PALNet for Minnows!

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Three years ago, I missed out on the early days of Steemit and STEEM. Now, we have some new kids on the block, PALNet and the PALCoin. Determined not to repeat that mistake, I eagerly staked most of my tokens and became a PAL. Looking at this brand-new venture poses a question. Just how can little Minnows like us without 15 zillion STEEM to spare, make the most of our scarce resources?

The first thing I did was to stake 2/3 of my free tokens. This way I can generate curation rewards for upvoting PALNet posts. Initially, I was astounded to see people *selling* their tokens as soon as they got them. Undaunted, I made a small delegation to @minnowsupport and have already seen that tiny trickle of daily fractional PAL earnings enter my account. ENG, the Steem Engine token, is yet another asset you might want to add to your collection. When I write my posts, I do so using the Brave Browser, which generates BAT tokens. Who says I can't multitask? Now remember, this is a long-term thing, think of little drops of water slowly pooling into a sparkling crypto stream...

Since these are early days, this might be a good time to get some early exposure. Taking a look at the miners, PALM (which I've nicknamed the PAL Mini Miner) and PALMM (PAL MEGA MINER), I realized it's best to buy more than one if you can. Since it's a raffle, reserving multiple units may increase your chances of generating a return. What I also like about PALNet, is that through steem-engine, I've been introduced to many new tokens I might never have heard of. This gives the little guy yet another area to consider in this new world of cryptocurrency.

Looking for a Job? [UPDATE]

The ability to "double-dip" by earning rewards on Steemit and PAL posts, is yet another advantage of this new system. Using the "PALNet" tag on Steemit or Busy, is like "Having your cake and eating it too!" Combine that with blogging on Partiko or using the tag on an Actifit post and you can see the utility in getting even more out of your blog. I'm pumped about what this means for STEEM and the PALCoin price. Whatever you do, don't stop posting and KEEP THOSE UPVOTES COMING!:) What steps are you taking to maximize your rewards? and what are your thoughts on the future of PALNet?

Thank you so much!

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I staked all of my PALcoins and have been trying to get more. They're a bit spendy though as I'm also trying to power up. Fortunately, I have been using the DEC I get from Steem Monsters quests to get votes from SM. That has been helping. It's tough to figure out all the avenues though. Good luck!

Dear @themanwithnoname

I'm just wondering if there is anything special about this particular front-end? We've,, and probably many more. Is there any particular reason to focus our attention on Palnet? Any idea?


If you use the palnet tag, and if you vote with Palnet, you get PAL tokens that you can power up to get more PAL tokens (50/50 curation model) or you can sell them on Steem-engine.

Thank you @themanwithnoname for your kind reply.


Palnet frontend only displays posts that are using palnet tag, but you can actually use any frontend you like to start gaining pal, you just need to use the palnet tag. But I do prefer using palnet frontend myself over Steemit, the promoted articles there are cancer to my eyes and we have better manual curation here.

Thank you @prisminside for your kind reply.


Smart man! It's that whole leverage thing. I like the idea of earning multiple tokens from one post. The price is rising and I think we will see much more of this in the future.

I'm not as focused on price right now as I'm not planning on selling, but it would be nice to have the price rise once we've had a chance to accumulate more. :D

This is our time to stack up some tokens since we missed the early stages of Steem/Steemit!

I also staked 200 tokens of the 274 I claimed and going to stake more when my payouts come in!!!

I am really excited of this new era of tokens on the Steem engine. There is another kid on the block and that is for sports people.

So we are going to be able to earn like 3 tokens just from one post. I made a post which you can check on my blog if you find free time!!!

The future is here!!!

I see you've already made your post. It's great to see our efforts paying off. I didn't want to stake all of my tokens so I'd have some to play around with. I hope to purchase some more STEEM, so I can accumulate even more! :)

Dear @evernoticethat

I just created my own account on PALnet and upvoted few comments above. It seem that if I upvote via Palnet then those comments are also upvoted from my steemit account? Is that how does it work? Just curious.


Exactly. I just woke up and upvoted your comment on PALNet and it shows as an upvote on Steemit as well. The only thing I've noticed is I have to keep an eye on my VP so it does not take too much of a hit.

Dear @jaraumoses

I'm just wondering if there is anything special about this particular front-end? We've,, and probably many more. Is there any particular reason to focus our attention on Palnet? Any idea?


I'm very excited about Palnet. I think it will ease the fears of a 50/50 curation model for on Steemit. I love that one post can earn a variety of tokens. I also think that redirecting attention to curation will help improve the quality of posts that are posted. I think it will also increase interaction between the reader and the content creator.

I can tell you that it's got me interested in collecting other tokens for sure. Also, anything that helps grow the community is more than welcome.

I'm also looking into other tokens I want to get. I'm focusing on the token's utility and the communities that they serve.

I was away from steemit for bit and wasn't exactly sure what this PAL thing was, could be a cool thing, I figured out how to do the airdrop. For a while I have thought steem would be better with communities or side tokens or whatever. There is no reason PAL cant be successful

That's what I see as well. This thing just appeared and I immediately saw the utility in it. Things are just getting started! :)

I love it, Just like anything it took some researching and questions to fully understand and figure it out. Once I did I staked EVERYTHING. Well I did sell 9 PAL at nearly 1 steem each then rebought about 40 or so when the price dipped ;)

Pal Miner, Steem engine miners this is your chance to make a move!

There's so many ways to get involved, I just hope people can see the opportunity right in front of them. Get the lay of the land, then Take Action!

I was trying to leverage my pal into more pal and ended up selling just before the spike so that didn't work out lol.

I have earned a little with posting and commenting and been staking that.

PALNet has been an eye-opener to the possibilities of tokens in the future. Knowing that you can potentially double your rewards, tends to increase engagement and make both platforms "stickier." Hang around and enjoy the ride!

I did not sell and am not even a minnow.

If I transfer my pal to someone else I can still post and reply here?

You certainly can! :)


Really good information about PAL and Steem-Engine. I also just recently have been playing with the new tokens that #steem-engine has made possible.

I liked your post so much I thought I would send you some SHADE to add to your token collection. SHADE is the native token of The Ramble community. Enjoy!


Thank you so much Sarge! I bought an ENG token and it was effortless on SteemEngine. I can see this evolve into a "tipping marketplace" to reward content creators with fun tokens. Maybe even branded ones based on sport teams or celebrities. Oprah token anyone? :)

Could you guys explain to me the Pal Mega Miners ? I am a bit confused .

Here's a link to the white paper scroll down to "proof of mining." It explains everything. Cheers! :)

Hello, @evernoticethat -I did not sell any of my coins. I have all of them in paln. And you can certainly see a faster growth

I can see how some people might have sold half for instance, to power up STEEM, while letting the rest ride. I think you'll look back at this time of accumulation as a wise one. :)

I wish I got some PAL tokens, I saw people selling off when they could have just staked and broaden their horizon. I see a bright future with this and I intend to be a partaker in it

Indeed. I do know that some of those people used the proceeds to power up STEEM which helps our platform as well. I made a small delegation to @minnowsupport and receive a tiny daily distribution in PAL. Think of it as a small snowball rolling downhill...

Hi evernoticethat the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit

Thanks for the SHADE. It's hot out here on the east coast! :)

I know. I live in southwest Pennsylvania, not far from Baltimore.

I know. I live in
Southwest Pennsylvania, not
Far from Baltimore.

                 - sgt-dan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Maybe you meant southeast? I'm not too far from Philly.

Actually I meant to say: South-central Pennsylvania (York County).

let's see what happens

thanks for sharing....will definitely stack it

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Things just keep getting better and better <3 <3

Dear @evernoticethat

Now, we have some new kids on the block, PALNet and the PALCoin.

I'm just wondering if there is anything special about this particular front-end? We've,, and probably many more. Is there any particular reason to focus our attention on Palnet? Any idea?

It's my first time I'm using Palnet and I found your publication very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with this platform.


Well I can assure you I'm no expert, but for me it was the light bulb going on when I realized we could multitask our votes. I can see a day when one post can generate dozens of tokens from one upvote. The other thing is the token market which introduced me to a number of new tokens I'd never heard of.

Same here I want to buy a bunch more and become big and Palerful! lol pal pun there! I am stocking up on on payday palday!

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