What will hardfork 20 bring us

in hardfork20 •  4 months ago

While we still do not get out precious SMT we do however tget a couple of things meant to enhance our steemit expierience .

Dust votes are no longer dust votes. All votes are suposed to now count but they have not said if they will do away with the dust vote parameters that returned any payout below 0.03 to the reward pool.

Account creation, They are doing away with the account ccreation and the delegated steem that we have now and they are implamenting resource credits instead of bandwidth. So basically us minnows will no longer get the annoying bandwidth excedded message but fear not, I am sure they will ind an equally annoying message to hit us with just to let us know we are still little fish in a big pond.

The double voting exploit has been fixed. Basically people are voting the shit out of one account then delegating that steem power to another account to make even larger votes and continuing the cycle.

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