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My Alternative Lifestyle Show is now in its third week and it's going well.

One issue that did concern me was whether I would be able to find enough guests to fill the show.

No need to worry though, we are now already booking guests two weeks ahead.

This is largely due to having three really keen 'Guest Finders' that I recruited last week.

They are searching round steem tracking down all sorts of extremely interesting guests that want to come on the show.

This coming Friday we have a fantastic lineup with @armadillocreek, @geke, @goldendawne, @occupywallets and @ura-soul

This really demonstrates the value of having a team to help put the show together.

Now I want to expand that team.

I would like to recruit two technical support people and two promotions people.

Technical Support

The tech support people will be helping guests get on to Discord, checking they have mics set up okay and helping with soundchecking. They might also be doing secondary backup, editing of sound, and potentially also video files.

Reasonable skills in sound and video editing, and knowledge of OBS would be ideal. A good internet connection will be desirable.

I'm a PC user so Mac users would have to make sure they can readily interchange files with a PC.


I am looking to take on a couple of people who love doing promoting.

This will involve promoting my radio shows each week as well as my ongoing contests.

These people will need to be top class networkers, know their way round the Discords, Steemit Chat and Slack.

They will need to come up with smart ways to promote the show and the contests without being run out of town for being too spammy.

Hours & Remuneration

The hours for the these roles will be very variable. Although for the tech support roles at least one will need to be available for each show.

The jobs will be paid, at least at the outset, through multiple full upvotes from me - currently worth $2 each.

The number of upvotes for each job will be determined by mutual discussion.

In the first instance the people recruited for these jobs will just be working on the Alternative Lifestyle Show on Fridays.

However I am about to announce a second more wide ranging show with music and interviews. Members of the team will be welcome to work on that as well

If you are interested in either of these roles do put a comment below or find me in Discord as @pennsif#9921.

To help get this post widely seen I will happily upvote anyone who resteems it and tells me in a comment below. Upvote according to your followers and reputation. Thank you!

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setelah saya selesai membaca saya sangat kagum dan menyukai pogram ini di minggu ini
andai saja saya dapat bergabung dengan pogram ini alangkah betapa senangnya hati saya .
terimakasih telah berbagi saya akan mencoba mempromosi postingan ini kepada teman teman saya yang lain.

Ha ha - I happened to mention your show to @beautifulbullies in Steem Sugars since she's into homesteading, and @ravenruis chimed right in - you've got some good people on the job so far!