First time reporting's immoral behaviour towards competitors
- Reporting's spam comments about Byteball

I ignored his (one penny) downvotes on all daily posts for about 2 weeks.
He was doing the same with other competitors - eg. @rcr.bis that eventually left the platform because of him.
Then my posts started to become hidden as soon as created so I reacted powering up about 2000 $ (trading a shitcoin), upvoting my posts to restore their visibility and flagging him back.

I gave many warnings before each further step..
Step 1. Auto reply on his new posts revealing his wrongdoings to his readers, 2. one single automatic (short) reply (+downvote) when he comments on other people's posts (users can turn this off), 3. use of "his" tags that he claims without the right to do so - eg. #resteembot.

Clearly he did not stop and mocked every attempt of communication with a downvote (and never even replied on when I initially tried to talk sense into him).

He then found out I was adding a new feature to one of the bots (@gasaeightyfive), the Resteems Subscription, so he left tens of spam and trolling comments on my announcement of the new feature.
See yourself (before he deletes them).

By the way, the @themarkymark (that wrote a whole post about stealing Byteball referrals) seemed to approve. See his upvotes on my automatic replies.

What happened next? The noble and respectable tried to scare away a resteemer with 10 K followers that was promoting me:

@flauschi ( then contacted some witnesses on #steemitabuse complaining that I managed to keep a comment of mine on top of my posts (to hide his spam comments below - I simply used the md syntax, nothing too fancy).

The admins turned him down so he went crying/lying to the mysterious @adm (AFAIK @steemcleaners own @adm & @blacklist-a that nuked my repo). PPS. No, @steemcleaners claim that they don't manage @adm.
PS. I'm not on any official blacklist on Steemit though - see new API developed by @themarkymark -> result: {"user":"marcocasario","blacklisted":[]}

I'm pretty sure he lied to them to convince them to take action (he tried with others before) or told them that I was faking upvotes with a picture or something like that where in reality it was just a picture with 2 votes used to hide his spam comments below my posts. Eg:

And that's how he finally managed to negatively affect the bots that I manage and the Free Resteem Service that many accounts use every day.

In case you haven't seen them around these are the automatic replies that summarize's wrongdoings:

  • My automatic comment under his posts:

:::::::::::: start

Who is / flauschi / (many other accounts)..

:::::::::::: end

  •'s (manual) spam reply on my posts and on every single comment of mine on other people's posts:

  • My (automatic) reply to his spam comment:

  • My alternative (automatic) reply to his spam comment:

  • My automatic comment on replies to other users (shorter version and only one reply per post):

marcocasario (3) · 14 hours ago
Re: - Watch out for this individual!! More info:
( Apologies for the little incursion @shagimardanov :) )
Reply "@marcocasario SKIP" to turn these off for you. Thanks :)


As you can see from the last line of my auto replies, users that are bothered by my warning about can automatically turn it off simply replying "@marcocasario SKIP".
In about a month only 2 users turned it off so I strongly doubt that it can be considered spam or annoying anyone (except the culprit of course).
Actually some users also thank me for warning them - most recent example.

CONCLUSION: is just a bully that has his own laws / steemit-religion / rules that are not anywhere in Steemit Terms & Conditions (example - one user cannot manage more than one Resteem Service).

He is not new to this type of childish wars with competitors. He had exactly the same behavior with @transparencybot, @thedophin (see for example here), @resteembot (the one that existed before him and that he clamorously copied) and many others. There are many examples around. For instance for the latter see here, here and here.
Eventually @resteembot (the real one, no dot!) got his alt account nuked by the same whales that yesterday smashed my reputation score.

It's likely that soon will reply PS. nope, he's keeping a low profile
to this post saying that there are 1000 people behind his account (but how come, he resteems only during the day - if it's not raining of course)
PS. By the way this is what he claims on his faq page:

..but his account has zero activity during his night time. Sure, he's not a serial liar.
Last night after I posted this article my bots for the first time detected activity (resteems) on his account at his 3 in the morning. Good try. Good try.

He claims that he only fights spammers and scammers. It's pretty clear by now that it's a lie. His fight against spammers started just because he was bothered by wallet spammers since he manually resteems posts looking at his transactions so he may miss clients. He just wants to selfishly and unscrupulously get his piece of the cake. He only cares about his profit and stopping competitors, everything else is a lie.

He may also say that now he even wants to run for witness but he is just a human bot with also quite a bad knowledge about technology in general (I realized that in multiple occasions).

Slow Human Resteemer Vs new Automated Bot with fast Resteem Subscriptions (@gasaeightyfive) - you can see why he's trying his best to shut me down.

Well at least, since people have been reading about him thanks to his comments tail, now he's scamming less people..

Thanks for reading my big post!   =)

Please upvote and resteem if you feel like it so that I can recover my reputation score and get more followers for my Free Resteem Service
- that will always be free, by the way!   ; )

PS. little CONTEST to try to get more visibility: resteem this post to get a FREE 10 Resteems Subscription on @gasaeightyfive + a resteem on the other 2 accounts. Please write it in the comments if you did. Much appreciated!

-- if you want to give me a hand with the reputation without affecting the reward pool you can upvote instead one of my expired posts or comments. Thanks

@gasaeightyfive will be replaced by the new account @free-resteemer
                                                                                                                 ( in progress )


PS. Also these 2 accounts have been downvoted at the same time as me:

What a coincidence, their downvoted post had @marcocasario mentioned as sponsor/supporter and was resteemed by me.

PPS. Also @bunnypuncher got into a similar issue lately. His farewall post here.

! done my friend! 🙂

And just to clarify - this is the small and generic automatic comment that I leave to the subscribers of my Resteem Subscription Service after resteeming their post (as soon as they publish it). They paid for the service or asked for / said ok to a 5-15 resteems free trial or won it in a contest (eg. resteem a certain post to get a free trial or these contests)!

It's a small and discrete one compared to some huge self promoting comments that other resteemers leave on their customers' posts.



I vaguely remember this saga. I recall you guys tagging @steemflagrewards as well, but we figured it was probably easier for you two to sort out any personal squabble.

That's not our department. I'll be watching with more popcorn.

Ok, thanks.
We're even on the news! :p

I know!

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@abasinkanga Thanks mate   : )

I understand your feelings about this issue and you are entitled to these feelings. But can you please remove the image with my text about, I wrote it before I understood how the spectacles website worked, and I thought "ghost" and "dead" users where included in the followers, but they are excluded, I did not understand this when I made that comment, so if you would be so kind and remove that image.



I don't see your name anywhere..

That one, please remove, (it was based on a misunderstanding).
The dead accounts are not counted into the total of followers, the total of followers are "alive"... I did not understand this at first... I own up to my mistakes and this was one.

Yep, somehow now he is your favourite. He was the winner in your recent post but IMO there are other resteemers out there that cost the same or less, provide a better service, are less spammy and were not included in your analysis.

Your comment is in the blockchain forever. Your update is here in the comments so no biggie. (PS. If you don't want your comment here anymore just tell me and I'll delete mine to let you delete them)

I think that the picture stills delivers the message that the spammer is with his big picture in the comments.

Your name is not on it and I could have picked any of the other many negative feedbacks about him (see below), nothing personal.

I hope you understand. Thanks


PS. I don't think that your calculations on dead and ghost accounts are accurate

dude, Im getting drunk now, I don't have time for this ...
You should use your energy on something more constructive then fighting on the internet with this bot...

Have one on me =)
I don't waste time behind him. My schedule to manage my bots usually takes max 30-45 mins a day! automation is king   : )

Good, that is a winning strategy I think, don't get hang-ups on the competition...
It is always hard to start something and compete with the establishment...
You know "crush the competition"... It's a thing...

Hey, this message keeps coming up in my reply feed... =) ???

Fixed a couple of typos. Sorry bout that.   =)

I am new here. Please let me know about resteem. What is the purpose and benefits of resteem.

The purpose is to get more visibility to your post.

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...ok I'll give you the 10 Resteems subscription.
I can see it on your wall today. How did you manage to resteem a post older than 7 days??



Nice one! =)

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