Steemit Weekly - 08-19-2018

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Steemit's Weekly Scoop

We're on our third edition of Steemit Weekly!

Starting with our top gem from last week. Have a laugh to start another week.

Buy STEEM from Associate of Nursing Exchange!

We didn't know there is such an exchange but this is a must see if you have been with Steemit for a year and still didn't know some cool facts.

Did you know SBD is actually called Steem Backed bucks?

Don't forget to click on the Steem logo. You have to read it to believe it.

Are You a Steem Addict? Learn From the Pro

As always, click on image to visit the post.

If you find yourself on Discord and Steemit all the time, you have to read this post by @sircork.

Remember, Steemit is digital so is Discord. Who are your real friends and your family?

Is it time to re-evaluate?

It's Time To Partaaayy!

Which event would you go?

Steem Fiesta 1 is the brainchild of @fyrstikken, @steemcafe, @larrymorrison and @instructor. Venue is in Lima, Peru from October 9-13, 2018.

Steem Fest 3 is organized by @roelandp. Venue is in Krakow, Poland from November 7-11, 2018.

If you're going to both venues, be sure to drop us your review!

The BLACK List

@themarkymark is at it again. This time a compilation of all the users you need to check against for abuse.

Developer or not, decentralized or centralized, there should be a list of known abuse suspects.

Slump in Charity Evident When Steem is Down

With STEEM tanking, Steemians have reduced their giving. YAH (You Are Hope) saw a decline but thankful for their faithful donors.

Bot War Results in 3 Rep

No, this is not your infamous Flag Wars. Resteem-service bot accounts are at each other's bot-necks.

If you like resteem services check out this post or this post and see which one you would like to support.

Vote STEEM - Need 5000 Steemians to Sign-up

Learn Crypto-trading and support STEEM at

As always, click on image to visit the post.

@GuiltyParties brought this to our attention

GuiltyParties has teamed up with Niffler to bring the art of cryptocurrency trading to military veterans everywhere and to the Steem ecosystem in general.

If you're new to crypto-trading and STEEM is your first crypto, it would be worthwhile to learn virtual trading before diving in head first and lose your STEEM.

@Niffler is risk-free environment for newbies trading cryptocurrencies.

Your Dead Post Contest


@whatamidoing is running it's 37th week of Deadpost Initiative.

If you have any quality vote-worthy post overlooked, join this contest.

We don't write the news. We just report the news.

Weekly LIE editors:
@lovenfreedom @iamstan @enforcer48

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Wow. Thank you for including my open letter. I would not have thought it as newsworthy but I do hope everyone takes times to take care of themselves.

My friend @malos10 says be atrong to be useful

It is excellent wisdom. Put on your own oxygen mask bedore you try to help those around you. Or you will help no one.

Be well, everyone.


The editors of steemitweekly agree with the work you're doing on Steemit. We hope to see you around for a long time.


On behalf of myself and my witness teammates, I appreciate that very much. I will give you my balanced very best.

I read everything till @sircork's very sad post about worthless time and efforts and health spent him on steemit and the girl who doesn't love him. Will do the rest tomorrow/
Guys I like this weekly digest more and more every week!
Anyone here knows if @sircork`s lover is a girl steemian or not?


Why would I want any other kind of girl? :-)


haha, that's right, that's exactly what I thought after reading your sincere article man! It opened my eyes on many aspects of steemit life. I was also thinking of that "cor"k root of your name. It seems to me like this is the main reason of your feelings to that girl./ Though I can be wrong here..


cor as in core? :)

Thanks for mentioning my article @steemitweekly! =)

Followed, resteemed and upvoted


@steemitweekly dude you should introduce and use the tag #steemitweekly =)


We will definitely take that into consideration.


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Some good info there! Ima have to check most of those out closer when I get a chance and will take a some time to go through it.. But just wanted to leave a comment right now anyways and say great work again putting this together! You're getting off to a great start in my opinion. :D

Especially curious about the deadpost initiative one as well! That sounds interesting.


There are fun stuff to be had on the blockchain. People are just too blinded by the Steem.

A nice selection of reading material for the week.


We aim for quality.

Great work every one, really enjoyed this edition. I wanted to give @sircork an upvote for his thought provoking post, but it had gone past the 7 day window.

Looking forward to the next edition



You could always donate or upvote some @youarehope posts to fund @sircork's efforts!


Good idea. I think @sircork's experience was very thought provoking. We all need to find that balance between investing in the community, but also making efforts to invest and look after ourselves.

That dude has a big heart and it sounds like someone needs to take him out for a drink and a hug

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