HF20 - What's All Excitement About?

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At first, I wanted to write a longish article about all the new stuff proposed in the Steem HardFork 20.

Then I decided otherwise. A short post will do.

What Are You All Excited About?

It's minor tinkering with time constants, major tinkering with bandwidth / onboarding / whaterever which no ordinary user understood now and will understand even less in the future, some tinkering with witnesses and ... that's it.

No changes which will make the platform vibrant, no really new stuff.

Two major issues not addressed at all:

  • power distribution,
  • the invisibility of posts.

Hey, why am I lamenting for in the first place?

I will tell you why. I was thinking of putting my Steem participation on an autopilot for at least a month. This non-news has made my decision even easier. No posting until September 25th seems like an excellent call.

After that, we will see.

Come on guys, you can do better. You could at least pretend to do something useful for the masses, like improvements to the front end. You could at least lose the beta tag for the official frontend. It's been hanging there since the day one. Two years and three months in beta? Really ...

Ps: I usually write positive posts or don't write at all when I don't have anything positive to say. This post is an exception. Sorry, I won't jump onto the let's all happily cheer together bandwagon.

Ps2: I will conduct a brief social media experiment and let you know the results tomorrow in the evening.


Footer photo by taha ajmi on Unsplash
It was the first hit when searching for hard fork. Don't ask me why.

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Well, it’s clear that HF20 will not address any of the lags of the steemit platform right now.
HF20 is focused on the development of the Steem blockchain itself and its scalability.
I guess the upgrade and improvements on the platform will come later on, once HF20 will be fully deployed.
I understand your frustration totally, I felt the same a few times...but now I guess that this HF is necessary for the final setup of the SMT, which, if you allow me to tell, that is another awaited project that cannot be delayed longer if they want to keep credibility and competitiveness.

Keep posting and working for the project mate.
Steem on


There is now a running category on Scorum, you know. It only took one asking to the devs and they responded immediately with a favourable action -> https://scorum.com/en-us/running

Have some Zerocoins: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Thank you so much. Now I am 0 Zerocoins reacher. Where can I exchange them?


You can exchange them with anyone that accepts them.

I hope for more too, but this is just the engine being fixed. Will they also finally do some real marketing with all that money they have? By the time of Steemfest we may know and then we can all have a go at Ned if he turns up :)


Thanks for your reply, Steve. I admire you for your no-nonsense approach and for the positive note.

I do hope that they will invest more in the users. On one side they tune the engine to be capable of more passengers while on the other side they don't do a thing to attract and keep them.


It's becoming increasingly difficult to be optimistic about the future of Steemit. Nothing ever gets done. No problem is ever solved. It's almost magical in its inability to self-correct.

And why worry about speeding up on-boarding when, upon arrival, people will discover that Steemit's Central Premise: That Content Shall Be Compensated Commensurate With Its Quality ... is a joke. Steemit redefines the concept of, Misallocation of Capital. Bid-bots, multi-account self-upvoting, voting rings, etc.



Not redefines, mirrors. This is not a skewed reality, it is a faithful mirror of the real life in the western civilization.

About the social experiment - read this article and the holy war I nearly started :)

Do join Scorum when you are in sports in any way :)

Another option is Narrative - you can join via my referral link when you wish -> https://alpha.narrative.org/wait-list?r=2LK9oaCwHP

Or skip the referral code and just join :)

I don't know what — if anything — is going to be improved by this. Yes, I would say it's a minor benefit that the new onboarding will allow front ends like dtube, dlive and others to create accounts directly without people having to wait for the formal STINC approval process. Fair enough.

What I note as glaringly absent is any mention of the infamous SMTs that are supposed to be the "savior" of the world.



I was told that all this (HF20) is necessary for the new features to come through. Including SMT's? I do hope so. Because other blockchain based social network / publishing / attention economy platforms are coming from every angle and direction. And they at least look much better than this stuff here.

I do have an slight idea what the experiment will be!
No posting here would mean that you won't stay ahead of inflation.


Yes, you do :) It already developed in an interesting way. Please, check out the other side of it.

Inflation? There is an inflation on Steem? How come? Didn't they say that these ugly things happen to Fiat money only? :)))

Don't worry. I can still spam the platform with various #colorchallenge posts ;)