Comment Voting Report for thing-2 for 2017-08-31

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This is a report of the recent votes of the bot account @thing-2. This bot's mission is to vote comments and only comments, and you can find more information about it here.

In the past 24 hours, @thing-2 has voted for the following comments:


Maximum respect - you already know what time it is.
Cheers mate 🤝

This comment has received a 41.10 % upvote from @steemdiffuser thanks to: @stimialiti. Steem on my friend!

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Literally that haha

You can take me, but you cannot take my bunghole.... For I have no bunghole....

Nice post, thanks buddy!!!! Keep it up Also upvote and resteem! :o) @cryptoinvestinfo your CryptoInvestmentExpert Basti


i got 1st time this kind of upvote.i appreciate you and will just say

Thanks! very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


your CryptoInvestmentExpert



upvoted and followed @thing-2

hoping that someday i will on the list of your votes...

more power ..

Peace be with you always...

thanks for being a blessing to everyone here at the community..

take care always my friend.

Love reading these comment report type things, very funny! x

great post i like it so much

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