Table of Contents for the First Full Length Novel Ever Published on the Blockchain: "Alarm Clock Dawn" by Eric Vance Walton- (If you have yet to read this incredible book don't miss this golden opportunity!)

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Anyone who has been on this site for a length of time is sure to be aware of the extremely talented and exceedingly lovely @ericvancewalton, who is one of the finest authors, not only on steemit, but on the earth at this time.

steemit evw.jpg

Just under eleven months ago I walked through the doors of this platform for the first time, and the following weeks were pure magic for me. It was a beautiful new world, with an abundance of creative and positive spirits from all over the globe. To call it a cyber community like no other is understating it significantly.

I spent hours and hours wandering through the vast halls, meeting one member of the community after another, wondering how it was possible for so many fantastic people to be in one place! A place where I was finally able to release my own creativity, starting with a short story series I've recently been re-releasing with some revisions- The Playground

It was due to this series that I became acquainted with the amazing @donkeypong, who gave me my first boost on this site by taking an interest in my story. And it was @donkeypong who introduced me to a man who would be a beautiful inspiration to me in the coming months, that I am utterly blessed to call my friend, @ericvancewalton.

It all began with me looking for advice on whether or not I should post the novel



Book Cover created in acrylic by the extremely talented @therealpaul

Unsure who I should seek counsel from, I wrote to Tom- @donkeypong- in chat and he told me that I should call on Eric Vance Walton, as he was the one who had met with the greatest success with fiction on the site up to that point. Sensing that I was feeling a bit shy about it (You can stop laughing, I can indeed be shy!) he offered to contact him for me to let him know who I was and basically prepare him for my message. He assured me that Eric was extremely nice and would be happy to help, and while I had no reason to doubt this, I found I was a bit nervous. It took several stops and starts before I steeled myself and pressed enter.

I soon learned that all of my anxiety was for nothing, as Eric turned out to be one of the kindest people I've ever spoken to. I could literally sense his sweet and patient spirit which instantly put me at ease, and despite his busy schedule, despite the fact that I was brand new with no Rep or SP to speak of, he made me feel important. And after he imparted his wisdom he told me that if I had any more questions or needed assistance with anything at all that I shouldn't hesitate to contact him again.

Now people often say things like that to be courteous, but with Eric every word of it was genuine, because he is genuine and doesn't know another way to be. I really can't say enough great things about this talented guy, but of all the things that can be said, I believe the most important for this particular post is:

Alarm Clock Dawn was the first full length novel to ever be published on the blockchain!

He recently told me that he is still blown away by that fact-- and he should be!

What a grand claim to be able to make, an honor that couldn't belong to a more deserving man and author.

When I first learned about his book I wanted to read it immediately. Unfortunately it had been posted quite some time before I got here and the computer I was using was horribly slow which made the task too difficult. Needless to say it was a relief to learn I could purchase it from Amazon, and once it was loaded on my Kindle it wasn't long before I found myself racing through this intelligent, thought provoking, dystopian style novel.

Alarm Clock Dawn provides everything from mystery to science fiction, with a futuristic feel combined with ancient ideas. With a magnificent plot and believable characters, a dash of action, and a hint of romance, you will definitely be glad you put this one on your reading list.

And it is my great honor to present to you the Table of Contents for this must-read novel, exclusively for the readers on steemit:

steemit evw alarm clock dawn.png

Desire, draw us ever deeper
To the keeper of our hearts. '
We seek but a glimpse
Of timeless twilight
in this long day's night.
The Peace we seek begins within
And ripples forth in silent waves
Bathing each soul with light.
To continue our slothful slumber
But our numbers are too great
For our hunger to be quelled.
Put your ear to the tracks and hear
The low rumble of our humble awakenings.
Take this, your first gasp of pure Truth.
Utter your first cry, then a long cleansing sigh
As we say goodbye
To the darkness of this world.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty Two
Chapter Twenty Three
Chapter Twenty Four

Chapter Twenty Five
Chapter Twenty Six
Chapter Twenty Seven

Chapter Twenty Eight
Chapter Twenty Nine
Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty One
Chapter Thirty Two
Chapter Thirty Three

Chapter Thirty Four
Chapter Thirty Five
Chapter Thirty Six

Chapter Thirty Seven
Chapter Thirty Eight
Chapter Thirty Nine

Chapter Forty
Chapter Forty One
Chapter Forty Two

Chapter Forty Three
Chapter Forty Four
Chapter Forty Five

Chapter Forty Six
Chapter Forty Seven
Chapter Forty Eight

Chapter Forty Nine
Chapter Fifty
Chapter Fifty One

Chapter Fifty Two
Chapter Fifty Three
Chapter Fifty Four

Chapter Fifty Five
Chapter Fifty Six
Chapter Fifty Seven

Chapter Fifty Eight
Chapter Fifty Nine
Final Chapter- Sixty

In addition to his fictional novel, Eric is a prolific, profound and enchanting poet and he recently published a glorious work of non-fiction- The Perfect Pause; Meditating Your Way to the Ultimate You, which will be the focus of another blog of mine down the road.

I recommend buying the paperback edition of The Perfect Pause, as it contains many pages specifically for notes. Electronic devices can't quite take the place of a book and a pen, in my humble opinion.

steemit evw perfect pause.jpeg

At the moment you will find Eric hard at work on a group venture entitled The Hard-Fork Series, with @the-alien, @dougkarr, and @andrarchy (as the initial team, with more great talent being announced every day it seems!). It is currently still in the planning phase, but will eventually be a film series about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with the potential to create a buzz in the public's mind that could rock the world! To learn more about this exciting project, click on this link

A big Thank You to Eric for allowing me the privilege of creating this TOC for his epic book. I hope many of you take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of history by reading the first full length novel ever published on the blockchain, and please don't be shy about letting Eric know if you do, I promise @donkeypong was telling the truth, he is indeed extremely nice!

I'd also like to add that you don't have to read a novel on Amazon to write a review there. It only takes a few minutes of your time and helps out the author tremendously.

Generously created for me by @son-of-satire

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And I'm thankful for you @dreemit . Not only are you very talented, but you are one of the nicest people on Steemit and always so supportive towards others.

I was so blessed to be discovered by you. I'm not exaggerating when I say this platform was life changing for me, and this exciting journey truly began with your recognition, giving me a critical boost in confidence that's had a lasting effect to this day. steemit is a beautiful place and the best part is that it's still in its infancy!

This is very true @donkeypong

I have been following @dreemit for some time now, and I must confess, I like the way she writes.

The way she writes ;0)

Hee hee. Thanks for that ;)

Thanks for the correction, I really appreciate @meesterboom

I absolutely agree @donkeypong! She is really special!

I totally agree with Tom as well!!


Eric told me about your upcoming writing session for the Hard Fork series, with that kind of combined talent I know the story is going to rock!
If at any point you could use an extra person to bounce ideas off of, or a female's perspective, please don't hesitate to fill up my chat :)

I'm certainly feeling special today ;) xo

Wow, @dreemit! I am completely speechless and can’t thank you enough for all the kind things you’ve said and the work you’ve put into this! Steemit has made so many of our dreams come true but the real value in the platform is the great people, like yourself, that keep us all coming back day after day. I really appreciate what you’ve done and who you are!

I'm so glad I was able to convey my feelings about you and this place while bringing your fictional masterpiece to the fore of the platform again! I absolutely agree that it's the people that makes it really special, I've made great friends from all over the globe and I am a steemit super fan for this reason above all!

Amazing - reading this post and learning about the support on here. I too am an author - I've decided to serialise my non-fiction book about a family whose middle child has severe cerebral palsy - it's a very powerful story but heart breaking too. I would love any advice - as a newbie here - and going off to follow @dreemit and @donkeypong now too! cheers Jillian (from Ireland)

Splendid stuff, well done you for this fabulous TOC!

Why thanks me boom!

Always welcome mi princesa! :0D

I have a few thank yous to put out there also. First to @dreemit, thank you for your wonderful stories, and thank you for letting me know about more storytellers. Thank you @donkeypong, (Tom), for directing @dreemit to @ericvancewalton, and for providing encouragement to her. And I guess finally to @ericvancewalton for aiding and abetting @dreemit and providing the help and encouragement she needed, and for making her feel welcome on steemit. I am still pretty new to steemit, and I have really enjoyed reading your stories @dreemit, as I am sure I will enjoy reading @ericvancewalton story, Thank all of you, and thank all of the supporters for @dreemit, and those that have left supporting comments to her during her time, for if not for you, she may have, (as so many seem to), lost interest on Steemit. If that had happened, I would have missed out on a wonderful couple of books, "Reborn" and "Renewal".

Thank you for your thank you's, haha! Actually, thank you for saying that about my books, and I told Eric that you inspired this idea when you made the table of contents for Renewal. I wanted you to read ACD, but I knew it would be hard based on it being so far back on his blog, also it was a great opportunity to pay him tribute :)
It's great that you'll be able to comment on his chapters. At one point we couldn't comment on anything more than a month old, I'm so glad they changed that. He's a sweetheart, as you will find out :)

Congrats to @ericvancewalton
This is another literary breakthrough.

It is and he definitely earned a congratulations for it, thanks!

I can vouch for the fact that it's a fabulous book. Every day I was hanging out to read the next chapter.

It would have been so cool to read it like that...although it was also cool not to have to wait lol :)

Too bad you didn't get in on this comment section yesterday, lots of generous comment upvoters!

Thank you @kiwideb! I remember you!

Very cool post and story! Interestingly enough, I have only one chapter left to my novel to publish and then that entire volume will be published on the blockchain!

Keep doing what you are doing @dreemit!

Papa! So good to 'see' you, haha, it seems like it's been forever! Wow, that's awesome!! It's a great feeling isn't it? I have one book through and it was amazing when I posted that last chapter. Are you going to put up a TOC post, or have you been diligently doing that throughout?
I have to get over there and check it out, I'll put your most recent one in my browser to remind me!

My husband and I are planning a trip to the Ozarks this spring, heading down to see @therealpaul, but we would definitely love to see you while we're there! Then we're going south to Texas to the Garden of Eden to visit @everlove and @quinneaker ...a steemit journey :)

Thank you @papa-pepper, same to you darlin'!

Thank you so much @dreemit you deserve appreciation for what you have said to the public, your efforts are not in vain, your efforts have made many people praise you,

What does this post have to do with #steemgigs?

Haha, when I was looking through all of the guidelines for steemgigs, I was starting to wonder what didn't qualify. But one of the major ones is "Anything that makes steemit look more attractive to the public" and I thought the first full length novel published here that is also on Amazon, where people can see what was made from each chapter would look very good. Not to mention the Hard-Fork series is definitely a steemgig.

I'm sorry that it's bothering you though my friend. The one who started steemgigs voted on it, so I suppose I also took my cue that it was fine from that :)

If the tag is for "anything that makes Steemit look more attractive", then it's veered from its original purpose, and its name no longer makes sense. If that truly is the case though, I suppose freelancers will need a new place to showcase their work. 😢

I am sorry, if you look up steemgigs and read the introduction posts for it, then I don't even think it mentions freelancers showcasing their work, hm, maybe two different people started up the tag for different reasons?
If you could link me a post explaining what you mean by steemgigs, I'd be grateful.
However, authors are freelance artists as well, isn't this showcasing a freelance artist's work? Now I'm more confused, lol.

Sure thing. It might take a minute, but I certainly will.

I do think I was showcasing a freelance artist's work with this post though...wasn't I?

The first post of note is this one.

"Imploring steemians to practice their profession & hone their expertise."

"Connecting steemians in need to steemians indeed."

"Attracting the freelance industry, recruiting agencies and powerful organizations to the steem economy."

Eric is an author who practices his profession on Steemit, as am I, the object of this post was to get his first book back in the public eye. I think it falls in line with your own definition myself. But I appreciate the clarification : )

I'm not so sure it does. Unless it was a commissioned book, I don't believe it's a SteemGig.

If that were the case, anyone who wrote anything on Steemit could consider the post to be "freelance writing", or anyone who posts sketches could call all of their works SteemGigs.

Thank you so much @dreemit for inspiring me to start reading this original novel by @ericvancewalton. Unfortunately I stoped reading books (except for reading bedtime stories for my daughter) because I started to listening to audiobooks it’s a great way for multitasking.
But that also means not much quiet time anymore for myself.
So thanks to you I’m gonna spend my lazy Sunday start reading his novel.
And hopefully his novel inspires me to read more often.
You wrote this post with so much love and enthusiasm that I simply could not resist to follow your advice.

That's great, I hope it does get you back into reading :)

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While this may be the first good novel ever published on a blockchain, I am not sure it was the first. As you can see here chapter one of Alarm Clock Dawn was posted on August 18, 2016 - whereas my little novel Halloween Seventeen had been published on Steemit in its entirety by August 14, 2016.

Hi! I will have to read that :) And I will change the wording to Full Length Novel, thank you @mada !

Great content man.keep going .u done very much extra ordinary work .wish u to go up...i m with u

OH so cool I bookmarked this message so I can read the book thank you for posting links to all the chapters. One month on this Blockchain and I already have so much respect for all of the creativity flowing here.

This is truly brilliant thanks for sharing this amazing it was :)

First Novel ever published on the block chain?
There's never been a novel published on the block chain before?

His was the first, he put it up when steemit first began :)

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Congrats! I guess if I can't be first, I'd better be good, at the very least. Here's one of mine, for those interested. Viva la blockchain revolution!