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What is Resteem Bot?
This Bot help you by resteeming and upvoting your postings. This gives your content a high visibility worldwide.

How does it works?
Send a tip and copy the link of the posting that you want resteemed and 100% upvotet in the memo. You can also send a link from a friend.

How much does it cost?
a) 0.200 Steem or 0.200 Steem Dollar.
b) Secret mode, send 0.300 Steem or 0.300 Steem Dollar for a resteem and upvote without any comment from us under your posting.
c) Soon we will accept #iota.

Earns Resteem Bot a lot of money?
No. We do marketing for some projekts we like, that we can take fair prices from our user. So that they have a return of invest. For example #appics or
The marketing money goes back to the bot.
We also invested privat money to the bot.

How can I send SBD/Steem to

Why does it take some time? is using a algorithm that is based on:

  • your location
  • language
  • time
  • tags

Of course we can just use information that are available.
So we can place your content optimal. We have a limit resteems/hour. But no worry, all work will be done.
We really want our followers to enjoy your content and not suffocate in spam.

How can you find us in social media?
generally speaking: #resteembot
daily best of Resteem Bot: #bestofresteembot
daliy win game: #winwithresteembot

What we support!

Trade Steem and a lot more on our partner crypto exchange:


Cool one

Who is / flauschi / (many other accounts)..

You need to stop abusing Steemit. You claim ownership of tags which you have never introduced. #resteembot is a generic tag. It was in use when you registered at steemit.

You are also abusing the comments, thereby editing your comments afterwords saying your censorship is no censorship.

This person starts a new "service" almost every month, with not much success, because they are not good.
I think it's three now.

To get some attention, he abuses the #resteembot tag every time.
The content has no relation to us.

We do not accept this tag abuse and spam.

So testing a resteembot script once in one account, then moving it over to a more appropriate account name is starting a new service almost every month? The old account is added to the new one as an extra bonus upvote for the users btw.

And using #resteembot for a resteembot script is tag abuse?

You sure are stupid.

Flaged because of affront.

And again, we have no connection to this person, he's just abusing our name.

Who is / flauschi / (many other accounts)..

No self upvote payout for this hypocrite and immoral individual!

Who is / flauschi / (many other accounts)..

Nice service. Why would someone want to use secret mode? Can't you see all steem transactions?


You can use this if you don't want a comment under your posting.

Hey, I'm selling the domain Any chance that would be interested?


Thanks, but no. We don't have plans for a website.

He and his mommy cannot code.. :D

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