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RE: CONTEST! Giving away AT LEAST 24 SBD worth of #steembasicincome shares in honor of @curie and @newbieresteemday!

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Hi I’m @father2b and thanks to @amariespeaks in #newbieresteem discord I was able to enter this contest and let people know how I became so addicted to the greatest social media platform ever to be introduced. So with out further ado, here is my entry
Good luck to all that enter


Yay @amariespeaks! Thanks for bringing in some newbies! And good luck, @father2b, I also hope that you become a millionaire from this platform. :)

:-D yay! I had a few people let me know they were cooking up posts for you - so don't worry darling! plus @father2b is on of my favorite newbies so I know his post is phenomenal !

Awesome! Yeah I woke up this morning and saw that only a couple of people had entered and I was like, uh oh... this is going to be embarrassing... but looks like thanks to you and a few big resteemers, the word is getting out and people are joining in!

yay!! so happy I could be a little bit of help to you ! :-D

This time next year. Watch this space

I'll be psyched if I can get to a point where I can pay off my student loans. Sigh.

Sharing your kids is a great idea @father2b!

  • You will never run out of things to write about haha

And I learn new things everyday. Thanks for your reply

father stories!! yay!!

That was really concise :D There is just so much more to say about staying here in this platform.

I had so much more to say but would of lost the audience if I kept writing everything down so I kept to point. Thanks for your reply

500 followers in 2 months is no small achievement.

Congrats !

it's all about the 3 CCC'S, Comunnity, Content and Curation

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