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Hello Steemers. I'd like to introduce to you a new way everyone can start winning some Steem, probably the most fun way also if you are a gamer - Steemgar.

There's also chat ingame

What is Steemgar?

For those who are familiar already with Agar, the hugely popular website based game, you already know Steemagar.
In Steemgar, instead of winning glory for yourself, that you cannot eat, trust me, you actually get upvotes that have monetary value.
Yes, that's right. Even the enemies you crushed in the match could reward you as a worthy opponent, all thanks to Steem blockchain with no fees and fast transactions!
Let me tell you more.

What is needed to play?

@steemplayroom announces new match every hour - to play you log in using Steemconnect V2

After logging in

After announcement post and logging in, the match can be joined after 6 min and 30 seconds

When match can be joined

Just click on Join the match! and you're in the game. That's all!

The objective in the game

As you enter the game your main goal is to survive. To ensure that you need to grow bigger and to grow, you need to eat. Start by eating food, you can move yourself using the mouse.
As you grow, you can start hunting other, smaller players. Use whatever tactic you find the best, just remember that you can use space to split yourself to half.
Doing so will shoot the other half in front of you, eating any smaller player who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But be careful, you're a bigger, or should I say smaller, target for other players now.
It takes a while for your two pieces to get back together, so avoid danger at any cost is my advice. The match will have a timer, and end will be reached after 420 seconds. Whoever is the biggest at that point in time, will be the winner.

How reward system works?

Winner of each match will make automatically a comment to the match post. This way anyone could reward him for being the best. And I hope others will choose to do, no matter how much losing hurts!
The winner will always be rewarded by @steemplayroom account and the only two places @steemplayroom will use its voting power are each match post for little visibility (2% voting power) and the winners with 28%. The creator of the Steemgar service: @igster, will also vote the winner with voting weight that takes into account the number of players in the match.
The values might have to change, but the aim will always be to reward winners as much as possible while keeping voting power close to 100%.

How can you support Steemgar?

There are multiple ways:

You can upvote winners yourself, this will attract more players to Steem ecosystem. Or you could delegate SP to @steemplayroom - as mentioned earlier, votes will be only used for bringing a little visibility for each match post and to reward winners. As the voting power of @Steemplayroom grows, the match frequency can be upped from one every hour to match every 30 minutes and 2th and 3th places could also be rewarded. Currently this however is not feasible with low SP.

If delegation isn't for you, you can always vote the match posts for yourself. Your help and support is appreciated!

What features to expect in future?

First one to arrive will probably be chat in lobby, where players wait for the match to start. After that, I will be looking into various ways to embed more interesting interactions with steem blockchain itself like special food that bring your rewards up and so on.

What else do you need to know?

There's a new match announcement every hour so follow @steemplayroom if you want to win some Steem in the future. The automatic process of new announcement posts will start soon after this introduction post.
But remember, this is still in beta and there can be small bugs here and there. If you find any, you can share them by reply. Thank you for reading!

Start playing here : Steemgar - Have fun!


This is a great idea. Why only once an hour, and for such a short period of time? It might be nice to have it always going, so maybe having something like a game every 10 to 15 mins that lasts for 7 or 8 mins

The frequency of matches can be increased once @steemplayroom has the ability to support meaningful rewards for the winners of them. No voting is done by the players, only if they choose so. I will keep eye on how the people behave and rewards vary as time goes on.

The end goal could be new match every 10 minutes with 7-8 minutes match time.

Simple and best game for day traders and artists, however gues for new gamers it will be difficult because of old top players can easily manipulate the game by teaming up to avoid this, top players should be allowed to play for 5 games or limit on the same day after winning 5 games they cant for the day .

good idea i will check it out thanks i like steemit every day more and more


It looks cool. I haven't played this game before but it looks interesting so I am going to give it a try.
By the time next match starts, I am going to play it online somewhere before we actually play it.

Good to see steem is having fun by itself.
Earn reward while playing will enhance the user experience in a different level.
Keep on steemin'

Very cool! Can't wait to get started!

Steem could give birth to thousands of new and innovative games that PAY you to play! Amazing!

I love playing AGAR! Now there is AGAR with rewards? I hate you! lol There goes any free time I ever had!

Haha, well it is your luck that there is limited amount of matches per day then. As the voting power increases though, there will be more matches and rewards for 2nd and 3rd places also! I know, you can't wait! :)

I enjoyed the game and won some money. Such a great idea!

I'm happy to hear that!

Good one! I was thinking about Steem-agar last time. Good to hear someone have managed to do that!
Is the game opensourced? Is there any possibility to contribute at github? I want to help grow this project from code perspective. Like bugfixing, adding new features etc.

Not currently opensourced but perhaps in the near future. I will look into this as I've never done it before and I know Utopian can be used for this purpose.

Amazing. Keep it up.

I'm always impressed by the people who use the Steem blockchain to do awesome things. When I have enough Steem to delegate, I'll do my best to remember to come back and help you.

This is just the start, Steem can be used in so many ways. I'd like to try and implement Steem in more interesting ways also.

Every bit of delegation helps this service to grow. I will make sponsors section for those who have delegated and it will be shown in every match announcement post. I will be looking into other ways to incentivize delegation.

Have you posted about this in MSP? I bet there are people there that would help out...

I'll do that once the system is up again and has been proven to work over time.

Would there be anyway to require players to delegate/use a Steem vote bot and reward the winner via the bot’s vote? I feel like the current way Steem is being rewarded will result in people forgetting to vote or impersonating/fasly claiming to be the winner for quick Steem.

The valid winner comment will be voted up by @steemplayroom always and commented on. I did think about requiring people to vote, but I chose to go the other way this time to see how it goes. @Steemplayroom will always vote for the winner so delegating is an option, I hope as the service serves people over time, this will become more used option to ensure proper rewards.

Even though impersonating doesn't really work (someone already tried it), if it is repeated, they will get warned and flagged after that to keep comment section free of multiple winner replies.

Now that I think of it, maybe trail could be setup that votes for the winners only? I haven't looked into it so not sure.

I think required delegating is going to be the best solution but maybe(hopefully) people will surprise me and not take advantage.

Once the service is running as expected and is more fleshed out, I will consider requiring a small upvote to join the match.

This is a good point. Do you have anything to combat abuse of the system?

Thats amazing! Can't wait to try this out! Thank you soo much for sharing this to us! But is it safe?

The login is handled by SteemConnect, if you have worries, you should read about their service but it is considered one of the safest way currently to log in to 3rd party service

Wow thats really great!! I love play crypto games and this one is soo easy to me :D Thank you for this happy news!!

I'm told that there will be made a new announcement post every hour, but it also says that the last announcement was 10 hours ago. Is there something I'm missing?

You're not missing anything, during the recent matches bug was found that needs to be fixed before new matches will begin again. Follow @steemplayroom and you won't miss the announcement posts.

Ah, thanks, I'll watch out.

That sounds like fun. I might have to check this out

Can I play with mobile phone?

Yes, mobile should work. Currently the service is under mainteance as few bugs were found but you can give it a try later.

wow great idea bringing this to steemit , use to play agario alot.
so can you feed or spit like agario or just split?

are we going to be able to choose from diff. skins,or be able to get custom skins? ;-)

and while keeping voting power close to 100%. sounds nice, I think you would do better w/ expecting 80% ,especially till account grows to appropriate size. :-)
I wish you success !!!

Yes, forgot to mention that spitting is also in. Currently with the low SP the effect of using higher weight is minimal. I hope players will choose to reward the winners themselves also over time, which should increase the pot. All Steem that is gained for @steemplayroom will be powered up so over time the rewards will rise, just a bit slowly in the start.

I'd like to see different skins, yes. But I haven't given that any thought yet but now that you mentioned it I will look it up and see what can be done.

Great idea! Going to try this out.

sounds like fun, how good of a computer or connection do you need to play?

It is fun! Slow internet connection might be a problem but you should give it a try and see how it goes.

Welcome to steemit steemplayroom! I hope you find a home in our community!

Welcome to Steemit.. This kinda looks fun.

If we manage to get good amount of players competing for the 1st place it should be a lot of fun!

Looks great! I will try to play later.

Thank you. The more the merrier. Matches will start running soon, follow this account if you do not wish to miss announcement posts.

I followed the two accounts :-D

You still have to win the match!

This is my first time in your blog, following you...

Can't wait to join the game
Nice post

Wow very interested, the time for the game should be increase please. More grace to your elbow

yo this is a great idea. I'll try to join sometime

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Wowww man !! Brilliant game but the votes can consider as well on steemit?

I'm not sure what you mean? If you win the match, you will get voted here on Steemit.

Thanks man I got it 👍🏻

Bug was found that needs to be fixed before new matches will resume. Follow @steemplayroom if you wish not to miss when that happens


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goood woork !!! verry niice post !! and Welcome to Steemit..

Not a gamer, but welcome anyway!


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I will give it a go! :)

See you in game then! :)

Would love to try ! Need some steem.

This is a great alternative way to acquire steem. Thank you for sharing this.

wowwww. excellent ! I love playing games! and I can not wait to join it! :D

This looks awesome, will keep an eye out for the announcement.

Hello, great post, I do not know if it's a lot of hassle to ask you to go through my blog to see if you like something

Very interesting !

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Looks awesome!

Lol everyone's got the gambling mindset it!

I loved this game. Agario right if I'm not mistaken.

This is cool! This is the first I've heard of this game. Sounds fun, I'm gonna try it.

This is amazing 10/10

Welcome to the community, enjoy your stay here and good luck!

how can apply for play with steemigar?

Sounds extremely fun and lucrative but is it mobile compatible?

This is a nice change.

It's a great idea now the gamer's have more lust to win means they will played attentively to win the game. As you told about the chat in lobby its a great idea you should implement it ASAP which helps the players to grow.

Now i found a place to have fun and still earn. Fantastic...!

@igster could you remove the join comments or have @steemplayroom publish them? Besides reducing bandwidth, it kinda spams my comment feed.

Also, is there a way to make the page reloadable if it doesn't load right?

Omg I used to be addicted to this game. I guess its time to come back playing 😂

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Very cool. I love the agar game and look forward to trying this out. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! It would be even more amazing if you created an android app for it :)

do v need to pay anything?
how i can be a part of it ?
thankyou for sharing i feel its something i am interested in @steemplayroom

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I'm game, getting hooped sharply. I hope it works on my mobile. Cn I play on my mobile? as I see you wrote you have to move your mouse

Thanx for this project I will most certainly join.I used to play this game a lot. But my advice for this post is.You should mention how the game is to be played. The rules and such. To play it on a big screen. That you only have 1 live each game. Or out up a tutorial with gamerules. Anyways much thanx for this.

Great contest. I can't wait to try it. Thanks. :)

Well, I'm in !!!

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I would really LOVE to play this here because im a real agario addict!


Why do you want my Owner, Master or Active key? I wont give that away.
Why not just Posting or Memo key? :S

it is such a wonderful idea. Still i have not played but i will try soon. Thanks for creating such a nice opportunity.

Refreshing fun way to get steemit hope to get free time. Great work Game creator

muy divertido

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