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I propose that the Steemit community can help keep the facts straight.

I proudly wear the badge of "conspiracy theorist."

  • Where did that term come from?
    • The CIA invented it and promoted it with the MSM because not enough people were believing the "official" story about the JFK assassination. They instructed the MSM to use it as a derogatory term.
      • It didn't work. Most surveys say over 90% of the people do not believe the official survey to this day!
      • I don't believe the official story, do you?
    • But, unfortunately, it did stick as a derogatory term.
      • There is a conspiracy of misinformation, #FakeNews, ...
    • To shed light on the conspiracy by looking at all available facts and then sharing your findings (tossing ideas around with others), is a noble hobby.
  • Isn't that what they used to call journalism?

The problem ❗

Sometimes, there is a conspiracy to keep the truth from becoming mainstream.

It seems the "mainstream" News stories always change the narrative after big events.

  • The Las Vegas shooting
    • Many witnesses posted to social media there were multiple shooters.
      🚁 Maybe even a helicopter.
      • However, the "official" narrative is there was a lone shooter...
  • The OKC bombing
    • I personally saw live TV saying there were additional bombs in the building. That footage is still available on YouTube.
    • Seismic recorders prove there was more than one bomb blast.
      • However, the "official" narrative is the 🚛 Ryder truck explosion caused all that damage.
  • 911
    • Holy cow. That so many people believe the official narrative is proof that the MSM propaganda machine works!
    • BBC reported Building 7 collapsed an hour before it happened, with the building in full view right over the "reporter's" shoulder.
      That video is still available.
      NOTE No plane hit this building.
    • ✋ There are too many anomalies to this narrative
      for any open minded person who has done the least bit of research
      to believe the official story.
      • However, the "official" narrative is terrorists armed with box cutters hijacked a few planes and flew them into buildings.
  • And the list goes on
    • Sandy Hook, Aurora Colorado, ...
      • ...

Sometimes events are promoted
by the MSM
to misdirect interest away from
the really big story of the day.

  • Then-POTUS Clinton blew up an aspirin factory in Africa,
    • to deflect the news away from the breaking Monica Lewinsky story.
    • It worked for a bit, but the other story was too big to be ignored.

"They" are also experts at scrubbing the 'Net.

  • YouTubes disappear
  • Articles disappear
  • Social media posts disappear
    • Sometimes people trying to get the truth out disappear.
      • Suffering an unfortunate car wreck,
        or mugging,
        or committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of their head twice

The solution ❓

Let's use Steemit as a paper trail of information as it comes out.

  • to point out anomalies in the "official" narrative as they appear. (and they always do...)

I'm just another newbie steemer, so I don't have all the answers

  • but I do have some ideas.
    • I'll plant these seeds in hopes someone who better understands the platform feed and water them.

Use of Tags

If we could all use a unique tag when writing about events

  • It would be easier to find additional info via search.
    • Example: #NikolasCruz is the most recent shooter.
      • Or maybe have the date and location
      • Or maybe ... ??? ...
    • I'm just planting a seed.
      • Looking for ideas from others to help us keep taking the next step.

Use of alternative Steemit sites and platforms.

👉 @Zappl is the Steemit Twitter

  • I've not had time to personally use the site, but it looks to be very useful in this experiment.

👉 @dtube is the Steemit YouTube

  • Perhaps "they" won't be able to scrub it as easy as YouTube.

👉 @dsound is the place for Steemit podcasters

  • Again, hopefully it would be harder to scrub

👉 #chainbb is a Steemit forum

  • good for discussing events...
    • I looked at starting a channel here for STAND (STeemit Alternative News Domain)
      • but I can't spare the 10 STEEM to get it started.

I'm a newbie to this platform, so please comment your ideas.
I'm sure there are more sites and apps that I don't know about...

👉 And of course steemit or any of the alternative frontends would be the place to put articles.

  • Posts could be made correlating information
    • from external articles
    • from posts using the above mentioned...

Anomalies could be pointed out and shared.

  • There always are some.

Theories could be explained.

  • and advanced by others
    • or alternative theories could be pursued
      • if the original theory doesn't prove to be very likely...

The next step ❓

Is there any interest in taking this to the next step?

What do you think is the next step?

I look forward to reading your ideas in the comments.

Original ideas

@firstjabi tossed out the original idea of using Steemit to keep track of events.

  • We discussed it in person.
    • It was his first idea after I showed him Steemit and explained a bit how it worked.
      • If this post makes any $, I will share with him.

I claim the original idea of STAND (STeemit Alternative News Domain) .

  • If you figure out a way to profit from this feel free to do so.
    • Please, don't forget to toss me a pittance for the idea!
      • Or ask us to become part of your team...
  • Logo created on https://cooltext.com/



I love your idea. I, however, am new and have no idea how to create your intentions. But I hope you are able to get this going.

I'm all for this idea. If we have a solid trail to leave behind we are able to call out BS when we see it. The MSM and all alphabet agencies are gaslightin us all - as soon as "they" switch stories and 'fact-jump' around on us the masses immediately follow suit. It's 1984 Double Think in the flesh..
Perhaps if we(the woke) have real evidence we can pull up to say "no. THIS happened, THIS was said, SEE!? perhaps more would wake up to these crooked slave masters
I like your thinking with this!

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Most people "research" by googling and checking snopes. LOL :::rolling eyes:::

There are some things I have noticed about what I consider false flags

  • "They" have a narrative within just a few minutes of the event.
    • true journalism takes hours if not days...
  • Articles appear talking about the event, but showing dates prior to the event...
    • Or video like the one showing Building 7 as the "reporter" says it just collapsed!
      We need to correlate a list so people have a starting point to start investigating...
  • If multiple shooters are seen by witnesses, but the official story is only 1 person is the perpetrator...

If you know other like minded people, please share this info with them.
I think we have a platform that can't be controlled like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube...
I think we can pull back the curtain and reveal the tiny man. (Wizard of Oz)
I think if we shed light on them they, will scatter like the cockroaches they are...

Yes I totally agree! I've resteemed this so hopefully you'll get some more views.

I love the idea, I am so new to Steemit don’t even know where to start. I would like to be of any help I can be. STAND is a great idea for sure

It's the rogue (deep) state against its citizens, @wizardave. You are seeing the obvious. Corporate media has a job to brainwash public with the “official” narrative, and then it's easy to stick a “conspiracist” label to anyone who dares to think with his own head.

Well done, keep steeming.

Upvoted, re-steemed, shared.

Join us, the anti-media:
Join our FEN MEMBERS DISCORD channel.
Discuss these things REAL TIME. Help us BREAK through their wall of lies.

✌ Thanks to all upvoters!

Thanks for the help getting me out of that hole...

Now let's get back to work
holding the #FakeNews promoters 👣 feet to the fire 🔥 ...

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