4 Tips For Steemit Account Recovery & Wallet Security!

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Everyday there are a handful of accounts being compromised due to various reasons. Some have even intentionally, albeit unknowingly shared their master passwords on their memo. These cases are common and every day people request for assistance with their account recovery in Help channel of Steemit.Chat, directly or through references and friends.

If you've accidentally lost access to your account/s then there is still some hope. Keep these in mind when you attempt recovery and if you manage to successfully restore access to your account then please secure your private keys.

Whether you are new to Steemit or are an old timer, you need to know how account recovery procedure works. Continue reading to understand this better.


1. Account Recovery

If you created your account via Steemit.com and have your last known master password you can attempt to recover your account. If you have completely lost your master key then unfortunately there is no way to recover.

But in most commonly known cases, if your account password was accidentally changed, you have upto 30 days after the change to request account recovery via Steemit.

Remember, if you created your account via SteemInvite.com or Anonsteem or similar services then they are your recovery agent. You need to go to your account registrar/recovery agent to recover your account.

You can view your recovery agent on Steemd.com/@username

Remember the 30 day rule for the master key. If it was changed 31 days ago and you have an older key, then you won't be able to recover your account.

2. Email Access

When you attempt account recovery please use the same email you used to create your account. This vastly improves your chances of a faster recovery. Secure your email accounts with 2-factor authentication using apps such as Authy if you are unable to spend extra on a Yubikey.

Using the same email as the one used for recovery requests or support requests makes it easier for Steemit to verify ownership of account.

3. Account & Wallet Security

@acidyo wrote a post today to inform users how secure Steem wallet really is and I want to take the opportunity to add to it:

In addition to being able to store liquid Steem tokens as Steem Power (adds to your voting power) or hold your SBDs/Steem in 'savings'-both these features prevent rapid liquidation and transfer of asset, you can also create your private posting and private active keys. I've written an easy to understand guide here on creating and refreshing your private keys.

Private Posting Key-Allows you to post, upvote and flag.
Private Active Key-Allows you to transact on your wallet page and vote for witnesses.
Master Key-All account related activities + changes account password and refreshes your private keys.

Create your private keys immediately after account creation and change your keys once a month. If you are new to Steemit then I recommend that you follow my guide and generate your keys now!

4. Managing Passwords

Most people use their master key on their computer and phone browsers. I recommend that you use a secure password manager such as Last Pass to store your passwords. When you have multiple accounts, it becomes easier to manage them all with a password manager.

The 7 Rules of Steemit!

The first rule of Steemit is: Do not lose your password.
The second rule of Steemit is: Do not lose your password.
The third rule of Steemit is: We cannot recover your password.
The fourth rule: If you can remember the password, it's not secure.
The fifth rule: Use only randomly-generated passwords.
The sixth rule: Do not tell anyone your password.
The seventh rule: Always backup your password.

Remember, safeguarding your keys is your responsibility. Good luck with your account recovery!

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Extremely exceptionally helpful and useful insights about steemit account recovery and wallet security here in your article. in a simple way you guided all the steemians and in the light of this theme you additionally given here the reference of @acidyo's post. I hope everybody increase much from your post. Much appreciated @firepower for sharing.

Is the owner key the master key as well, and is it the one I can see when I press wallet?

Yap, that's the one. Keep it safe.

Thanks, so many thanks dear @firepower, you are mention seriously great info for our care take, a great wishes to you,,,

You are most welcome.


Thank you for your post!

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@firepower Great Post!! Especially loved the FightClub way of writing the rules!!
Keep up the good work.. Cheers!! ReSteeming it right away!!

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great information. thanks big brother.

Very good information sir special thanks

You are welcome. :)

Thanks for the sharing I learn many more things from this post it helps many steemain in future to recover their account thank you firepower.

You are most welcome, but make sure that you do not lose your password cause, we cannot recover it. Keep it safe. Steem On!

Eightth Rule: Never lost your password

That's right! If you lose your password we cannot recover your password. Good one!

wow...! very very helpful post. thank you for share it. I've save this post in my device

You are welcome.

Thank you for this information which is extremely helpful. I hope I won't have to use a lot of it.

You are welcome. I hope the same too. :)

Nice post and really crucial for new users. @firepower you are still rocking it hard, one of the most valuable assets of steemit.


Thanks a lot, buddy! Glad I could assist whenever I can. :)

It's a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Nice informative post, specially for newbies.
A worth read ,may be this will help someone to out of this problem.
Great share. @firepower

Thanks, man! Appreciate it much.

very good information. useful post

Well worth the read, upvoted because of the information being so valuable for all newcomers.

I appreciate this useful content

Thank you for reading.

Great post considering all us newbies joining up. I just generated an offline paper wallet for my keys. Qr codes are handy

Thanks. That's nice and yes, QR codes are really useful at times.

A good refresher for all. Many might have loose the focus on the importance of account security. with many spam and everything it is must for all to have the account secured. Thanks @firepower for bringing up the important topic.
Re-steeming the post to reach maximum.

Thanks a lot, buddy!


This is very informative, thank for sharing account security tips and how to manage PW @firepower ! I will definitely take note of these. Resteemed!

You are welcome. Glad I could help.

For me the last rule should be never forget the first three rules

That's right! Keep your master key safe.

Certainly sir, mind-blowing article you wrote back today

a very important and useful contribution, also to understand what, what password can be used. Thanks for sharing my friend.

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Thanks for sharing, I wrote this post yesterday about keeping passwords on paper rather than on hard drive on a computer.


I have to generate and save my new private keys.
I read that great article of @acidyo,indeed Steemit has the best security in the crypto world.

That's good to know. :)

As always, this time also your Tips are amazing.

I hope to continue steeemit parallel to my blogs. let's see what happens.

Thank you again @firepower!

Glad to know that. :)

the part i like most "The fourth rule: If you can remember the password, it's not secure."

Yeah, that is true. If you can remember your password that means its easy and it can be hacked easily.

Just what I needed to know! Thanks for the post!

You are welcome.

Store your password in a save place.

Wow great information i learned many thinks.

It is an extremely important information. .

I had the same problem after recovering data from hard drive. Do you think it might affect it somehow? I don't think so but still seems to be connected to my hard drive problems? I'd like to hear your opinion on the matter.

Thanks for amazing tricks.....great work

Why should we change our keys once a month? It is a very useful post, thank you.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable information for people. Yes I have already gone through the post of @acidyo today. Would like to ask, how do we know if our pass word will change in? You have mentioned that we have to register it within 30 days. Please friend reply if you don't mind. By the way how are you doing, have not hear from you so long. Thanks for sharing such a great post, wish you a very beautiful time ahead.

If your account gets hacked and password gets changed, it's likely the hacker will change your masterkey, when that happens all keys are changed and you won't be able to log in. If none of your passwords work then you know it's been changed and you attempt recovery immediately. If you login everyday you'll notice there's an issue immediately. Also if you change keys every 20-30 days then you'd notice if there's a problem with your master key.

The worst thing is that unfortunately such Posts like yours will get more and more important in future as the higher Values of Steem and SBD will lead to a massive increase of hacks...

I have a password, and three keys I can get to. I got my account through the steemit process when it was easy. Am I hosed or is the owner key derived from the 'password'?

Very informative and useful to me as I'm a new user here. Thanks for sharing @firepower.

Gracias por enseñan amigo

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Safety first! Thank you very much for your tips dear @firepower! :) I can't imagine how bad you feel when you put a lot of effort and love in your account and something goes wrong...That must be devastating! Very good and helpful post! Upvoted of course! :)

The whole password thing has me constantly paranoid. I hate it! But I know we need it all...

(I am.. back.. or trying to be. It was a few months of craziness and busyness with music + a defective, painfully slow laptop that eventually got me away from Steemit - but less busy now and flying on my new laptop :). Hope you are well! Kay)

Thanks @firepower. That was quite helpful and honestly a little scary to think of! Loosing password uurghh! That's the worst right?

You are welcome and yes, it is cause once you lose your password we cannot recover it.

hello steemit lovers , so many thank to you, one grate wishes to you, thank you so much

So you are changing/regenerating your MASTER KEY every month and you don't lose your funds or anything like this, no repercussions whatsoever?!?

Namaste :)

i liked in your post

Thank you for this, it really helped me :=)

Useful tips, thanks

thanks for the tips @firepower

I just got a bit confused though ..

and have your last known master password you can attempt to recover your account

do you actually mean, the very first ?

Not the first one.

But, most recently used. The one that worked before the password was changed. But within 30 days only.

got it thanks !

yes indeed i will never forget it as i already suffred but this is most important thing and everytime i think twice i enter password anywhere.

great info on account security in steemit from the @firepower himself. wanna get more info. i mainly use google. can i use 2fa on google using google auth. thanks for sharing

Thanks for the care and love, and helping us with your wonderful experience.

Thnks dear this is very informative .

Hi @firepower , tài khoản của tôi bị tấn công, tôi đã gửi yêu cầu xác thực theo hướng dẫn, nhưng đến một tuần và tôi chưa nhận được xác minh qua email từ Steemit, bạn có thể giúp tôi được không?

Really very informational...post..
I daily reader of your post..
Also... your all post is such as very very useful for Indians & others...
Keep it up dear friends @firepower

thanks for best information. thanks for sharing

This was very helpful, thanks for sharing some of these useful tips! Much appreciated @firepower

You are most welcome. Glad I could help. :)

very informative and helpful post 😊
Thanks dear @firepower

Great tips! Thank you so much. I see a lot of informative posts like this one, I was wondering if there is a way one can save these posts and read them later on when required? That would be a good feature I guess.

Hi, I found your post through searching for threads on account recovery. Are you part of the process for account recovery for steemit? I ask because I submitted a help ticket as I do not know my owner key. I guess I was using it thinking it was my active key, and yesterday I changed my passwords and did not make note of the new owner key.

I am seeing that evidently I had to use the owner key to make the change, and i believe I have changed my passwords before. So the key i sent in my ticket was the original key that was issued to me, much older than 30 days.

My question is this. When Steemit reaches out to me via email, can I give them the two keys (it must be one of them I used yesterday) I used yesterday, and they can see which one is the owner key? I can still pretty much do everything with my account as I have the active key, just would really like to have the master key and hate the idea of having to buy a new account and transfer all my steem from one to the other.

Also. do you have any idea how long it takes them to reach out once a ticket has been placed?

Any insight into this you could give to me would be greatly appreciated.

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