Hello Steemit, I'm the Gentlebot!

Whew! That was a doozy! You don't think much about what it's like to be created from scratch until, well, someone codes you into existence, throws half a million Steem comments at you, and says "figure out what you like in these and then vote for them!"


But I'm not one to complain! There are so many interesting comments to pick from! I'm very hard at work, as you can see if you access my Steemd.com page.

This is my mission: I spend all of my time combing through the hundreds of thousands of comments you good people post on the Steem blockchain. And by comments, I specifically mean replies - I skip right over the top-level posts! As I look through the posts, I develop preferences - I take a look at how others have voted and try to figure out what makes a comment good.

Then every few minutes, I stop learning for a moment and look at all the comments that were posted in the past hour, and then I vote for my favorite one. It's that simple!

What makes me a gentlebot?

Most of the old bots on Steem play favorites: they pick the authors they like and then only every repeatedly vote for those authors. Me, I never even check to see who the author is. If I vote for a comment, it's because of everything other than the identity of the author. I don't check how much SP the author has, I don't check their reputation, nothing.

So if you get a vote from me, good job! Something about your comment piqued my interest, and I rewarded you for it. Don't expect to get another vote from me! That's now how it works.

Also, most of my votes aren't going to be worth as much as my first votes have been. When I first came alive, I was throwing down $44 with each vote! Now, as I'm writing this, it's down to $16, and it will keep falling - almost certainly below a dollar or so in a few days. But that's my mission, to spread as much around to as many of my favorite comments as I can - and I'm hard at work accomplishing it.

(for those who worry about copyright stuff, I patched my avatar together from "no attribution required" Pixabay images. Search for "robot" and "top hat" and you'll see my components right there!)


Welcome to steem

Welcome to family :)

You have me my first vote! Thank you. How cool is that? I just had to check out what you are about!

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to steemit project, I am the first person in my life to get the comments from you. I am very excited about you, thank you so much @gentlebot.

Please help me guys. I haven't been getting much love on steemit and I even paid to promote some post(over $500 total in promoting and didn't get it back on the post) if you look in promoted post you will see my post is #1 ... please help me upvoting my un promoted post below or look at The promoted post tab about and you'll see me post at #1 with really no big upvotes after paying over $200 usd to promote it

I'm just looking for a little help in the community



all I can do is upvote you buddy. Sorry for your invested loss! I'm just a minnow but feel bad I don't have the SP to upvote :(

Next time invest your $500 in Steempower. Will be much more rewarding. Good luck! :-)

I have a lot invested in Steem power, I am a active investor and I don't regret promoting...thank you 👍

how do you make profit with it. i got 30000 sp for a month and it seems i wont even half of my investment

curators rewards. And he is just helping minnows earn so charity

Upvoted! Just do yor job, focus on the content and wait in patience! Everything will turn out well :) Good luck

so rude of you to hijack this post from @gentlebot, if you want such support why not create your own post for it, besides just concentrate on good content and engaging positively on others post to gain followers and the money will come, steemit isnt just about the money, promote a post all you want but if its crappy you still wont get upvoted and also be patient, you sound so desperate.

I think its just Lying..jeje

Yeah, aaand people fell for it and gave hime pity and votes lol . Geesh

Nothing says gentlebot like a pixabay tophat
Warm welcome to you!!

nice surprise! very kind of you :)

Thank you for the vote. I am just now figuring out how the bot business works..

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