A lot of Steemians are planning and dreaming of attending Steem Fest | Check out their posts!

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If you have no idea what Steem Fest is about, you can read about the date, location and some other details in @roelandp's annoucement post here!

Also, @gtg got us a sweet plane tickets deal, make sure to check out the deals here!

The Steem Fest noise and hype is getting real as more and more people are making up their mind about attending the greatest Steem event of the year in Thailand in early November. Steemians from all over the world are writing about their approach on how to get to Steem Fest and you can read all about it here!

Last year, I came up with an idea so some of the attendees would write about their #roadtosteemfest to break the ice - it's only normal if hundreds of strangers are meeting for the first time - and to get to know each other before meeting in Krakow, Poland for Steem Fest 3.

Now, for this upcoming event in Thailand, those who have Steem Fest on their minds began writing about it, so if you want to get to know them better so when the time of meeting in person comes you are not completely strangers, then this post isfor you!

There will be a nice surprise in Bangkok for those who join these little post topics, and some Blocktrades votes here and there to help you guys cover your trip expenses for this upcoming November. Please read the original announcement here if you want to make a post about it.

Now, for those interested in reading first hand about the Steemians who have SF on their mind, here are some of the posts written them, don't forget to follow them and perhaps comment on their posts! Who knows, perhaps you'll end up meeting them in Bangkok this year :)

@celestalimage.pngI already have my plane tickets to Bangkok (not biking or hitchhiking unfortunately). I only need to check if my vaccines are up to date, but besides that, I'm not sure if...
@fieryfootprintsI often wake up with the thought about being in SF4. I think about it during the day and before I go to...
@fitinfunAs a nomad, I live in Malaysia now, and the timing is such that I need to leave here for my Visa needs right at that time, so where else would I go...
@steemflowI wish & I love to attend the mega event, as it never going to happen so near to my country again. Bangkok is one of the lessor budget destination from India
@kolkamkwanThis article is written in Thai, but the author speaks about how important is for the Thai community to have this event near them, and he won't miss it for anything!
@waybeyondpadthaiI will attend as see! it's here in the city I live in! No excuses! Time to spend those steem I have been earning this past years!
@davidke20Ever since the announcement, I have decided I'm going to give it a shot try to get my ass up to the fest to meet with my dear friends, and ofcourse hoping a Durian feast together with @redpalestino
@philippekieneUnfortunately last years event was so far away it was impossible for us to make it. But this year it's practically landed on our door step, the land of organised chaos...Thailand!
@rhondakI do hope to present again this year for Steemhouse Publishing and have reached out to event organizers via email. We have so much to tell!
@detlevTraveling Thailand is such a fun and so damn easy the country has wonderful people it is safe and has so tasty food!

Thank you everyone who made a post about this. Any vote or resteem is appreciated, since all the liquid rewards from this post will go to fund one lucky Steemian's Steem Fest 4 entry ticket.

There is already one contest to win a Steem Fest ticket and it's sponsored by Blocktrades and Actifit, you can check it out here!!

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It will be awesome to be in Thailand. Thinking! Thinking!

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Wow that would be amazing to attend. But unfortunately we have an upcoming India (Andaman & Nicobar islands) trip in August and one to South Africa in November so not a chance even for attendance! Will closely watch here how it goes though. 😊 Sorry for not upvoting but my vp is currently on the beach trying to recharge the batteries ☺️

I'd like to be at the steemfest too, but I don't think I can afford it.😅

I have neither dreamed nor planned.

At all? In life? Not a single dream or plan? :(

Not even once. I have been unceremoniously cursed with a continual and colossal dose of curmudgeonry since birth.

Maybe you just haven’t found the right thing to dream about 🤷🏻‍♀️

Got any suggestions?

Hmmmm I’ll have to do a full diagnostics and then try to figure out what makes you tick. Then perhaps I can prescribe something to help accomplish a positive experience.

So far I know you like curves and dry humor.. I’ll try to work with that.

Happy Tuesday!

steemfest calender.png

Can't wait, I'm excited!

I know right!!!

Still trying to figure out how to book multiple legs of a flight while crossing the International Dateline. 😂

I missed it by a day! but even if I won a ticket I would not be able to afford to bring Hector along :( economy turmoil all seems so complicated for me, but I'd love to go... will keep an eye for future contests