STEEMIT GROWTH PROJECTS: (SteemGigs) - Bringing The Beauty Of The Steem Blockchain And Decentralization To The Limelight, Using Fun And Creativity!

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Mission/Vision Statement

We are looking to play our role in: 

  • Improving the steem economy.
  • Improving steemit growth.
  • Tightening the bond of our existing steemit community.
  • Unveiling the "human behind the steemian". 
  • Unraveling the wealth and depth of our existing steemit community.
  • Imploring steemians to practice their profession & hone their expertise.
  • Instilling in the steemit community, the culture/art of "giving and receiving".
  • To create a more fun atmosphere even in the face of overwhelming events.
  • Add an organic reputation system (SteemGigs Success Testimonials) to our reputation score system.
  • Expanding the vision of steemians, with regards to the scalabilty/capability of the steem blockchain, 
  • Sparking more creativity thus, more solutions to real world problems.
  • Beautify steemit/steem in the search engines.
  • Connecting steemians in need to steemians indeed.
  • Keeping inactive steemians in the steem economy by means of live SteemGigs.
  • Providing non-blogger steemians with incessant ways to earn steem/SBD
  • Burn SBDs
  • Gift humanity with a least one breakthrough product/solution
  • Attracting the freelance industry, recruiting agencies and powerful organizations to the steem economy.
  • etc

We will accomplish all the above while disrupting Fiverr's centralized system and infusing blockchain decentralization into the freelancing & recruitment industry. We are tackling this in the most practical, unconventional, creative and fun way, using 5,000 or more SteemGigs posts and an eventual steem-powered interface/website to hub the beauty we create.

Steemit is modeled around "mining with minds"; we are modeled around "mining the beautiful minds of steemians"

Ultimately, we are creating news ways to keep "mining with minds" in motion, in a never-ending fun loop!

Team Members

@kus-knee @virtualgrowth @papa-pepper @stellabelle @sykochica

Several other roles are still in discussion!



Prototype Proof of Work/Concept:

Phase 1: 5,000 Steem Gigs (April - October 2017)  

  • This is already ongoing and has made progress despite limited support. Though we have just above 100 steemgigs, it has already created so much steemit beauty e.g steemit-growth activities in the real world, new steemians relationships, completed steemgigs and new contests etc
  • We are now entering the phase of getting your support, to speed up our primary goal of reaching 5,000 steemgigs and with your help we believe we will hit this number in a few months.

(NOTE: Today alone there have been 52 steemgigs post already!)

Phase 2: Steem-power SteemGigs interface (June - January 2018)

Talks are in progress to bring this to life and we have multiple options. We already have SteemGigs as a project on chainbb forums and we are looking at the options it gives us in terms of functionality and interface. 

@zappl is another option that we are considering working with as steemgiggers could have option of playing with 140 characters to niche their SteemGigs. Finally, we are looking to a possible integration. 

However to really accomplish our goal (long term), we are already in talks with developers to bring a Steem-powered SteemGigs interface to life. Many are interested in the project and we have been contacted by two developers already. Discussions are still in progress though as we want our developers to share our vision of changing lives, by means of the steem blockchain. 

We want our interface to have many scalable facets to it and a SBD-powered debit card in the future, that will create further ease for non-bloggers, freelancers, recruiters, investors to adopt steem.

Note: All our current compilation for SteemGigs has been manual using a discord server,, a quip spreadsheet, @asksteem, chainbb, etc

Phase 3: Down The RoadMap (January - November 2018)  

The vision has been clear from the onset but we didn't want to rush as we are very defined in our vision! The route we have taken is the hard one but we want our impact to be solid, long-lasting and ultimately bring about steemit growth. We also believe in the power of our steemit community!

Description Of Support

We are not at stage yet to request official partnership with the steemit team; we hope to apply "proof of work" in this case. 

At this stage, we will definitely seek publicity support from the steemit team, in the way that you deem fit. 

As for financial support, we prefer to request some delegated steem power to support our effort! 

The amount of delegated steem power can be discussed or be solely decided on by the steemit team.

This delegated steem power if granted, should be delegated to the official @steemgigs account. We will be able to use this influence to encourage people to post SteemGigs and support valid SteemGigs. 

We will also be able to support a few curators who scour #steemgigs/steemgig because, not only will we curate full blown posts; we will also carry out our ultimate vision of connecting "steemians in need" to reputable "steemians indeed"

We will need this delegated steem power, until we have reached our primary goal of "5,000 steemgigs".

Basically, we are looking to make #steemgigs as popular as hashtag (TIL) once was, guided by good curation!

Justification For Support

5,000 SteemGigs will positively impact the beauty steemit/steem technology/steem but attaining this goal without the help of the Steemit team is strenuous and draining. Without your help, this process will be really slow! 

We also already have a ton of supporters from our steemit community and your support will excite us all. 

Today alone, there have been 52 SteemGigs. 

Here are valuable posts to help you glimpse into this beauty: 

Most of our work is currently manual but it has been a fun endeavor, your support will take our efforts to the moon.


We need support as soon as possible. This project has been going on now for two months and its beauty. We need a push! We look at your convenience ultimately but if your further support comes in today, it will be just special.

We hope to get your support starting June 2017.

See also:

@steemgigs growth-idea and @steemgigs growth-proposal


Great post of ideas for SteemGigs!
Everyone may vote for #SteemGigs to be presented on Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #212 this Friday with @surpassinggoogle as my guest by voting on my RSVP comment HERE. The more votes we get the earlier we talk.

Steemgigs is huge for the Steemit economy. It offers benefits and exposure for individual Steemers and our platform as a whole.

Each Gig Produces Multiple Income Streams

1.) Advertise a gig in a post. It gets UPVOTED and you earn.
2.) Perform a gig and get paid to do it.
3.) Write a testimonial about how the gig went for you as the customer and get paid!
4.) Write a testimonial on how the gig went for you as the supplier and get paid!

You've Heard of The Win Win Situation!

Forget That!

Steemgigs is The Win, Win, Win, Win Situation!

Please note: The above four ways to earn do not even touch on these benefits:

Drives more traffic to the Steemit blockchain, gives Steemit huge exposure on search engines and helps people in low income high unemployment areas have a chance to make a living!


Thanks alot for this!

Anything else I can do besides an upvote and a resteem you guys let me know! I am happy to see Steemgigs moving forward so quickly, and in such a positive way! I have some ideas for future steemgigs, so I will be helping move us closer to that 5000 mark! Also a question, what exactly are SteemGigs Success Testimonials?

Post where people post established/completed connections between steemians in need and steemians indeed. It helps as a reputation system and is sheer beauty. like what you did with your post, where you gathered the bookmarks together and featured all participants! Or that @inphiknit did with his charity results. Roles will come out overtime, working hard to get more support so steemgigs posts are supported, basically making the tag popular. in the past, when it wanted to be encouraged that steemians do more research and post new stuff like on reddit to become the face of the internet, #til was popular and fully support by a guild and curators, so it instantly became a popular tag! What to do similarly with steemgigs. We can always talk in chat!

Thanks for the mention! I'll get to that quip in just a bit. Spending time with my new baby in the hospital atm ;)

Congratulations (albeit from a total stranger) on the new addition to your family!!!

And good on you for having arranged a tutorial at a bank machine with the little one, so quickly. It's never too early to teach a child fiscal responsibility. But I may be interpreting that part of the post incorrectly...

haha! yeah, atm stands for at the moment :)

as well as automatic teller machine :D

great work I have been thinking along this same line and made a post few days ago about how we need to bring THE ROCK on steemit. what do you think of that idea.

LOOKING forward to seeing how this will all progress good job!

Thank you alot!

I'm in favor of this, and have passed it on to my followers as well as upvoting. go #steemgigs!

Thank you alot! Are you a developer yourself. Thank you for all the support. Saw the last tip you gave to someone who posted a steemgig. Do join us on discord:

I am a "developer" in the sense that I did it for 30 years, but I own a company now, with a dozen people who do all that for me so I can work on hobby projects. Like - which is my work coming together into a new directory site.

Can you join us on discord It will be great!

Looks like you wont have time for other steem projects or would you. Will like to talk! Will look for you on the discord!

{Hacker Voice}+ I'm In!

I have no time for other projects, no. I own and run a 12 person, 6 figure software firm and do the steem projects for weekend and evening stress relief lol.

Well, I also think they will make me rich! See you in Discord.

As a new member to the community, it is encouraging to see posts such as this that looks to unite, promote and help members of the clan. Taking a positive and healthy approach to helping others.

Yes, wonderful comment! Thank you!

Just completed...thanks for the invite.

chainbb seems to be down, I can't connect to either. Anyone having this problem or it is just me? is down! You can find surpassinggoogle here:

Excellent, I am very excited to see this unfold in the coming weeks, months and years!

Hahahaha, months hopefully. Join our discord, just incase you have a need, we can find solution!

Wow THIS is cool!

Thank you! Consider joining our discord server!

Merciful heavens, to think I was about to pack it in on chainBB for the day, and call it a night, WHEN I SAW THIS EPIC POST!


These initiatives look like nothing I've seen anywhere else on the block, and this project clearly has a well-thought out action plan to deliver it. I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

Yes, we do! Thank you alot! To top things, we consciously look to direct steemians in need at the very least. You can join our discord server. We have a channel for that!

Ooooooh, new channel to watch. Will do! now permanently added to my personal "to-watch" list. Thanks for the info!

O.k., went through everything on discord that's here under its /topic (took less time than I originally thought it would),

Step 2 - signed up for a discord account,

Step 3 - accepted a server invite for steemlabs using a link from one of the posts I found here earlier under /discord,

Step 4 - find steemgigs channel there, and go through its contents (not done yet, but will be. need. breakfast. first...)

Hahahah, this is the direct link, just incase!

Thank you alot!

Thank you alot! Do join our discord server:

This is a really nice and kind project! Cheering for your evolution and growth. =)

Growth is a bit slow because many things are done manually but we will improve overtime!

Im looking forward to learning more. I'm new to the platform so not sure I understand everything you've shared but something about it attracts me!!!!

Glad about that. Be on the look out more, you will figure it out. You can also join our discord server!

Several steemians who can answer you questions on our discord server:

Great post . It is very useful for the new members in steemit. Thanks for sharing It is very helpful for me too. Upvoted and Resteem....

Yes, thank you! Join our discord! Incase you need a service, we already have steemians who offer something!

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Commenting mostly to have an easy reference point in my history to get back here (I'm new; if there's a better way of bookmarking things on the site, please let me know) but I am so behind this concept.

Thanks for this great post!

You are welcome!

Ya'll are getting organized, I love it! Great work so far. You have my complete support!

I like the idea of the selflessness..helping to build a virile community that will in turn become a solution provider to many problems in our world. It's the way to go. Thank you!

Yes, you got the real point, that is why, while many want us to build interface we are going the community path. Join our steemgigs discord server:

thank you!

I was wondering, have you considered utilizing the SMTs for steemgigs. You could create a steemgigs token that is based on steem and therefore be able to offer an ICO to raise funds to develop a world-class app that will truly change lives of many. Just my 2cents

I was wondering, have you considered utilizing the SMTs for steemgigs. You could create a steemgigs token that is based on steem and therefore be able to offer an ICO to raise funds to develop a world-class app that will truly change lives of many. Just my 2cents

Positive project, I will follow him

Hahahaha, thank you!