Questions for SteemIt Inc.

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To Whom It May Concern at SteemIt Inc.,

As an investor I would like some information so I can decide how to manage my investment.  (See how I formatted my question?)  lol

For the past year we've been talking about SMTs and end-user sign ups and it seems you are getting close to these goals.  With HardFork 20 looming and many witnesses already installing the code, it seems much of the groundwork has been completed and we are getting close to some goals we have all been excited about.  

Velocity is scheduled to drop in a couple of weeks and if I understand the schedule we are on the last stretch of SMTs, Hivemind and the test net are in place and I hear there is much improvement with documentation and tools for developers who want to build out dApps.  Congratulations on that work and establishing better communication and timelines!

I've been here for over two years and I am still unclear on how to view the role of SteemIt Inc. I don't know what responsibilities the company will handle and what responsibilities are left to the community.  I would really appreciate some clarification on how SteemIt, Inc sees it's role.  Will you be focused only on developing the Blockchain or do you expect to put together a business team to promote STEEM.  Wouldn't that be a good thing to share with investors?

It is my opinion that outside of the Steem Community very few know what we are doing and where we are heading, so my question is, Will there be a Branding and Marketing effort created by SteemIt Inc?

There was a discussion yesterday of building a business minded team of people to start to define and package the strengths of the Steem Blockchain. This group would begin to define:  What are our strengths, how do we stack up against the other Blockchains? Do we have a sweet spot? Establish our target market, and what types of dApps we should attempt to attract.  Once defined the group would begin to actually promote and market STEEM.  

Clarification on what efforts SteemIt Inc has in place might make both teams more effective, make sure there is a cohesive message and cut down on duplicate efforts.

Looking forward to hearing about the business side of future initiatives.


PS.  Hey, @ned sorry about that hair thing, but it was really fun and I hope harmless.  :)


We’re working on it. Truly. The team has been steadily growing the past couple months and been focusing a lot on strategic developments. We want to include all of you in those plans and will be writing a marketing blog post here in the coming weeks.

@kittyninja you wouldn't happen to be a sociopath would you ...just askin' ??

No @robertandrew, as she explained below she works in the marketing team and they report to the Head of Communications & Advocacy, who reports directly to Ned.

She manages the twitter account, the rest of Steemit social accounts and the Steemit account too.

She said she’ll do an #introducemyself post very soon.    =]

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I don't know what STEEMIT.INC do! But I feel they do better than FaceBook.INC!


I agree that it would be nice to know. From the outside, Steemit often seems like a rudderless ship just sort of drifting aimlessly around the block chain - although recently a sense of direction may have started to emerge. Even massive ninja-mines don't last forever, so I have often wondered about their plan for generating income. But I am an investor in Steem, not Steemit. Aside from things that have a direct impact on the blockchain, I'm not sure if Steemit really owes us any answers about their business plans.

So, I sort-of think that anyone who wants to launch an initiative on the Steem block chain should more or less ignore Steemit's vision for itself. My advice to a would-be collaboration would be: Create your own vision and follow it. Cooperate with Steemit where the opportunities arise and compete with them where needed. Don't put your own destiny in someone else's hands.

I'm okay with either answer. If we are going with the "Build it and they will come" approach I would rather invest in a chain that is taking action or build a team in the community. This is becoming a highly competitive market.

I'm not trying to control what they will do, I just want to know. If they don't want to brand and market and find ways to pitch the chain, that is A-okay. If they do want to promote, I think the community should get on board with their messaging.

the community should get on board with the messaging

Yes, this is critical. Because right now the landing page for someone new to the site says “your voice is worth something! Get paid for good content.” And it should really be changed to say “your social networking skills are worth something! Get paid for your connections.”

We’re working on it!

Absolutely no one thinks you play any role with SteemIt Inc.

Edited to say... ah, I was wrong. lol sorry.

That’s fine :)

Welcome @kittyninja!

Now guys do your magic, make STEEM fly! =]

You should introduce yourself if you actually do. We get a lot of trolls around here.

I'm not really talking about a social media blast, I'm talking about branding, packaging, Marketing, vs. Advertising

Who do you report to?

I understand. That’s actually been a huge undertaking since I started in this role. I report to our Head of Communications & Advocacy, who reports to Ned. I’ll do an introduce myself post very soon.

She had me fooled.

It's still open for debate ,but who knows lol
She manages this twitter account.

I also manage our Steemit account and the rest of our social accounts :)

If they do want to promote, I think the community should get on board with their messaging.

I agree with that. (Assuming that the messaging makes sense.) And of course I'd like as much information from Steemit as they're willing to give. But I don't think anyone needs to wait for permission or instruction from Steemit before beginning to act. If d-app development is any indication, even if they don't drive it, Steemit might be willing to help fund a well thought out recruitment strategy from elsewhere in the community.

Good points.

I reached out with an email yesterday and even though i cannot disclose what they wrote it seems their focus is mostly on developing. Im not of the opinion they have a mature marketing team. Maybe its in the idea phase, maybe its in the starting phase but what @kittyninja says they seem to be starting it up which is of tremendous importance.
I provided them with an idea i think would augment the promotion aspect to a large degree but thats only one level. What we need is old school shillers ready to reach out to everyone and anyone in media. Just writing a few blogs and twitter posts will not cut it.

I can not agree less with your opinion. Just go ahead and do what u want to do

I am fine with you disagreeing. I didn't really state an opinion, I asked a question about how something was going to be managed because that information might be helping in making decisions on how to manage my investment and my time.

Let's say a group of people want from the community want to decide how to market it, but our marketing message conflicts....

There is no expectation of what answer they give, just a request for Transparency in what their plans are.

I am doing what I wanted to do, which is to ask for info. :) lol

this is beautifully written with many points we are all wondering about. off to read all the comments ...

Have you joined the MSP talks with @andrarchy? Some of these things have sort of been mentioned.

I agree there should be clarity on whether they want to focus their efforts on marketing steem, once the updates are here. There is a decentralized marketing community effort @steem-ambassador right now (of which I am part), but I really would like to know whether they want to dedicate time and resource to promotion.

I would classify you as a major investor.
It's sad how in the dark you are.
I think the main think with Steemit is it is investor supported.
I think in the short run the price is heading down but do expect it to win in the end.
Steem = Investor Supported - Steem vs Facebook - Steemit Costs increasing? - Witness fla*s Steemit Employee? - 252

I like your way of thinking / asking :-)

Resteemed since I want to read some answers, too.

Is there any way to make the structure of Steemit organization public and get a real exposure @kittyninja?
I fully agree with @whatsup, most of the people do not look at STEEM as an investment opportunity or even know it.
My biggest concern is the direct association of STEEM tokens to STEEMIT, that leads to fewer buyers to jump the market given the social aspect of the platform, even if, for expert users, STEEMIT is just one of the way to use the token.
A more direct separation of STEEM to STEEMIT may lead to further popularity. Greetings from Rome, I did always power up and hope you will contribute in a strong marketing!

I my self would like to see a goals and progression chart of some sort. At least we would have an idea of the direction steemit is going. I know they are all working double time but still, it's important to us.

Marketing communications 101.

  1. Know you strengths
  2. Know your target market.
  3. Know how to sell the idea in 50 words or less. The less words the better.

Know how to sell the idea in 50 words or less.

Imagine having to try that with other cryptos than Steem.

It is not crypto problem; It is a problem that all good ideas face.

People won't buy something they can't understand the benefits of.... it's the problem that marketing attemps to overcome....

Just need a parallax. Solved.

I might sound like a broken record but Aggressive Advertising is what Steemit needs. We might not be ready for commercials yet but some signs and billboards will go a long way in gaining new users.

Beta has to end at some point or one of Steemit competitors will take notice of the untapped market of Advertising. Even an inferior product could take lead if its hit the marketing aspect hard and first.

Ned's hair meme challenge was / is hilarious .. I am tempted to make more .. ok .. ok .. one more for the road ...

Ned has disowned you because you mocked his hair...

If we can have a development department in steemit Inc , we can surely have a marketing department.

Other coins founder market the heck of their projects on twitter our CEO should take some inspiration from them.

I am fine with them saying No. I just think it would be good to know.

My speculation is they would do some marketing but don't want't to commit to a date at this point , this would be consistent with the way they handled SMT announcements.

I've heard that steemit inc has millions set aside for advertising and a marketing campaign to do commercials and talk shows and stuff once steemit gets out of beta and is official.. However, I dunno if that's true. It's basically just a rumor I heard a few times.
I'd be curious to know more about your questions as well.

I've heard that also, but I'm not sure I've ever seen Steemit Inc, communicate that information.

Either answer is okay, just clarifying roles in the most confusing relationship ever.

Basically they've left users to be marketers. I guess that was effective for a while, but now is perhaps time for some real marketing

Our marketing team has been steadily growing over the past few months. A lot of things in the works now, so stay tuned.

Hey @kittyninja - welcome to the community side!! I'm sure you are going to enjoy both your community interactions and your job - what a very cool role you have in a very exciting fast moving space......I will definitely be following your blog. A Marketing Plan would be awesome. Best Wishes

I think they said... (emphasis on think) They weren't ready to market.

I am okay if they decide that isn't their job, I would just like them to clarify.. Yes or no..

@whatsup, a very great question, I as a beginner don't dare to ask that, maybe because my SP is low. Lol

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I think that what does to promote its site is genius if steemit does something similar it can bring us all together...
In case you didn't know gives you an upvote to your post related to your followers combined steem power and all you have to do is to tag it "busy"...the more SP your followers have, the bigger the upvote...
the bot that actually upvotes you is called "" and you can use it once every 24 hours...
think of a "" with millions of SP delegated so to reward the community in doing good content...
am I over my head?

There was a community driven event led by @timcliff recently were one of the content guys from Steemit was participating in the event to help promote Steem as an investment. I think they are focusing on development to then have all the tools necessary to increase adoption. For example, why drive thousands to a site that can only sign up 100-200 per day after making them wait up to 2 weeks for an account. That is why development like HF20 is setting up the infrastructure for future growth in my opinion. However, I do agree that they should promote internally to focus on retention of current users by incentivizing engagement and being active.

I agree they are focused on development, and they are nearing some important goals.

What does it matter if no one knows.

I am not saying they have to have a marketing and branding plan, I am saying it would be nice to know.

Totally agree! Like I mentioned it would be great to know if they dedicate some to the active community!

Great questions @whatsup? I know we are decentralized but maybe with Promotions and Marketing we could make it more centralized and organized in that one area. Interested to see more responses.

This is very well written and formatted. nice post
I can not see anything in here that the investors do not have a right to know about.

Yes , i think it should develop it

Maybe sometimes this platform is decentralized in ways that are detrimental to its growth as a social media?

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Great questions! Thanks.

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That effort towards marketing now is much needed though word of mouth marketing is always the best but steem need much big effort now

I will be in shock if these questions were ever to be answered... Really, really curious!

Hey, Steemit Inc social media manager here. Don’t be so shocked ;)

We’ll be giving marketing updates via a steemit blog post in the coming weeks.

Welcome on board, @kittyninja!
Looking forward to the updates, would be also cool if you could introduce yourself then (in order to avoid comments like the very first one above :-)))

Haha, yes, I’ll do that very soon! Thanks for the welcome :)

Yes please do let us all know who you are and what you do.
Many of us would love to be in the loop for the future of steemit!

Well that is very good to know! I am actually a bit shocked, but in a good way! Looking forward to your updates...

I want an answer. Resteemed!

I hope someone from steemit inc will give a good answer with these questions. Even us, the normal users of steem blockchain want this question to answer politely and honestly. Don't use sugary words and answer it straight to the point.

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Nice thinking !! But need to build a team with most experience one. They will guide rest of the members how to act together. Then we can do something beyond regular activities.

We’re working on it :)

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