Steem UK Virtual Meetup - Thursday 1 November, 8pm - 11pm UTC/UK - MSP Waves

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Recent studies have revealed that there are only around 100 active steemians in the UK.

Extensives searches across the length and breadth of the country have now located 113 individuals of the Steemius britannicus species, with only a handful of breeding pairs.

The situation is critical if the species is to survive and thrive in the United Kingdom.

An emergency virtual meetup of all steemians in the UK has therefore been arranged for Thursday 1 November, 8pm - 11pm UTC/UK time on MSP Waves.

The aim of the meetup will be to :

  • discuss and confirm the current situation
  • brainstorm ideas for improving the presence of steem in the UK
  • come up with committed action plans to take forward at least 3 regional level events or activities to promote steem in the UK.

UK steemians already indicating that they will be attending the meetup include :

@ashtv, @camuel, @charitycurator, @c0ff33a, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @fiftysixnorth, @mikefromtheuk, @nickyhavey, @redrica, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @scalextrix, @shanibeer, @steevc, @techmojo, @tom-orrow, @ultravioletmag

Two Promo-Steem Ambassadors will be attending - @cryptocurator and @pennsif.

The other two UK Steem Ambassadors @starkerz and @anarcotech are currently away in Indonesia promoting steem and bringing in investment to the blockchain with their innovative steem based company @oracle-d.

Oracle-D has also very generously just donated 230 SBD to the @adollaraday steem based charitable giving project. These SBD were the liquid rewards from the posts @oracle-d put out to promote and co-ordinate the recent Netcoins voting contest that Steem won.

The meetup is open to all steemians in the UK. Steemians from other parts of the world are very welcome to listen in and make comments and suggestions in chat.

For any UK steemians who would like to join in the voice chat please let me know in a comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921) so I know numbers for refreshments.

Please tell any UK steemians you know about this meetup.

If you know any active UK steemians not yet on the list below do please let me know.

Thank you.

List of Active Steemians in the UK

Here is the current list of active steemian's in the UK - 115 in total.

London & the South East (41)

@adetorrent, @allasyummyfood, @andabout, @atomcollector, @basilmarples, @blackrussian, @bleepcoin, @breadcentric, @buttpacker, @charitycurator, @cryptogee, @donatello, @donnadavisart, @ezzy, @gillianpearce, @hockney, @hopehuggs, @jameshsmitharts, @justyy, @kabir88, @lloyddavis, @lolzwithlisa, @maneco64, @marczanto, @markangeltrueman, @molometer, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @nickyhavey, @pjau, @rea, @redrica, @scalextrix, @sergiomendes, @shazza, @simonjay, @stav, @steevc, @stimp1024, @teodora, @ultravioletmag

The Midlands (19)

@article61, @atomcollector, @cryptofunk, @dickturpin, @gmuxx, @honeybee11, @howardblott, @ictman1076, @kryptoe, @martaesperanza, @neopch, @opheliafu, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @silverfoxx, @skaarl, @starkerz, @ura-soul

Wales & the South West (20)

@cryptocariad, @eveningart, @francesleader, @happysmileyman, @jen0revision, @jimbobbill, @owenwat, @p-props, @pennsif, @perceptualflaws, @pumpkinsandcats, @stevejhuggett, @stevelivingston, @sunsethunter, @theadmiral0, @theturtleproject, @tinygalaxy, @ukbitcoinmaster, @wales, @welshstacker

The North (21)

@anarcotech, @artonmysleeve, @ashtv, @beautifulbullies, @c0ff33a, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @gdwcoins, @geordieprepper, @mckeever, @mikefromtheuk, @pcste, @raj808, @russellbury, @slobberchops, @someguy123, @steemonkey, @stephenkendal, @teamhumble, @techmojo, @vibeof100monkeys

Scotland (8)

@barge, @camuel, @fiftysixnorth, @johnkingwriter, @meesterboom, @natubat, @tom-orrow, @wisbeech

Northern Ireland (1)


And also... (5)

@britcoin, @calluna, @mynewlife, @slayerkm, @tremendospercy

If you know anyone that should be on the list let me know in a comment below or via Discord (Pennsif#9921).

My DSound Picks of the Week

Mingled in with the discussion this week I will be playing a number of my top picks from DSound including...

In case anyone missed last week's fascinating show on Film & Steem with @akbarrafs, @ashtv, @basilmarples, @brian-rhodes, @ericvancewalton, @hilladigahackles, @juliakponsford, @lifesacircus and @zaxan the recording is available...

My regular weekly radio show airs on MSP Waves Radio on Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm UTC.

If you need to convert UTC time to your local time visit World Time Buddy

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via, Vimm.TV or on Twitch at


[ graphics by & @dsound ]

This radio show is supported by DSound

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you missed @kabir88 from the soft southerners list :-)

That's an interesting meetup @nathen007! I have not heard much from many UK based steemians, so I will definitely try and dial in.

I may be a southerner in the UK, but I was a northerner in Bangladesh. And the north south divide there is far more evident, to the point where the languages are two very distinct dialects!


  ·  last year (edited)

Ok. We will adopt you as an honourary northerner. anyone fighting back from-17 deserves this accolade ;-)
Home safe now mate?

Thanks @nathen007 - now added @kabir88.

Are you in the UK at present? or are you in Thailand now?

  ·  last year (edited)

HI @pennsif I've been on steemit around 15 months now and have always been aware of the relatively few Brits on here. I've come across quite a few in your list while curie-hunting though :-)

I'm keen to attend the virtual meetup to hear what is discussed and see if we can all get something together to support and grow the British community on steemit. Honestly, when I arrived at steemit, I saw Malaysian support communities, team Australia and many other region specific communities all (vote) supporting people from their countries and offering a landing space for networking etc.

It was quite demoralizing those first few months, before I discovered discord, and I've seen various talented steemians leave steemit mainly because they didn't understand how to grow on here. @moderndayjester is an example from the UK.

Anyway, I think it is possible a lot of these teething problems could be helped with an active dedicated UK community.

I'll see you tomorrow in MSP waves :)

P.s. you missed @calluna, she is one of the more talented creative writers I have met on steemit!

Yes the UK has missed out a bit. Now hopefully we can move forward...

Thanks re @calluna - now added.

@gaby-crb lives in the north near me! Hopefully i'll catch the broadcast next week!

Thanks @calluna - now added.

Oh BTW I'm happy just to type rather than speak, by happy,I'd mean rather just! Besides I need to be up and about doing things while listening in!

😂 ....know exactly what you mean!


@louisthomas of Cardiff is missing. Very popular content, tons of followers.

Thanks for this. Adding Louis on the latest list.

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

  ·  last year (edited)

I don't live in the UK, but by flight I'm less than two hours away.
Can I participate me too as a "witness"?
Thank you so much!

You are welcome to come along. Are there many active steemians in Italy at present?

Only 100? I can't believe it.

I think we should set a target of 1000 by end of 2019...

Does this include anglophile American's who live here half of each year? If so, I'm in! I mean I'd live here year round, but no one wants Americans :(

Oh and I'm in the Southeast, Canterbury. :)

Hi Donna, if you are in the UK at present you are on the list 😊

Would you like to join in the radio show as well?

Possibly in the future, though I don't have a reliable mike, but if typing and listening counts I'm in :)

Feel free to contribute in the chat.

Ill stick it in the diary. Again, I'll be late If I show up at all, but hope I can at least catch the end!

Hi @basilmarples - hope you can make it along.

gonna try and make it.

Glad you could make it along.

Thank you for tagging me @pennsif! I will do my best to be there to listen in at least. Will you be recording the sessions so that I can listen afterwards should I have to miss it?

I didn't see @juliamulcahy on your list- she's over in Ireland- but not sure if she is in the north or south... so perhaps that's why x

Thanks @eveningart. I’m in the South but would love to come along if able. Won’t be home until around 9 pm though.

Oh, and I’m an ex-pat, originally from London 😁

Hi @juliamulcahy you are most welcome to come along.

Sorry I couldn’t make it after all. Got home later than expected. I’d love to listen to a recording if there is one.

Hi Julia, here is the recording...

Thank you :)

Hi @eveningart - that will be great if you can get along to the meetup.

I'd love to join i am from Telford in the UK.

Do please come along. That will be great.

Thanks for letting me know about this, yes I'll be there, maybe not for three hours(!) but will do what I can :)

That will be great, thanks Lloyd.

Hi @pennsif and thanks for the invitation. I'll tune in to the show and have a listen.

I have been thinking about this for some time and have met a few people in the lists above in London, Cambridge and at steemfest2 in Portugal.

Every steemian that I have met in real life has been motivated, brilliant and super helpful.
You have my support. Resteemed.

Look forward to meeting you.

Brilliant post and initiative my friend!
I'll be there tomorrow evening!
It's half term week so no early to bed shenanigans for me.
PS. Thanks for finding Broken Ocean's brand new release so quickly!

That's great, you are on the list.

Yep, I will be there!

Glad you could come along.

You can add @slayerkm - I think he's in the UK... Dtuber.

See you @20.00

Count me in @pennsif :)

Look forward to talking more soon.

I could feel the sense of emergency in that broadcast. so i resteem it!

Thank you Ed, hopefully steemanity will come out victorious.

There's a lot more than your initial list, so assume cause for optimism.


Another great idea for the show. I have been mulling over an idea which could help promote steemit to a large UK audience. Hopefully I'll be in attendance tomorrow and be able to share this with the group. "God save our gracious steem. Long live our gracious steem. God save our steem"

Thanks for coming on the show. The idea with Confetti looks very promising.

Happy to have contributed and I'll get on to Confetti next week, just need to think of the way to approach them. I've tried to approach schools before and due to there being children involved they can sometimes be over-cautious when presented with social media outlets. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for hosting a UK night and really chuffed to see so many of us there to listen.

I am from Birmingham UK though living in eastern Europe lol, do I count. :-) all good fun.

Hi @shepz1, thanks for making contact. The list is focused on people currently based in the UK with a view to organising activities here.

Okay my friend, p.s. I was deliberator before

Ah right, I should have guessed from the Poland connection and Tom D in your wallet.

Good to see you back in town. Hope all is going well.

All good bro all good, and glad to see you doing okay also.


Is 20.00 UCT now the same time as GMT now the cloxks have gone baxk?


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I won't be able to make it, but I will be thinking about you all.

Glad you managed to make some of the show.

@jenniferbailey, if you're planning to return, maybe you want to come along to this tomorrow night too?

Yes please do return @jenniferbailey - we need more people in the southwest.

We may have something special planned down that way...

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