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RE: CONTEST! Giving away AT LEAST 24 SBD worth of #steembasicincome shares in honor of @curie and @newbieresteemday!

in #newbieresteemday4 years ago (edited)

Hello @malloryblythe - thank you for putting forward this contest! I have upvoted and resteemed your post. Here is a post about 2 moments that convinced me to continue with Steemit. Please see below -


Ha! put the reply on wrong comment, but I'll say it again because I really did enjoy that bamboo post! Happy you and glad you stuck it out! ;)

Thank you @iexplore - nice to hear from you again!

Many people go down the exact same road as you, myself included! Its games like this one, really thank you @malloryblythe, that help us out and gets our names thrown around! Keep up the good work!

Read your entry, love your enthusiasm and outlook, cheers!

Thank you for entering! It sounds like your experience was a lot like mine. Those little moments of appreciation at the beginning meant so much.

@newbieresteemday is a good group of folks. I am very proud that i can delegate some of my limited SP to them just because of stories like this. Keep up the good fight.

Thank you for contributing to @newbieresteemday! It has helped me and many others, very generous of you.

Oh those moments you are appreciated for your hardwork. Really means a lot to all newbies.

Yes it does!

Do you have more "Dream" stories? lol!

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