$180+ worth of downvotes does bunny deserve this?

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They just couldn’t drop it they had to downvote this post too. Well so much for getting past this and being all one happy community. I suppose I have to post another negative post to inform people of this bull. Still no one identified as @adm or @blacklost-a has spoken up.
I would really like to get past this downvoting it hurts the community not just me.

So here is another $100 dollars worth of downvotes. Like I haven't already learned my lesson. Just gotta kick a bunny when he is down. Big and bad @adm and @Steemcleaners. Protecting Steemit from contests that give SBD to the little guy.

Taking the carrots right out of my families mouths. Sigh. Think about what is becoming of Steemit if this happens to me.

This will be the last post I'm going to use the bid bots on for a while. It seems the ratios of what is needed to get on trending changed and I hadn't noticed that. I had inadvertently put my posts high on trending too often since I hadn't realized it didn't take as much as in the past to get to trending. That was an honest mistake I would have corrected had I been asked to do so. But if you read anything by me you know I wasn't asked just hit with $160+ of downvotes.

I wish things had been handled differently. I would have worked with people but wasn't given the consideration to be notified before getting hit with the downvotes. This promotes a negative environment that I am having a hard time being as excited for as I was before this series of events.

I hope @Steemcleaners and @adm and the other police bots think about that. The shoot first (downvote) policy before talking to the offender really does leave a sour taste about the interaction. Too mnay sour interactions and Steem starts losing users and content creators.

So this is not a contest and it is an informative post upvoted to a reasonable value to be seen. Let's see if it gets a downvote. I don't think it should based on feed back of things to correct. If it does then the downvoters might just be full of crap and they don't apply fair rules at all.

So let's see what happens if this post gets downvote or not.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.26.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 2.04.47 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 2.06.21 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 2.07.15 AM.png

Everything will be cool if I've gotten the last downvote since every contest has been downvoted. Only non contest and informative posts are left and those shouldn't get downvotes right? So long as that doesn't happen I'll happily move on. (come on they won't pick a fight with me over my pictures and informative post would they?) . Nah I've followed


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$180 downvoting ?
I will see this later with some time.

Hey @bunnypuncher, I had a similar issue as yours.
Steemcleaners on discord though say that they have nothing to do with adm.


And apparently not even a Steemit Witness I asked to knows who owns it.
He seems to upvote other Steemit police a lot though, especially steemcleaners.

And he seem to be able to instruct cheetah?

And looking at his first transactions and old comments it's almost certaintly a Steemit Witness (he complains about users congesting the network).

His first 15 incoming transactions are from wallet-only accounts like sysadmin, mod, help, support, etc ..

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Why do the ca. -25$ hit you so hard, that you have now to stop`?

Normally your contest gets upvotes around 100$ --- the last ones over $218.19 ...

Yes you are very generous to the community (Thanks for that) and gives them about 1$ x 8 winner = about 8$ ....

So in my calculation, there should left over ... 100$ -25$ downvote -8$ for the winners.... 67$ left for you.

Or did i do the math wrong?

(And by the way, im can feel your bad situation.... ,try to build something up and then be downvoted from out of nowhere...)

You did do the math wrong actually. Those were votes I paid for not that were given to me. There are links on here that do the profit calculations I don't feel like finding them. But yes I did make some money per post. And yes I could continue even with a $20 dollar downvote. It wouldn't stop if I continue to fight. They would just add whales and bigger downvotes. Look around steem and you will find it has happened.

Also they have much more they could bring in downvotes. There are posts that have had $500 dollars in downvotes. That is the flag war that is refered to in the other posts.

The reason I'm giving it up is that repetitive content basically the same thing everyday is not what is wanted on the platform.

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Oh ok, thanks for info. I did not see that you had paid for some votes.
I am not really familiar with the whole steemit bots economy system...

Who decided this, that repetitive content is not wanted?

You get normaly about 100-200 comments(also participants) in the daily giveaway ... they cant be wrong ;-)

...Even me! Im participant since im on steemit. Yes and it's now an honor for me that you write me back !

Im think especially for new commers, this is a good contest (easy fast rules).. you should not give so easy up.

For instance a post of mine that made $200 (number on post) this isn't actually USD but measured in STU (so there is some difference already between stu and usd) but anyway to get that $200 in votes I would have paid maybe $160 steem. So that nets me $40 in profit that I get in 7 days when the post pays out. Steem goes up and down so that $40 could be worth less in 7 days. Of that I give 8 or more for the contests. Which would leave me about 30 or so. Now add a $24 dollar downvote and you will get the idea.

So that would be about $6 - $10 dollars left after the downvote. And despite cut and paste I spend couple hours on the post. Putting it out there, doing the upvoting bots, responding to people, coming up with the topic, and replies to followers. So I would have just worked and done all this for maybe $3 dollars a hour.

So you see this isn't really a get rich quick operation I'm running here.

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Ok. I understand now some more. Thanks for providing me and the community with this great background infos 👍

Nonetheless, i wish you luck and good success with (other projects?) on steemit! ✌️😀

It was me an honor to talked to you, personally.... since I’m a participant in your contest for months :-)

Thanks I still do try and be helpful most of the time. Unless I'm punching lol

It's an honor for me that you joined my contests. Ty friend.

Ok I'll help you learn how to figure it out. Read this link to learn more on the math:


What's more, nobody is talking with them since they haven't made it. ..... Esteem creation is the thing that we need to compensate, I think

Up those animos @Bunnypuncher, this is passenger ... We support you and this community is with you, Count on me Dear Friend. Grateful we must be for all the support you have given us with these contests. !!

All the support I have gotten from the community doesn't equal 1 downvote. 6 downvotes for $150 dollars is far more than the community can over come. This is just the big guys showing they can crush the little guy if they want. Sad day for Steem and freedom to post.

up' ( pray for @bunnypuncher )


bang bang bunny!

Ouch!!!!! Downvotes hurt be careful with the flag button was good advice from someone in the other thread. I wasn't gonna post again but I guess I'll just point out any downvotes for the record then stop posting.

strength friend @bunnypuncher

This makes no sense.

"Leave Bunnypuncher alone"

Oh,God! No one is safe here. It seems steemit has nothing to do and help people who trust them. That's very bad.
No reason and nothing like a warning and they are just flagging!

Hopefully, I bring some attention to the issue.

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Please look at this!!

Hey! Gentleman! It seems I got a solution! You can check my recent comments, I am sharing their screenshots.



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There must be a solution, see I hope this must help.
Take care! Don't take too much stress! OK.

We, the community is always with you..

Well this shows that the community is not much help when a few in power can downvote me more than I get from the community.

You got a 29.67% upvote from @bpclan courtesy of @bunnypuncher!

You got a 16.35% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @bunnypuncher!

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You got a 39.71% upvote from @upme thanks to @bunnypuncher! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

Even this one was downvoted so it is not just your contest that is being questioned. It seems they also do not want you to keep posting about your downvotes.

I guess they just hate me now like the rest of the community. I guess I should just go back to my rabbit hole and hide from now on.

Hehehe... you do not need to hide just because of that. You already stopped the contest. Maybe you can also stop posting about the downvotes and come up with something else. I do not agree to the downvotes but maybe they will eventually stop if again, you come up with something else.

This will be the last downvote post. Unless they do it again. I'll move on to something tomorrow.

That's great! Keep moving... and move on.

Sure cuz it shines a light on the crap they do to other good folks with smaller accounts.

I suppose you've heard about the saying "life is never fair but is still good." Time to focus on the but this time. Life is good.

Yea this is but a bump in the road. I dunno I just was in bad mood yesterday and probably ( well definitely) went a it overboard. After a bit of reflection a wake up call can be a good thing. Just the lack of notice or warning pissed me off.

Over and out. 😃

I'm sorry for this. You have certainly been generous to a majority of people on steemit. You deserve better.

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Thanks. I was trying to be kind and generous. oh well should have known better.

You were kind and generous. And always will be for me. I wish your contests had continued, I really miss them already.

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I know I miss doing them already :(


Me too.

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With nice people like you around I'm just gonna have to do something now :) Just gotta figure out a new thing that is different then before.

I will always support you with your new endeavor. :)

This is getting out of hand.

  • Just the other day I saw Magic 8-ball bot had been downvoted to a 3 Reputation.

If we elected a Sheriff, I must have missed it.

Sigh I guess I'm headed toward 3 rep I hadn't thought of the damage to reputation yet that these flags bring.

Congratulations @bunnypuncher!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 7 with $ 150,12

They are hunting people, good people. There are so many contests outhere asking for votes which goes against the Steemit policy and this "cleaners" don´t give a f...k. I´m with you, helping the smaller accounts is what matters for the future.

And guess what they are making this FLAG system a contest... they even have automatized bots that confirm entries for plagiarism and stuff like that.

It´s a shame this is how blogging on Steemit will end, but maybe something will change in this last 6 months.

For the record once I learned asking for votes was a no-no I stopped doing that like a year ago. I hope so. This seems to be a recent change and not for the better in my opinion. I thought working we me and having me adjust my content a bit would have been a much better solution than to kill off my contests. And for my work to be considered spam and unworthy of being on the platform that did hurt my feelings. I guess deep down I knew better about how steem worked and about what I was doing. I had just held out hope that it would work and I could work with people that had a different opinion of me and resolve things in a winning way for everyone. Alas that wasn't the case and people with big accounts started disliking what I did and wanted me off the platform. I can take a hint I'm not wanted and my contest and posts weren't very good.

@bunnypuncher It would appear that a particular user may be gaming the system. They don't post or resteem, but their account value is $15,106,018.64 as of this moment and they have delegated the following to steemcleaners.


This users has a long record of substantial delegation to other accounts as well. They are, in turn receiving transfers from many users. Examples of the nature of the business are the following memos attached to two transfers to the user who delegated to steemcleaners:

Hello Dear, will you delegate me 100k steem power? I will send you my earnings 98% + Curation daily

Hi ********************, i am a collective run account fighting spam in spanish and trying to keep the blockchain clean. We are constantly looking for support and wanted to ask if it was possible to reach an agreement. At the moment we both upvote quality posts and downvote spam because of the limited resources at hand, might sound counter intuitive but we want to secure the support of the community and show we are about a clean chain, but if the delegation requieres no upvotes we have no problem and will stick to it. We have a reverse fanbase bot ready to go but at the moment we are working manually both curating and downvoting and leaving personnal comments. thanks for your time and atention. best regards ****************

The following clauses from the Steemit Terms of Service might apply:
14.1.1. Use of our Services in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect, or inhibit other users from fully enjoying our Services, or that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the functioning of our Services in any manner;

14.1.2. Use our Services to pay for, support or otherwise engage in any activity prohibited by law, including, but not limited to illegal gambling, fraud, money-laundering, or terrorist financing activities.

Did you want to do something about the arbitrary down-voting? As found in the ToS, the contact for this sort of thing is [email protected] Feel free to submit this info to the Steemit legal rep. If they deem that the behavior warrants investigation, they can use SteemWorld on the steemcleaners account.

I dug a little deeper. Steemit and Steemit2 are transferring vesting STEEM to the delegator supporting steemcleaners. Forget complaining to the legal department. It looks like we're all being gamed by Steemit!

You are doing something from your heart... I am appreciating the thing what you are doing, let us do things in another way.
The creative contest, in any topics, tag bunnypuncher and you select the best one as per your judgment and give them as many as what you want to do, or think another type of contests, please. There is no need to fight to @adm or @steemcleaners. You almost cleared the things in other posts comment section and you are aware what is going on.
Let us start a great contest...and you are going to give daily 100 steemians each $1 or more as your wish......I am sure you can do that. Just one sbd given by you makes me think more about you means, how tough it is to get something in this platform. You got your Place. You use it wisely.
🍺please forgive me anything wrong. As I'm in real world same in the browser too.bunny-smajlik-400-3012958.jpg
Let us do things in another dimension, the so-called God and the companions will have to appreciate it.

You are wise with great ideas. I'll consider your idea for my future endeavor.

Thank you BP

hey @bunnypuncher

look in comments for your name in this post , it's relevant to your dilemma


I've have read it. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. So it is Low effort to facilitate discussions and engagement of hundreds of steemians every day with varying topics. I agree I did do too much upvoting and the scale change threw me off. However, the reason is that I hadn't realized that the size of what it takes to be trending had reduced so much. I would have reduced accordingly since I have deliberately not tried to be on trending at all. That has been for as long as a ran my contest until last week by accident. Not that I'm some evil asshole. It wouldn't have taken but a short message for me to have corrected that.

right on...

I never got a:

Hey bunny you are upvoting too much back off some. Or change formating more it is bit stale and repetitive .

Nope not a warning, comment, a message to wallet. Nothing only feedback was $160 in downvotes. And it isn't about the money but the lack of consideration to not even try and contact. I would have been cool with warning, notice, or anything to head of this problem before having get bitter. So I suggest how this is handled toward others be looked at.

A forewarning before flagging would be nice...I agree

I'm trying to be the bigger person and not start being all negative as I do love Steem and want it to be successful. Doing this type stuff to not only me but others (as I learned from theses posts) is making that more difficult.

It wouldn't have taken but a short message for me to have corrected that.

agree with that...having said that..take a break ...everything is ok...maybe put out a post with your renewed understanding...

see you around :)

I'll be done with this topic and issue and change how I'm doing things. Unless I get another downvote. They have downvoted all the contests that had too much bidbot votes. I'm cool with that I guess as I'll be the bigger bunny here. But if they just keep targeting me to be unfriendly. That will not generate a good response from me.

They couldn't leave it alone they had to get in another downvote to add insult to injury. They aren't listening or caring about this so that is going to generate negative response from me.

I'm gonna take a break and do nothing with contests for a while as you suggest.

It really hurts.. So @bunnypuncher, what are you going to do now that they have prevented you from doing what you do best??

I dunno guess I'll post and see if I can engage people like before but maybe twice a week or something.

Ok. It's painful though

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nothing can get our beloved @bunnypuncher down

I dunno I'm feeling kinda down. I'll rebound but I hate that my contests went out like this. Sure would have been nice to get a warning or notice. If only they had the consideration to work with me this would have been so much better for everyone.

Agree. Unfortunately they don't talk at all. They stopped leaving comments 7 months ago..

Do you know what caused all of this?

My content was a bit repetitive is what a drone account of 25 reputation said in horrible english. They might have spoke for lord @adm account but I don't know for sure. And @steemcleaners considers my contests spam so guess that was the reason.

Damn..... I've actually had that before as well... you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to check the first part of the URL to ensure it's not from the same person.

LOL. And yet we now accept duplicate content thanks to SteemPress.
Times are a changing...

The irony

what a drone account of 25 reputation said in horrible english

I saw that comment, he was just quoting a bigger comment below on the same post..

I think downvotes it's a bad and sad thing...

This is because you ignored the winner of your your logo contest.

This is because you
Ignored the winner of your
Your logo contest.

                 - artanddesign

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I don't care if you are a bot or you are an alien! you make the steemit so complicated if you want to improve steemit make sure you create a 100% perfect bot!

that is just a bot that identifies posts that are in the form of haiku

I apologize I did forget that I hadn't sent out prizes like I should have. I just made a post that points this out.

Read latest post where I apology for that oversight.

You got a 51.64% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @bunnypuncher!

Earn 100% earning payout by delegating SP to @upmewhale. Visit http://www.upmewhale.com for details!

There are quite a bit of undocumented rules on steem that trows newcomers for a complete spin (us included). Perhaps choosing an official sherif wouldn't be a bad thing if he/she/it documented the prefered modus operandi we should abide by.

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