11 yoga exercises for the office

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Here are 11 different yoga exercises that you can easily practice in the office or at home. So even if you have little time, you can do a bit of sport every day. A description of each exercise can be found below the picture.

Since there are 11 different exercises, there should be something for everyone (beginners as well as advanced).

It is also possible with the exercises to put together different workouts, so for each day of the week. So the training remains varied.

Hamstring Achilles tendon stretching yoga office exercise


Shoulder Training 4 Office Yoga Exercise


Seahorse Yoga Exercise "Office Edition"


The spider yoga figure "office yoga exercise for the butt"


Shoulder Training 3 Office Yoga Exercise


Shoulder Training Office Yoga Exercise


Shoulder Training Office Yoga Exercise


Office Yoga Exercise "Forward Bend" Office Edition


The cat / cow yoga office exercise


the eagle Yoga Pose Office Edition


Yoga Stretching for Office or home


Have fun and success in the workout!

Yoga Posen bei Steemit:
Warrior 3
Warrior 2
Balance Yoga
Yoga Bilder für deinen Blog


Very nice post and
a very good idea....resteemed
Train them pancake asses ;)

hehe thanks :)

Have fun with your workout!

Thanks :)
I will... i also got my olympic rings as
a TRX on my balcony ;)
Just reminded myself to do some :p

TRX training is really awesome :)

Olympic Rings (best wooden) are the real Magic ;)

I love yoga and I always try to put a few postures during my work. It really helps release stress.

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thats true! Yoga is a awesome way to relax.

Great collection! You always look so calm in your photos... so good. So many good stretches here... I sit for way too long at the office, I totally need to pull some of these out.

This exercises works good for office. I will add more lessons in the next time :)

Hope you enjoy it :)

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