Two Mega Announcements About STEEM

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What a day for STEEM news. Things are really moving ahead. It is with great pleasure that I am putting together this post.

To start, if you are not aware, HardFork20 (HF20) is announced. It will take place September 25th at 11 AM EST. This is the start of the news from the development team that we are all waiting for.

There are a ton of changes that will come with this Hardfork, more that I can post here. The team put together a terrific post that spells out the details of the changes. Some are back end things while others are going to be obvious to users.

Some of the highlights:

-no more 20 second time between comments; it will now be 3 seconds.
-no more delegation to set up accounts
-the change from bandwidth to Resource Credits
-burning the account creation fees
-change in dust threshold
-reduction of 30 minute curation window; it is now 15 minutes
-elimination of curation rewards for self upvotes; returning it to the reward pool

A testnet will go into place, hopefully, 30 days before HF20. This should give developers ample time to test the system and make sure the different applications work as planned.

To read the full post and get more details:

To be honest, the reason I blew through the @steemitblog post is because there is one that is even more exciting.

@dtube is about a year old and just released version 0.8. This is a whopper of an update so we will have to get right into it.

DTV-LIve Streaming

This is live streaming on the @dtube platform. While not fully decentralized, it is open source. They are using Mistserver upon which an API was build to create specific stream keys for each user. This will allow for secure sign in. Of course, all live shows can be posted to the blockchain for monetization after the live show is over.

In the next update, WebRTC will be implemented which will allow for live streaming via browser.

DTalk-Private Messenging on STEEM

Discord is a widely used messenging service. The reason for this is because STEEM does not really have a messenger that works. The ones that were tried has some drawbacks. Hence, @dtube decided to build one for this blockchain.

Using Gun, a decentralized graph database technology, the DTube team will have a node running 24/7. All messages are encrypted end-to-end meaning that nobody can see who is talking to whom. Also, one will need a Gun key to decipher the messages.

Since the key is generated only after logging into @dtube, one can be certain who he or she is chatting with. There is no way to set up an account using another username like with Discord.

Open Source

The code is now completely open source. This is something that will aid in the development. In fact, development is now set up through One can contribute (and be rewarded) for adding code to the @dtube platform.

This is huge since it will speed up development as projects are posted on Github for developers to code.


Similar to and a few other UIs, there is now notifications which alert a user of new activity. Unlike some of the other notifications, it is far easier to tell which ones were read.

They also tended to database storage and redundancy.

This is by far the most largest update Dtube undertook. We are seeing the advancement of it before our eyes.

This update is another big step towards the completion of a large project. Last year when I originally published about the 0.1 version of DTube, I had honestly no idea where things were going to go, I wasn't even sure it would work.

I want DTube to go away from the proof-of-concept stage and turn into a fully-integrated product. Right now the machinery isn't very polished, but things are getting plugged in at a quick rate.

There are still tons of features which will be needed to make DTube the video platform that producers and consumers equally want to use in the future. Playlists, VOD, Twitch-style donations, analytics, ads platform, I keep coming up with good feature ideas as the project goes along.

@dtube is one of the most widely used applications on the STEEM blockchain. This is one that is targeted to go head to head with the Google monster. These upgrades are very important, especially at a time when Google is on a censoring kick.

This post by @heimindanger shows the monumental task there is in creating such as application. This is a long, winding process. He even finished the post by stating all the ideas he has to implement before this becomes a player in the video platform world. Nevertheless, he is going at it and, with the open source, he should receive some more coding help.

If the uploading problems were corrected, this will be a huge bonus for the entire ecosystem. Dtube is going to be one of the applications that can really attract a number of users. And now, with HF20 around the corner, we are going to see the ability to get more users signed up at a faster pace.

Hearing from the developments teams of both STEEM and one of the main applications on the same day is huge. This just shows how pricing action reflects little of what is going on. While the token price collapsed, the developers on this blockchain were all hard at work. These two announcements prove that.

There might be a lot of things to fear in life: the future of STEEM is not one of them.

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Greetings, Taskmastter

I read about it yesterday and found it very interesting. Since you put in your post, I would like you to explain these 2 items please. I didn't get it right....

-Reduction of 30 minute healing window; It is now 15 minutes
Here, the author earned a percentage of the upvotes up to 30 minutes from the healing window. After the had fork, you'll earn up to 15 minutes, that's all???? After the past 15 minutes, the healing will return to the curators, right?

-Elimination of healing rewards for self-votes; Returning it to the reward pool

Here, the person votes for themselves in the posts and gets the cure so if they vote after 30 minutes. That's it?? I couldn't understand that part....

Please explain it to me.

Good morning!!!


Right now the author gets 100% of a self upvote in the first 15 minutes plus the curation for any upvotes made by others in that time. After HF20, the curation from others from 0-15 mins will go back to the reward pool.

The posts pay curation to the curators starting at 15 minutes...the author gets the upvote if made in that time.


If I'm going to buy upvote from an account like @tipu, I'd better hope to spend the 15 minutes, okay?


What happened to the "% donation over time" where the closer to 30 minutes, the less it is donated to the author? Has it been removed already? I thought it only counted as a full donation up to minute 2 or 3, where after that it would exponentially diminish.

It good to notice that the work is going forward despite the bear market.


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I mean what a great timing to announce two major steps towards the future development of the STEEM blockchain.

I´am already expecting the pump in the price around the time of the launch of the HardFork20. If there was no doubts about the future, now it looks even brighter.

elimination of curation rewards for self upvotes; returning it to the reward pool

I have a feeling this one will a big game changer... considering all the issues and controversy about self-upvoting. While I haven't done any self-upvotes in a LONG time, I know others who do.. we shall see how it plays out and changes up the platform and voting strategies.

And this one...

no more 20 second time between comments; it will now be 3 seconds

I type fast.. but not fast enough to leave a thought-provoking comment in under 20 seconds. I fear this may allow spammers' comments to become even more frequent (and annoying)

@taskmaster4450 I am just Grateful to be a part of STEEMIT and in being an Early Adopter..........Steem can make you Rich..................

Thank you for sharing this wonderful information with others. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что поделились этой замечательной информацией с другими. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Oh great it's really a good news for all steemians. Thanks to share this information @taskmaster4450

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It is here, on the steemit, the minnowuprising project. They want to help minnows grow.
They say, use a bot, make a voting-circle, and make a selfvote, because for a small user, all this can help to grow. And if the time goes, stay here only user, who make quality posts, and make connections with other people. For a selfish people this proceed takes too many time, and they left.

So, this advice about to selfvote, is no longer working after the fork. I dont know, its good or bad thing.

How it work...if it is ok I ask... if I make post And give one upvote for my post... means I can not get nothing ? from this Upvote. This is all what I make... all others Upvotes I send out where I can . So what Upvotes you think... this what lot make on the reply ... or on the post. Or all is in one.

It is very interesting to see the things are moving forward accordingly despite the current price.

It is very interesting to see the things are moving forward accordingly despite the current price.

I am your post upvote@reasteemed

So for the whole no more 30 second wait time for comments, are we going to get even more spammy comments on our posts from copy/paste people since they don’t even need to wait now?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Nice move from steemit news they removed self votes it will burning curation rewards and boosts for newcomers to get popular with their unique high quality content not the curation 👌👌👌💯

Posted using Partiko Android

Great report!

How do you communicate with those teams? Asking because I have spent some time trying to establish communication with them and - hate to say it, but I haven't had all that much luck in that department.

Great info!I'm pretty new and I've not tried using the Dtube yet. This inspires me to get onto it! Time to take a learning curve and get the ball rolling. Thanks for sharing!

Yet again I hear no words at all about SMT...


On top of this to me nothing about this sound promising at all...

  1. Without being able to selfvote my own post whats the sense of me buying a bunch of steem now and powering it up? Instead wouldn't this encourage even higher bot usage or creation of a 2nd account that is used to upvote my own posts?

  2. 20 seconds to 3 second on comments is a bit drastic there are already issues with bots posting all over the place and if your writing a comment faster then 3 seconds your clearly a freakin bot!