Hardfork 20- Velocity

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I decided to do a little rant this morning about Hardfork 20-Velocity.

This is a new upgrade on the steem blockchain that would be released in 2018.

The changes that would be made to the Steem blockchain includes the following:

  • Changes to the 30minutes curation window to 15minutes.
  • Elimination of Self voting Reward through curation by ensuring that a self vote before the curation window/15 minutes is forfeited to the reward pool.
  • Removal of the Dust Vote threshold to ensure a better user experience for those with very little Steem Power.
  • Application of shift to all votes.
  • Proof of Work mining via soft fork.
  • Removal of Power down restrictions.
  • Update to Witness Price Feed format.

In this video I talked about the changes to the curation window and elimination of self voting reward.

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That's awesome development on the blockchain. A reduction of the curation interval is one nice one. And can you please talk more on the dust vote thresholds @tojukaka

Hi @tojukaka, good vidios

that is good one..
please upvote me i will return to you

Good piece of info.. Keep it up @tojukaka

Nice post keep posting
Happy new year

the decision 2018 will be set, whether the decree will run with the set, I just agree on the rule, hopefully not negative? @tojukala

The new development is kinda funny for the 30minutes upvote
but all i know is for the best, first time watching one of your explanation videos and was indeed helpful.

continue to #project20million :-)
naija go soon full everywhere

Thanks very informative, Adding all this feature help alot

Hi toju kaka. I just upvoted you. Pls look up my page and upvote too. A fff back woukd be much appreciated.

Thanks for this video man. The velocity on steem blockchain will be pretty fast in 2018