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To capture the answers to some of the most common questions, we here present to you a @dustsweeper’s Frequently Asked Questions.

The word comment is used throughout the text, referring to both posts and comments.

What is dust?

A post or comment is considered to be dust if it has a value of less than $0.02.

Anything less than $0.02 will not be paid out.

So even if your comment is worth $0.019, at payout you will receive nothing. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing!!

What is @dustsweeper

@dustsweeper is a service that will take care of your dust.

@dustsweeper will sweep all your comments on the 5th/6th day and upvote it above the $0.02 threshold.

@dustsweeper will vote with an average value of $0.028. Even if there is a price drop before payout, this should be sufficient to stay above the $0.02 dust threshold.

If in rare cases the value would still fall below the threshold, the users will be refunded by adding $0.028 to the balance.

How can I get started?

Send a small amount STEEM or SBD to @dustsweeper. That’s all!!

Please send it via Steemit and not via an exchange, otherwise the bot can not track the sender.

You need roughly 0.014 SBD for 1 vote. So send any amount larger than that.

What does it cost?

The amount you transfer will be multiplied by 2 and added to your balance.

If you transfer 0.014 SBD you will get $0.028 in upvote value. $0.028 is the average amount used per vote.

Note: $0.001 will be subtracted from the balance per transaction to cover the cost of the reply. Thank you @cadawg for pointing out the abuse condition.

Taking the 50/50 reward model, curation rewards, and the current STEEM/SBD prices into account, the return from the vote itself is currently returning nothing. That is the whole idea and your gain is purely from the saved dust.

So in other words, the service doesn't cost you anything. You can see it as making a deposit where the money will be returned when the dust is saved by the bot.

What is the exact upvote value?

The aim is to have a $0.028 upvote value. But due to a rounding mechanism in the blockchain reward model, the exact value will vary. The bot is set to never vote with a value lower than $0.026 and the max value should be around $0.036.

The exact upvote value will be used when reducing your balance.

When does @dustsweeper vote?

At the moment @dustsweeper is voting roughly every 6 hours. But we will increase this to come close to once a day. There is no need to vote more frequently as we will capture all comments anyway. We currently have it set to a lower value to better get an understanding of the demand.

Why did @dustsweeper not upvote my post?

@dustsweeper is currently set to stop voting if the Voting Power drops to 50%. So the most likely cause for missed votes is due to high demand. We are trying to adjust the SP to make sure we match the demand, but it is not a guarantee.

Missed vote doesn't mean @dustsweeper skipped you. If @dustsweeper needs a break, she will start again from where the same spot where she took the break.

Which comments qualify?

Comments with a value larger than $0 and smaller than $0.025.

Comments with only self-votes are excluded.

Does it matter when I join?

No, even your old comments will qualify for @dustsweeper.

So if you join today and have a 4-day old comment, it will be upvoted by @dustsweeper roughly a day from now.

Can I Send A Friend @dustsweeper As A Gift?

At this moment you can't, but within a week or two we will release an update where this will be possible.

How much is my balance?

At the moment @dustsweeper will send you a comment if your balance runs low and when your account is completely out of funds.

You will also get a balance update whenever you transfer an amount larger than $0.001.

In the next update, we will open a Discord server with a Dustsweeper bot. That will allow for balances and stats to be checked on-demand.

Can @dustsweeper be used when I upvote other people?

This is not possible at this time but will be possible in a future update. The idea is to make this an opt-in service for those interested.

The idea is this: When you upvote someone with $0.01, @dustsweeper will use your balance to make sure your vote does not become worthless. So with an opt-in, you are helping others to save dust.

dust sweeper
Designed by @charisma777

Please consider voting @danielsaori as Witness.

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"Comments with only self-votes are excluded." :( lol

We will try , what is this? As far we are concern it is liable to be voted if your vote is coming back to your existing sp. hmmm may be?

You've recommended this a few times so I am sending some SBD to get this started. :)

Do I need anything in the memo field or I just send over sbd?

Just send the SBD. 1 SBD is a good start. You can also send Steem but SBD is fine.
Also when you upvote old posts and comments you might as well do 100% since you don't lose any voting power. lol

I am now using @dustsweeper. Started with a small amount to get started.

I'm struggling seeing how dustsweeper gets me more of an upvote or how the money comes back. How do you check your balance?

They send you a message when your balance is low or you can send them more $ and they will give you your balance. If you self upvote 100% you probably don't need @dustsweeper. You only need it if you get a minnowvote and don't upvote yourself enough to get over the payout threshold.

Didn't realize that. Guess its time to look at the wallet and add more.

Looking forward to the sponsorship/gift function. I think that will be great.

Me too, I want to make contests with it! :D

I think that is a great Idea, I look at a lot of new user post, they simply do not have the funds to participate. But yes a contest with the prize being initial Dust Bank investment for the winner.

I will try to make it a prio and push it in the next couple of days.

It will happen when it happens. I think very highly of what you two have created here. This has certainly been a boon for me, and knowing that all those voters also get their small curation reward is great. I think @ned needs to drop like a cool mill. SP on @dustweeper so it can do even more.

+1 @ned should listen to @bashadow!!!

Not likely to happen, but if it did, that would be amazing.

If you are looking for a sponsorship function we launched @blissfish which will have sponsorship. Check it out!

Thank you @danielsaori , dustsweeper first came to my attention in the creative chat run each Monday on the steemit ramble discord channel. I’d only caught the tailend of the discussion, so I was still unclear what it meant. It wasn’t until I saw a comment by @doomsdaychassis recommending someone else use it because it all adds up, that I’d thought to give it a go. I was surprised it was so easy to get started and it’s been effectively upvoting all my dusty payouts. :)

Love this service, so you have my teeny tiny Witness vote! Tbh, even though I like to let people know they’re appreciated making an effort to comment, I’m no longer so keen to upvote people’s comments anymore with my 0.01 upvote. I didn’t realize it was dust. So a gifting service would be lovely so I can at least use it for those I want especially to support. It’ll be handy too as it’ll prompt them on the usefulness of this service.

I’m still unclear why our transfer gets doubled. Where are the funds coming from out of this? I’m curious...

Hi Linnyplant,
Thanks for the reminder and sorry I missed the comment.

The doubling of your transferred amount is linked to how STEEM's reward system works.

If I upvote you with $0.028, 25% of that will be taken away for the curation reward.

The remaining part is split 50/50, 50% SBD and 50% SP. (assuming the default setting)

The SP part is calculated taking into account that the system thinks SBD is worth $1.

So at this moment, your total reward would be around 0.019.
When we released @dustsweeper, that value was very close to 0.014, but the sharp price drop has actually made it more profitable.

The idea is that the vote itself shouldn't bring a profit, the profit should purely be from the saved dust. In a future update we will make this calculation more dynamic so it will adapt to current market conditions.

I hope that helps.
Please let me know if you want a more detailed calculation of the rewards.

And thanks a lot for your support! All votes count and I really appreciate it.

Thanks for comprehensive reply @danielsaori. I’m not great at maths, but I’m assuming you might have typo-ed and meant 0.025 to reach a 0.019 return? I reluctantly pulled out the calculator to see what you meant. :)

What I’m reading is that the intention is to ensure we’re not out of pocket, the doubling effect was put in place. I’d actually not even considered the reward system with the curation, and that we are only getting back 50% of the SBD at payout with the other 50% in SP locked away. Thanks for being clear on that.

So the mystery remains for me though, where are the funds coming from. But even as I’m writing this, I’m imagining that this doubling effect is really just the value you’ve recorded on your system to ensure we get the equivalent of value in upvotes to balance the SBD returns for the money put aside to rescue our dust. So that any SP gained is just bonus and negates the -25% curation?

As I said, once people start talking numbers I get lost, and I’m sure you have a detail paper on this. I just wanted to get the basics right so I can confidently recommend it to others. I rarely take an interest in these kinds of projects, but dustsweeper seems like a very useful service. ❤️

I haven't yet tried this service yet but I've featured it in my latest post: My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 9"

@trincowski, you really have to sign up for this service, it not only helps you, but more importantly it helps the people who can only give you a small vote. They will now get a small curation reward for that vote they gave you. And with Pay it Forward focused on smaller accounts, it will be very useful. I had a very packed week this week, so missed getting my "pay it forward" post out. Just a matter of lack of time lately.

I've tested it today... and already got 3 upvotes! Coool! :-D
I've just send a few more SBD to @dustsweeper.

And that's three new user that may get curation rewards for their vote to you. A real win-win situation.

Nice. Here's a little more work for the bot. 😉

Thx for featuring Dusty! 😉
Me likes...

Awesome initiative and project! I will be signing up 6 accounts for this. I cannot thank you enough for making this a possibility for people. If you guys are interested in putting a room or channel in the @greetersguild server, please reach out to us @dustsweeper!

Thanks for the offer.
We will have to see how to best deal with it. At least we should be able to make the bot available so you can put it on your discord server.

I'm loving this so far, but if you get much bigger you may want to consider adding a second account.

Some of my dust votes have been missed due to the VP of the account being too low as you have mentioned.

Yes, there is currently a hard limit on the blockchain where we can only sustain on average 2000 votes per day. We would hit that around 20K SP. If that happens we would have to add a 2nd account.

I haven't been getting upvotes from dustsweeper in awhile. Did the troll who down voted my posts scare you away? Or is my account out and I didn't get an alert?

Hi Jazz, your account is not active due to low credit. Dusty sent you a notification on the 23rd that your balance was too low.

I didn't see it for some reason, I will look through my comments again, but I just sent in more funds. Gotta find someway to increase my earnings so I can be able to send to dustsweeper

which post did dust sweeper send the comment, I went through my posts and didn't see it anywhere

Comments with only self-votes are excluded.

because self-voting is nasty sticky gooey stuff and it will mess up the broom!


Half an hour ago I sent 0.5SBD to @dustsweeper, just to know how much credit I have, but I got no response. I haven't received an upvote in more than one day. Are you having any kind of problems?Could you create a way for us to know how much is our credit?

Hi, we had a crash and Dusty didn't recover automatically. You just received the notification now.
We also had a high demand spike, so it is possible some comments were skipped. It is not so easy to match the needed SP to keep up with the demand.

With the upcoming Discord bot you will be able to check the balance. That should be a good addition for Dusty.

That's mighty nice of you.

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I like the idea that the self votes only are excluded. I see so often a comment that makes no sense but it is upvoted by the author. It makes me 'wonder' why they do it.
Anyway, I love the service and would recommend it to anybody!

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