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Let's jump right in.

My idea to establish a blockchain magazine on Steemit is not going to happen. Couldn't find a whale, nobody responded to my messages and I don't feel like looking anymore.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. But I made the same mistake that I always tell all of you not to make: don't depend on the platform to earn rewards.

That's a great idea in theory, but the problem is that the success of my plan hinged on a handful of people who have the power to fund the project. Why waste my time chasing them when they won't even acknowledge that I exist?

So now I have a new plan.

Easy money is the best money

As you may or may not know, I do marketing for ICOs and blockchain startups. I'm pretty deep in the ICO game and have developed quite the list of services for my clients. Here's a taste:

  • Build a Telegram group to 50k members (can provide mods as well)
  • Create and manage a subreddit
  • Shill them on Reddit, HackerNews, 4chan etc from thousands of high-karma accounts
  • Shill them on foreign content aggregation sites in Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Spanish
  • Grow and manage Twitter, FB, etc
  • Influencer marketing with cryptocurrency personalities or influencers in their specific niche
  • Provide 100s of articles per month including placement on crypto sites
  • Shill them on crypto forums and FB groups
  • Run a blog for them on Steemit, Medium, etc
  • Introduce them to investing groups
  • Introduce them to high-profile ICO advisors
  • Connect them with professional fundraisers who raise money from Asian markets
  • Get them on CNBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc

There's probably more but that's all I can remember off the top of my head.

These are things that all ICOs want. Shit, all regular companies want these things too. But ICOs are hot, have rapidly approaching deadlines, and need to get things started NOW so they can start raising money.

After doing this for several months, I've made connections all over the place. At this point, I don't even do most of the work myself. I just contract it out to people I work with and take a little bit off the top. Just depends on how much time I have.

Lately, one of my partners has been sending me introductions to 50 new ICOs per day. My inbox is blowing up and I'm having trouble keeping up with the correspondences in addition to all the other stuff I have to do. Plus keep in mind that I try to do Muay Thai 3-4 times a week and like to spend at least 2 hours at the beach every day. Making money is great, but staying in shape and having a tan are non-negotiable for me.

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that I'd like to offer people on here the chance to work with me in promoting these ICOs. And I don't mean spamming articles on Steemit, either.

I'm actually looking for people who have an established reach in the crypto world. Maybe you have a blog, maybe you have a Twitter account with 50k followers, maybe you have a YouTube channel... whatever. If you can do something off-site for promotion that I don't know about or haven't thought of, then I'd like to hear from you.

Here are some examples:

  • Lots of followers on a social media account
  • Member/leader of a crypto Telegram/Discord chat
  • Part of bounty hunter groups
  • Active on crypto forums

If you have something like this up your sleeve, get in touch with me and we'll figure out how to create an offering that I can add to the services that I already offer. I'll sell the services on your behalf and contract the work out to you.

I've already connected some of the people in my #sharkschool group with some ICOs. One of them is now managing their Discord server and the other is writing an article about their company. There is plenty of work for everyone. If nothing else, you can write articles for a bounty, although I would recommend you get creative and offer something more than just an article.

For example, one of the things I'd like to offer is promoting their ICO to Discord/Telegram crypto groups. So I gave one of my #sharkschool people the task of making a list of 100 groups and their approximate user count. Once I get this, I can offer my clients "marketing on 100 different Telegram cryptocurrency investing groups." That's a valuable service.

If I can offer them 500, then even better.

If you do want to get involved, then I recommend you think of something along those lines.

Hit me up on Discord (yallapapi#1970) or email me at yalla.papi@gmail.com.

The People's Advisor

I feel like the next step is to establish myself as an ICO advisor. I work with quite a few of them, and basically all they do is give introductions to their partners and allow the ICO to put their face on the website. They take a % of the total raise, a % of the total tokens and maybe a one-time fee on top of that as well.

It's kind of funny when my partners send me introductions. They cc half a dozen people who all have company-specific emails, and then there I am with my janky ass gmail address. But if I throw up a fancy website and some decent copy, then all of a sudden my services are worth 3x more than what I'm charging now.

I see what my partners do and there's literally no reason why I can't do the same. No, I don't wear suits every day and live in New York, but that doesn't really matter. I'll just brand myself as "The People's Advisor" who does Muay Thai and goes to the beach every day.

Will it work? Maybe, maybe not. But if I have to choose between exercise/sunshine and making more money, I'll choose the former every time.

The point is that in order to be an advisor, I need to grow my network.

Are there any people worth connecting with on Steemit? Surprisingly yes. In fact, that's the only reason I'm still here.

Ever since making a name for myself on here, I've connected with people who have the potential to help me make more money. Some of them are established entrepreneurs, some of them are launching ICOs, and some of them are just broke nobodies but are trying to hustle their way into the next tax bracket.

And by writing these articles every few days, I increase my chances of meeting them.

Hi everyone and welcome to The @YallaPapi Show

Another thing I want to start doing is capitalizing on my Steemit fame by doing some influencer marketing of my own. The problem is that I don't really spend a lot of money on anything. Food, rent, gym and... supplements?

As someone who works from his laptop, I WOULD however use services that appeal to digital nomads. For example, there are some companies that offer curated trips to different countries where they handle all the logistics like finding a place to stay, activities, etc so you can just focus on work.

I'm in touch with a few of them to see if we can work out some kind of arrangement, ideally where they let me do their program for free and I create promotional content for them and post it on Steemit. And while my long posts are popular, I have an even better idea.

One thing I've been meaning to get back into is making videos. I got my feet wet during a 30 day experiment with vlogging a few years ago. The videos were shit and I look like a complete retard, but it was a good experience learning how to edit movies. Now that I'm making some progress establishing my brand, I feel it would probably be a good idea to start getting into making videos.

Actually, it's one of those things I know I SHOULD be doing but just haven't gotten around to yet. It's just intimidating to talk to the camera. Writing is so much easier. But if you want people to know who you are, videos are the way to go.

So since I'm already using some of you for the ICO marketing, I figure I might as well see if I can use any of you for this as well.

So, do any of you have professional video editing skills and want to spend a few weeks in a foreign country?

I'm pretty sure that if I came to one of these companies and said, "I will make 21 vlogs about your program if you let me do it for free," they'd probably say yes. Especially if they're fully-edited by someone who knows what they're doing.

That way, we both get a free trip to wherever and you get to spend quality time with me, following me around with a camera and revealing how much of a boring person I actually am.

For the circle-jerkers out there, we would also post all these videos to Dtube. That's 21 pieces of professionally-edited content on there that an actual company would eagerly promote on their own. And with my help shilling the videos, we could make them (and consequently Dtube) get lots of off-site exposure.

I am obviously incredibly handsome and charming, so that combined with your mad editing skillz could probably get both of us a free trip to a tropical island somewhere.

Of course once we got there we'd actually have to do the work, but what do I care? You're the one who's editing the damn thing. I just have to pretend like I'm more interesting than I really am. And with palm trees, girls in bikinis, and the ocean in the background, that shouldn't be too hard to do.

Upvotes for Jesus

Look, I would have loved to get that crypto publication going. And I may still do something like that on a smaller scale with some smaller delegations. Right now it's not high on the list, but in the future that might change.

I'd rather get a free trip to Koh Phangan and put my face in 21 high quality videos that are edited by someone who knows what they're doing.

I'd rather write this long post explaining all that, paying for some upvotes and then showing it to the companies that I'm negotiating with as proof that I can represent their brand well and get them guaranteed exposure.

I'd rather tell potential clients, "Remember that idea I emailed you about the other day? Here's an article I wrote on it. You see all those encouraging me to do it? Those are all my fans. They'll share content video with their network just because I ask them to. You're telling me that paying your wholesale cost for your product or service isn't worth that?"

What are they going to say, no? Come on. I'm fucking famous on Steemit brah. Plus I upvote all my posts to the top of the Trending page anyway. Free exposure for them and all they have to do is pay the costs for me and my videographer. Or shit, maybe they even have someone over there who can shoot and edit the videos so I don't have to do it.

So, to recap:

  1. Tell me how you want to help with ICO marketing
  2. Think of a in-depth service that you can provide (as opposed to just writing articles)
  3. Let me know if you or someone you know is a videographer/editor and wants to talk about doing some editing work in exchange for a semi-free trip to somewhere nice

See you in Thailand.

What other companies out there do you think would be interested in marketing on Steemit?

Tell me in a comment!

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I’d be interested in seei where it would go, though it would take some serious support. If you can get a team together count me in


We’ll see. No promises



Amazing pictures


What you need for the project is strenght vision and commitment not a whale if you are strong enough to get commited to this project then it will be a banger


nice comment dear .@reaction


Yep. That is the only 'good' use for the bill on those days...

Why don’t you start the magazine on your own, and then be so good they can’t ignore you? Who needs whales to start projects on Steem? If you have the skills you mentioned, you’d be better than a lot of whales here 😉🤙


Because that actually requires effort and consistency. And it is also hard to outsource as lazyass @yallapapi wants to do.


I agree with you


So how would one get involved?


Making some noise right from the start, being unique and clear (not being the hundredth blogger who posts a bit of everything), finding your niche (see uniqueness), interacting (commenting and curating) on a daily basis, constantly building your own community of like-minded people around you, not asking what steemit can do for you but what you can do for the network, joining the relevant Discord channels and: not complaining after an entire first month of low earnings :-)

It's a full-time involvement, but it can be fun!


Oh, there are no complaints from me. Having really started only a week ago, I'm completely happy with my progress. But that's secondary. I've learned so much by writing posts for Steemit that I would have not learned or only skimmed over. Regardless of what happens, thisnis a great tool for so many and a great way to get outside of self and help others by providing new information and a different perspective. I really appreciate your advice too. I think I was starting to fall into the "little bit of everything" trap you speak of. You have definitely inspired me to stick to my niche. So thank you so much. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to using and givinfo to this platform. It's going to be a great adventure.


That sounds as if the Steem bug had caught you - nice! :-)
Of course, the learning curve is extremely high, especially in the very beginning. If you absorbe everything like a sponge, you'll be doing progress and see the impact very fast. There's a saying that money follows passion and not the other way around :-)

Enjoy the great adventure though!

PS: With regards to your second comment, many community builders have created chatrooms on discord to interact directly with their members. Here's an invitation link to the DLive server for you: https://discord.gg/F4B68H. If you're into video content, you should definitely check dlive.io (it's another app built on the Steem blockchain, so the videos you upload there are automatically displayed on steemit.com).


Thank you so much for your uplifting words. I think what you and now I am involved in is very important. My hope is that we can over come the centralized platform like twitter FB and so on. I've always been very passionate about my niche but have decided to put it to use finally. Thank you so much for your time again.


My pleasure!

The future is decentralized.


And one question if you don't mind. What is a discord channel? Someone else mentioned it but wouldn't define it when I asked and I can't find a clear description anywhere on the net.


I like the way you think AND the fact that @yallapapi always has something going on. The man's brain is a loading-dock of success!



Good question.

I played with the numbers of getting a paid delegation from Minnowbooster and was unable to come up with anything that was profitable enough to be worth my time and financial investment.

I supposed I could start the "slow" way and just put up 10x posts a day anyway. Probably would be worth it in the long run. Who knows, maybe I'll still do it. But to spend all that time editing/connecting with writers for a questionable payoff in the future is not really appealing, even with all the benefits that would come from being a content factory.

I actually never thought about just doing it without either buying Steem or leasing a delegation until just now. Let me mull it over. We'll see.


You could do a magazine ICO? How much do you need to raise? You could put every magazine on the blockchain and all holders get airdropped an edition every week with higher investors being rewarded with special gifts and bonus material.


Brilliant. You’re hired


agreed x100. just start making it. if you build it they will come


I've started all of my projects on Steem by myself. Also if you have the money to push your article to the first trending position, why would you need to ask for funds in order to implement a creative idea...? :-))


Because for me to push my own post to the Trending page is not a risk. I get to build my own brand and get my message out there.

Creating an account that upvotes itself with a leased delegation is a massive risk, one that I'd prefer someone else bankroll.


Don't you believe that excessive vote buying can harm your brand, too?

The majority of followers you generate through paid trending positions, will never start interacting with you on a regular basis, since they didn't begin to follow you for what you do (being like-minded people that have a true interest in being part of your community) but for your ranking.

You can actually do a test: publish an article and don't boost it at all. Then check how many of your ~3,800 followers really engage with you through quality comments :-)

Only organic growth is sustainable, especially when it comes to community building. That's at least my personal experience from almost two years on steemit. Even though this is a rule that applies for many other market segments.

Well, everybody has to find their own way..:-)
All the best for yours!


Because it's a HUGE effort, and I know, because I've done it.


Well, that's life I guess. Nothing worth having comes easy :-)


well come dear .@fitzgibbon


hi dear @surfermarly
excellent post

The marketing of Crypto especially ICO or new coins are necessary for its own growth. As we know, this space are still on infancy stage and it takes a lot, a lot, lot of marketing to bring awareness of people. Great posted article



Cool post @yallapapi. Best of luck with your ICO advisor endeavor. 👍
More exposure for DTube did you say? Hell yeah, I hope your videos turn out well!


@yallapappi, get hold of @thinkit , he does great vids, has a drone, takes cool pics and like me, hangs out in Thailand :-)
PS Take a look at @originalworks, they seem to be running comps to boost new ICOs.


Will do. Thanks

Your posts are getting more and more notorious. They are entertaining, provide powerful advice, and are highly informational. I'm glad you are getting so much money thrown at you from ICO creators. You must be totally killing it! You use Steemit as a strategic platform rather than a money maker. I like the way you think. Yes, building a network on here will take time. You say you want people to promote your posts, I will work with you but don't know if I'm entirely qualified. I love your posts about muay thai and maintaining a nice beach tan. I'm the same exact way with bodybuilding and tanning! Keep at it man!


Your posts are getting more and more notorious. They are entertaining, provide powerful advice, and are highly informational. I'm glad you are getting so much money thrown at you from ICO creators. You must be totally killing it!

LOL I actually thought this was one of my weaker posts. Go figure.

You use Steemit as a strategic platform rather than a money maker. I like the way you think. Yes, building a network on here will take time.

Doesn't take that much time. 4k in 4 months is pretty fast for a blogging platform.

You say you want people to promote your posts, I will work with you but don't know if I'm entirely qualified. I love your posts about muay thai and maintaining a nice beach tan. I'm the same exact way with bodybuilding and tanning! Keep at it man!

Learn on the job brother. I didn't know how to do any of those things on my list back in December. But one company asks you to do it, says they'll pay you $X to make it happen, you better believe you'll learn that shit or find someone who does.

My gym wants me to do a pro fight. So maybe you'll be able to see me get my ass kicked too.


That $4k is going to be a lot more incentive Steem rises! Yeah I agree if the company pays you a certain dollar amount, you'll figure out a way! Dude I used to do Muay Thai! The clinch is brutal! Man I want to see your high kicks, hey I'd totally pay to watch your fights even if you got your ass kicked!

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You look smart, dude.


Maybe cause him is?

Good luck man. Hope it all works out.

What do you consider enough followers to be an "influencer?"


What do you consider enough followers to be an "influencer?"

I wouldn't say there's a specific number involved, it's really just more of a measure of how much your audience is engaging with you. I have almost 50k followers on Instagram, but they don't engage nearly as much as the people on Steemit.

I've seen Insta accounts that have only a few hundred followers get 50+ comments per post. All just depends on who cares enough about you to take a few seconds out of their day to acknowledge your existence.

Thanks though.

Sounds like a very solid project man, can’t wait to see this thing in motion. It’s a win win situation that benefits everyone, smart play, yallapapi.

Dope ideas mate

Zyzz forever! <3


We're all gonna make it brah


Thats it ! :D

Keep your chin up. I've decided that Steemit is toxic and unfixable. :p

I'm waiting for the next Steemit Clone to come out an do it better. Mind you, I don't think whatever that platform may be, that people won't game it just like they do here, but it can't be any worse than this place.

So why am I still here? Because I'm playing this site like it's a fuckin' MMO, and I'm the scrap dealer! :D


Can't say I disagree with you there. I've tried to give it up, but it adds a lot of social proof when I'm able to say that I have a following on here. Once that's no longer true, I'm out like clout


You can't argue with results.

Despite my pessimism, I actually think steemit will be on the rise for 18-36 months before it starts to die a slow agonizing death. But then, I'm an optimist. ;)


Lol I like how you base that on absolutely nothing.


I base that guess on throughly scientific premises.

I estimate it'll take about 18 months for my penny-ante gaming of this system to get me enough steem so my upvote is worth 2-3 cents.

I figure I'll get to enjoy the wealth & power for a few weeks before it then goes belly up.

You had me at "Easy money"... =)

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I love the humor on the photo of that guy with sun glasses. Your post made me smile tonight @yallapapi.

Well steemit is a best platform to convert your dreams into reality, And I too agree on this one, Society even labels creative people as "lazy", and its true they are the creative ones. Nice post, keep sharing stuff like this.

If you were good at marketing you would have found a whale. Doh.
Your posts are boring and cheesy in my opinion.


If you were good at marketing you would have found a whale

Not necessarily. I don't exactly have the best rep on here and my posts are not exactly whale-friendly. I don't think any of them would help me out of altruism or "for the platform" so I tried to pitch it as a profit-based initiative.

I suppose I could have tried to network more in Discord groups and all that, but there are only so many individuals out there who can delegate the amount that I need and I didn't feel like putting so much effort into finding them.


Best of luck.


Dang, tell him what is on your mind.

Harsh, might be true though.

Pretty sure that chick could give me a decent fight.

rob chen 50px.png For what it's worth, I was looking forward to the blockchain magazine. Perhaps it's just not the right time, just need to build up more and try again?

And if you're looking to become an influencer hit me up on discord my team works to connect influencers with project creators on Steemit.


For what it's worth, I was looking forward to the blockchain magazine. Perhaps it's just not the right time, just need to build up more and try again?

Mentioned it earlier, but I may just try without the delegation and see how it goes. The problem was that I couldn't justify the cost of leasing for the potential payoff after splitting everything.

I may try it myself with no delegation. That way I wouldn't have to post 10x day because I wouldn't have any expenses, so no pressure to make sure it's profitable. Just split everything with the author. Hmm this idea is getting better and better.

And if you're looking to become an influencer hit me up on discord my team works to connect influencers with project creators on Steemit.

PMed you

wow its amazing..upvoted and follow

Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.

1k votes! Omg! Hope all work properly

The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.

You should really go ahead with the magazine anyway, who knows in the process you might become the whale.

@yallapapi's posts were one of those post that caught my attention in my first few days at Steemit. So much information. I managed to read some.


Read some more

Didn't saw any single word about "Zyzz" in your post yallapapito.

Not fun anymore.


Sometimes when you wink at the audience, it's only meant for a few people

Thanks dude!

This is outstanding. .love to see it move

Sorry your magazine project is not going to happen yet. On the bright side at least you aren't me.


yup!!!! u r right

Wait, what happened to the investor who was interested in your e-mag? Did s/he pull out?


That was a partner. And no, they didn't pull out. They agreed to put up the money to lease the delegation for a test run. But I made the calculations at a rate of 400:1 (SP/Steem), which is the max the site allows but far above what anyone actually gets. My mistake. The real numbers are about half of that, even less.

I tried hustling up a private delegation. Probably could have tried harder but didn't get much of a response so I gave up pretty quick. All good. Might still do it anyway but with no delegation. We'll see.

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Nice post

Sebuah kehormatan bisa membaca postingan @spiritualmax Sesuatu yang sangat luar biasa tentang apa yang anda selesaikan pada hari ini, selamat kasya ucapkan atas keberhasilan anda dalam menerjakan tugas.Sesuatu yang sangat luar biasa semua perencanaan menjadi kenyataan,saya ingin menabahkan saat ini persaingan global marketing sedang terjadi dengan semua upaya bisa memenangkan sebuah persaingan hal yang sulit akan menjadi mudah dengan kerja keras
Persaingan Cryptoccurency dengan mata uang lain menjadi hal pesaingan tersebut menjadikan steem terus dewasa dengan kesiapan profesional

We win together

See you on the top

I had to use Google to know what a "Muay Thai" means lol; I'll definitely hit you up on Discord.

Dammit. If I’d upvoted when this post’s payout was 14 cents instead of reading it more of that sweet, sweet curation monies would be mine :p

Yuh too engainging for me bruhhhhhh.


Damn and here I was trying to be boring

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I don't have much of a network, but I CEO is a heavy marketer, and either I or a close buddy of mine can do videos. He edits as a freelancer atm and his work is very very good.

Either way I'd like to see how and if I can fit. Shoot me an email, hopefully we can figure something out and both benefit..


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This is the best.Great post.thanks for sharing


It is a best idea friends

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The most bester profitable topic the should Dimecoin.


yes. agree with you.

Follow me I follow back!

Your mindset of not depending on those who refused to acknowledge you is perfect.
most times what we want is not what we get.
Good information all through.
Good innovations. Post Resteemed because of its neccessity.
I appreciate them all @yallapapi

Hi @ yallapapi, You pick an interesting topic for your post. Very Informative post.Thanks for your post.

nice one

Crushed Dream????


I believe that’s a Fanta flavor.

this is one of the brilliant post in steemit

very good contribution, keep it up!

What ever you say broh tatterchip !

Good info love the the topic i had up vote this post and following you please do the same on my blog and resteem my blog please and thank you

I'm actually still interested in the king writing contest.Just can't wait to get the final edit. But shoutout once more for not giving a nutsack and for encouraging me to get in shape stunner..

You are an amazing person ! I enjoyed reading everything you shared :)

But then reality hits and you realize that everyone doesn't have even the chance to accomplish what you could.

Trying to do something, but not succeeding?

Welcome, that's life!

I can work with you,i make videos and animations too

If you follow me, then I'll follow you


If I kill myself, will you kill yourself too?

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @ yallapapi, thank you for sharing

The title alone made my day lol.

Good dreem .

I really liked the idea of a blockchain magazine, don't give up because of funding, zines and blogs are some of the easiest assets to build without any money. you can do it I believe!


Damn it stop encouraging me. Now I feel guilty for giving up

Good nice

I thought that yallapapi was a man. But is a woman. i love it


I am a man you dumb shit. That's not my picture

V.Nice post I Like Your Post

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Thank You

which you post very good .... I've read it .. as a reply to you want to follow me and vote my article..

Great friend, it would certainly be good to start generating a web reputation that gets my name among the community ... good advice!

We are all going to make it brah.


We are all going to make it brah.

This is powerful , you are really good in writing and how can you help me on the ICO thing, i wanna get to know it better.

a very interesting and very useful post, gives a lot of knowledge to its readers

Great job!!! I hope people will support this project just as much as I am. I am your number 1 fan brotha!!!

Great!hope it work~

The @yallapapi of life. You're so versatile. With all these skills, you should own a bank.😂

Your post was very great, how do you make it that ??

This really excellent for encrypted digital currencies is a brilliant future for the digital world a new world advocates