STEEMIT OpenMic Week 75 ❍ |"Theme from Schindler's List" |

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In this video i play the theme from the soundtrack of the movie: "Schindler's list".

Its a piece beautifully composed by the legendary John Williams and played by Ithzak Perlman, one of the greatest violinists of his time, who inspired me to play it for you.

I played this piece for the first time when i was 13 and it still has a great impact on me after all these years. There couldnt have been a better score composed for this movie. The movie is great on its own but without the score by John Williams i really doubt it would have had such a lasting impact amongst all the other great movies dealing with the tragedy of WW2.

The moment in the movie i remember the most, when you hear this theme, is when Schindler is handed the letter and a ring with the inscription:
"He who saves one life saves the world entire"

...moments before leaving his factory realizing what little a human life meant in the time of the regime. _A mere trinket on his jacket would have meant, one more. _
That scene is pure emotion. (And the way he picks up the ring, when he drops it accidentally)
Like it means the world to him.
Ugh, dont cry Marica, dont cry... 😢

..lalalalalalalalalala...On to something else i want to say... Wheres the transition button when you need it?


I have been really busy this week so i couldnt make this in time for Week 74 but i really wanted to get this out there as soon as possible and give a little shout out to the folks from the discord channel:C-m(S) aka Classical-music(Steemit) mostly posting under the #classical-music tag here on Steemit.



(Couldnt find a bigger arrow 😂)
These guys make really great stuff and really work hard, so i would like to encourage everyone to go and give them some love.
Maybe invite them to a beer and some nachos. 😂

Anyways, i hope did the theme justice.
Oh, and if you enjoy this video, and it gets a positive enough reaction i might do a series of popular themes from movies or even video games. (Some amazing stuff there as well)
Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments and ill see you later.

Keep on Steeming! 😁
Bye bye






absolutely beautiful

A warm musical melody and a talent for playing

Top stuff, a lot more modern than what we do! But good music is good music!

How do you raise interest of the general Steemit public for classical music? You go with something familiar to them... 😁

Yes, we are really a specialist Baroque Early music orchestra. So for us, the top hits are Vivaldi Four Seasons and Pachelbel Canon.

Haha. Well said.. Baroque is great but id say my preferences and favorites lie in the Romantic period. 😊
Probably not odd for a violinist to say. Hehe

One day you will see the light!

You had me at classical music after you left a wonderful Comment in my post.

That movie really made me feel how bad the Holocaust was but showed as well the beauty of the human spirit.

Haha. 😁
Yes. I couldnt have said it better myself. The movie shows the highest of highs and the lowest of lows of humanity.

Made the train, so got to listen whilst waiting for it to go. Touching performance, one of my favourite movies!

Thx Bengy. 😁 Hope it brings some attention to the #.. Schindlers list is just baby steps. Cant hit them with Tchaikovsky right away. Hehe.

It is incredible what u can do with a simple theme. Williams is the man :) For me the best part was the synthesis from 1:50 till the end. Thank you for your performance!

Any time. 😂
Williams as i said is a legend. Its actually one of my dreams to work on a legit movie score. It wont happen but one can dream. 😁

Such a great entry @silentscreamer, you make that violin delicately wail so many emotions
I have included you in my Judge's Top List Review For Week 75
Please view the entire article here

My sountrack of today... thanks a lot

Beautifully done!
I love this particular piece of work :) The melody is so heart-breaking, not elaborate but at the same time really conveying emotions.

Yeah its very straight forward. The theme itself is probably lower intermediate level to play but it really doesnt need to be any more complicated to convey the feeling. And thats the beauty and brilliance of John Williams.

Yeah, that movie is something spectacular. One of those movies where I didn't think about the camera and acting and scenery... I was simply wrapped in human story and feelings and... damn allergies... amazing movie.

Allergies left and right. My brother cried to this as well. He never cries. We were all concerned for him. Told him he should go see a doctor. 😂

Yeah, exactly, if you leave allergies unattended, who knows what can happen. When I consulted my doctor, he suggested Rocky IV and a beer. It helped ;)

Hahaha. Rocky always helps.😂

Wow @silentscreamer that was beautifully played the whole dramatic emotion covering the whole range of just simply brilliant. I never seen the film I just stopped by because the violin is a beautiful instrument when played with such talent. My mothers husband makes electric violins and also plays at concerts so I am sharing your link to him because I know how much he would appreciate to hear your talent. I am also a musician alto saxophonist and vocalist but you may be the first instrumentalist who I have heard in openmic with a backing track so thank you for sharing you have inspired there, your talent is awesome! :)

Well you should drop by SMA if you arent already there. Great community and they will give out a reward to the 400th member. Who knows, you might be it.

It was really hard to find the backing track, although the theme is popular.
I actually own a pink electric violin someone gave me as gift. Its very ugly and low quality but you can do some fun stuff with it.. 😂

You should watch the movie. Its praised a lot but the praise just doesnt do it justice. 😁

thanks for the tip and I'm going to watch that film right now cos I think someone like me should have seen that ages ago. Pink Violin! Wow thats so funny that will certainly get you noticed lets see this funky thing lol

Found it! Haha. Its a bad picture but you can see the beauty and the craftsmanship. 😂FB_IMG_1520183435855.jpg

That thing is awesome!!!!! But yeah I can imagine it doesn't quite have the resonance... haha

Haha. I hate it. Its sounds like a tin can. It sits in my closet somewhere away from human eyes. 😂

Nice song :D thx for share

firma 8.jpg

One of my favorite films of all time. This was a splendid rendition of its theme. Bravo!

😁 People seem to love it from what i can see, so far. Its just one of those scores that have the power to instantly shift your mood to fit the atmosphere of the movie.

Thank you for the nice words. You could say that.... I played it with passion. 😂

Nailed it. This is such a great piece - important to me in my life as a filmmaker as well.

Clearly I need to explore the #classical-music tag - I didn't even realize that it existed! Thanks for the visibility boost :D

I really wanted to pick something modern that is well known so its closer to the general public and a sort of a slow introduction into the classical world. The visibility i get from OpenMic i think will help a lot. @silviagoh had a great entry for last weeks openmic and a Curie so hopefully we will be seeing more entries every week. 😁

That's great - I love how many genres are represented in open mic. I've been toying with the idea of trying to find another singer here and doing a short and fun duet - like maybe the Duetto buffo di due gatti (or something of that similar silliness). I've been battling flu though so not much singing has been happening this week!! We'll see!

Haha. Thats a very odd and funny pick.. 😂 You should try it. People love that kind of stuff.

I loveeeee this song!!!! thank you so much @silentscreamer for sharing this beautiful tune! I'm gonna have​ a beautiful dream tonight. Love this! <3

Absolutely lovely! It's so beautiful to listen to.

Deeply moving rendition. Love it. Thank you for that!

Thank you. As long as people react like this ill keep making more. 😁❤

I love your intonation and the progressive changes in this. Really really do.


Next time please follow the rules and say your username at the start of your video. Thank you

thank you! very good performance

Absolutely beautiful and graceful. I am a big fan of the movie and especially what Stephen Spielberg did with the money after the movie. He took that money and spent time video-documenting personal tales of Survivors, and helped the growth of The Shoah Foundation.

As a musician I love this. I am always impressed at how any musical piece can be played with such precision, while still adding the musicians personal style and feeling to it as well. Thank you for posting this, sincerely!

Wow. Thank you for the kind words. Music is emotion and whenever i can i try and add a personal touch. Its subtle but theres a difference between just reading notes and feeling the music.

violin is such a complex instrument! I loved your performance, hope you like ours too hope to see you next time!!

Your entry always inspire us to do great :)

Hey Ayush! Glad you dropped by. I hope you are having more luck this week.. This last video you made is much much better. Good luck. 😁

I knew it was gonna be a success, but I'm happy I underestimated the degree!

Haha. Thank you. I know of something else thats going to be a sucess as well. 😁 wink wink

And, you are telling YOU don't know how amazing and talented you are? I don't care if this comment makes you blush. YOU ARE AMAZING AND INCREDIBLY TALENTED. YOU better start BELIEVING IT. :)

I felt every note of your cover deep inside. Love the sound of the violin. It is a HEART instrument no doubt. Man that created chills all over my body listening to it. Awesssooomeeeeeee. You are aweeesssooome... Thank you for the amazing cover. :)

Keep them coming, you amazingly talented person. :)

Haha. Your comments always make me laugh. I think ive thanked you a 100 times already. 😁

Well, you deserve it my friend and I saw it from the first videos and a cover you made. All it took for me to write a couple of encouraging post for you and here you are ready to take over the Steemit music scene. I am just standing on the side and love watching you climb to the top. :)

Haha. Im still climbing. Its a steep mountain. I just hope i wont have to call HGSS half way up. 😂😂😂

hehe yes, but I think you are cheating... You are using the helicopter to fly to the top.. lol That violin and voice being the "helicopter". lol

Well i cant jump as high as you. I have to cheat somehow. 😂

Not cool... not cool.. hehe :P

I dont know how to sing but you did well here @silentscreamer

Ovo je fantasticno, bravo! Ma nemam teksta... :)

Hvala hvala.. 😁❤

Utterly sublime. Such a beautiful melody and you play it with real emotion. Well done!

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed.😁

It is always nice to listen you play. This is one of your best work so far. 💚

If you dont improve over time then whats the point. Hehe.
Starting up is always a rocky road. 😌

That was beautiful! Also.. one of the most amazing movies.

Wow beautiful playing. The violin is definitely one of my favorite sounding instruments. This is a great song as well. I will pay more attention to it if I ever watch Schindlers list again.

The theme is there throughout the movie. Its subtle in parts but noticeable.
Glad you enjoyed. 😁❤

Divno nešto! :)

got it ;) for the dance performance