Use Case Radio : Film and Steem - Thursday 25 October 2018 [recording]

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The Use Case Radio : Film and Steem show was broadcast on MSP Waves on Thursday 25 October 2018.

This Film and Steem show was the second of a series of shows called Use Case Radio.

In a mix of interviews and open forum we looked from all angles and from all perspectives at the subject of film and steem.

There are already examples of film makers using the steem blockchain to fund their projects.

Think @brian-rhodes and The Order of Things to Come, or @dougkarr and @ericvancewalton and the forthcoming HardFork sci-fi TV series.

Fundition has just started supporting @lifesacircus's upcoming film 'Barbara-Anne' :

Steem and film are definitely ripe for the picking if you know where to look.

Some of the topics covered in the show included funding through the blockchain for independent film makers, collaborating on films and promotion and marketing on the blockchain.

The guests appearing on the show were :

  • @akbarrafs - documentary filmmaker based in Indonesia

  • @ashtv - professional videographer based in the UK, works with brands, bands and businesses

  • @basilmarples - up and coming British actor, most recently starring in the indie short 'Paul is Dead'

  • @brian-rhodes - actor, film maker, creator of 'The Order of Things to Come' premiering at Steemfest 3

  • @ericvancewalton - author, traveler, content curator, crypto enthusiast, with @dougkarr created the new sci-fi TV series HardFork

  • @hilladigahackles - writer and director of 7 indie features

  • @juliakponsford - artist and musician, with @vachemorte created The Juju Gum Conspiracy

  • @lifesacircus - actress and aerialist from Canada, now making her screenwriting debut with a new film project 'Barbara-Anne'

  • @zaxan - writer, audiovisual post producer, based in Venezuela

@asonintrigue, filmmaker and producer, who recently completed the short film Poster Grrl, unfortunately could not make it to the show, but he will be on the show on Thursday 8 November.

My DSound Picks of the Week

Mingled in with the discussion I played a number of my top picks from DSound including...

This recording is also available on YouTube

This show is kindly sponsored by DSound.

[ graphics by @pennsif & @dsound ]

▶️ DTube

thanks for having me on the show! I'll have to give the whole thing a listen sometime to catch up on what I missed :) Steemit Film is ALIVE - great things to come x

It was great having you on the show. Looking forward to seeing where the road leads...

Thanks for the invitation, I was very nervous but I hope you have understood part of what I do :D Keep doing great things! ♥

It was great to have you on the show Carlos.

Yes it is a great track - Forever In Your Hands by @Davidfar & @Kryptoe.

Is this on podcast too?

Just DTube and YouTube.

Danke für diesen Beitrag 😊

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