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The Ardha Chandrasana is an exercise for balance and stretching. It is considered relaxing and is also the basis for a number of other asanas. She belongs to the group of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga postures, a group in which the physical strengthening is in the foreground. However, the position can also be used for controlled breathing exercises (pranayama) or combined with the Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend), the Trikonasana (Triangle) and the Parighasana (Gate). It is best kept short and repeated several times to best stimulate the positive effects on the body.


Step 1

From the stretched triangle (Utthita Trikonasana), turn your right foot and your right leg 90 ° outwards.

step 2

Stretch both arms horizontally to the sides. Stem your right foot deliberately into the ground.

step 3

If you feel safe, raise your left leg until it is level. Guide your right hand slowly and controlled to your right ankle. The leg is slightly bent.

Step 4

In the next step, the upper body and hip are slowly turned to the left. Here, the balance is particularly important. Only if you have held this position for a few breaths, you should go over to lead your left arm towards the ceiling.

Step 5

Breath controlled. Feel the opening of the trunk and upper body as well as the stretch in the spine.

Step 6

After a few breaths you can slowly solve the exercise again and repeat it several times if necessary. You can also repeat the exercise with the other side of the body. This ensures an even workout.

In the crescent, the focus is primarily on the awareness of the stretching and opening of the entire body. Concentrate consciously on each breath, feel the positive, spiritual energy purify your body and arm it for the influences of everyday life.


The Ardha Chandrasana is an exercise that is all about balance. If this is not so pronounced among beginners, there are some ways to help yourself. So you can stand against a wall while running the Crescent and secure yourself whenever you feel like you're losing control. The use of a yoga block to support the right arm can also help you to focus on the breathing and to relax during the exercise.

If you notice that you are cramping up during the exercise, feeling dizzy, or even getting a headache, it is advisable that you do some light exercises and slowly approach the Ardha Chandrasana.

A good exercise to prepare for the Ardha Chandrasana is, for example, the Yoga Hero (Viabhadrasana), because the stretching exercises are very similar.

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Deutsche Anleitung:


Ardha Chandrasana is a strong asana and difficult because It involves balance, alignment, and strength, it is not for everyone! Great for you in the photo! here is how I practice with my students the aligment technics using the wall and props.21641200_10211772931651654_7418329469707340367_o.jpg

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