Bill Withers //Ain't no sunshine// cover

in music •  5 months ago

Another oldie... Seems im stuck in the 60s and 70s. hehe.

Evergreen song you all probably know every word to...
Hope you guys enjoy this one. Ill be keeping my music uploads short on text in the future so i dont run out of gas when i have to write my ramblings. :D

And the next song i upload will be a violin instrumental (for those that got tired of my singing hehe )

⭐Keep on Steeming!⭐....

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Awesome Voice WOW!

One of my all-time favorite songs, and you give us a wonderful version of it. Thanks so much, @silentscreamer! :-) Resteemed for spreading the soul in you voice ;-)


Awww. Thx zyx. Many hugs. :D

Is it even possible for you to ever perform badly? I think not. Neverrrrr! I first heard this song performed by someone on American Idol when the show first came out, it might have been season 1 or season 2. I religiously watched the show back then! Not sure if you've ever seen it, but had you ever gone on the show you'd have won it, hook, line and sinker! This is glorious. Let me grab my broken record and say WELL DONE! Aggggain! Go girl!
♥- Serena


I dont have "The X factor" to win something like that. haha...
If youre talking about the kid from Netherlands, then ive seen it. I really liked his version.

Thank you again Serena. hehe


That's bull! You have the X factor.. Y factor.. Z factor.. #1 factor. You've got it all, darlin. Total package. ♥♥♥ I do not ever wanna hear you say otherwise!


Hahaha. Well i have this. :D


:D Ha ha!! Perfect!

Great to see you back in style! I'm looking forward to the instrumental, nothing against your singing though! I guess the orchestra is on a break?


Yep. We have a leave till October but i have something with the orchestra called "Splitsko Ljeto" (Split Summer) where we play during the hottest days of the year. Should be fun. :)

Wow must sound beautiful melodious person

Very good sound & performance plse also want u r support

good stuff. You should really let your voice soar though. Sounds like you are holding back just a little. Don't worry about the neighbors. Just be you!


Haha. You noticed well. Im actually filming in my boyfriends apartment house, or whatever you call it, and he had guests. Haha

Stunning rendition used to have this on my playlist on the phone and loved listening to it especially on an evening ride going home. I'd love to have your version on my new playlist.


Hey Watersnake!😇❤ Glad to see you drop by.
Youre free to use any song i have.


That's the most soul filled cover of this song I've heard... With this song that's REALLY SAYING SOMETHING!
Thank You!


Well thank you sir. 😇❤