A Dollar A Day charitable giving project : September 2018 - summary of donations received & given out - another $500 donated

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September was a difficult month. As well as the continued low steem price, the difficulties with Hard Fork 20 meant most activities on the blockchain were halted for a week at the end of the month.

Despite those problems I was determined to reach my target of a minimum of US$ 500 equivalent of daily donations during the month. I am happy to report that through a combination of continued generosity from our supporters, a small increase in my personal donations and drawing on some of the @adollaraday reserves we just managed to reach the goal with a total of US$ 500.64 donated in the month.

This brings the total donated since the project restarted in May to over US$ 3250.

I am really keen to hit a target of US$ 5000 by the end of the year.

It was great during September to add another project in Africa (@kedjom-keku) to our roster of recipient projects. I was also delighted during the month to build a strong relationship to work with @sirknight and the SteemChurch that he has founded.

September also saw two more regular Witness Supporters come on board through @helpie and @noblewitness.

The @adollaraday curation trail also gained a few more participants. @cryptocurator has made a great post explaining how that works.

You can check out other ways to support A Dollar A Day in my Five Ways You Can Support A Dollar A Day post :

Anyone who manages to do all five at the same time will be added to the auto-voter for my @pennsif account as an extra thanks.


During September A Dollar A Day distributed daily donations totalling 501 SBD, which was the equivalent of US$ 500.64 at time of donation.

Fourteen different projects in eight different countries received donations from the project.

ProjectCountryDonation Total
School For SDG4 @schoolforsdg4Bangladesh51 SBD
Women Empowerment @womenempowermentBangladesh33 SBD
The Greens @thegreensCameroon54 SBD
Kedjom-Keku @kedjom-kekuCameroon24 SBD
Girls Foundation @girlsfoundationNigeria33 SBD
San Miguel Central School @sanmiguelcsPhilippines15 SBD
ScholarsPH @scholarsphPhilippines44 SBD
Walk of Hope @walkofhopePhilippines25 SBD
Papillon Charity @papilloncharitySouth Africa46 SBD
Tazewell Animal Rescue Centre @tarcUSA20 SBD
Little Disciples @littledisciplesVenezuela55 SBD
One Opportunity @oneopportunityVenezuela25 SBD
SteemChurch Venezuela @sc-v / @darlenys01Venezuela56 SBD
Family Protection @familyprotectionWorldwide30 SBD


Donations were received from 30 steemians during August, this included a growing number of Witness Supporters.

SteemianDonations used in SeptemberDonations carried over to October---
@azizbd5 SBD0 SBD---
@coruscate18 SBD1 SBD---
@cryptocariad7 SBD0 SBD---
@cryptocurator13 SBD0 SBD---
@d-vine7 SBD0 SBD---
@globocop29 SBD3 SBD---
@goldendawne25 SBD0 SBD---
@hopehuggs29 SBD1 SBD---
@hungryhustle1 SBD0 SBD---
@jznsamuel3 SBD0 SBD---
@makinstuff4 SBD0 SBD---
@marblely4 SBD0 SBD---
@nikolina5 SBD0 SBD---
@oliviackl1 SBD0 SBD---
@onemedia4 SBD0 SBD---
@paintingangels5 SBD0 SBD---
@riverflows4 SBD0 SBD---
@steeminganarchy15 SBD0 SBD---
@steevc4 SBD0 SBD---
@theadmiral01 SBD0 SBD---
@drakos29 SBD0 SBDwitness #19
@followbtcnews23 SBD0 SBDwitness #14
@helpie18 SBD3 SBDwitness #62
@noblewitness9 SBD22 SBDwitness #73
@quochuy28 SBD0 SBDwitness #113
@steemcommunity27 SBD0 SBDwitness #72
@yabapmatt24 SBD7 SBDwitness #24
@pennsif100 SBD0 SBD---
anonymous-0111 SBD0 SBD---
anonymous-025 SBD0 SBD---
  • Because of the lack of SBDs being paid out in September many donations were given in steem. These were exchanged for SBD on the internal market and rounded up to the nearest whole SBD - any difference being made up from @adollaraday reserves.

  • To maintain the planned level of daily donations during Hard Fork 20 week, 43 SBD were used from @adollaraday reserves.


During September I am happy to report that A Dollar A Day @adollaraday has received several new delegations. I would particularly like to thank Steemchurch founder @sirknight for his generous 1500SP delegation, along with associated delegations from @steemchurch and @reliquary.

I would also like to thank @makinstuff and @onemedia for joining our generous delegators club.

I have also delegated half my steem power (5000 SP) to the account.

The account is being used to autovote once a day (currently at 100%) all the donation recipients to give them extra help.

A small autovote is also given as a token of appreciation to the people regularly donating or delegating to the project.

If anyone else would like to delegate to this account to build up the voting strength it would be much appreciated.

@abh12345100 SP
@cryptocariad50 SP
@cryptocurator250 SP
@d-vine50 SP
@darrenclaxton50 SP
@drakos1000 SP
@lillywilton50 SP
@makinstuff50 SP
@onemedia50 SP
@reliquary250 SP
@revisesociology200 SP
@scottcbusiness10 SP
@shanibeer200 SP
@sirknight1500 SP
@steemchurch500 SP
@steevc500 SP
@pennsif5000 SP

My thanks also to Linda @canadian-coconut and @drakos for their generous upvotes on the project posts. These are being recycled back into enhancing the daily donations.


The A Dollar A Day project is based on the simple idea of people donating one Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) each day. Those SBDs are pooled to give to a bigger daily donation to a good cause around the world.

If you would like to support the work of A Dollar A Day there are five ways you can help :

1. Donate SBDs to @adollaraday

Just send SBDs for however many days you would like to support to @adollaraday.

2. Donate steem to @adollaraday

If you don't have SBDs send steem instead to @adollaraday.

3. Delegate to @adollaraday

A Dollar A Day uses SteemAuto to vote on the posts of all the projects currently supported to provide an extra regular income. The aim is to achieve sufficient steempower to provide a $1 upvote to each project each day.

Delegations of all sizes are welcome - you can use these links for quick delegations :


Delegators (and regular donors) also receive a small auto-vote as a token of appreciation.

4. Follow the @adollaraday curation trail

We have recently set up a curation trail for the @adollaraday account. You can follow this to help the projects A Dollar A Day supports. @cryptocurator has made an excellent post all about the A Dollar A Day Curation Trail :

5. Upvote @adollaraday posts

All upvotes on @adollaraday posts are welcome. All post rewards are ploughed back into supporting the project.

If you can add @adollaraday to your auto-voter even better.

Thank you for your support.

Previous A Dollar A Day posts :

[ logo by @hungryhustle ]


Simply wonderful - so many good Steemian projects - so many generous Steemians.

We mice will drink to 'a-dollar-a-day'.



Thank you so much for your support my good mice friends.

I think a nice bit of cheese will go well with that glass of wine.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

Thank you good Sir Knight.

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