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RE: CONTEST! Giving away AT LEAST 24 SBD worth of #steembasicincome shares in honor of @curie and @newbieresteemday!

Hi @malloryblythe! @snook told us about this awesome contest that you have going on! This would be a HUGE gift for 3 of our Welcome Wagon recruits! Our post tied in your contest with the best kept secret for newbies.... which is.... drumroll ENTERING CONTESTS! hahaha! the irony! :) We encouraged them all to join the contest too! Thanks for being generous and thanks for making Steemit a stronger platform!
~@dreemsteem, for the Welcome Wagon!



This is so Awsome and 100%upvote. Welcome wagon Rocks!

😊 Meep👍

hahahahahaha i'm laughing - i only say meep!! LOLOL my hubby used to love Beaker ;)

Well he's cute and funny with the Meep so when he shows up I always show love.... Lol 😉

hehehehehe i would do the same!!! :) next time i see him - i'll say it too hahahhaha ( but this is the first time i've seen him! LOLOL)

I use to se him before but this is the first time in a long time so nice suprise 😆 lol
Meep... Well aren't you chatty.. Meep.... Etc... Lol
I use to answer bots to before and had fun back and forth with messages... Lol
You try it next time you se him... 😂

I haven't seen meep in so long! Hooray!

meeps meeps

Awesome recommendation, and I fully concur! I already commented back on your post but I'll say it again here. Entering contests is hands down the best way to get some followers and eyeballs on your blog when you're starting out, and win some fast STEEM to get you started. Otherwise you'd spend weeks just trying to get a few followers and scrounging together pennies. I got some of my head start from the contests in the #newbieresteemday orbit, particularly the comment contests. Those ones are great for newbies because they force people to actually engage with you hahaha. Usually you think that contests are impossible to win but the contests on here usually don't have THAT many entries. On this one the odds are pretty good that every person who enters is going to win something. And at the very least you get upvotes when you comment here.

Good luck Welcome Wagon 🤗

Thank you!!!!! we so appreciate how you helped us!

Haha, I edited my post this morning to add you, as I forgot when I was writing last night. Looks like you don't need my help!

Don't forget that when you get a Discord, you'll have a 24/7 bad jokes channel!

hahahahaha no! We won't ever have a Discord :)
Our job is to place newbies INTO already great and established Discord channels that suit them! We don't want to reinvent the (wagon) wheel hehehehehe

so.... looks like I only get to plague YOU with bad jokes!!! hehehe


It's a grimace...

i don't know how i missed this - but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Welcomewagon buen comentario , es cierto!!!!! Bendiciones

Great work

well hey! we do too :)

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