How I Used Paigham Bot To Get All My Clients For Social Media Management

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When I moved to Manhattan a few months ago, I saw my expenses shoot through the roof. Instead of spending $100/month on rent, I was now spending $1100 and needed to adjust accordingly. Between that, my $1000/month food bill, buying way too many fur coats, and the odd Jewish event that required a buy-in, I saw my bank account start to shrink.

At the time, I was making money through consulting for cryptocurrency startups. I was getting lots of leads from a top ICO advisor with whom I'd formed a partnership and all I had to do was close enough of them to keep everyone happy. A few grand here, a few grand there and living in Thailand was virtually stress free.

That New York State Of... Poverty

But when my partner phased me out by hiring a sales team to streamline the process, I found myself without any leads. I needed to make an adjustment.

I decided that I would go back to my previous plan of doing social media management for businesses. Get companies paying a few hundred bucks a month for basic growth and posting services, automate as much of the workflow as I could while outsourcing the rest, and before long I imagined that I'd be living the passive income dream that so many of you wage cucks wish you had.

And I pretty much did exactly that. I've signed up around 50 clients in the past few months from the strategies that I'm about to describe to you and could have done 2-3x that if I'd known then what I know now.

Fair warning: there are affiliate links in this report for some of these services. I use them and now I'm recommending them to you. If you want to copy my strategy, help a brother out and use the links here so I can get some of that sweet, sweet affiliate payout. As of right now I'm also offering private coaching for these strategies as well, so if you want me to hold your hand through the process, contact me at [email protected] after reading everything and we can talk.

A bird's eye view of the process:

  1. Decide what you want to sell
  2. Make a non-terrible website
  3. Use Paigham Bot to scrape search engines for websites based on the niches you want to target
  4. Use PB's contact form submitter to contact the sites with a brief introduction and offer
  5. Follow up with the people who seem interested
  6. Close the clients (possibly by offering a discount)

Decide what you want to sell (hint: it's social media management)

I've read tutorials about starting an online business in the past and it always pissed me off how general they were. The authors would write shit like, "What do you like to do? What's your passion?"

Motherfucker my passion is paying my rent and buying cheese made from raw milk instead of that pasteurized shit. My passion is doing hot yoga classes with hard-bodied strumpets trying to unwind from their shitty retail jobs. My passion in no way involves sitting on my computer and working. I'm doing this shit to make money.

So when I started this journey, I decided to pick something so easy, even a retard could do it: social media management (JK much respect for TL).

Fact: billions of people all over the world - many of them much stupider than you - successfully use social media platforms every day. These companies spend billions of dollars trying to make these platforms as simple to use as possible because they know that most people are capable of little more than slamming Big Macs and Big Gulps while they smoke unfiltered cigarettes with their toes as they watch the same Family Guy reruns for the 100th time.

You post pictures. You write captions. You use hashtags. That's social media management.

The best part is that most business owners 1) know they "need to be on social media," 2) hate using social media, and 3) would gladly pay someone a few hundred bucks a month to handle that shit for them.

Now, I can already hear some of you having an epileptic rage fit and saying, "But @yallapapi, I don't WANT to sell social media services! I want to be unique and cool and do one of my stupid unproven ideas that I thought of instead of actually doing any work!"

And sure, if you want to try to sell your automated toilet seat closers to local businesses, be my guest. But we're trying to make some quick cash on a recurring basis - not reinvent the wheel.

If, on the other hand, you already have some kind of marketable skill that you could offer instead of social media management, then by all means sell that instead. Photography, video creation, maybe you have a non-retarded blog that people care about.. whatever. You can sell anything you want - just make sure that it's something that a business would actually buy and not some retarded pie in the sky idea that hasn't been tested by the market yet.

Take three hours of your life and make a website

When I first started doing this, I didn't have a website. And I still got plenty of clients. Looking back, I think that one of the main reasons for this was that my Steemit blog was looking sexy as fuck.

I would write this awesome introductory message (which I'll show you in one of the later sections) and reference one of the earlier Steemit articles that I wrote about growing Instagram pages.

Potential clients would see that article and naturally click on my username to see if I had maintained the blog and continued to update it. My older posts were orgasmic in quality, and I imagine that they'd read a few paragraphs and be like, "Damn, this motherfucker is smart. I would totes pay him $100 to manage my IG."

Unfortunately, I had the brilliant idea of posting more regularly, and the quality of my posts started to go down. Looking back I wish I hadn't done that. And if there was a way to delete posts from this god forsaken website I'd gladly scrap virtually everything that I've written in the last three months.

But as my successful businessman friend likes to say:

"You can't put the shit back in the donkey."

Anyway, somewhere along the line I decided that it would probably be a good idea to make a website. So I did. I made a few, actually.

The fact is that I had these websites for a while but never actually used them. When I did my outreach, I would use a Gmail address for the responses.

I eventually ran into trouble with that as Gmail thought I was spamming because of the volume of my outreach, so I started using a hosted email instead. And since I was using a hosted email, I figured I might as well complete the experience by pretending that I was an actual company instead of just one dude chilling in his living room in New York with a tab of acid in his cheek.

Whether or not you like it, the fact is that people will trust a cold email more from someone who has a website than someone who doesn't. Take two identical people, two identical offers, two identical everything except one has a website and one doesn't - who do you think is going to get more business?

For my sites, I use a simple WordPress theme. I can't remember the name of it, but if you look around the free theme store it's one of the top ones. Bonus points for anyone who leaves a comment and tells me what it is. Here's my site:

Speaking of domains, buy a .com. Don't buy a .net or any of that other shit. You can get a .co, .us, or .nyc (or whatever city you're in), but the rest I'd stay away from.

For hosting, I like Namecheap. They're the cheapest hosting provider that doesn't look like it's being run by shady Russian hackers and also offers unlimited bandwidth AND will let you host 2-3 domains for free. They also have a simple 1 click Wordpress installation.

Speaking of WordPress, there are lots of tutorials and forums out there that will help you figure out how to make a site if you don't know how. Google is your friend.

Making WP sites does have a bit of a learning curve (especially adding WooCommerce and making an eStore as well), but once you get the hang of it you can whip up basic sites in a few hours that you can use to test different offers. Spend a day or two learning how to do it and I believe it will be time well spent.

A note about integrating WooCommerce: you don't have to do this. You can pay the $40/month or whatever it is for Shopify if you want, but I personally prefer the free option because I'm a cheap Jew. And when you have multiple sites, that $40/month adds up quick.

Furthermore, when you close a sale, you'll generally be doing it over email and getting the client to pay via a PayPal link. You can send them to your site to pay there if you want, but I just prefer to do PayPal. So you don't actually NEED a store.

But if you ARE going to add a store, then I would recommend pricing your services at 2-3x what you intend to sell them for. That way when you're doing your outreach, you can frame it in terms of a special promotion you have going on.

"Normally our high end management services go for $300/month, but right now we're having a [2 for 1 special/$100 off/50% off] anniversary promotion..."

You get the idea. In general, you always want to start high and then work your way down to leave yourself some room to negotiate. Everyone loves a deal. More on this later.

Scrape search engines using Paigham Bot

This is the most important section of this entire post. Paigham Bot is a fucking game changer for me and has turned me into a lead generation machine. I can get hot leads of businesses that want to buy shit from me just by using this bot.

So what is Paigham Bot?

Well... it's a lot of things. It's a search engine scraper, a contact form submitter, a social media scraper, a bulk emailer, and a lot more shit that deserves a lot more explanation than this one section.

For our purposes we'll be using it for two things: search engine scraping and contact form submitting. Here's how it works:

  1. Scrape search engines for websites based around certain keywords
  2. Parse the data for contact pages
  3. Load the contact pages into the contact form submitter
  4. Use the contact form submitter to blast all the companies with your offer

"But wait, isn't this just spamming?"

Not really. You're not sending them an unsolicited email. You're filling out the contact form on their website that is there for people to contact them. I'd say that's kosher, but some people might disagree.

Moving on with the strategy, let's say that you want to target doctors. You would load a keyword list into the scraping module (which you can get from the trusty Google Keyword Planner), adjust the settings and let her rip.

There are lots of videos on the PB website that explain how to do it, but you do have to do things in a specific order. So don't get frustrated if it doesn't work right away.

The beauty of PB is that once you build your blacklist, you can recycle it for other offers. So for example right now I've got a blacklist of about 1.1 million contact pages that I've contacted for my Omnifarious site. I've hit a point of diminishing returns at this point because it makes more sense for me now to spend a day building a new site with a new offer than scraping for an additional 30k contact pages.

But because you can hit the same list with multiple offers, I can even run this service for other people as well. I have a friend who does real estate here in New York and wanted me to help him get information for companies that do loan modifications. Took me a few hours to scrape all the loan mod companies in the US, extract their contact pages and hit them with his specific offer.

He's a friend so I did it for free. But businesses would likely pay a lot of money (or at least a commission or finder's fee) for a service like this. I've found that it requires a little too much explanation for business owners who aren't tech savvy, but I can easily approach a company that sells social media services and tell them that I'll do an outreach campaign for them as an affiliate.

In fact, that would probably be better for me at this point so I don't have to waste time actually managing the social media pages. Just close the deals and collect my affiliate income.

When I signed up, I chose the $200/month pro marketer package or whatever it's called. Normally I'm a cheap Jew, but I figured that if I'm going to spend money on this then I might as well do it right. I saw the potential of the bot right away, even before I started using it, and didn't want to skimp on something that could generate some new income for me.

Contact the website with a brief introductory offer

Back in the day when I used to take this blog seriously, I was a big fan of telling people they should send 50 emails a day. That number seems like a joke to me now.

With PB, I can contact 100k businesses in a day if I want. And I don't have to do it by copy and pasting emails into a spreadsheet.

But the point is that even when I was only doing 50 a day, I was still getting clients and making money. The reason for this is because I am a good writer who relentlessly tested his cold email templates until I found something that worked.

In my experience, here are the elements of an effective cold email:

  1. Short and to the point
  2. Clearly states the offer and price
  3. Casual and non-salesy

In other words, don't try to close them in the introductory email.

Imagine that you're just offering someone a glass of water. Are you going to be like, "Hey dude, I just wanted to let you know about this AMAZING glass of water I have here! It's way better than all the other glasses of water. We're actually the #1 glass of water provider in the whole world. Just give me fifteen minutes to show you HOW GREAT our glass of water is and..."

No. Chill with that shit.

"Hey, I'd like to offer you a glass of water. It's ice cold and quenches your thirst. If you're interested, let me know. If not, have a nice day."

Again, this is something that you need to experiment with. I'll post what I'm currently sending out to people below, but don't be a dumb fuck and copy it word for word. Change that shit up a bit like a smart person.

Here's what I send:

Hi there,
I'd like to grow and manage your Instagram page. I specialize in developing niche IG accounts.

Here's a few pages I run:

My personal IG account:

Here's an article that I wrote about growing IG accounts on my Steemit blog:

Here's a video I made (new channel) that explains the strategy.

My personal FB page:

You can also find me on LinkedIn:

I've been doing this for a while for my own accounts and am now looking to pick up some more clients. I'm happy to grow your account for only $100/month as long as I can use you as a reference.

Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're interested. Otherwise have a nice day.


Simple and straightforward. I tell them exactly what I want, show the proof of the work I've done before, and give them my social media links so they can verify that I'm an actual human being.

Now, to be fair, I should probably take out my own personal social media links. Those are relics from when I was using Gmail and wanted to add some extra credibility. If anything they are probably hurting me now because my IG is a shitshow and everything I've written on this blog in the last three months has been a disaster.

But if you have a blog that's related to the service you're selling, then it might be a good idea to include it. Same with the social media.

Again, this is something that you should test. This isn't the first iteration of my intro nor will it be the last.

For my other campaigns I use a different strategy as well because this one personally identifies me. I can't blast them from another domain and be like, "Hey guys, me again! And today I'm selling you something different..."

Get creative with it. But the point is to keep it simple. Don't sell them in the first email. Tell them what you want to sell them, show them proof of your work, and tell them how much it's going to cost.

Since we're operating on massive numbers of people, you want to eliminate any stupid questions like: "How much does it cost?" and "Can I see samples of your work?" Include those in the first email and it will be much easier to close them later on.

Follow up with the people who seem interested

So you've sent your first blast. Now what?

Well, you're going to get a lot of automated responses. I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but you should have set up a separate email to use for these campaigns because you're going to inadvertently sign up for a shitload of newsletters.

It's kind of interesting to get daily emails from, but I have enough distractions as it is and you probably do too.

I personally use hosted emails loaded into Outlook. I'd never used Outlook before, mainly because I'm not an old man, but it has its advantages when it comes to using it as a catch-all email. For one thing, it's not Gmail, which will shut your ass down if you all of a sudden get 2000 emails in a day.

Now, you don't have to actually sit there and read every single email. If you're dyslexic or have bad reading comprehension, then you can just skim the titles of the emails to look for ones that seem like they're actual responses. They usually start with Re: [whatever your subject was].

So assuming you've written your intro properly, you should get some interested people writing you back.

Now that they've shown their interest, it's time to sell them. But not hard like a desperate little bitch. Nice and soft. Easy.

The idea is that you give them more information about how the process works so that they can logically justify the purchase. They already want to hire you because they like the idea of what you're trying to do, but they just need to be able to wrap their heads around the strategy as something that sounds plausible to them.

You can't just be like "yo dawg gimmie dat money and I'll pimp that shit 4 u." Maybe for some medical marijuana pages that would work, but for normal businesses you might need to refine it a bit.

The elements of a good first response email are:

  1. Explains how you're going to do what you do
  2. Repeats the price and how it's such an awesome deal
  3. Includes a payment link in the email
  4. Also includes what they should do after they pay

Here's a great article on writing cold emails.

Again, the idea here is that you want to eliminate any stupid back and forth retarded conversations that drag the process down. You want everything to be so super clear that there's literally no possible way that these people wouldn't understand what you're doing, how you're doing it, how much they need to pay, and what they're getting in exchange for what they're paying.

Here's mine:

Hey there, thanks for the quick response. Here's some more info about the process.

Here's the breakdown in a nutshell:

• Find pictures/videos
• Post them once per day on your IG page
• Load your account into my software which performs behind-the-scenes actions to grow the account
• Follow/unfollow up to 500 users per day
• Like 500 pictures of other accounts per day
• Do hashtag research to find the best hashtags for your niche

We have a few options regarding content:

  1. Pull popular photos from Instagram in similar niches
  2. Use whatever pictures you may have lying around or on your website
  3. A combination of both

I've grown many accounts using no unique pictures. In some cases this is better because we can select pics that have already received a certain amount of likes/comments, thus proven to already be popular.

All of these things combined will give you a beautiful account that looks impressive to customers. A strong Instagram page is a very effective selling tool. I use these exact same strategies to grow all of my accounts. I would love get you guys as a client which is why I offered such a low rate. I normally charge almost $600 for this service. And even that is considered low.

Basically I'll do everything for you for $100/month. Just sit back and watch your account grow. If you want to get rolling, then just take care of the payment here:

Once that's done, send me the logins for your IG account. If you don't have one, let me know and I'll make one for you. Otherwise if you have any more questions, feel free to fire away.

As you can see, this is a pretty fucking sweet deal for your average business owner who probably doesn't do shit with their Instagram account.

The reason social media management services are so easy to sell is that business owners feel super guilty about not "being on social media." They see it as a chore, as something that doesn't have any direct payoff in the immediate future, so they don't want to waste their time doing it.

This is a massive flaw in their thinking because they're basically saying, "Oh I don't want to tap into a completely free network of billions of people. I don't have time for that."

Add to that the fact that it literally takes 5 fucking minutes to post a picture, write a one sentence caption, and paste some hashtags and you begin to wonder why these people don't want to do it. But thank god they exist, otherwise I'd have moved back to Thailand long ago.

Anyway, the point is that if you hit them with a succinct explanation of what they're getting and conveniently include the payment link in the email, they're more likely to pay.

Follow up and close the clients with a discount

People can love you, love what you're selling, and want to sign up - but no matter who you are, sometimes it's still hard to spend that money.

It's the act of spending the money itself that requires overcoming a mental block. Me for example, I just bought a vintage mink coat for $100 (great condition btw) without thinking twice but when I go to the grocery store, I'll agonize about spending an extra $1 on the olive oil made in California vs the shit made in Italy.

Does it make sense? No. But that's human nature.

Because we're working on a strategy of massive volume, it's up to you how much time you want to spend chasing down individual clients. Personally, I'd just as soon send out another blast and look for the easy customers. But sometimes all people need is a little nudge.

We're all busy. Sometimes you fully intend on doing something and forget. It happens.

So the strategy I've been using to follow up on clients is like this:

  1. Wait a few days and send a brief email asking if they are ready to go
  2. If they don't reply, wait another week and send another email telling them about a special promotion for the same service at a discount

The first email is very simple, looks like this:

Hey there. Did you want to get started? You can pay via PayPal to keep it simple.

Otherwise let me know if you have any more questions.

Easy. Simple. Not nagging them, bugging them, selling them hardcore. Remember, there are millions of contact pages out there and I can easily create another offer just by making a website and changing shit around a bit. I don't need that one specific client. Nobody likes desperation.

Sometimes that will work, but sometimes it won't. People tend to cool off if too much time passes. They'll think, "man, do I REALLY need that social media shit? Nah. Fuck it."

Here's the second email:

Hey there. Just wanted to let you know that I'm running a special promotion where the same service I explained to you before is reduced to half price for a limited time. Instead of $100/month for IG management, it's only $50. If you lock in the rate now, it will stay the same for the duration of the service.

If you're interested in signing up, just take care of the invoice at the link below and send me the logins for the account you'd like to have managed. I just started a Twitter/FB management and daily posting service as well, so if you're interested in that as well let me know. Otherwise if you have any questions, feel free to fire away.

This will generally get me a lot of signups because it's such a fucking amazing deal. $50 for someone to basically run your social media account? You can't even find Pakistanis on Fiverr that are willing to do this shit for that cheap.

If I don't get a response for this, I generally consider the lead to be dead and move on.

To sum it up

When I signed up for PB, I told myself that I'd try it for a month and if I made my money back, I'd keep using it. I've made way more than that and am only now starting to see the potential that it has.

Whether you want to use this strategy for social media management or something else is up to you. I've literally gotten to the point right now where I feel that I can sell any kind of service in the B2B market. I'm limited only by the amount of instances I can run on my VPS, my ability to keep all the data organized (not my strong suit), and my creativity in coming up with new offers.

Influencer marketing, social media management, lead generation... whatever you want.

The tutorial videos for PB are not 100% comprehensive and the bot itself can take a little while to get used to. But once you get the hang of it, it's easily one of the best lead generation tools out there, if not the best.

I'm taking on 10 students for private coaching where I hold your hand and take you through every single step to start getting your first clients. Help you build a custom strategy so you can start making money online within the week.

Interested? Then send me an email at [email protected] and let me know why we're a good fit to work together.

Can't get enough of me? Follow me on Instagram!

Read these for Ultimate Enlightenment:

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i’ll try and restrain

Long and informative post.

I really like the meme on user interfaces and jokes, very true.

THX a lot yallpapi.. this post is not just immensely useful in regards to its content but also gives a good example of why steemit could finally thrive.. create and share content that gives readers a economic benefit which in response leads to readers being happy to vote and "pay" for that content!

Oh @solarwarrior, you sweet sweet innocent boy. Look at this image:

The amount of money earned from "normal users" on this site is less than $5. For a 5000+ word article that presumably offers a lot of value, $5 is nota lot of money. Nobody is paying me for this unless they use an affiliate link in the content.

No power users or whales are going to bestow an upvote upon me out of the goodness for their heart, their love and appreciation for this ponzi scheme of a blockchain, or any other reason when they could just sell that upvote or upvote themselves.

And it's not because they're bad people. It's because there is absolutely no point for them to not take the money for themselves instead of giving it to anyone else. It's a perfect prisoner's dilemma and nobody is cooperating.

The fact that there are still Kool Aid drinkers out there like you who believe this is anything even remotely close to an altruistic money machine for random broke ass people living in 3rd world countries is borderline insane. No offense.

The only way to make anything happen for yourself on this website is to kiss the asses of people with lots of SP and hope they throw you a pity upvote, strike a deal with plugins like SteemPress, Dtube, Dlive, or whatever and... hope they throw you a pity upvote. Because they like your content.

But what you don't realize is that this is nothing near a permanent solution because there's not enough money to go around. Why? Because the people who have the SP are going to use it to upvote themselves instead! And people like you who like the content aren't going to pay my rent with your $0.02 upvotes.

The only "evergreen" solution to this is to create an actual business for yourself or some sort of vehicle that's going to generate income for you, but if people were smart enough to do that then they would have done it already.

Anyway... sort to bite your head off there. Thanks for the compliment. But nobody is going to make any money on here unless they run a bid bot or have a deal worked out with a high SP plugin. Good luck.

Hey yallapapi,

its actually 4 cents.. ;-)
and Oh @solarwarrior, you sweet sweet innocent boy .... I wished I wished.. ;-)

Actually I am convinced that you are spot on.. I should have enough economic and financial market knowledge to describe and forecast how this steemit machine works... and I wanted to write a series about the problems and possible solutions as in every ICO I have seen the cryptoeconomics are the neglected child that nobody cares for.. and I believe same happens here.. I will write some articles about this... but as the only feedback you get is votes and comments and those have been scarce for my blog I fear I will write for the waste bin....

So the economic feedback loop yielding to the point that you are getting paid for your hard work was much more a perspective of an ideal world compared to the current situation here... and wishful thinking and some dreaming... ;-)
Actually atm for me to watch and blog on steemit is much more economics 101 and watching a sandbox arena of a 100% wild west market.. its just amazing how the term "you will get what you incentivise" is bang on on steemit...

but before this response gets to long.. let me draw the following conclusion:
experiencing with bid bots, writing content and curating yielded in a total negative return as the received votes could not compensate for the money lost with voting bots..
and at the same time I only have some economic success here because steemmonsters.. as steemmonsters has been the only light at the end of the tunnel for me.. in terms of joy but also economically...
so steemmonsters atm is what would give me the best hope towards a prosperous steem and steemit..
(sorry, I had to correct my earlier article.. I mixed up you yallapapi with yabapmatt, one of the steemmonsters founders.. sorry for that)

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New York is the pizza to Chicago's crime rate.

Nicely done . Follow me on @singhsaurav

wow lots of info to digest, i probably need to re-read this 10 times. useful tips let try out

Short and to the point
Clearly states the offer and price
Casual and non-salesy

PS : i think this can add value to your instagram service and clients by getting more outreach on steemit + additional revenue with this new dapp share2steem. It help you/your clients easily autopost instagram content to steemit and get daily upvote from them and other users who activate trail.

PS :

• Follow/unfollow up to 500 users per day
no wonder i keep seeing account follow and then total followers doesn't increase. good strategy to get ppl curious and chk out their profile haha. didn't know there's a software doing it.

alot of informations..there must be a story to relate to for everyone who reads it.. cheers bro

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Only one inquiry: on the off chance that somebody doesn't have the portfolio to appear, in what manner would it be a good idea for him to way to deal with the potential customers?

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I'll give you $0.10 to stop spinning other people's comments and kill yourself instead.

I cant spining other comments @yallapapi

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@yallapapi is using Mesmerize WP Theme ;)

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Just one question: if someone doesn’t have the portfolio to show, how should he approach to the potential clients?

Great question. So in all the times I’ve done this, only a handful of people have asked me to verify that I own/manage the pages. And those people didn’t sign up.

So you could just lie and say you control pages that you don’t really control. Or you could tell them that you sign a non disclosure agreement with clients. You could say that legally you’re not allowed to disclose client information.

If you have a little money, there are markets where you can buy social media pages that have been organically grown by a marketer and just use those.

That’s smart! I will definitely try this method in the future.

Thanks for the wonderful post and keep posting such content.

This PB bot, is that like Scrapebox? What bot do you use to automate the instagram comment,likes,follows?

Much better than Scrapebox. For IG I use something similar to Follow Liker

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If we did all the things we know we should be doing, we'd all be billionaires with six packs.

Most people aren't going to do anything with this information. My hope was that the few who are willing to try would sign up for PB through one of the aff links and that I might get some private clients out of it. Or someone might see that I know my shit and want to hire me to do marketing for their company.

But really more than that, I was watching a video the other day and the guy was talking about how when you do something, you should put 100% of your effort into it. He was talking specifically about making videos, but I thought of myself and how I used to write really good articles on here. The past few months I've definitely been slacking off and kind of just half-assing it.

I wanted to write something that people would find useful, hopefully share with each other, and that would challenge me creatively to make a beautiful piece of content that would reflect positively on me.

All congratulations to your efforts it genuinely is a really good article and a beautiful piece of content. I shall not be following it. I already have a six pack and I'm rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

I do think it's fantastic though. Imagine a world in which people actually apply themselves and follow the free information (libraries come to mind) and come up with solutions to problems that can help themselves and others!

I scrolled all the way down just to say that is a weird set of splits my dude.

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Very good advise how can get this words :P

Thanks @yallapapi for sharing these useful inside tips from the world of "a social media manager hustler". I wish you good luck with in your quest for enlightenment, booty & dinero my bro. And hope to read more soon!

Peace out!


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