A Dollar A Day : meet the project founders : Darlenys Romero of Steemchurch Venezuela

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Here is the second in the Meet the Project Founders series.

Yesterday we got to know Stephen Smith of The Papillon Foundation @papilloncharity.

Today I would like to introduce Darlenys Romero @darlenys01 of SteemChurch Venezuela @sc-v.

Since joining steem in September 2017 Darlenys has come forward to lead the amazing work of Steemchurch Venezuela. She is currently engaged in the new Bread from Heaven project, an excellent scheme helping to feed many malnourished children in economically troubled Venezuela.

SteemChurch was founded in 2017 by @SirKnight to promote Christian values and activities on the steem blockchain. Emilio Cabrera of Venezuela (@emiliocabrera) has recently been appointed Archbishop and Chief Executive Officer of SteemChurch.

Darlenys Romero of Steemchurch Venezuela

1. Tell us a little about yourself... who you are, where you and what you do?

I am Darlenys Romero. I'm a Systems Engineer and a Christian. I live in Venezuela and I work in social projects, with foundations.

2. How did you find steem?

Some friends asked me to do a montage for a meetup, that's how I met him.

3. Tell us about your project... what it does , where you operate, who you work with?

I have several projects, but the most important one is 'Bread from Heaven', a fixed and mobile children's dining room, destined to provide food for children suffering from malnutrition and social risk in Venezuela.

4. What made you decide to start your project?

The current inflationary and humanitarian crisis that wraps my country, where the number of children suffering from malnutrition increases every day.

5. What do you enjoy most about running your project?

I enjoy the love and the time I eat with the children. I impact lives through this. I feel that the food is just an excuse from God for the people to know him.

6. What do you enjoy least or find most difficult about running your project?

The most difficult thing without a doubt is the issue of inflation and budget management.

7. What are your hopes and plans for your project in five years time?

In five years I hope to see the social project Crusade for Freedom of Steemchurch Venezuela come to fruition. This consists of a comprehensive training center (shelter, dining room, school, health center).

8. What advice would you give to anyone else thinking of starting a charitable project on the steem blockchain?

Have a well-established, transparent plan, know where you want to go and fight to achieve your dreams.


The A Dollar A Day project is based on the simple idea of people donating one Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) each day. Those SBDs are pooled to give to a bigger daily donation to a good cause around the world.

If you would like to support the work of A Dollar A Day there are five ways you can help :

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Delegators (and regular donors) also receive a small auto-vote as a token of appreciation.

3. Follow the @adollaraday curation trail

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If you can add @adollaraday to your auto-voter even better.

Thank you for your support.

Previous A Dollar A Day posts :

[ logo by @hungryhustle // photos provided by Darlenys Romero of Steemchurch Venezuela @sc-v]


Excellent Mr. Pennsif, it's really an honor for me, to work hand in hand with people like you, thank you with all my heart for your unconditional support, go ahead with your beautiful project @adollaraday. It is of great value to me, it does not know how much. I love it very much.Everything is to glorify the name of God.The love for the neighbor is what gives us strength every day to work.

You are doing such important work Darlenys. A Dollar A Day is very happy to be working with you and SteemChurch Venezuela.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

Thank you Adollaraday for your continued support for this project, also thanks for letting us know more about @darlenys01, a dollar is making history in the world. Thank you again.

I am delighted that A Dollar A Day is able to support the great work of SteemChurch Venezuela, and hopefully other SteemChurch projects around the world soon too.

I'm glad to hear that!

Thank you very much @adollaraday for having the hero of our time on your show. The face of @sc-v, @darlenys01. She is indeed a blessing to our generation. We are proud to have her.

@darlenys01 is indeed a great asset and a great blessing for helping the children of Venezuela.

Excellent work @pennsif sir and @adollaraday are doing. I was little late, but better late than never.

Please accept my little love to support the causes you are supporting.

Thank you so much for your kind donation and delegation. It is very much appreciated.

Tell me about a project centered on one of the attributes of GOD, and I can show you @adollaraday projects. March on in God's strength to conquer.

It is a good idea @pennsif to make known those people who do the work with love, with excellence, we are happy and we thank God for the life of @darlenys01, because he has been an agent of change, wherever he goes, sows in the next seeds of faith, hope and love for God.

Thanks @adollaraday, for supporting this project and supporting our leader @darlenys01, the fruits are visible, this woman's work is excellent.

God bless all the projects that this sister company

God bless you servant for such an excellent job.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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I believe in the project and what you have done so far to support other people. Keep up the great work! I will keep supporting to @adollaraday as always :)

I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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This message from @adollaraday is beautiful, it is to recognize the work of a great woman who has given hope to many people through the love of Jesus, congratulations my apostle @darlenys01, keep going with this great dream. Thank you @pennsif for your support of Venezuela.

Beautiful my apostle, God bless you always. Thanks @pennsif and the projector @adollaraday for your valuable gesture.

A pride for Venezuela @darlenys01, we are happy to have you, your work has been excellent, thanks @pennsif for your support to the children of Venezuela.

I love knowing the stories of other influential people, who care about improving the lives of the most needy, great job.! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Best impossible sister @ darlenys01 your actions and stimuli that you do every day for others especially when you do it with one of the most sensitive and delicate beings such as children, so I always say and I repeat: the important thing to do things It is not doing it but how you do it since that marks excellence, success and greatness. Feicitations and forward with the hand and protection of God.

May god bless you for helping to fulfill dreams, our apostle @darlenys is a great woman with wishes of struggle and love for the neighbor

Thank you for supporting our parish and valuing our apostle @darlenys

Thanks for this ministry and I've been a missionary in Hawaii, Vietnam, Canada, New York, California, Oregon, & my brother too in Honduras. Keep up the good work. Here is an upvote.

Beautiful my apostle @darlenys01, it is good to recognize all your work, and to be an example for the people around you, with a noble heart, full of compassion. Thanks @pennsif.

This is awesome and we are really inspired when we read such stories. Keep doing the great work @darlenys01 and Thanks for starting such a wonderful initiative @pennsif!

We are blessed by God. We will continue to help others. Giving him a hand with a willing heart. @emiliocabrera @darlenys01 @adollaraday @sc-v


Excellent. Though you may want to adjust the question numbers within this post Lord Pennsif.

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