Litecoin is So Primed as a Payments Medium and Store of Value

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Moving money around the world is big business. If you've ever sent money to a foreign country, you know what i am talking about.

Recently someone moved 99 million dollars worth of Litecoin for a cost of 40 cents!

This showcase the technological ingenuity of cryptocurrencies.

Not only was the transfer of wealth far cheaper than any banking or third party remittance service - it was also much much faster. It took 2.5 minutes or less to settle.

It's typical for the banks and remittance service to hold onto your funds for some days as a way for them to make money off your money in interest.

Here is yet another example of cryptocurrency expressing its superior ability relative to the dated traditional banking methods.

More and more people are realizing that long term savings perform much better as a store of value by holding on to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies typically have a limitted supply which gives a greater reassurance of increased price rise over time. Compare this alternatively to holding onto savings in your traditional bank account - those fiat dollars will have less purchasing power next year and showcases how the average banking saving's account is actually losing value over time.

Financial education is a point of self-care that should not be over looked. It's important to research and investigate the best options for your wealth management.

Consider talking to someone you know who's well informed about the increasingly emerging financial opportunities that are now available to the average joe. It's way easier to work with someone who knows what's up than trying to figure everything else yourself - let people help you create prosperous savings accounts. You can return the favor and pay it forward as you become proficient in exercising your financial education.
Dare to care about your best financial well being. You owe it to care for yourself in the best of all ways - Always.

99 million USD moved in LTC: It cost 40 Cents!

Let us not forget our dear STEEM

  • Steem transfers take about 3 seconds.
  • It is free to transfer steem anywhere in the world. (let that sink in.)
  • Global Network effects resulting from strong roots forming as the decentralized media hub.
  • Expect to see continued entrepreneurialism and increasingly so - commercial enterprise being plugged into STEEM.

Thanks for Tuning In - May your living be most excellent

It's like my body is a "living ball of clay" and I've decided I would like to take responsibility for my sculpture - my life.

The World is One Class of Players - Class is Always in Session

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  • What I like about this social experiment, is the fact that it's success is directly dependent on ordinary people everywhere - where there's a willingness to say,

"Yes - I accept a weekly payment for being a human being to cover my basic costs of Existing Here."




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Greetings, worldclassplayer

I think litecoin is a good coin. I do not understand much, but I know there is a war between its main founder and other crypts. Some time ago, I took the crypto-gadgets I had and turned everything into steem power. I do not regret it, because here we can read, write and receive a remuneration for it.

As you know, having steem power, we can have faster growth in here.

I think steem will grow well this year.

Thank you and good night!!


cool to connect @julisavio

steem could be big - time will tell. you make great points

I used to own Litecoin, but I'm all about the infrastructure plays like ripple, stellar, neo, polymath and of course steem.


infrastructure plays

  • good calls

  • though I do think of litecoin as kind of an infrastructure play because it's close ties to bitcoin and bitcoin forever being the reserve currency. My thinking is that as the crypto space matures, litecoin increasingly becomes a strong store of value due to it's proximity to bitcoin and it's relatively small supply.

Imaging making major transactions with steem for....


Menn...sending money (no matter the amount) costs me 60 NAF aka 35 USD.. such a waste of money every time

Love the advantages of cryptocurrencies.
Litecoin is a good example for very cheap and fast transactions.
And of course steem as well ;-)

Seriously man last night I came across this on @kingscrown blog and it blew my mind. I think 'primed' is really the word here.
Litecoin has suffered some setbacks in the past month but all that seems to be phase that the coin was passing through. I mentioned this somewhere else as well before that I remember a time when bitcoin network was clogged and then the price of litecoin would shoot 20% in one day due to all the transaction load being taken by it. The coin has a solidly built base and it can go boom to the sky anytime now.


here comes da boom!


LOL! The most entertaining reply I got today.

That is the real change we all want to see man. It is just incredible.

I don't think now nothing more than this is needed to make goverments believe in the technology and system. I mean no one could have imagined in his dreams that this would be possible.
It reminds me of Satoshi Nakmota. Back in 2008, he said which goes something like this

I would be surprissed if 10 years from now we are not using the digital currencies.

Technology has been growing ever since people don't want any middle person specially like the banks