Get FIT with Actifit and Blocktrades and WIN a Steem Fest ticket!

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If you don´t know what Steem Fest is, check out everything about it in @roelandp´s official announcement here, you can also have a look at the offical web page.

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@Actifit just launched their new Android dApp version and it's ready for you to download it and in the meantime, join this contest and win a Steem Fest Ticket + Accommodation in Bangkok, Thailand.

@blocktrades and @actifit are joining efforts to give out a Steem Fest ticket to One committed Actifiter. This contest is open for everyone and anyone who uses @actifit, so if you don't have the Appon your cellphone, what are you waiting for to dowload it and start using it?

The Contest

This Contest is for Steemians who use @Actifit at least once a week. Of course Actifit would love it if their users used the App every day and got fitter and healthier while doing it, but once a week is a good start.

Over the next 16 weeks - From Saturday, June 29th to Sunday, October 13th - you will have a chance to earn up to 2 entry tickets per week for the final raffle that will take place on October 15th.

All you have to do is use actifit during the weekend and share your activity on Steem and you will receive one entry ticket; if you share that same activity in one of your other Social Media accounts, you will get an additional entry ticket for the final raffle.

How do I get my entry tickets to the raffle

  • Use the Actifit dApp during the weekend - Saturday OR Sunday - and post your activity on Steem: This will get you one entry ticket for the final raffle.
  • Share your activity and promote Actifit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch or Reddit AND in the body of your Actifit post, include screenshots and a link to said promotion: You get another entry ticket for the final raffle.

The more a Steemian uses actifit, the better chances they get of winning the Steem Fest Ticket with accommodation included.

The number of entry tickets a user can earn is limited to two (2) per weekend and thirty two (32) for the whole contest.

The Rules and Specifications

In order to avoid spam and fake accounts trying to game the contest, there are some requirements for the posts the participants make, and in order to be eligible to win, each weekend post they make must follow the details mentioned next:

1 - The activity posted on Steem must be done through ACTIFIT.
2 - The title for the post activity must be: Getting Fit for Steem Fest with Actifit and Blocktrades -
3 - The minimum activity (steps) to join this weekly contest is 15,000 steps. Posts with less activity than 15k will not grant the user a raffle ticket.
4 - The user must include on their activity posts the tags sfwithactifit and blocktradescontest.

The Prizes

By October 15th, each Steemian who joined this contest and followed the rules, will have between one and thirty two raffle entry tickets.

I will livestream on VIMM the randomized process of picking the winner and will post the announcement here on my personal account.

The winner will receive a personalized Steem Fest 4 event ticket and will receive confirmation of booking in the official hotel in Bangkok, Thailand


If you like this, please give this post a Resteem, let's try to give a chance to go to Steem Fest to anyone who is part of our Blockchain :D

Share this contest in your other social media, let's bring more people to Steem while promoting one of the best Steem events of the year!

Any post submitted out of weekend times will not be eligible for getting a raffle entry ticket for the user.

Weekend times are determined by the Actifit App, it won't let you post your activity of the day if your time zone goes beyond midnight, so please plan ahead, 15,000 steps is not an easy task, let's get fit together!

The Judging team reserves the right to forfeit submissions that are misleading, fraudulent, or in any way suspicious of bad intentions.

This is a @Blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

This is a @actifit sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

I'm part of @ocd-witness, if you like what I'm doing here vote for them as witness here

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Oh Radical!

Full upvote, resteem and a will participate promise :)

Very good, bravo!

I'm sure you'll participate, my friend! ;) Me too! Any doubt? ;)

Good to hear about it, let's get fit and win a steemfest ticket :D

15k is easily manageable on Actifit App. Only concern, the network or apps don't get hang up in between., Or we need to keep checking it time to time It happened many a times with me that app stops automatically

So the contest is about posting on either one of the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) that is great opportunity to knock at the SteemFest door. Really need to be more active now with Actifit..and looking forward to win the raffle. Pretty exciting competition @anomadsoul thanks you so much ...looking forward to participate ...👍 And scoring 15 k 👌🙂 Resteemed...


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Looks like I have to get some serious walking down this weekend! Challenge accepted!!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

This and all the next weeks!

I should be able to get a 15k day in! Actifit continues to go beyond my expectations; looking forward to the update as I catch up from my vacation!

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Looking forward to see your entries man, the more we join, the best chance we get to win :)

Time to give actifit another try :D was testing it as one of the earliest users but the count wasn't accurate at all so I stopped :D let's see if things changed or it's my Xiaomi issue :) thx for organizing the giveaway :) will for sure share also on my insta! Good luck to everyone!

Posted using Partiko Android

Exactly mate, time to give it another shot. I saw the update of the app and it's kick ass!

Now that's what people would be looking for and i will definitely try my luck out in winning...the steem fest 4 ticket as I really want to be part of it.

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Fitness and a bit of luck and you'll be in Thailand in November :D

Lets do it

I love the contest and will probably enter. I'm fully into actifit anyway so 15k is easy most days. Just worried about the timeline as doing the draw in mid October doesn't leave any time to book holidays from work or make arrangements for the winner if they win the package.

Go, @niallon11, goooo! ^_^

I'll do my best :D

Might change that later, but in the meantime I hope you join every weekend! :)

No worries. I will be entering as much as possible anyway for now and real decisions can be made later in the year. It's a great contest and more motivation to get my @actifit numbers posted. Should be fun.


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Big change for me

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Hard to miss this one. Going to try to make those 15k steps during the weekend and hopefully be lucky enough to win a ticket cause' I wanna gooooo :D

@anomadsoul, how many tickets will be distributed to this contest?

Depends on how many people join and the weeks they join. There's no limit overall, only a limit per person. Individually is 32 tickets, overall there's no limit

wow! what a chance but i did not used actifit, let me use this.

Download the App and start getting used to it, you might get lucky and end up attending SF :)

Congratulations @anomadsoul!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 10 with $ 97,84

Hello, @anomadsoul , finally find you in steemit . Feeling happy ,Anyway i also follow you. Thanks for share your content about @actifit.

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I just download the app via your post . Now i think i am in. I work and i wish to be in steemfest

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Great to hear about it! Get used to the interface and its specs and start getting fit asap :D

15k! Tough but doable I guess.

OK so it's running for 16 weeks and the draw is on October the 15th. That would leave the winner with about 3 weeks to book a flight ticket. There is a chance they will get a last minute deal but i suspect the flights will go up over the summer? Not really sure how you can get around this one, but I suspect that some of the entrants (like me) would need to check on the price of the flight in October and then decide if I could attend.

Nice one though!

I was actually thinking about this for a long time. The first idea was to run the contest til one week before the event but that gave people a window too small to react in case they won. Three weeks while being a short time, is not that short, but yeah plane tickets will be much more expensive than buying them months in advance. On the other hand, high season is just beginning in November so probably prices won't be thaaat high.

Last year we faced something similar, with the winner announcements around mid-October so we are hoping there's enough planning time.

Either way, we will be monitoring the engagement and overall attendance of the contest and the event and probably play with the dates to give people a chance to buy their plane ticket earlier.

I'm glad you saw this post, I was about to dm it to you :D

Yeah it's a tricky one - I guess if the eventual winner can't go then they could sell on the prize.

I'm going to try to enter at least some weeks, but unsure if I'll make 15k for the whole 16.

Seen and resteemed!

Is the prize transferable?

Good question, I don't think so but will ask @anomadsoul ...

Let's see if we have good luck!

Greetings my friend.

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Good to see you man! I hope to see you joining :)

Good luck!

How exciting! Thank you for running the contest, @anomadsoul and @blocktrades!

If I set my mind to it, 15k is doable
But I am generally not a lucky person....😅
oh well, no harm in giving it a go I suppose
Thank you for this opportunity and now I'm off to get ready ;D

Who knows, your luck might get better on this one ;)

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"Share your activity and promote Actifit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch or Reddit AND in the body of your Actifit post, include screenshots and a link to said promotion: You get another entry ticket for the final raffle."

Does this mean that I need to edit my @actifit post adding the promotional URL and screenshot, @anomadsoul?
Or what?

Thanks for the contest: I'll participate together with my family members!

However you prefer, you can do it before or after you post on Steem, as long as your steem post includes the mainstream social media promotion.

Great initiative ! I would definitely give it a try.

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Sounds Like a challenge! Let's get to it :D

Man! Wish me luck, so travel fees are not included too right? Because if in case I get lucky, tickets would be doubled T_T. How many people would win this contest?

Sadly, no. The plane tickets are responsibility of the winners, we just take care of the event tickets and the accommodation. One person will win this one. Glad to hear you're joining! Good luck 💪

15,000 steps? Not going to happen with me. I use Actifit every day (I don't post every day) to make sure my dog gets enough exercise. My doctor is pretty convinced that 7,000 steps in the desert is probably enough for me (we got 6000 this morning). It's 32C at 0730. No shot at 15k.

Good luck to you young folks.

Just tie it to the dog and see how far he goes. Between you it should get to 15k

I assume I can enter with my alt account, which I have linked to @actifit...?

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  ·  23 days ago (edited)

Oh great! My chance to win tix to Steem Fest! 😄