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Yo peeps, good news. I'm so encouraged with the way @omniloquent is going that I'm starting another magazine. Looking for another editor who wants to handle all the shit I don't feel like doing. Editing posts, scheduling them, dealing with writers, etc.

Is that you? Leave me a comment and tell me the following:

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Editors get 40% of the SBD payout.

Also, I've compiled a few of the short stories I've written over the years into a 100+ page PDF. It's free if you subscribe to my mailing list.

The book is called High Risk Behavior and it's a collection of stories that I wrote about various things I've done over the years that I deemed interesting enough to write about. If you want to know what made me such an autistic degenerate, you'll definitely want to read this.

I won't spam you, blah blah blah. Just sign up and you'll get a download link. People who have already signed up to the mailing list will get an email with the download link soon.

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First world problems are the best problems

Okay, now that we got the boring shit out of the way, let's talk about my favorite subject: me.

I had to leave Thailand about a week ago because my visa was expiring. Normally all you have to do to renew your visa is cross the border and go back. If you do it too many times they might give you a problem at immigration, but the guy running my Muay Thai school is a cop. So all I'd have to do is give him a call and he can straighten things out.

That said, the weather has been shit in Phuket for the past month or so. It's been raining 2-3 hours a day which fucks up my beach time. Not only that, but with low season starting the crowds had begun to thin out. No bueno.

The last two weeks I was there, I got a little depressed. I had gotten there right when peak season started. It was packed with people, the weather was great, and I had to make absolutely 0 effort to socialize because I got a steady stream of new roommates every few days.

But before I left, it felt like I was just in some rainy city by the beach where I just happened to be doing Muay Thai.

And with my beach time drastically cut down to only 2-3 days a week, training had become the highlight of my day. I'd wake up at 7, keep waking up until 8:30 or so, and then run the 3k to the gym. Punch and kick things for an hour or two and then run back down.

Come back, work, and then...

And then...


Loyalty is overrated

Thailand had been so good to be these past four months. I got there a pasty white flabby mess with a few dropshipping sites, and four months later I'm transformed into a slightly less flabby coconut-skinned digital nomad with a mean leg kick.

It had given me so much, but with the weather turning to shit, what am I supposed to do - stay out of loyalty or something?

I think I just felt bad that I was going to leave my trainer. My gym is almost always totally empty. The whole time I was there, only one other long-timer has joined.

Patong isn't really a place that gets a lot of expats. Tourists come for a few days to party and then they move on. And the Thais don't pick it as a place to train because the MT scene there is not great.

I felt bad telling them that I would only be gone a week to renew my visa. But I don't like saying goodbye. I didn't even tell the people at the hostel I'd been living at for 4 months that I wasn't coming back either. Sad.

But that's life when you live out of a backpack for an extended period of time.

I can't count the amount of times I've moved to a new place, made friends with the people who worked at the fucking grocery store, and then been sad that I had to leave and would probably never see them again. This has been happening every few months for the past dozen years.

I guess I should be happy that I at least had the opportunity to make new friends. And yeah sure, if I want to be all Tony Robbins about it, I could say that now I "have friends all over the world."

But let's call it what it is: I'm never going to see the majority of these people ever again. What are the odds that we'll be in the same city at the same time ever again? And even if we are, what are the odds that we'll actually plan to meet up? And even if we DO meet up, who's to say that we'll be able to recapture the magic that we had when we shared similar experiences for just a short time so long ago?

Nah. Not gonna happen.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

I feel the worst for my trainer though. I can just picture him staring out at the road I used to run up to get to the gym, waiting for me to get there so he can throw an empty water bottle at me. God that's depressing to think about.

They were grooming me to fight too. I mean, they push everyone to take at least one pro fight while they're there. That's how they make a big chunk of their money. Plus it's respect for the gym.

Honestly though, I was too much of a pussy to put my ass in the ring.

I mean, forget about the fact that I'd only been doing Muay Thai for a total of three months and barely knew how to throw a punch before starting. I didn't want to fuck up my beautiful face fighting some Russian named Pavel who used to beat kids up at his Russian elementary school for their vodka money.

But when you train for long enough at a gym and start to make progress, you start to feel bad if you don't fight. It's like come on man, how many times are you going to hit the fucking heavy bag before you test yourself against an actual human being who's trying to knock your block off? Get your bitch ass in the ring and see what you're really made of.

Even though I was paying over $200 for the privilege of training there, I still felt like I owed them at least one fight. Why did they have to start the fights at 9 PM? Don't they know I'm usually in bed by then? Why couldn't we do some daytime fights or something?

God damn world won't change to accommodate me. So inconvenient.

Love em and leave em

Anyway, I had to leave Thailand regardless of my little Muay Thai mental drama. I didn't want to subject myself to the filth that was Kuala Lumpur, so I booked a $50 ticket to Vietnam and continued to be sad and depressed all the way to the airport.

It's funny though, every time I go to a new place and stay there for an extended period of time, I always eventually reach a point where I am somewhat comfortable there yet not completely fulfilled. It's like I get itchy feet or something and just want to go somewhere else. I don't know if the magic fades or what, but it's just not the same after a while.

And the funny thing is that even though I want to leave, I still feel sad about leaving. I feel like I'll miss my favorite convenience store clerk, my landlord, the lady who makes my coffee every morning, or whatever random person, place or thing I see on a daily basis. Then literally the second I pack my shit and get into the cab to the airport, I completely forget about all of them.

Onto the next place.

Sounds great, doesn't it? It's not. Trust me.

I WISH I could be happy in one place. That's not a humblebrag either. Do you know how exhausting it is to always have to pack your bag and move somewhere else because you're bored with wherever you are? Never satisfied. Always looking for some new novelty that will keep your interest for a few months before you have to tear yourself away from whatever random shawarma-stand owner has become your most recent best friend.

Ugh, and don't even get me started on all the people you meet in hostels.

Don't get me wrong, I've made a lot of friends that I literally never would have met had we not shared a room together. It's actually a huge part of the reason why I find this type of lifestyle so addictive - I hate socializing and am terrible at making friends organically (shocking I know). But put a rotating roster of new people in my room every few days, and eventually I'm going to click with some of them.

And even if you don't, just the fact that you're around each other so frequently is going to create a bond between you extremely quickly and with virtually no effort on your part. All you literally have to do is live in the same room with someone for a few days and you'll become friends.

I've had experiences where I barely said a single word to someone living in my room for five days, but then randomly we'd see each other at the beach, put our stuff together, have the typical where-are-you-from-how-long-have-you-been-traveling-etc-etc conversation, and by the time we get back to the hostel it's like we've known each other for months.

Repeat this every week with new people and you'll see how it can desensitize you to making friends.

I'm not saying I'm some kind of robot or something. I still get close to people and form friendships. I just don't go out of my way to ask the starry-eyed Danish backpacker what the name of her shitty little town is called.

It's not that I don't care, it's that it's not worth the effort for me to get to know them if they're just going to leave in a few days anyway. Unless I'm planning on having sex with them, and even then they've got to be smoking hot or at least unique in some way.

That's another problem. After meeting so many people from all over the world, you realize that people fit their stereotypes so well. Life starts to feel like a video game you've played through a hundred times before.

British dudes with sleeve tattoos. Clueless 19 year old German backpackers that wear their moneybelts outside of their clothes. Completely lost Chinese people that have absolutely no idea how the world works outside China. Yawn.

That's why when I meet someone who's a little fucked up, a little unique, I just can't help myself. Someone who's got some kind of interesting story to tell. I'll spend as much time with them as I can before they go because I know it'll be a while before I get to meet anyone who doesn't tick the boring boxes.

I especially like the fucked up girls. The ones who are hot but obviously troubled by some problem in their life. Do they actually think they're doing a good job hiding that from everyone with that fake ass smile and 1/2 liter beers at noon? Don't they know I used to sell hair straighteners? Don't they know I can read their minds?

But girls like that are so rare these days. I wish I met them more often, because when I do it's instant chemistry. All it takes is one good conversation, one walk to the night market, or one night out and boom - instant girlfriend.

But only for a few days. Just how I like it.

Do they remember me when they go off on their travels? Or am I just another random dude they fucked while they were abroad? Lord knows I barely remember them in my day to day life. Not because I'm some kind of Casanova, but who the fuck has time to pine after girls you knew for three days when you have to send 100 emails a day and scripted conversations with the 5 new people that moved into your room that day?

WIIFM > Jewish guilt

Anyway, how the fuck did I get off on this tangent? I don't remember. The point is that I left Phuket and it's likely I won't be back there until November at the earliest. I have my Dad's birthday in July and then I want to spend the rest of the summer in Tel Aviv. Monsoon season doesn't end until November anyway.

And even when it does, am I really going back to Patong? Why wouldn't I go to Koh Phangan or Koh Lanta for a change of scenery? Or literally anywhere other than Patong?

I just feel bad about leaving my trainer there all by himself. I'm off in Vietnam while he's stuck at that empty camp, save for the occasional tourist that comes to do a few rounds of pad work before speeding off to spend the day at some elephant sanctuary.

It's okay. The guilt will go away soon. Just need to write over the memories with a few new places and some new friends. Just let me connect with another human being and Eggman will just be nothing more than a few pictures on my Instagram page.

Fuck man. How can I live like this for so long? 14 months living in hostels this most recent round. Years of selling straighteners all over the world. Sharing apartments with random Israelis, bonding from the combination of the intense suffering of commission-only sales and living in exotic locations far from home.

In Hebrew well call it chavaya - there's no real translation in English. The best way I can describe it would be "an experience you MUST have."

The army is a chavaya. Traveling is a chavaya. Working in agalot (selling products in malls) is a chavaya. Having a threesome is a chavaya.

Me? I'm addicted to them. 100% openly admit it too. I can't live a boring life with office work and a mortgage. I'll literally want to die.

I don't know if it's because I spent so much time staring at the wall when I was a kid, or because I spent so much time staring at the wall when I was in the army - but I feel like I need to overcompensate for the years that I let slip through my fingers before I grew some balls and decided to ignore the conventional wisdom that people love to barf up when they use words like "career."

Bleh. No thanks.

Ever since I moved to Israel to join the army, I haven't been able to accept anything other than a unique life experience. And not in that "we are all special snowflakes" bullshit sense either. I'm talking Edward Bernays, Abraham Lincoln, Bobby Fisher type shit at the minimum.

That's why I have no tolerance for the article-spinner-quality trash that proliferates this place. It's all just so mundane, just like the easily-categorized text-based version of the travelers I meet so often. It's not their fault, just like it's not the people's fault that they're the same as the last 100 I met that fit their description. That's just how they are.

Look, I realize that statistically speaking, there's no realistic alternative. It'll never be the case that every hostel I go to will be populated with 100% unique people and fucked up hotties who smoke too many cigarettes. Just like it's impossible for every post on here to be as awesome as mine. There's just no way.

This has become even more clear to me after working on @omniloquent for the past week. The irony of me writing thousands of words criticizing the content creators on this platform for writing bland content and then creating an account that produces 100+ equally bland articles per month is not lost on me. I don't know whether I should be depressed or happy about that.

Whatever. I don't give a shit. I'm just trying new things to see what will work.

Chasing the dragon

Anyway... the point of this retarded blog is that now I'm in Vietnam. Why couldn't I have just said that in the beginning?

I spent a few days in Saigon. Did I do any tours or see anything interesting?

Sure, if you count a local MMA gym as interesting, then yeah. And after trying to force feed myself the allegedly "healthy" Vietnamese cuisine, I broke down and have been eating chicken tenders at Texas Chicken for the past two days.

Tomorrow I take the train to Nha Trang. Just another random Southeast Asian beach town, a place were people go for a few days before moving onto a more "authentic" part of the country to go see temples or whatever other stupid shit they care about. Sound familiar?

There's an MMA gym there too. I already checked. Hopefully I'll be able to chase the same dragon that bit me in Patong. But if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that you never step into the same river twice.

You can't go home again.

What non-depressing things do you want to know about being a digital nomad?

Ask me in a comment!

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Dude, I love your tone lol. The only thing is... I saw an old pots from 2 moths ago and it had pic of a girl with th e'2 hours in the bathroom' filter, and a think about wearing a mask... so I thought you were also a chick and I was SO FUCKING STOKED that there was a semi twin of me running around being a mouthy autistic bitch haha. Anyway, still cool ;) nice to, uh make your acquaintance

Nope, not a chick. Although I did sell hair straighteners for a long time. So I know all your tricks.

Excellent article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

finna check it out next time i got time to read something


Well that was interesting. A kind of mix-mash of my children's lives as they went out and did something completely different - kinda. I live my conventional life as a housewife and my dream life through my kids. They too are wanderers, though not to the extent you're at. One has started and ended chapters in S Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, China - with visits to many other places, experiencing living in a box with nought but rice to eat through to the comfort of hotels. The other has roots in the UK but has spent time peeling snails to earn a meal, smoking (?) and street sleeping just because she could - and needed to. I get to see and hear - and wish that I wasn't born a farmers daughter in the 60's with all the niavety that brought me. There's a sadness in that you haven't found where 'home' is either literally or psychologically but then is 'home' so important until you're ready to die? Brilliant writing and enjoyable reading.

Wow. Wish I could do what they are doing too. Traveling the world, and such. Ah life...

So do I - and I'm always happy that I encouraged them to fly - even though I miss them.

Awwww. ♥

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Your experience at the muay thai gym reminded me the first time I met my tang soo do teacher. First day I showed up at his training hall he took one look at me and immediately said "lightweight". I'm like wtf, it's the first day and he's already thinking of competition weight classes, lol!

LOL, I took tang soo do when I was a little kid. My first experience with martial arts. Great stuff

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Hey man just had a read of your post

  1. I am keen to be editor of your new magazine
  2. I'd be down for any topics but suggest a general interest, Nation Geographic type magazine to keep the submissions constant and interesting
  3. You already know i'm capable of writing, I would be able to supply my own posts if needed to the magazine as well as edit the poorer submissions that need some work. Also im keen to see this thing take off so will be able to put in time to make it work.

Cheers mate

What I really need is a delegation. All my SP is going towards @omniloquent at the moment. I'd rather not split it between two places as that won't be good for anyone. What are your thoughts there?

See the problem with getting delegation is people always want something in return.. capitalism right. We need SP in the first place so we can't offer monetary incentive.

Basically the best option is to grow the popularity of the magazine and by building a good following, which would then give us leverage to bargain for future delegation (in the form of offering exposure/marketing/supporting other projects).

As with any social platform building a community and supportive following around our product is key. We should triple-down our efforts in the short term on gaining exposure/popularity by putting out content people actually want to read and giving authors a place to be heard, basically getting a good chunk of the steemit community hyped about engaging with the magazine. If people are interested in the magazine content they will want to participate regardless of initial SBD reward, with the potential to recruit non-steemit followers.

If we do this the delegation and monetisation will come later, perhaps even partnerships with people who have funding but no following.

Don't talk to me in problems baby, talk to me in solutions

Ok, so beyond allowing people to submit articles on things they're passionate about, we could open an invite to people looking to promote something, be it; a new steemit business/project, website, indie game, new album, gofundme project, small business, a fucking movie I don't care.

Obviously we wouldn't just post pure advertisements, rather people could write a background piece, add pictures and make their project look really interesting all while providing a good article for us to publish.

This would open the door to grow our audience well beyond the confines of steemit by utilising other forums and communities to engage with people, while also bringing in lots of submissions.

So how can this make money?? Well by initially offering a free platform to promote stuff people will be incentivised to engage, subsequently growing our audience. Eventually we could charge a fee to advertise on the magazine or even write for a project. Additionally this will gain income from steemit by engaging with people who actually want to properly use this platform, as well as, gain attention from potential delegators by having outside attention (they love mainstream connections and cross-platform utilisation).

Of course we would still post regular articles to grow the account that way, but like any magazine, ads are key to profit. And being a social platform, followers a the key to all other opportunities.

Man i like your depressed straightforward experiences shit....haha, i will follow you and try to learn something, but a question wonders in my this guy make a living travelling and enjoying the beach....?? Im stuck in a middle class town in full winter with no sea at sight....and i fell a little jealous.....mind telling your secrets to a stranger from argentina.....? ;)


  1. Email businesses offering them a service
  2. Repeat 50x day
  3. ???
  4. Profit

When you sold your bussiness and went to thailand, Did you already know about digital marketing and social media or you learned while you were there? This platform and instagram are the best ways to be in contact with you? sound like a cool guy...

I knew a little bit about it because had gone through periods of obsessively reading about various strategies but only using them sporadically. The year before I went to Thailand I spent some money on automation software and bought a few high follower insta accounts. I had money to burn so figured why not.

Best way to get me is on discord. Yallapapi#1979. And I’m not a “cool guy.” I am the coolest guy ;)

Lol nah jk I’m a loser

Besides steemit im not really into social media. My facebook acount sucks haha, but you make me curious about instagram....i will see you on discord man, maybe we can have a chat, cheers

Very lovely and detailed article. I'm a newbie and your post was my first upvote lol. Yet to understand how it all works but I'm happy to be here. 😊

its so much initiative post...
i learn a lot of new information dear..
thank you dear..

I'm waiting for my pdf copy @yallapapi, don't dissapoint me...

This guy gets it

Hey man. I have a goal of becoming a digital nomad. Not one that lives in hostels all the time, but one that earns his money online and is free to travel/live anywhere.

I've been in China for almost 4 years and it's nice but I would love to make the same amount of money without needing to be stationed in one country.

Any recommendations or advice for making money online that you like? I have a website with an ebook, amazon affiliate and steem. I tried Amazon FBA but didn't enjoy the experience.

Any recommendations or advice for making money online that you like? I have a website with an ebook, amazon affiliate and steem. I tried Amazon FBA but didn't enjoy the experience.

Yes. Get into the crypto world somehow.

It's the new hot industry and people are throwing money around like it's going out of style. Find something to sell to blockchain startups and you're golden. They're also very approachable in my experience.

I never really made it work with the more traditional methods of "make a website, sell an ebook and build your list." Despite the fact that I'm actually trying to do that here somewhat, I still haven't made a dollar from it. I only sent my first email today.

As a general rule, you want to sell to businesses though, not individuals. You and I are not going to spend $5k on something, but businesses spend that all the time.

Either that or get famous on YouTube for something.

Great Blog!

Can we continue to connect with each other as we submit more content?


Luppers :)

1 I've had the idea of starting a personal development blog on my own. I like the idea of having a publication on Steemit as well. The idea was to launch both myself, but I see the merits of partnering up on this.

2 Firstly, I have an active interest in marketing, so I have been learning about it for some time. The past year I've completed multiple certifications: a few from Digital Marketer in content and social media marketing, as paid marketing.

Secondly, the magazine will be coming to Steemit either way. Together we can grow it faster, and we eliminate the risk of having competing magazines on here. Which would be unfavorable for both of the magazines.

3 Besides the editing and publishing I'll be creating my own content as well to keep a steady flow of articles. I'll be using parts (if not all) of the income early on for promotion to grow quicker. Once things are off the ground, I'll be able to source new writers from the blog as well and bring new people to the platform here simultaneously.

Are you capable of getting an SP delegation somehow?

I could delegate my own SP, but I've only got 256 SP. The other option would be leasing it somewhere, but I'm not too familiar with doing that to be honest.

Looks like a nice project. Keep up the good work :) Hopefully you find the right person

Just buy a damn (cheap) house somewhere, so you can force yourself to have some kind of physical attachment to at least one place.

That's not a bad idea really

too long didnt read

Dude, are you sure that subscribe form is working. It would be a shame not to, after all that great text you worked your brain off to put it there 😁.
I guess I will find out really quick though, I am going back on reading your article now.

Dude? 😀 but she just said she was a girl duh?

It works. I just checked it. Did it not work for you?

Now it did, got the dog picture lol!

Are you aware of what Chasing The Dragon Actually means? Especially when your in/near the ‘golden triangle’?

Yes. Because this type of lifestyle is addictive. I don't actually do heroin.

Good for you, it’s a terrible addiction

Thanks for sharing

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After reading so long, i'm lost in your words.

Excellent post, I love the feature has a lot to talk ..

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Para ti es un problema vivir viajando?

Never argue with people who write with digital ink and pay by the kilowatt-hour.I'm sure I'll go back again and record in the digital process,We have the right assets for a fast-growing digital business.

I didn't want to fuck up my beautiful face fighting some Russian named Pavel who used to beat kids up at his Russian elementary school for their vodka money.

LOL, have you considered doing stand up for a bit to quench your chavaya? (I hope I'm using that right)


what is the initial step to become an editor to your company

@yallapapi WoW... what a trip lol. Best wishes :D

Not to be a 'Debbie Downer' here, but your writers are getting paid peanuts on @omniloquent.

And you'd have to wonder what's the upside when they could just earn that dollar publishing it themselves?

I'm not convinced. But carry on.

We just started a week ago with 0 support from anyone other than myself and the contributors.

They get to take advantage of a rapidly growing platform that will have a larger reach than most of them have individually.
They also benefit from upvotes from me and my curation trail and the @omniloquent fanbase.
They get an editor to go over their posts.

They also endear themselves to me.

You got 35+ upvotes from @oceansbot courtesy of @yallapapi!

Your post is very good

However, most digital nomads do work for themselves. They get to the call the shots. Often, they're savvy internet marketers. They build sales funnels and run Facebook ads. They live and breathe to make money online. They're constantly growing and expanding their skillset to bolster their nomadic (2).jpg

Just started training a few works ago, any tips or things you wish you knew when you started? Doing bjj, boxing, Muay Thai and a bit of wrestling at a pretty legit place about 4 times a week. Planning to go long term, trying to improve overall fitness and learn something I really enjoy watching. Thanks in advance!

Not really. I would say just spar a lot. I started making much better progress when I started doing 3-5 rounds a day. Also you have to run everyday. And jump rope. Other than that man I’m only three months in so I dunno.

Duly noted. Thanks dude :)

I'd leave you a comment @yallapapi if you didn't have so many already; so I won't...but, I like it when you're kinda posting stuff like this.

If I wasn't so 'old' and busy with my own stuff here, I'd be interested in editing for you; 'Your OTHER type magazine idea' perhaps one that focuses on all the 'crazy' shit some of us have done in life...(as you hinted at?) I said...I'd comment, but it would probably get buried fast, so...maybe another time.

Ciao @angryman

Great post, man. I've been traveling around the world for 5 1/2 years working remotely, and a good deal of what you've said resonates. I added you on IG, go ahead and add me if you're inclined: fugitive_traveler

Thanks. Will do

nice one. thanks for this useful info

I enjoyed reading your post @yallapapi. Indeed, your post on here is awesome. Interesting to read your blog; not boring rather it or you entertained our audience with your nomad life like a Gypsy. I'd like to read some of your reading recommendation. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

Pretty interesting stuff and I have heard the Monsoon season there is pretty brutal. It isn't like the Arizona Monsoons where rain rolls in at 5pm and but all day is sunny.

It is interesting you have moved on.

I'm sort of a mix between you and some mortgage slave. I have been meaning to do what you are doing for awhile and travel around living the dream. some people would think what I'm doing is the dream and it would be for many but it is close but not quite my dream.

I want to be a Digital Nomad that has financial freedom and can travel anytime anywhere. I guess I have to work so hard for that haha!

Aah, I know this feeling so well. You move from place to place and enjoy the experiences but are never quite 'happy' (no I'm not talking about in the ridiculous hallmark sense everybody fakes but just in the 'not already thinking about the next place' sense). You stay in one place, find something that resembles a real job and you just want to die because you should be traveling. The canned conversations get boring. The lack of roots feels, well, 'rootless' but the opposite experience feels like you're suddenly drowning in responsibility (just by being a 'normal' person). No, the point of this ramble isn't that I know what you should do, just that I sympathize.

Right now I'm stuck somewhere between flying off to Japan for a shit TEFL job or staying in my home country of South Africa for a job in my field that will tie me down for a while and...shit... All I actually want to do is wander around and write stuff. And not boring fucking copy. Just my own stuff. Time to go back to trying to make the crypto-millions I guess...

Enjoy Vietnam I guess and then move on. Life is too short to be boring or bored.

Thanks will do. Always wanted to visit SA, Cape Town specifically. Never been to Japan either. Sounds expensive.

You should absolutely visit Cape Town :) having travelled extensively I can now say with authority that my home city is one of the most beautiful in the world. If you are ever headed this way, drop me a line ;)

Saludos. Eso que escribes es de verdad. De verdad lo piensas.. Busca otro punto de vista lider..

hi @yallapapi
nice post , carry on

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had rin on Koh pan yang for the thai fighting. worth checking out

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I am Cambodian and I love Thailand but you are right about the tourists. It's just to crazy sometimes. You should try Cambodia! It's a lot more chill.

Yeah I've heard good things. It's on the list

First world problems pay the most when you solve them... Noone seems to care about the lack of water in some parts of the world but hey if I can sign onto Facebook from my phone, that's worth millions.

Interesting. Never thought of it that way

Wow, great experience, but I've never dreamt to achieve it that way. It sucks being in a place for months. I tried to get connected on discord, but all efforts proved abortive. Mine is @kuboskeey#9931. Kindly check on me sir
And, have you seen my full introduction? Please check my blog, you will know more about me there.

That's the sad heartbreaking part of an expat live. You say so many good byes and deep down you know you will never see them ever again. Next time visit the MMA gym in Dubai, its a nice group of great people from all around the world.

Dubai is another place on my list. Will def check it out when I'm there

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