Steem UK Virtual Meetup - Thursday 1 November 2018 [recording] - supported by DSound

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The Steem UK Virtual Meetup was broadcast on MSP Waves on Thursday 1 November 2018.

The steemians speaking during the meetup were :

@article61, @ashtv, @camuel, @c0ff33a, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @nickyhavey, @pennsif, @raj808, @redrica, @revisesociology, @steevc, @teamhumble, @ura-soul

A full report of the outcomes of the meeting will be published separately, but during the meetup we discussed the current situation of steem in the UK, brainstormed some ideas to improve the presence of steem in the UK and we came up with a number of potential projects to take forward at a regional level.

A number of other UK steemians attended the meetup but didn't speak including @beautifulbullies, @breadcentric, @eveningart, @fiftysixnorth, @geordieprepper, @molometer, @techmojo @theturtleproject and @welshstacker.

My apologies for anyone I missed off the list.

My DSound Picks of the Week

Mingled in with the discussion I played a number of my top picks from DSound including...

This recording is also available on YouTube

This show is kindly sponsored by DSound.

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damn! missed the show, was jetlagged!!

good to see the UK community have some life. I thought the UK community was beyond resuscitation!

I will be hosting a steem meetup in Highgate later this year. Watch this space

Keep me posted about the Highgate meetup.

I'm looking to Thursday 29 November for the next virtual meetup - hope you can make that one.

Thanks for hosting this meet up @pennsif
It was great to hear fellow Brits talking so openly about the blockchain and future of Steem here in the UK.

Thanks for coming along Darren. I'm looking forward to seeing where we can take this next.

Thanks for providing me with the link to the recording @pennsif. I will be listening to the broadcast in stages.

By the way a friend of mine has just joined up to Steemit this week. She currently lives in Belfast but will be moving back to Wales very soon.

Hi Julia. That's great. Let me know when your friend gets to Wales.

Only just arrived a touch late I think haha. Looking forward to more in the future and some collaborations and meet ups. We need to build this community for sure.

I have the idea of a conference but affordable for attendies. It would be about introducing Steem, crypto along with agroist ways of thinking. I started planning and have a few speakers interested and even a venue but just finances, time and organisational experience hindered me. I would love to get it going and some support would be welcome 💯🐒

Hi @vibeof100monkeys - I am looking at Thu 29 Nov for the next virtual meetup if you are free then?

The conference sounds. Message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921) and I can see if I can help.

Great as far I know i'm free will have to learn about about discord and find a mic. As for the conference mixing this in a festival style would be great. I will catch you on discord dreckly. 💯🐒

I was currently streaming, but was listening in.

Thank you for your awesome hosting skills @pennsif. It was great meeting some other UK folks. The music chat was really exciting!

yep really enjoyed that, great to see people making projects to promote steem in the uk and beyond.

I'm looking forward to see where we can take it next...

Are you available for Meetup#2 on Thu 29 Nov ?

that's quite far out but if you remind me nearer the time it might be possible, thanks for asking me to return.

It was unfortunate that I couldn't participate in this one, was busy with friends. Seems like a great opportunity for us Brits. Will be on the next one for sure!



Hope you can make the next Meetup. I'm penciling it in for Thursday 29 November.

Sounds great, thanks for letting me know!

Great show. Now I've caught up listening to the whole shebang I think some great foundations have been laid.

I'm attending steemfest 3 as well @pennsif and dependent on my scheduled, I should be able to come and give my impressions on the show you mentioned. I'm hoping to put out some content about SF3 both during the conference and after as well.

That will be great. Have a good time, and contact me when you are back.

Hi all, it was interesting to hear all the ideas bouncing around and equally frustrating to not be able to contribute due to technical difficulties with Discord.
Although I was signed in under my account. It kept telling me to claim the account? which didn't work when I tried it.
I'm not that familiar with Discord so maybe it was me?

Anyway it was good to hear from almost 25% of the active steemians in the UK on one radio show.
I'm sure we can do plenty to support steemit in the UK and the regional events idea sounds good.

Thanks for inviting me in to the chat and enjoyed speaking with other Brits about it! I think myself and The LORD of Claxtonshire and other musicians have a great appreciation of dsound and steemit but we did mention that we are on other platforms too which I think compliment steemit.

If they all collaborated together to make some sort of Super platform, that would be ace!

I mentioned my Bluffer's Guide to Cryptocurrency (to help total beginners get in to the space) and shared a link in the show but here's the one that was for steemit specifically.

I would like to do another couple of posts on steemit but I wrote this for musicians in non technical speak as best I could across the whole series.

Let me know if something like this would be suitable for the starter pack we mentioned in the show?

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Well I kind of spoke. I'll make sure I'm hard wired into the router for the next one!

Good excuse for a post... saying what I was gonna say.

I'm not gonna type it all while en train via @partiko after all!

Bit too awkward for a book.

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Great show last night, thanks for hosting @pennsif. You're a natural host!