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RE: CONTEST! Giving away AT LEAST 24 SBD worth of #steembasicincome shares in honor of @curie and @newbieresteemday!

I chose to go with the moment that made me stay on steemit
link to article


Just read your article and I'm glad you never gave up on steemit. Most of is here on steemit if given an opportunity will give thousand and one reasons to back out of steemit, i have friends who did but gladly we have made it this 'little far' and i pray we don't retire soon till we make it.

Thank you for the kind words and taking time to read my post. If there is one trait that has helped me here personally is that i am stubborn as a mule otherwise i would have given up a long time ago. It gets easier every day as you pick up new tricks and work arounds. I really do learn something new every day here.

i guess we have to say a "thank you" to your stubborn trait for keeping you. lol
Hope to see you at the top someday. love

Your goat story made me laugh hard lol

We get missionaries all the time and I try to be very nice, but if I can, I hide. lol

You know honestly when i posted that goat story i thought for sure I was going to be down voted / flagged into oblivion and now i kinda reposted it and I think everyone kinda loved it both times. It really broght me out of my shell and let me take the super nice guy face off that i was trying to project so hard. Now i just get to be me and i love getting on steemit everyday.

And that right there is one of the big keys to success!!! we need to be ourselves!! Because if we try to be someone we are not - it is not working out too well....

Most of my winning entries in contests I joined are not expected that I will win. After a few weeks of joining daily and not winning, I don't want to keep my hopes high anymore lol!

@doomsdaychassis - Just read and commented on your ' moment that made me stay on steemit' post - very entertaining, thank you!

I loved that Bamboo Post! I'm glad you had your "newbie moment" hehe! It was such a great article!

Yay! Our first contestant. I love it. So far it looks like you’re going to be coming into a nice windfall of SBI shares 😜

As the girl who shall be unnamed, I will happily share my upvote. Thanks for the eye candy 🍭.

Yeah, I never know how far to push the line. I don't want to get beat down again

Lol, I’m too sweet for such a thing. I thought your VP is low? I can’t get out of the trenches, thus, trying to stay away from here.

You got a 33.21% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @doomsdaychassis!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Oh yeah, I am screwed. I am at like 65%. I shouldn't drink and steemit. I made like 4 posts and went around upvoting a bunch of folks and tought myself spanish and made friends with a bunch of Venezuelans. Good times.

Beauty of Steemit, you meet people from around the world and maybe you even learn a new language.

Yo se, verdad. Dios ama el traductor de google

I believe you! He love him 😘😀😁

Youre freakin hilarious! Thanks for being you! ;)

Hola creo que hay que ayudarnos a pesar de todas las cosas que pasan en el mundo , eso da buena imagen a la humanidad :). Creo que tu publicación es muy graciosa !!!! Bendiciones

gracias. Trato de llevar mi propia marca de humor sucio a Steemit.

Good choice man and i am sure you don't regret that decision.

Not one regret. I hit the ground running and nevrr looked back.

That was a very entertaining read. Gave me a chuckle on a day which is a bit on the stressful side here at the moment.

Glad to have ya. If you are looking for laughs check out my blog or almost anyone using the tag #comedyopenmic and there will usually be somepretty good stuff to go along with it. Grab a beer and jump into reading.

Thanks for the tip. I reckon I'll need a laugh when I knock off work tonight.

When you said reckon I thought you were from a southern state here in America then I saw your profile. You are from waaaaaay farther south lol.

Yeah, there isn't too much further south than us. Only New Zulland (bad kiwi accent attempt) and Antarctica really

Well have a good day in upside down land

Adolf is bad! Do you still have other Adolfs that I can adopt? lol!

I like the honesty in your topic. A simple rule that sometimes we all forget ... Just be yourself !

Your post is very cool and i enjoyed every part of it. Keep steeming dear

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