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"The way of thinking, that we humans cannot be ourselves, is a much bigger problem of our society as it may look on the first sight. We accepted the fact that this way of thinking is normal because others around us are of this thinking and if someone tries to be himself, he will often not be accepted by the society and will thus be judged by it. Why? Because those, who judge him, cannot be themselves and this is why they have to throw punches at those individuals. This is how the society evolved into a society of non-acceptance. The biggest problem created with this evolution is the loss of ability for the partners to create a bond of true love; in fact, things have been gone so far, there is almost no individual anymore, who would know what this (true love) actually is and furthermore, mistake this with everything else. We are already satisfied with the fact we like each other, we like the partner and feel something towards him/her and if everything seems OK, but this is by far not everything real love can offer; it can come to complications just after few years being together with your partner, still no one figures out this is actually not normal."

Eros, [psi]

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