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I own the domain name MajorNews.com. I am interested in developing a web site using (open source) tied to Steemit and maybe other platforms with monetary rewards. I have 1000+ ideas about how this could work, but the #1 thing you must do when developing a new web site is find out what interests people the most. If I added all 1000+ ideas, it would be a bit overwhelming.

  • Looking for anyone who wants to be part of our team. Graphic artists, programmers, idea people, marketers, entrepreneurs, investors ... ??? ... Comment your interest and area(s) of expertise.

MajorNews Experiment #2:

Purpose: Try a few different things, see if anyone likes any of the ideas...
in other words... sling some mud on the wall and see what sticks.

  • Today's jabi:
  • Start with a topic (Hardfork 20)
  • If people create posts about the topic, let them add their link and synopsis of their post.
  • Then, people interested in the topic could:
    • vote up the post
      • both as curation for Steemit and a one person/one vote system, to make the post show higher on MajorNews.com.
        Kind of like SteemHunt does, but with no 24 hour cutoff.

This does 2 things:

  • Focuses on current news
    • Allows us to build a crowdsourced directory of information about things in the news.
      • Maybe instead of going to Google to research, people would come to MajorNews.com...???...

Today's news headline


Steem Velocity Hardfork - Hardfork 20


Image Source: https://www.web2pdfconvert.com/to/jpg

Comment Poll: Do you know of a better site to do the website to jpg conversion?

Comment Poll: If you are a webmaster, do you know of a script (open source) to do this conversion?

Topics: #cryptocurrency #steemit #hf20

Recent Steemit Posts about Hardfork 20

Let's pretend the above was posted and the following posts about the topic were added by various people to created the following list...

NOTE: This list could be 100's of posts. I want the top 10 to show with the original topic post.

Comment Polls

Do you see the value of:

  • linking to posts made about the original topic?
  • being able to use a vote (separate from the Steemit upvote) to raise or lower the position of a particular post in the list.

Suggestions? Please comment below...


What is jabi?

jabi = Just Another Bright Idea
pronounced jab eye
JABI 180.jpg


Check out the easiest 14.3 Steem I ever made!

My post about it...


Dustsweeper Footer 2 use this one.png
Meaning you can't
waste your vote


Who I am


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It's an interesting idea, @wizardave... and it might be a worthwhile initiative as long as the news were tightly monitored. Meaning, it would need to be relatively free of the eternal "how to make money on Steemit" posts, masquerading as "news." Would you be looking to include ALL kinds of news, or just blockchain/Steemit related news?



Sorry, I forgot to include a link to my first article from yesterday...

I'm open to any ideas, but probably all news.
World, national, state, politics, sports, entertainment, ...

Yes, very good points. Spam is a very big concern. I think this could be controlled through the use of downvoting, but I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking of having a vote separate from the Steemit vote similar to what SteemHunt has done. It would be easy enough to have a free flag vote, that would unsee the "news" until someone manually checked it. And yes, that creates the problem of unnecessary flagging competition. So some sort of blacklist would need to be maintained, also.

On the positive, the "mainstream" media has been taken over by about 4 or 5 major corporations depending on which reports you believe. Our goal is to have a decentralized news media. It will be crowdsourced news and the crowd will decide what is MajorNews vs. the controlled MSM pushing their talking points and agenda on us. It's my hopes the crowd base would become large enough to help control the spam of any kinds.

I would like to keep the site open to everyone, meaning they wouldn't have to be a member of Steemit to use it, but they also would not share in any Steemit rewards.

We're in the very early stage of trying to figure out what would be the best setup, thus the experiments.

Thanks for your input @curatorcat!

This is really great news sir