Introducing - Experiment #1 - Alien descendant defeats the Dems in Ohio - Participation requested!

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I own the domain name I am interested in developing a web site using (open source) tied to Steemit and maybe other platforms with monetary rewards. I have 1000+ ideas about how this could work, but the #1 thing you must do when developing a new web site is find out what interests people the most. If I added all 1000+ ideas, it would be a bit overwhelming.

  • Looking for anyone who wants to be part of our team. Graphic artists, programmers, idea people, marketers, entrepreneurs, investors ... ??? ... Comment your interest and area(s) of expertise.

MajorNews Experiment #1:

Purpose: Try a few different things, see if anyone likes any of the ideas...
in other words... sling some mud on the wall and see what sticks.

  • Today's experiment.
    We pick a news headline and try to create discussion around it.

Audience Participation Requested
Please start a comment to this post and add to it as you read down through the post.
I'll be asking for your feedback about several things...
Help shape the future of by providing quality feedback and ideas.

  • My vote is only worth about 3 cents, but I will try to upvote any comments as my way of saying thank you. Your input will be recorded and at some point you might be rewarded again, if and when we launch the new site.

Synopsis: Let's look at the top headline from the #1 rated news site on the Internet..
Comment Poll: Do you like

  • Yes or No
    • If no, what web site would you recommend I use in the future?

Top news headline according to at 11:20 CST August 8, 2018


Which links to this article


Image Source:

Comment Poll: Do you know of a better site to do the website to jpg conversion?

Comment Poll: If you are a webmaster, do you know of a script (open source) to do this conversion?

Topics: #News > #Politics > #Elections > #USA > #Ohio

Summary: A whacko nut job stole votes from the Dems. Enough to sway the election and put it out of reach of forcing a recount. We won't know the actual results for 11 days when the absentee ballots are counted.

Comment Poll: Is this MajorNews?

  • Use a scale of 0 to 10
    0 = absolutely not
    5 = kind of
    10 = absolutely yes

Comment Poll: Is there a story behind this story?

  • Yes, No
    • If yes, what?
      Example: The Dems have lost their support because of the way Clinton and the head Dems rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.

Comment Poll: Do you trust this news source?

  • Yes, No, Do Not Know, Sometimes

Comment Poll: Did they accurately report this story?

  • Yes, No, Do Not Know, Too sensational, ???

Comment Poll: How would you have reported this story?

  • I wouldn't have
  • Or tell us in your words how you would have reported...

Comment Poll: Have you seen this reported elsewhere?

  • If yes, please
    • provide a link.
    • Compare the 2 stories.

Comment Poll: Do you agree with any of Joe's ideas?

  • Yes (if so, which ones), No

Comment Poll: Anything else you would like to say about:

  • This "news" article from the Daily Mail?
  • Elections
  • Politics

Background to this question:
Sometimes local news gets reported differently by the "mainstream" media...
Comment Poll: Are you an eyewitness? ... Do you live in Ohio?

  • If yes,
    • are they reporting about this story there?
      • If yes, what is the news reporting there?


Comment Poll: What did you think about today's experiment?

Comment Poll: Which do you like?

  • Us coming up with the MajorNews headlines (total control of spam)
  • Opening it up for anyone to report MajorNews headlines (might be hard to control spam without moderators...)
  • Both
  • Neither, Here's a better idea...

Comment Poll: Do you have any suggestions for our next experiment?

Comment Poll: What ideas do you have about rewarding contributors to a news site, such as I've proposed with this post?



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My post about it...


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Ok Thanks
I'll resubmit when we get further down the road with the project.


Thank you for your review, @kit.andres!

So far this week you've reviewed 4 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Good domain name! I would think about clever ways of using blockchain technology to transparently validate news story validity. That's a difficult challenge though, so other than that I would think about actually getting good vloggers to do news pieces aka david pakman's style and maybe hook it up to the steem blockchain to get them rewarded. In other words, a Steem UI that specialises in news (which doesn't exist yet!).

Too many questions for me in your survey to answer currently, but Drudge report layout sucks & Daily mail is well known to be a propaganda and disinfo engine.


Thanks @ura-soul!

  • I got lucky when purchasing that domain back around '95 to do a web site for someone. They backed out about half way through and didn't pay up, so I kept it. With a proper web site to go with the name it should be worth a lot of money...
  • Maybe with a good outlet, investigative journalism could happen again. :D
  • Really lousy choice by Drudge to have this headline as the main one. SMH

Gotcha, ok. I just ran the name through a couple of domain name price estimators - they both came in around $6000 - though I have no idea how they calculated that. But yes, with a good website on it, it could be worth hundreds of thousands or millions. I've seen names sold for around that price that are not as desirable as your one.

I have a degree and something of a career in systems analysis/design/implementation/engineering and so I make websites from time to time - if you want any help or to discuss ideas then let me know at


email sent

About 12 years ago, I had a guy from England offer $1 million, but he couldn't financed. ::shrug:: haha

I think it could be quite profitable for all involved.
The team that creates it and the end users...

Looks great best wishes for your project Major News.


I'm all in. I was thinking of investing some money into some kind of long term long shot. There is nothing out there like this where people are discussing the news. We just go from one event to the next and tend to forget the FACTS of the event. My for instance would be the Las Vegas shooting. The results from the investigation was just released and NOT A! How are ever going to fix the problems when they are not being discussed? Let alone the guilty walk free.

@wizardave drop me an email and lets see what we need to hook this idea up to the blockchain steemit and start pulling it. I believe once it gets rolling there will be plenty of spots for your 1000 plus ideas along with arnmchair journalist looking for the right wagon to hop on.