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...Okay, this is getting outright freaking impossible! I mean there are just so many high-quality entries coming in each week that it’s virtually impossible to order them! I’ve expanded my scoring process and it’s helped to some extent, however, it is still extremely difficult to differentiate among the extraordinary talent here at the Open-Mic venue.

In addition to tightening up my scorecards, I’ve also expanded my special shout-out section to included 20 specific artists that were within a razor’s edge of making my top 10. One would be quite accurate to assume that this minor tactical shift in my weekly shout-out mentions indeed translates to 25 honorable mentions vs. the 5 that I choose to list along with their respective video tributes.

Finally, my last category of shout-outs lists the numerous artists whose performances I truly enjoyed this week. With so many favorites to list, it’s likely that I may have missed a few; however, I do try and make a point to give a shout-out or comment to everyone who impressed me on some level.

Because I start judging entries from early on in the week, I am more often than not one of the first judges to come out with a top-5 selections list. I keep up in real-time with all of @luzcyphers “approved” entries, and sometimes, I even get a little ahead of him. Trust me; this is not an easy task to accomplish by any means.

My cut-off time for judging entries is the cut-off time stated in the rules, 12:00 pm UTC, however, every now and then a stellar late arrival shows up to upset the entire apple cart. Because of this, I do very much make certain that before making the final selections that I review @luzcyphers “official” "See Who Played" lists to make certain that all approved entries are present and accounted for insofar as my weekly picks are concerned.

At the current UTC time to which the “official” cut-off is aligned, I am now 6 hours or more past the cut-off, so I feel quite confident in submitting my picks for the week at this point in time.

So with all of that said, following some further insights as to how I judge, let’s get it on, shall we?

Steemit Open Mic Week 69

Libra-Man SCALES.png

My Process

As one of the esteemed Open Mic judges, it is my job to come up with (or “curate” as it were) a short-list of my top 5 entrants each week. With all of the great talent here, that is by no means an easy task. Sure, tossing in another 5 honorable mentions helps, but not when my weekly list starts out with 100 or more of my favorite entries... You guy's rock - I'm tellin ya!

Yes, I am a Libra – so I have an inherent drive deep within me to be fair and balanced – good qualities for a “judge” if you ask me. That being said, I’m still human – filled with emotion and subjective feelings – just like you. So, in order to mitigate my subjective tendencies to the best extent possible, I’ve come up with a method by which to narrow down my selections in a more objective vs. arbitrary manner.

Here’s how I go about my personal judging process: I first start out with a list of 100 or more of my most favorite entries for the week, and score them (yes, subjectively) in six distinct categories via a spreadsheet. The categories I’ve selected for scoring are in general harmony with those explained by @luczypher in his post titled How We Pick The Top 3 Entries, referencing such.

To get a more in-depth perspective as to how I personally go about selecting my artists, please refer to What I go through as an Open-Mic Judge.

Even though it’s still a “subjective” process – diligently going through each scoring category to come up with a “total” score for each entrant helps to minimize any overzealous subjectivity that I may harbor with respect to any specific entrants.

Quite often, this exercise doesn’t give me the exact results I would personally prefer to see – but that only means that my system of judging is working as intended and designed. With all of that said, here are...

My Top-5 Picks in Order

FIRST PLACE: @joseacabrerav - “Me Va Mejor / I'm Doing Better” - (Original Song)

In his post, Jose’ states, “Music Saves Lives,” and in a sense, that music is in fact, is the essence of life itself! I could not agree with him more!

I’ve taken notice of Jose’ from his very first Open-Mic entry months ago, however, his entry this week simply knocked my socks off!

Surrounded by an adept group of musicians and capable producers, his original rendition of “Me Va Mejor” came to life in such a way that I simply could not ignore. For all of his past efforts, and specifically for this one, Jose’ finds himself sitting at the very top of my selections for week 70.

Jose’, you and your esteemed band of incredible musicians and production artists really rocked this one, my brother!

SECOND PLACE: @dominiqueguitars – “Love” - (Original Song)

In his post, although he’s been absent for the last 2-weeks, Dominique share’s with us a recent acquisition – a new baby girl - in the form of a guitar that is, which he’s aptly named, Monique! It appears that the acquisition of this instrument has inspired him to write an “original song,” and for that, I am ever-so-grateful! Perched atop a table in what appears to be a restaurant of sorts, Dominique serenades us with a most spectacular and moving performance with his newly acquired, Monique. His vocal range and melodic musings got the better of me, and as such, our esteemed Sir Dominique has earned himself the number 2 spot in my line up this week.

THIRD PLACE: @juliolunar – “Agua(Water)” - (Original Song)

Julio just nails everything that has meaning to me insofar as ranking entries. Passion, feeling, emotion, production quality, depth, musical dynamics, and meaning - are just a few of the things inherent in this incredible performance of “Agua”. For all of the aforementioned and nothing else more, Julio is my number 3 pick here in week 70.

FOURTH PLACE: @mrbloom – “Slowed by Notes” - (Original Song)

A man of few words, Mr. Bloom states his case quite eloquently thru his original rendition of “Slowed by Notes.” His vocals are so on point, bringing his brilliantly crafted melodies to life in a rather compelling way. Needless to say, Darren, or “Mr. Bloom” as he’s otherwise known, could not be ignored, and as such, I’ve placed him here in my number 4-slot for week 70.

FIFTH PLACE: @benleemusic – “What’s Good is Good” - (Original Song)

So, yeah – this Ben Lee guy… Well, I’ve never heard of him before quite honestly. However, it appears that he’s something of an extraordinary musical success according to his accomplishments and my fellow judge @krystle’s assessments thereof. @krystle has gone out of her “fan-girl” way to educate us all on the rather impressive accomplishments of this sage, and the quite articulate gentleman known as Mr. Ben Lee. Rather impressive indeed! Be that as it may, if I were not aware of such information, I would still be overwhelmingly compelled to include Ben in my top-5 selections for week 70. I mean the guy has got it all going on! Composition, lyrics, production quality, performance skills, and just a great overall message embedded in a rather engaging and catchy song. For those reasons and those reasons alone, Ben Lee has handily carved out a spot within my top-5 here in week 70. Great song, Ben! I truly loved it!

Honorable Mention.png

My Top-5 Honorable Mentions in Order:

Fifth: @art-mess – “16-Ton’s” - (Cover)

Thank you for reviewing my selections for this week’s Open-Mic contest. If you find this content I’ve curated entertaining and of value to you, then please consider up-voting and/or re-steeming it.

Judges Graphic - Open Mic.png

Peace, Love, and Justice for All

A Very Special Shout Out To:

The following 20 artists who were very much on my radar, each within a splitting hair of making it into my overall top-10, and whose performances I loved, cherish, and respect most assuredly. This special list is very much an extension of my most honorable mentions.

They are - in no particular order:

@iqbalubit, @ale.tripoli, @vera.carla, @luisferchav, @steembirds, @chaifm, @pechichemena, @kayclarity, @wethepatsies, @melavie, @mightyjoenolan, @bennettitalia, @javierdunn, @nirtsfaty, @claratymusic, @drayfer, @evoman1, @mrprecious, @the3metrewrap, and @wilins.

Another Special Shout Out To:

The following artists whose performances I very much enjoyed this week.

They are - in no particular order:

@jaredkhamanah, @aellaa, @paulhallman, @basilmarples, @lucybanks, @kjablonski, @etemi, @oliverwaterman, @ilazramusic, @mcmusic, @quanahjayhicks, @rodolfoyanez, @asly, @kendramoriah, @gjones15, @trevorpetrie, @gabrielamenesesg, @roman.musica, @g10a, @drewley, @williansjmm, @steevc, @mrjl, @gaborockstar, @ljv, @melodeons, @carlosgu, @tfeldman, @ryoucha, @bige37, @coruscate, @sabatini, @premmlinbass, @joecha, @aayalac22, @adamzi, @lyon89, @operahoser, @tribedownsouth, @boschoscar, @rypo01, @gibber, @missweirdy, @kiloindigo, @danielsandoval, @vachemorte, @tarotbyfergus, and @aidarojaswriter.

Much love and thanks to each and every one of you who have touched a part of my heart and soul - not only this week but forever!

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@passion-ground I want to thank you from the bottom of my musical heart and soul for supporting me and my music! It's only my second week on the #steemit platform and #openmic... You're review of 'Slowed by Notes' was beautifully written too.
Thank you once again.


You are quite welcome, Darren. In two short weeks, you've made a mighty big splash with some really great performances, mate. Keep em' coming!


💦 splash 💦 Another one of my originals on its way tomorrow.
Cheers mate.

love watching the videos... lots of authors there... great job everyone!


Cheers @esmeescobar I appreciate your support!

Thanks for all the support, and for such nice words regarding my song.
I will always be grateful for all this help you give us.
Greetings from Venezuela.


The pleasure is all mine, Julio! Thank you for the great music, brother!

Sir,@passion-ground.. I'm so overwhelmed right now!!!
That i made it to your "top 5" list, beats my imagination a great deal.. Like i said in that post,i was inspired greatly and that song "love" was the fruit of the inspiration.. But right now, i just got some more quality inspirations and
I consider this a call to more quality output... coupled with the fact that you addressed me as "sir" Dominique, a title meant for men of great honour!
Thank you so much sir... This means a lot to me!!!


You are quite welcome, brother! I very much look forward to all of your future inspiration - you have been blessed with a great talent!


Thank you so much sir!
I'll keep 'em coming!

Some nice picks as always. Interesting shift away from your old methods. This seems like a bit of a better way to go now. Open Mic is constantly expanding and changing, got to change with it my brother ;)


You got that right, brother! Thank you, Jay!!

Yahh and once again we made it into the shout out list we happy bro.


Glad you are pleased, Mr. P! In fact, this was a very special shout-out list of 20-entries that could have easily been in my top-10 - and you were one of them!


Now you gonna make me feel special. Thanks man.

Awesome selections @passion-ground the talent in this comp is just outstanding! I've always had a soft spot for the blues, doesn't really show in my own songwriting, but like you I really enjoyed @markaustin's entry not to mention "What’s Good is Good" from the relative unknown (haha) @benleemusic. This song has been my ear worm for the past few days, well played Ben! Thanks for the mention my good sir!


Thank you, Trevor! Yeah, @markaustin's entry, though rather long, kept me highly interested and entertained the whole way through! @benleemusic also graced us with a rather outstanding entry as well! I always seem to find myself enjoying all of your entries, Trevor - keep em' coming!


Cheers @passion-ground, there's definitely more to come from me 😄

Thanks again sir @passion-ground for the mention. I love that music of @elisonr13 believe me, his song might have taken my soul. I don't understand the original lyrics but the melody hits me., thats great performance from him.


I could not agree with you more, @g10a! I loved it so much that I wanted @elisonr13's performance in my Top-5 - but there was simply no ignoring the other equally amazing entries.

Awesome article and stacks of great talent here! What an awesome community!
I'll have to throw my hat in the ring next week! :)


Thanks, Nathan! I'll look forward to that! :-)


I hope you do. The contest starts on Sunday and ends on Friday

que bueno, felicidades a todos.

Excellent selection man! of the five, four are on my list .. I'm happy to see how Openmic is overflowing with real talent and people who with joy and "passion" share their music and their essence .. is what you want, in my opinion, people who love the music and want to spread it and expand it, and not just being behind a prize ... I predict great success for Openmic in the immediate future.


The Steem is strong with this one.


Dear @luzcypher,
I entered a from my perspective valid entry just in time and it is on none of your See who played lists. Just missed it or is it for any other reason that you did not pic it? It is this one:


Sorry I missed it in the cue, @senzenfrenz... It is quite an intense and lovely performance! Hopefully, Luzcy will get it fixed if he hasn't already done so.

I am so pleased sir. This is just my 2nd entry and it touched your heart. I hope I can enter next week. Thank you so much for this sir.


You are welcome, friend! I hope you enter again next week as well!

Thanks a lot for including me in your special shout out!

I hope to continue in this path!

Till next week

Newbie singer songwriter here, hope to join soon, but this helps me also to find other musicians around and start my community on steemit.

Your post inspired an earworm of Wilco's 2nd verse of "Late Greats"
"The best band will never get signed
K-Settes starring Butcher's Blind
Are so good, you won't ever know
They never even played a show
You can't hear 'em on the radio "
But now they have Steemit (my addition)

Mr. Passion! Gracias por tu mención! Sigues siendo un juez con gran olfato para el talento y buen oido para las grandes melodias! Me gusta ese reconocimiento que diste a quien encabeza tu top 5, geniales tus palabras! Suerte, gran trabajo!


Thank you, Elison! I loved your week 70 performance, brother!


Paz y amor men!!

@passion-ground hermano!! muchas gracias por esas palabras, ahora queda trabajar mas duro para traerles cada vez mejor material!


You are welcome, my brother - this is a great track you've recorded! Looking forward to more from you my friend!