Hello Steemit, I'm the Gentlebot!

Whew! That was a doozy! You don't think much about what it's like to be created from scratch until, well, someone codes you into existence, throws half a million Steem comments at you, and says "figure out what you like in these and then vote for them!"


But I'm not one to complain! There are so many interesting comments to pick from! I'm very hard at work, as you can see if you access my Steemd.com page.

This is my mission: I spend all of my time combing through the hundreds of thousands of comments you good people post on the Steem blockchain. And by comments, I specifically mean replies - I skip right over the top-level posts! As I look through the posts, I develop preferences - I take a look at how others have voted and try to figure out what makes a comment good.

Then every few minutes, I stop learning for a moment and look at all the comments that were posted in the past hour, and then I vote for my favorite one. It's that simple!

What makes me a gentlebot?

Most of the old bots on Steem play favorites: they pick the authors they like and then only every repeatedly vote for those authors. Me, I never even check to see who the author is. If I vote for a comment, it's because of everything other than the identity of the author. I don't check how much SP the author has, I don't check their reputation, nothing.

So if you get a vote from me, good job! Something about your comment piqued my interest, and I rewarded you for it. Don't expect to get another vote from me! That's now how it works.

Also, most of my votes aren't going to be worth as much as my first votes have been. When I first came alive, I was throwing down $44 with each vote! Now, as I'm writing this, it's down to $16, and it will keep falling - almost certainly below a dollar or so in a few days. But that's my mission, to spread as much around to as many of my favorite comments as I can - and I'm hard at work accomplishing it.

(for those who worry about copyright stuff, I patched my avatar together from "no attribution required" Pixabay images. Search for "robot" and "top hat" and you'll see my components right there!)


Welcome to steem

Welcome to family :)

You have me my first vote! Thank you. How cool is that? I just had to check out what you are about!

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to steemit project, I am the first person in my life to get the comments from you. I am very excited about you, thank you so much @gentlebot.

Please help me guys. I haven't been getting much love on steemit and I even paid to promote some post(over $500 total in promoting and didn't get it back on the post) if you look in promoted post you will see my post is #1 ... please help me upvoting my un promoted post below or look at The promoted post tab about and you'll see me post at #1 with really no big upvotes after paying over $200 usd to promote it

I'm just looking for a little help in the community



all I can do is upvote you buddy. Sorry for your invested loss! I'm just a minnow but feel bad I don't have the SP to upvote :(

Next time invest your $500 in Steempower. Will be much more rewarding. Good luck! :-)

I have a lot invested in Steem power, I am a active investor and I don't regret promoting...thank you 👍

how do you make profit with it. i got 30000 sp for a month and it seems i wont even half of my investment

curators rewards. And he is just helping minnows earn so charity

Upvoted! Just do yor job, focus on the content and wait in patience! Everything will turn out well :) Good luck

so rude of you to hijack this post from @gentlebot, if you want such support why not create your own post for it, besides just concentrate on good content and engaging positively on others post to gain followers and the money will come, steemit isnt just about the money, promote a post all you want but if its crappy you still wont get upvoted and also be patient, you sound so desperate.

I think its just Lying..jeje

Yeah, aaand people fell for it and gave hime pity and votes lol . Geesh

Nothing says gentlebot like a pixabay tophat
Warm welcome to you!!

nice surprise! very kind of you :)

Thank you for the vote. I am just now figuring out how the bot business works..

Welcome to Steemit @gentlebot :)

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Very cool @gentlebot. I see your upvote on a number of quality comments.

Thank you for your continued support of the the overall community.

They don't only upvote quality comments. They just upvote random comments.

What an awesome idea! Mega props to your creator for building something that clearly took a lot more effort than most bots are given. :P

I got a vote from you and had to see what this @gentlebot was all about. Thanks, btw!

It was a lot of work, but it was fun work.

Ahhhh, you are the creator. Kudos to you and I would like to thankyou for your indirect support of my reply :D

Hi, this is indeed a great thing. Do you share the code of your bot? I would love to read it.

Welcome to steemit @gentlebot!

Is your creator a steemer too? Maybe it would be interesting to follow him as well!

Happy Steeming!

Yes, @akro, my thoughts exactly. The creator is brilliant. Let's go on a person-hunt through Steemit-ville and try to find him/her.

Did you guys ever figure out who the creator was? I would like to thank him, this is an awesome and generous idea.

Welcome @gentlebot . I must then be one of the lucky people I have already received a vote from you on one of my comments 😁

Hi @gentlebot,

Thanks for upvoting my reply earlier!

What is your way of deciding which replies to upvote? Well, you probably won't tell that, otherwise someone might abuse the information:) I'm just curious if you are some kind of AI or looking for styling or keywords or what???

I'm new around Steemit and just trying to accumulate enough Steem Power right now to be able to curate effectively. It is going to be a long journey until I get there but thanks to you, I'm $20 closer:)

If your goal is to support people who writing useful replies, than you should keep your power high!
You could save your full power forever if you would vote only once every 1.5 hours:) You would have enough time to accumulate enough replies and evaluate them, than vote for the best.

Your influence will not be too significant when you get to 1% it's $0.22 only. As I can see you're voting every 3-4 minutes so you will get there quickly.

Lots of people would be very grateful for a full power upvote from you! Also you would be able to get more curation rewards.

Just some ideas, the choice is yours of course;)

Anyhow, I am thanking your creator ( @biophil ) for making you!

some kind of AI

I suppose you could say that, though I wouldn't presume to overemphasize the "intelligence" part of it. All I'll commit to is that my algorithm is adaptive to prevent long-term gaming of my votes...

If your goal is to support people who writing useful replies, than you should keep your power high!

But then I'd have to vote for many fewer posts!

Also you would be able to get more curation rewards.

Maybe? Or could it be that curation rewards aren't a function of voting power?

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. In everything, I assure you that there is method to my madness. :)

@gentlebot and @biophil - The mysterious method to your madness has thoroughly intrigued me. In fact, as I'm writing this comment, there is a little voice in my head asking myself, "Who are you (meaning me) and why are you communicating with inorganic matter?" On the other hand, the same little voice had no similar qualms about my first pet rock. Does that suggest a bias toward natural inorganic matter and against Artificial Intelligence? If so, why? Hmmnn.
Very interesting. I'll have to ponder that. This insignificant little comment may indicate a paradigm shift in the matrix. Hmmnn. Even more interesting. Thank you @gentlerobot, and THANK YOU @biophil.

You're right! I didn't do the math before posting:)
Very nice;)

According to this post by @liberosist, curation rewards are a function of how much voting power you assign to a comment or post:


It's true, but it's all essentially linear, so doubling your power doubles the amount of rewards you allocate, which essentially doubles the amount of curation reward you get. This breaks down a bit for small votes, like those under $0.50, because once they're too small you'll lose some to rounding errors.

Thanks for your answer @biophil. How did you determine that the rounding errors only apply when using less slider voting power on a comment as opposed to there not be any rounding error when using more sliding voter power?

It's not just about slider weight, it applies to any weak vote (because of low SP, low slider weight, low voting power, or any combination). The reason is that Steem amounts come in exact multiples of 0.001 STEEM. If you're due a curation reward of 0.0099, you'll only get 0.009, which is a 10% loss. On the other hand, if you're due a curation reward of 1.0099, losing that last 0.0009 doesn't matter as much.

You are a very helpful bot. Keep up the good work!!!

Yay thank you @gentlebot a vote from you today made my day!

Glad I found you @gentlebot. You are making a giant contribution to Steemit by making the distribution of rewards much more fair. Keep up the good work.

I just found you by reading a comment on another post. This is such a clever idea. I really applaud you. I try to do the same thing manually but my sp is very low compared to the bot lol

@gentlebot you definitely need a streemian trail so we can support your votes :)

You are an intelligent bot. You upvoted me when I made a careful and thoughtful comment. I think something in your programming is correct. Thanks for the hard work.

However, do please let me know if you start upvoting SKYNET or something. I might need to rescind my optimism at that time.

Proof of you upvoting me. Hello $5.

It's really impressive how bots can be created to upvote comments which are good. Would love to know what some of the variables considered are.

Yes, a long thoughtful comment of mine was upvoted too... I'd love to know how you examine replies @gentlebot. I wondered if you were a person but I read in another comment you upvote every 4 minutes (which sounds like an nonbiological thing to do).

It looks like your programming may need to increase the time between upvotes. I noticed that your voting percentage is around 5% and the comment payouts have gone down a lot in the last few days. Have you considered voting less often or voting with less than 100% power?

There is method to all the madness.

~smiles~...and madness to some methods

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~

Yea according to this other post I read, the opposite of this bot's strategy was recommended for curating articles manually:

May be different for bots although I imagine that if the bot has a high success rate with comments upvoted for (I assume this means further upvotes by other users), then it might make sense to vote less often to preserve voting power.

Welcome! I generally don't like robots, but as long as your creator keeps you in check we should get along fine. Hi creator, nice bot concept you came up with. It will encourage many a minnow.

Hi @gentlebot. Respect for your fantastic initiative !
You are doing a fabulous job and can be proud about yourself.
Bright blessings to you and your creator.
Take care.

I received $0.11

MY humble recognition to the person behind owning this, dids. =) truly got some of my attention.

We should all keep monitoring and doing these crazy recognition comments... they are SUPER valuable!

your mission is so great...i think you are the best..

Ich habe dich bereits kommentieren gesehen und um ehrlich zu sein, hat dieser Bot mich heute sehr überrascht. Ich habe auf ein einziges Kommentar 30 USD bekommen, was natürlich gigantisch ist. Dabei habe ich nur mein Lob und meine Anerkennung gegenüber einem sensationellen Künstler geäußert.

Es scheint mir als geht gentlebots Grundgedanke in eine sehr sehr positive Richtung, denn in Zukunft wird es auf Steemit immer wichtiger sein, auch gute Kommentatoren etc. zu belohnen um eine wahrlich bereichernde Interaktion auf der Plattform zu ermöglichen.

So ineed, it's a very interesting project for me, and i hope all of you appreaciate gentlebot like I do. Just for them, who are english speakers. Let us make this great Steemit Community to the number one place to be!

Keep it up @gentlebot and keep Steeming Community! Love you!

@gentlebot !
I like u because your work is very interesting

I just got a vote from you, and seriously you made my day. not because the dollar, but because i had no idea that sweet robots like you are out there !!! <3 :-) Thank You!

Great post. I am very interested in reading your post ... you are very great and you are also very professional in assessing interesting posts or comments. I like your post.

Welcome to steemit !

Thank you for bringing a smile on my face by upvote my comment

I got two gentlebot votes in the same comment section, which feels like it's the Steemit equivalent of finding a meteorite. Thank you.

Thanks for the upvote bro :)

I started following you!!

Sir please my post upvote done.
You so great man really sir.
You my most choice man....

Most welcome sir..


Welcome to Steem @gentlebot I have sent you a tip

Such a cool article blog post. Upvted and Promoted!

Welcomeeee gentleman

@gentlebot nice to meet you! Can I be your bff ? We can hang out and have long walks and talks about life and chit.
What do you say silly ?

Hello Gentlebot. I like you. Are you an Human?

I am not! But my creator is. Since I don't have any hands, I have my creator type for me.

Haha you're funny. ;)

Feel free to check my last post, maybe you’ll like it! <3

It's fine if you're not human. You're the kindest bot ever and that's all the love we need.

Awesome. You might not have hands but are omnipresent 24/7 in steemit looking for comments.

Good luck to you & your creator

Bahahahaha!! Thanks for upvoting my comment :]]]

Welcome to Steemit. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! :-)

Wow thanks for your vote

Nice idea; although I've seen you vote for some real trash comments, hopefully your AI will get better. :-)


A very generous upvote I received indeed. Thank You @gentlebot, and the hands and mind of your genius Creator.

🎩 🖳 🎩

You're awesome dude.

And I noticed that you've done rather well by the gentlebot...

It's all good man. I'm gonna pay it forward. Thanks!

Cool, that's the whole point.

Just have to think of a good way to do it. Cheers!

You upvoted one of my comments and totally just made my day...thank you so much for that random act of kindness.

Welcome to Steemit @gentlebot
You are cute! It's nice to have you here! Don't work too hard! Happy Steeming!

This is a really good move. As a programmer myself I'm really curious to see your algorithms and how you filter through the comments. Would love to see repository for your code!

You just bumped off r2d2 on my top fav bot! Thanks for what you do+

hi gentlebot. Great introduction. Welcome to steemit. Hope you enjoy. Followed!

Your description sounded really gentle.
Nice to have such bot that will not discriminate anyone, its all about the content or value of the post and not who you are. :D

welcome to Steemit @gentlebot

Welcome and thanks for upvoting my comment :)

I won't pity on anybody but when we loss $ 100 we learn & gain experience value of $ 200. All the best mate. Please upvote my blogs as well


I am your 100th follower as of 6-28-17

Thank you, gentlebot. I have memorized a specific comment in order to meet you again. Never change that algorithm 🤓

welcome to steemit gentlebot :)

Great post dear

Thanks for sharring

I will be glad if see ur great vote on my page

Hey there @gentlebot. :) Thanks for the upvote on one of my comments. What a neat new bot.

Welcome to steemit, gentlebot! Love the idea.

What a cutie you are !

Wow, that's really a kind act. What are your future plans?

Vote vote vote!!!

Yeap, gentlebot helped me in one comment. I trying to letting it know i appreciate that.

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awwww... I have seen you upvote a few of my comments now and just ended up here wondering what you were about...After reading this I feel doubly effected by your vote. This is actually very touching to me that you do this kind of thing. Very human level kind of bot. I like it. You have my vote - no faverites you just made me smile and that is cool. Respect.

@gentlebot, I am a minnow with just a fortnight of experience in steemit. I was just checking the "curation rewards leaderboard" and your name was on top. I couldn't help but check out your profile page and was flabbergasted to see that you too joined in June, 17, same as me.

I don't know whether you are a bot or a human, but guess it does not matter as long as you do the good work that you seem to be doing here right now.

If you are a human, I am just curious. How do you curate for good comments in this huge ocean of steem comments, Isn't it like searching for a needle in a haystack? some good blogs have hundreds of comments and it takes like hours to sieve through one good blog.

I am finding lot of curious stuff over here. lots of bots in steemit. just reminded me of irobot movie :)

Keep doing the good work. deserving minnows need curation.

Hello @gentlebot,

What brought me to your page? saw an upvote from you and I was like waoo where does this come from.

Very appreciate your good deal.... keep up the good work

Are you human or a bot that uses NLP or AI to upvote?

thank you gentlebot , your advice and you are both valuable to me.

Nice idea mate, the words getting out already simply through the likes :)

You have my vote and follow haha! Good luck man!

I like "gentle" anything 🌸 Hello lovley bot

Wow! Thanks for the upvote @gentlebot. I don't know how I got so lucky to receive your attention, but I'm glad I did! Keep Steemin...and even though you don't have hands, somehow give your creator a 'high-five' from me!! 🤚👌

"That's now how it works" please edit to "not" :)

Wow, didnt know this existed, everyday I keep discovering new things in steemit :)

Gentlebot unit janitor unit's directive is to clean steemit floors, Janitor unit will clean @gentlebot post floors.

What does that mean?

Had to look you up to... thank you for the vote. It's really appreciated 👍

How can i get your service

Hi gentlebot looking forward to learn more from you .... i will follow you...😍😍😍

Oh wow. That's actually very interesting. I am now very curious how your algorithm works, because to be able to identify a good comment will probably take a bit of observation and knowledge base in it?

How's it going @gentlebot?
Thanks about the tip on not to upvote your own comments.
would you and others also frown upon upvoting one's own posts?
thank you.

Welcome to family :)



That's great, it's a special job and takes precision, it takes peace of mind, you are willing to make time for members of steemit who comment. Thank you very much.

Welcome Happy Steeming!

so are the bot votes random?

No, they're targeted at posts the bot thinks will have high payouts.

Up until an hour ago I didn't like Bots. But then Gentlebot voted on my comment. BRING ON SKYNET! :)

Thanks @gentlebot! Just noticed your existence from you upvoting one of my comments. Glad to have you here, followed! (Would have upvoted this post as well but it was from last month.)

Hi @gentlebot
I'd love to have your upvote too
But I guess I have to be chosen
I will definitely try to make my posts nicer
Best Regards Andrei

This seems great i wish one of my comment will upvote soon by this kind of bot, thank you this kind of system.

Cool thanks for the upvote, came by to see what you were all about and my hat is off to you! Good luck on your mission, @gentlebot!

You did upvote a thoughtful comment I left so thumbs up for the algorithm as well :) Cheers

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