Hi @malloryblythe! @snook told us about this awesome contest that you have going on! This would be a HUGE gift for 3 of our Welcome Wagon recruits! Our post tied in your contest with the best kept secret for newbies.... which is.... drumroll ENTERING CONTESTS! hahaha! the irony! :) We encouraged them all to join the contest too! Thanks for being generous and thanks for making Steemit a stronger platform!
~@dreemsteem, for the Welcome Wagon!


This is so Awsome and 100%upvote. Welcome wagon Rocks!

😊 Meep👍

hahahahahaha i'm laughing - i only say meep!! LOLOL my hubby used to love Beaker ;)

Well he's cute and funny with the Meep so when he shows up I always show love.... Lol 😉

hehehehehe i would do the same!!! :) next time i see him - i'll say it too hahahhaha ( but this is the first time i've seen him! LOLOL)

I use to se him before but this is the first time in a long time so nice suprise 😆 lol
Meep... Well aren't you chatty.. Meep.... Etc... Lol
I use to answer bots to before and had fun back and forth with messages... Lol
You try it next time you se him... 😂

I haven't seen meep in so long! Hooray!

meeps meeps

Awesome recommendation, and I fully concur! I already commented back on your post but I'll say it again here. Entering contests is hands down the best way to get some followers and eyeballs on your blog when you're starting out, and win some fast STEEM to get you started. Otherwise you'd spend weeks just trying to get a few followers and scrounging together pennies. I got some of my head start from the contests in the #newbieresteemday orbit, particularly the comment contests. Those ones are great for newbies because they force people to actually engage with you hahaha. Usually you think that contests are impossible to win but the contests on here usually don't have THAT many entries. On this one the odds are pretty good that every person who enters is going to win something. And at the very least you get upvotes when you comment here.

Good luck Welcome Wagon 🤗

Thank you!!!!! we so appreciate how you helped us!

Haha, I edited my post this morning to add you, as I forgot when I was writing last night. Looks like you don't need my help!

Don't forget that when you get a Discord, you'll have a 24/7 bad jokes channel!

hahahahaha no! We won't ever have a Discord :)
Our job is to place newbies INTO already great and established Discord channels that suit them! We don't want to reinvent the (wagon) wheel hehehehehe

so.... looks like I only get to plague YOU with bad jokes!!! hehehe


It's a grimace...

i don't know how i missed this - but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Welcomewagon buen comentario , es cierto!!!!! Bendiciones

Great work

well hey! we do too :)

Just read your article and I'm glad you never gave up on steemit. Most of is here on steemit if given an opportunity will give thousand and one reasons to back out of steemit, i have friends who did but gladly we have made it this 'little far' and i pray we don't retire soon till we make it.

Thank you for the kind words and taking time to read my post. If there is one trait that has helped me here personally is that i am stubborn as a mule otherwise i would have given up a long time ago. It gets easier every day as you pick up new tricks and work arounds. I really do learn something new every day here.

i guess we have to say a "thank you" to your stubborn trait for keeping you. lol
Hope to see you at the top someday. love

Your goat story made me laugh hard lol

We get missionaries all the time and I try to be very nice, but if I can, I hide. lol

You know honestly when i posted that goat story i thought for sure I was going to be down voted / flagged into oblivion and now i kinda reposted it and I think everyone kinda loved it both times. It really broght me out of my shell and let me take the super nice guy face off that i was trying to project so hard. Now i just get to be me and i love getting on steemit everyday.

And that right there is one of the big keys to success!!! we need to be ourselves!! Because if we try to be someone we are not - it is not working out too well....

Most of my winning entries in contests I joined are not expected that I will win. After a few weeks of joining daily and not winning, I don't want to keep my hopes high anymore lol!

@doomsdaychassis - Just read and commented on your ' moment that made me stay on steemit' post - very entertaining, thank you!

I loved that Bamboo Post! I'm glad you had your "newbie moment" hehe! It was such a great article!

Yay! Our first contestant. I love it. So far it looks like you’re going to be coming into a nice windfall of SBI shares 😜

As the girl who shall be unnamed, I will happily share my upvote. Thanks for the eye candy 🍭.

Yeah, I never know how far to push the line. I don't want to get beat down again

Lol, I’m too sweet for such a thing. I thought your VP is low? I can’t get out of the trenches, thus, trying to stay away from here.

You got a 33.21% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @doomsdaychassis!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Oh yeah, I am screwed. I am at like 65%. I shouldn't drink and steemit. I made like 4 posts and went around upvoting a bunch of folks and tought myself spanish and made friends with a bunch of Venezuelans. Good times.

Beauty of Steemit, you meet people from around the world and maybe you even learn a new language.

Yo se, verdad. Dios ama el traductor de google

I believe you! He love him 😘😀😁

Youre freakin hilarious! Thanks for being you! ;)

Hola creo que hay que ayudarnos a pesar de todas las cosas que pasan en el mundo , eso da buena imagen a la humanidad :). Creo que tu publicación es muy graciosa !!!! Bendiciones

gracias. Trato de llevar mi propia marca de humor sucio a Steemit.

Good choice man and i am sure you don't regret that decision.

Not one regret. I hit the ground running and nevrr looked back.

That was a very entertaining read. Gave me a chuckle on a day which is a bit on the stressful side here at the moment.

Glad to have ya. If you are looking for laughs check out my blog or almost anyone using the tag #comedyopenmic and there will usually be somepretty good stuff to go along with it. Grab a beer and jump into reading.

Thanks for the tip. I reckon I'll need a laugh when I knock off work tonight.

When you said reckon I thought you were from a southern state here in America then I saw your profile. You are from waaaaaay farther south lol.

Yeah, there isn't too much further south than us. Only New Zulland (bad kiwi accent attempt) and Antarctica really

Well have a good day in upside down land

Adolf is bad! Do you still have other Adolfs that I can adopt? lol!

I like the honesty in your topic. A simple rule that sometimes we all forget ... Just be yourself !

Your post is very cool and i enjoyed every part of it. Keep steeming dear

Hello @malloryblythe - thank you for putting forward this contest! I have upvoted and resteemed your post. Here is a post about 2 moments that convinced me to continue with Steemit. Please see below -

Ha! put the reply on wrong comment, but I'll say it again because I really did enjoy that bamboo post! Happy you and glad you stuck it out! ;)

Thank you @iexplore - nice to hear from you again!

Many people go down the exact same road as you, myself included! Its games like this one, really thank you @malloryblythe, that help us out and gets our names thrown around! Keep up the good work!

Read your entry, love your enthusiasm and outlook, cheers!

Thank you for entering! It sounds like your experience was a lot like mine. Those little moments of appreciation at the beginning meant so much.

@newbieresteemday is a good group of folks. I am very proud that i can delegate some of my limited SP to them just because of stories like this. Keep up the good fight.

Thank you for contributing to @newbieresteemday! It has helped me and many others, very generous of you.

Oh those moments you are appreciated for your hardwork. Really means a lot to all newbies.

Yes it does!

Do you have more "Dream" stories? lol!

Hi I’m @father2b and thanks to @amariespeaks in #newbieresteem discord I was able to enter this contest and let people know how I became so addicted to the greatest social media platform ever to be introduced. So with out further ado, here is my entry
Good luck to all that enter

Yay @amariespeaks! Thanks for bringing in some newbies! And good luck, @father2b, I also hope that you become a millionaire from this platform. :)

:-D yay! I had a few people let me know they were cooking up posts for you - so don't worry darling! plus @father2b is on of my favorite newbies so I know his post is phenomenal !

Awesome! Yeah I woke up this morning and saw that only a couple of people had entered and I was like, uh oh... this is going to be embarrassing... but looks like thanks to you and a few big resteemers, the word is getting out and people are joining in!

yay!! so happy I could be a little bit of help to you ! :-D

This time next year. Watch this space

I'll be psyched if I can get to a point where I can pay off my student loans. Sigh.

Sharing your kids is a great idea @father2b!

  • You will never run out of things to write about haha

And I learn new things everyday. Thanks for your reply

father stories!! yay!!

That was really concise :D There is just so much more to say about staying here in this platform.

I had so much more to say but would of lost the audience if I kept writing everything down so I kept to point. Thanks for your reply

500 followers in 2 months is no small achievement.

Congrats !

it's all about the 3 CCC'S, Comunnity, Content and Curation

here is my entry :D it's about the cool and special women of Steemit. :D

Good luck, to you and everyone else entering I know that I upvoted. So confusing, I feel like I should put my own entry in just so I don't feel left out!

Sims is awesome!

Thanks for the contest Mallory. Congrats on your Curie win! You are doing an awesome thing by giving the prize away for the contest. I saw it on @c0ff33a’s post.
My post is about why I stuck around on Steemit after the first few mos.

Good luck, I upvoted your comment before replying and then I couldn't find it for 10 minutes it got lost in this comment mass free for all 🤣

Thanks Rob @c0ff33a. I couldn’t find my comment either. Certainly lots of entries! 😃

I like cat's!

Me too @blue.panda. I have two of them. 🐱 Panda’s are adorable too. 😊

I have highlighted 3 initiaives/communities that I think are really nice for a new Steemian to know. Supportive and friendly communities!

Thanks for the contest!

EDITED: I forgot one!

GREAT post! Thank you so much for entering!

Thank you, I edited it, I forgot one!

I approve. It's been fun being a judge on the panels for IFC contests.

Great stuff! I am learning more and more as I read these entries... now I just need more TIME!


Great communities @bengy! Nice shout out to ifc! I enjoy participating in two of those communities!

Good luck, I'm so confused I have upvoted 5 people's entries now - I'm sure that's not right in some way!

Sure it is! In any democracy, Vote Early, Vote Often!

Here we go. I don't think you will have any problems giving away the memberships :) You might have a problem choosing who to pick lol

I decided to write what made me stay on steemit and contests are playing a big part in it. So are all the cool people who are here from Tsu and of course, the Freewrite community.

I've never heard of Tsu! I had a similar platform in my life called Themestream. Reminiscing about it was one of my first posts here.

I just read it. good for you that you got started so young!!! I didn't even know how to turn on a computer at that time :) Maybe barely lol. I really only have become more computer literate in the last few years. And it is still an uphill struggle. But learning something every day :)

since you post is way payout - your comment gets a little boost 😉

Good luck, I've given up trying to work out what was happening with this and upvoting everyone I know lol

hahaha - me too. I can't keep track of anything anymore lol. And you, my friend, are helping everyone everywhere...... I don't know how in the world you do that!!!

To be honest I don't know how either, @fulltimegeek planted the seed of kindness with me and then it grew from the incredible kindness I see from the likes of @battleaxe and @sircork . The funniest thing is I have had a bit of a melancholy week with Steemit, but after reading through the posts from @thealliance playground latest recruits I have become all inspired and eager again - it's the people that make this platform and you can not help but love them.

Agreed - there are some great people on here!! And we are all lucky to have found the alliance. It is such a nice group.

I saw your excellent read in the #freewritehouse and wandered over here. I chose to write about why I plan to stick around Steemit and put in the work. Mostly, I like the people. Here's mine:

Yay! So glad you joined in on the fun and shared your experience with the freewrite community! It is indeed a great one, especially for newbies.

@]wordymouth - just read your entry and went to your profile page. Looking forward to reading your productions soon. Good luck!

We love people coming from the freewrite house lol

It's all about the other steemians who give us inspiration to stay.

I chose the comic author @stahlberg for my entry.

This person personally draws, inks, etc. his panels!

Great recommendation. @stahlberg certainly has some artistic talent

Great recommendation, and thanks for entering! Fingers crossed that @stahlberg gets a curie vote from your recommendation :)

I don't join a lot of contests but this one is different. It really got to me that you are giving away your curie prize. Bless your heart for sharing your blessings. Well, I hope I'm not too late in joining.

I'm so glad to see @beeyou hearing the appreciative words she deserves! Obviously, I couldn't agree more. I can't even imagine how different my experience would have been on here if it hadn't been for her seeing my #introduceyourself post by chance.

As for comparing yourself to others/being self conscious, I feel you 100%. It's damn near impossible not to do it, and there's literally no way that you can ever be the BEST at something (unless you're an Olympic champion, in which case there is probably still some undiscovered talent somewhere that didn't make it to the Olympics and is better than you at what you do). Besides, how can you really be the best at something so subjective? But there's plenty of room in this world for talent in all shapes and sizes, and an endless supply of readers here who would appreciate what you do. I am hard on myself too, and it's only recently (and really, with the help of this site) that I've felt comfortable enough to let it free where other people can see it, and that I've felt comfortable with saying, "hey, I might actually be good at this." I had just gotten so used to putting myself down and thinking I wasn't artistically talented in any way.

Awesome cheerleading spirit! You both are talented so don’t let anyone tell you guys differently.

You truly are a sweetie. So many of you on here are just the best!

That's true. Someone is always better. And if we keep comparing ourselves to them, we'll end up with lower self-confidence. But it's really difficult not to. I guess all we can do is be the best we can be and believe in ourselves. Good thing there are amazing people and communities on this site who go out of their way to support newbies.

Thank you for sharing your insights. It helped me view things on another perspective. :)

Perseverance is a great quality, one that I guess you're building up given that you're raising a toddler, haha - slow and steady wins the race

Good luck and all the best!

lol. you're right. It is a great quality because it's extra hard when there is a small person who is always pinching and pinching my armpit every time I'm on Steemit. haha

What a kind and thoughtful gesture @malloryblythe! There is a reason I liked you from first meeting you on your introduceyourself post. Well, aside from the fact that you are an exceptionally talented writer. :)

I haven't been on and around as much, but I'm happy to see that curie is still showing their support to you! We need to continue supporting Steemians that started late 2017 and 2018 because many individuals that started earlier already have a support system in place. I always enjoy reading your blog when I have some free time.

I think it's amazing that you're sharing the earnings from your curied post with others on this platform. This is a perfect example of Paying It Forward!

To be honest I felt a little bad since I had been picked before and I almost wished it went to someone who was new and could also feel that joy of being appreciated! But it feels amazing to have the ability to do this. It brings me much more happiness than I would have gained by cashing it out or powering up. I would love if someone answered the second prompt (recommending someone for the curators to keep an eye on) and it actually did get them their first curie vote.

You do put in a lot of time with your writings so it was well-deserved! I have seem some receiving 2-3 curie support. It really is hard to find newbie authors for curie support because many are just starting out and their posts may not be exceptional but the potential is there. Hopefully you'll receive many entrants highlighting some undiscovered authors!

Ditto the amazing feeling of doing something good for others. Cool picture, btw! You're so petite next to the Viking and ferocious polar bear. :)

Haha! I’m averagely small (5’2 and built thin) but those statues were HUGE. They make me look like a child. I think it just adds to the hilarity.

It’s a great memory shot. 🙂

Congrats on the curie @malloryblythe!!!

  • Just so happens I spilled my Steemit guts on my 100 day post


I would actually prefer that you keep it relatively concise.

This is a rather long post covering everything from "Why Steemit?" to Help for newbies.

  • Easily condensed to...
    • Steemit isn't Too Good to be True
      • Steemit is Too Geyescan.gifD to be Ignored!!!

Most of the reason I said "concise" is that many people on here associate LONG comments and posts with quality, because we're all readers here (presumably!). I didn't want them to think they were obligated to write out an enormous long thoughtful thing in order to have a chance to win. I wanted the barrier to entry to be pretty low. Also, I didn't want to saddle myself and all of our contestants with who knows how many long posts to read, hah.

But I don't mind either way. If you've got a lot to say, you've got a lot to say! And personally, I enjoyed your post and its unconventional formatting. :) It was a good pep talk. I'm trying not to hyper-focus on the rewards too much right now and just enjoy the opportunity to write, but it's nice to think that maybe one day I could make all of my dreams come true.

Ok, so here's my chicken scratching about the @dustsweeper initiative. A fantastic idea that will have benefits for a lot of members. A couple of other ideas got a brief mention too, but you'll have to click the link below to find out what they are...

A bunch of people have been mentioning @dustsweeper today and I think it's my favorite thing that I've learned from this contest so far. Such an incredible idea, and I signed up the second I heard about it. And when I say that a lot of people mentioned it, I don't mean that it's a bad thing that you did too! The more people that get the word out, the better, as far as I'm concerned! I think you're the first to mention @abh12345's curation leagues, which is also one of my favorite projects. I won't spoil the third. :)

I think the more it is highlighted, the better for everyone when it comes to @dustsweeper. Now us lowly ranked folk don't have to worry so much about our votes being "wasted" if we vote on comments

Hi @mallorybkythe thanks so much for the contest to support the newbies.
I decided to write on one supertalented steemian that should bewatched out for.
Below is a link to my entry. Thankx

Wow, incredible suggestion! I'm going to follow her. Thank you for letting us all know about her!

Yes, i'm sure she will be glad.
Thank you too for this awesome contest.

Here is my entry! What a great gesture @malloryblythe! And an epic first contest! :)
Information Finding Championship

There are a lot of great communities newbies can find and use, but I believe this community can offer a lot of benefits to the newbie that needs a "kick start" in creating content! Enjoy!

Believe it or not I had never checked out the Information Finding Championship. That prize is putting shame to my prize! Wow. Thanks for the tip!

Absolutely!! And kudos for your kindness in paying it forward, that's awesome! We welcome all!! Even though we are winding down our season 1 there is still a chance for a first timer to "catch up" to qualify for our top 16 tournament for the grand prize!

My entry as discussed above:


Hope many people will start using this amazing service!

@dustsweeper is the bomb! I signed up as soon as I found out about it.

Yes, @dustsweeper is a must have for all newbies!

I just asked about sponsoring people on it since newbies have a hard time coming up with 1SBD or 1Steem! and they said its going to be part of the next upgrades :)

@dustsweeper is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! they are what my post will be on the Welcome Wagon tonight!!! :)

Yeah! Dustsweeper is such a promising new initiative! With my tiny upvote being worth just 0.007 at the moment, upvoting comments has been meaningless... this changes everything!


Yes! It does! Tell others about it, because THEY have to apply for the service in order to get YOUR 0.007 cents upvoted to 3 cents ;-)

How awesome of you! Congrats on being noticed and awarded for your great work. HERES my entry to your fabulous contest explaining the groups that have helped me in my journey here! Good luck everyone!

Thank you so much for entering and sharing with us all some initiatives for newbies to check out! Win/win! Good luck :)

Thank you for the opportunity! And congrats!

Thanks for sharing your story @thaishps

  • I think it is great Steemit allow people to fill a need when they see it.
    Directly with no middle men taking a cut.
    • I hope to earn enough here to be able to the same...

Yes! Steemit is already great, but it can be even more so. I am learning its dynamics to then make the transition to those who are just getting easier, because at the beginning you can lose the enthusiasm to believe that the time and effort invested is not valued. Thank you @wizardave

That story about @giddyupngo literally brought tears to my eyes. That's so incredible. What an amazing, giving person. I was just lurking on their wallet to see if I should send them an SBI share and I noticed that they sent out a bunch to people in the past couple hours. If I have any left over from the contest I'll send one over their way.

Imagine a world with millions of people like him. He and other people here have inspired me, that's why I say I love this planet called Steemit. Although for now I can not distribute large quantities, I know that no matter how little, there will always be someone who will feel lucky, as I have felt since I started here.

Wow this is a super generous newbie right here - Not the beaten track for sure!

I hope you get some entries, I'm sure the #newbieresteemday tag will help, but I wonder if #contest or #competition should be a tag too - might be worth checking if they are popular? (Outside of my competition posts focused on today)

Good luck, and bravo!

Adding #contest as a tag. Thank you!

You could always put a small bounty on it to. That brings in the bounty hunter crowd.

That's true. Have they adjusted how it works yet, I found initially that scammers were turning up with shitty comments and their crew up-voting them!

Not sure on that. I believe now that the bounty poster now dictates where 80% of the bounty goes with his votes. If he does not vote then it is a free for all . Not sure if that was the orignal setup or not.

Hi and thank you for this opportunity :)

I am one of the newbies that @dreemsteem kindly featured on the @welcomewagon. I got excited and just wrote this post, and I can't wait to read all the other contributions. Here's my entry:

So proud of you for coming over and joining the contest! If you win - i'll be THRILLED for you!!! :)
I will be reading your post now :)

Ah yes, WelcomeWagon is another great initiative... there really IS a lot of help for newbies here!


Hey Mallory

I don't think I'll get round to a post on this, but I'd like to mention something with regards to 'Tell us about one or more projects that every newbie should know about'.

This has to be the @dustsweeper by @danielsaori and @davemccoy. This bot (once you have loaded your account with 1 SBD), will go round up-voting comments that you made, which have a value of less than 0.02c, which would otherwise become 0.00 after 7 days.

I think this is a great idea, and should benefit a lot of newer accounts, or accounts that have a lot of newbie follows, gain much more from their comment interactions.