Stop What You Are Doing; "Go Take A Selfie Or Groupie With Mama & Papa, For Tomorrow We Shall Sing Song".

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The truth is there were two already typed #untalented contests ready to go; one involved "Sing-Song" and the other involved "Forgive" but since my mum lost life, I never got in the right mood to pull these off. 

The first #untalented contest of the #untalented curriculum started in the months leading up to my mama's lose-life. 

I had heard of her illness and i wasn't with her. I was in an enclosed room by myself and away from her.

I had heard of her two-weeks in a state of "can't-walk-or-talk" and i was away from her and during this period is when the first #untalented contest happened, to also give me strength. 

Every entry then, unknown to these many wonderful enterers was giant to me. Each entry was a breather!

Several #untalented contests happened thereafter but i wasn't able to pull "Sing-Song" off and was bringing up other contests in its stead. 

Then, there came a slight breakthrough moment, when i was told that my mum could walk and talk again and she was seen to be without cancer and she was back at home; and i was about to pop out the "sing-song" part of the untalented curriculum but then, my mum was growing weak again. 

Her subsequent blood-count tests showed her blood levels to be drastically dropping. She was very weak! "sing-song" had to hold again, for i couldn't pull off just the right mood to pull "sing-song" off. 
I ended up doing Untalented-Mama!

I spoke to her during these times and she would hide it all. She would want to care about me instead. In reality, she didn't want my sisters to tell me about her illness. She knew of my deep nature and of how heavily i take things and especially, since i was alone and away, she didn't want me to hit my head on the wall. 

Where i am from, we tend to guard information especially "bad news" a bit too much, for fear not to harm the other party (borne out of intense love), that we end up doing more harm than good. Infact, this sole thing, has done much harm in my household, but we understand. Overall, really deep intense love has lots of hurt in it!

I had noticed though within our video-calls that she had aged so quickly. In the months leading up to these trauma-times, she had aged so fast but she didn't have any hints that it had to do with illness or perhaps, she did but she hid her feelings from us out of love. 

I so so so respect her; women; womanhood; mothers; motherhood!

I had seen her wrinkles and been eaten up by them, just by virtue of the fact that she was aging alone. 

I did wonder though, why it was so fast. 

Little did we know that she had illness in her. And during these few calls, she wouldn't want me to worry about her. However, i noticed changes. She was unusually worried about me; she became extremely caring in her tone and forgiving and she would cry too and her tone was all changing; "like she knew she was leaving"

She checked on me more. She wanted to love me more. 

I couldn't read the signs enough. Instead i was doing calculations and hasting up as my mind kept replaying this: 

assuming life span is 70 or 80 and she is just past 60, i could encounter breakthrough this year and give her "first whispers of good news", then cater to her and spoil her for 10 to 20 more years.

It ate me up that she was wrinkling up and that alone haunted me as i would wander into her brain and mind to wonder on her behalf, how she must feel anytime she looks in the mirror and is told that life's getting shorter. 

She was still very self-conscious. Her dentition wasn't perfect and she did want to fix her teeth, to feel good about her smile and all these was underway at least in my mind's eye. These are simple things that shouldn't be luxury. One mustn't do time in the prison of hell-hole to get these things and this was the suffering she did all along (all the days of her life), but we wanted to adjust that. 

I am still young and i have three sisters and i am already haunted by the thought of losing them. The last time i was with them for 7 days; i would look at them and all i would see is "us" in old age, getting ready to lose each other. 
I do hope we all live till old age but beyond that i do hope that if lose-life is to ever come, we shouldn't be robbed off entirely of our "shine"
"Dignity" is now a heftily weightier word to me.

I tell you, where i am from "suffering" is not in; "i can't eat", "i can't buy data", "i can't wear Gucci" etc. I smile at those things as solvable challenges in a man's life. 

For sure, I will wear Gucci. I will even wear "Terry"

And i don't have data? I will go use all my savings to buy one Gucci and use my last penny to print a proposal and go into a telecommunication company and tell them why i would love data and i will come out with 1 year subscription worth of data. 

My point? There is deeper intenser "suffering" in stolen/crushed or extremely-pummeled "dignity".

Dubai happened and matters where adjusting! I do think those where my mum's happiest moments just before she was told of her illness. It was June and from nothing, i was going to meet with my 3 sisters in Dubai after close to 5 years of not seeing them. It wasn't planned but it happened. We did shopping and laughed a bit and talked of our parents and of our plans for them towards the end of 2017. My mum was to spend a holiday in Dubai, then visit Manila next. Then, next was my dad.

My mum wore the clothes we bought her and i am sure you know how much she loved them but what she loved the most was to see her children together again. Gosh, how she wanted pictures and more pictures (of us)

We started a whatsapp group during this time too, to be together. And my mum would get on steemit to feel some of my presence. My steemit effort still managed to make her a prouder mum still. She loved it

Gosh! You know my mum has always asked for my pictures forever. Gosh, she loved me like crazy. I didn't know how much those pictures meant to her. From young, i never took pictures. I was the only one who never had pictures and even with my mum, i just had a few pictures. 

I was not a happy boy because from young i was too responsible, seeking change for my household that play-moments or selfies held no water. 

Gosh! My mum dug out an old VHS of us (a kids) and she was able to get a playable version of it to send to me:

Please take as many picture moments with parents and family!

I know i shed dem tears writing this but not much because i did heights of trauma, that my owed and unfell tears are coming out in pints now. It's all good. 

Now, tears have even additional essence and never go to waste!

This post is written to inspire. In the very next post, we will be doing an #untalented contest called "sing-song". 

Hahaha, an owed-contest.

I am about to enter and another bout of probable trauma-era but there will be so much loving involved. 

Currently, i have memory lapses when it comes to remembering good moments with my mama. All the moments that replay in my head are the last 16 days that we spent and oh, how i couldn't love her just as much as i would want. 

We couldn't prepare as we jumped from hospital to hospital hours after she arrived here, with hopes, faith and prayers and my lovely mum would constantly tell me that she won't die. 

She was so caring even in her losing-life bed. In most hospitals, there is usually just a small-for-me side-bench to sleep on and she would be concerned all night in the midst of her tired sleep, to see if i am in comfort-state. 
Once, i was going to seek another hospital to handle her case and there was so much traffic etc and she kept calling me, wanting me to return and not stress and try another day. She would call & love & care!

On the day before her death, we were simply waiting to go to a new appointment in a new hospital (at around 6 am the next morning) with new-found hope and almost all night in her sub-conscious mind, she wasn't sleeping because she had hope deep inside her and she kept asking the time to see if it was 6 am yet. 

So there was hope and positivity till the last moment, that there was no chance to say goodbye or prepare to say goodbye. 

There is something more that happened just before she died, that rose hope to new heights again but i will speak of it in another post. In truth, in the life i have done, i sometimes/many-times no longer like "hope".

Next month, I am working on seeing the man I am a replica of; "Mr Ajayi"

He is a broken man and I carry his hefty dreams. In truth people who do my type of life break down. 

My dad went from glaucoma to dementia and dementia in the 5 years that I haven't seen him and till date even in his farthest world away from memory, he still mentions me and his dreams etc 

My mum is the only one who can tame him, but now she isn't here and though I did trauma higher than trauma, i am embarking on this new route to love my dad as much as i can. 

I would be looking to raise money in the next week, enough to bring him here next to me. I would rent a bigger house and i will live with him. My sister will bring him here and stay for one week. 

He is thinking that he is coming to meet with his ever-loving wife but she is no longer. I will be eaten up watching him suffer but i will keep praying that Jehovah heals his heart and perhaps, mine too.

He is in charge of this journey, so no worries. I will be here sharing testimonies that will further fix.

Currently, on the phone, he only wants to talk to his wife. Whenever he remembers that he has been told she that she lost-life, he bursts into wails and his wailing is the sound of 10 hefty men. 

He is strong character; a huge man; a huge being yet....

He loves her more than he loves himself and a major reason he broke down so drastically is:

He couldn't give her skyscrapers.

He licks the plate of her cooking clean because he loves her too-too much. 

And will i keep tell him, she is no more here or will i keep tell him instead, that she hanging out with her brothers and sister and will soon be available? 

Either way is hefty deal of decision-making because i am almost always sincere. I love him too much. I have loved him too much. More recently, my mannerisms are those of my mum (related to her behavior before she passed) but before now, all my mannerisms were those of my dad

I carry his dreams and mine and i tell you; his dream and mine are aligned. Till date, everyone calls him same old name: "Baba Terry".

The masses love him because he carried their dreams too. 

I carry his dreams and mine and that of nations and i break down but i am in a different generation. 

By Jehovah's grace, there will be tons of breakthrough on this journey. 

Thank you very much my steemit family. Everything tiny thing you do on my behalf in this moment is timely, massive, gianormous and i look at it and it is "giant" and my gratitude is in my tiny prayers on your behalf. Thank you for all the deeply-rooted loving support. 

Don't mind my grammar; "truth is way bigger things than proper grammar" @surpassinggoogle

Your Boy Terry



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I do need strength

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Wow!! awesome, man I really love what you are doing. to me your lifestyle is just perfect and I really like it. I believe in you and what you have being doing. thanks so much for supporting Nigerian steemians, and the weekly Steemup Record in Nigeria that has being released by me, which you did some weeks back.


You don't need strength man. I can feel it you are the strongest. Just take from your inner strength!

This really moved me. I lost my mum when I can't really relate with loosing someone so dear. Many times I feel as things would be so different if she hadn't gone so early.

But I relate with your experience more with my dad's sickness and death, the worst part is not the death but this

had noticed though within our video-calls that she had aged so quickly. In the months leading up to these trauma-times, she had aged so fast but she didn't have any hints that it had to do with illness or perhaps, she did but she hid her feelings from us out of love.

Watching someone u love fade away before your eyes is the worst.
I wish I could show him more love and affection during his last days.

This taught me to cherish my loved ones every moments so as not to regret the moments unspent, love shared, words unspoken.

I feel you and feel with you brother.

i am telling you, you grasped all the graspables. That is what i tried to touch on when i spoke of dignity. Really, sometimes i dont know which is better, slow or fast but i keep speechless as the answers are far-fetched of perhaps i deny it. "For a man and one of huge character" watching loved ones suffer, helplessly especially on things that are avoidable even and solvable, kills many things inside. As for strenghth, you spot the spottables too, i do have loads of strength inside. Jehovah put it in there. I feel you in return. Only Jehovah can heal this one. Many have lost dignity when alive and when dying the fight is not equal and a fight by half-humans cos even in clinging on to life, dignity is still robbed. Then, you jsut watch it motionless. This will adjust and this is my route.

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condolence kabayan..Im so sorry for your lost..although we can't control everything but always just be strong be motivated always..we might lost someone important in our life but never try to give up everything has its purpose..

I felt so sorry for your loss kabayan @surpassinggoogle. Condolence from the bottom of my heart. It just reminded me of how hard my sister fought for her life for months in the hospital last 3 years. I understand the pain. Stay strong like you always do kabayan. I am praying for you, your family and for your mother's soul.

Yep switie. May Jehovah heal you

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Thank you

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I really felt so sorry for your loss kabayan. I have been through that and i understand the pain you are going through. Be strong kabayan for your family. And always think that Everything happens for a reason. God bless you and your family kabayan 😊😇

Condolence kabayan. 🙁 I know what you've been through. Just keep on living. Don't give up. I'm praying for you and your family. Keep on inspiring us kabayan 👍

Death is usually not the worse thing in life, the worse thing is when you allow the biggest things in you (love and talent) to die off.

Just yesterday, because of events of losing my loved ones, I picked up my phone and called every member of my family. Not because I am financially buoyant, but because I need to leverage on the NOW-moment.

Songs has a way of healing the mind therapeutically, I guess you need more dose of soul lifting songs.

spoke to her during these times and she would hide it all. She would want to care about me instead.


@surpassinggoogle you should know She has lived a fruitful life, leaving behind a kind hearted Mr Terry and Daughters behind . She deserves so much respect as she gave you a good legacy to follow part of which we are all benefiting from and these things will make her to forever exist in our heart.
May Her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

@surpassinggoogle Kabayan I'm very sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially the one who gave you life and brought you out of this world. One may not directly understand and accept the pain of not seeing the love of your life but I do know that she is free from all the pain now. Your post struck me back to reality. That as we are aging, our parents are also getting older and weaker as time goes by. A reminder to us all that we should love our parents and family and make the most of our times with them because time is swiftly fleeting. May God comfort you in this time.

Despite all that has happened, You picked up your self , You have been so outstanding and of good characters. You dedicated your steemit life to your late mother. She wouldnt stop smiling down at you for the man you have grown to be.
You are of good example and have laid a good steps where freely people can follow.
surely she must be proud of you.

Thanks for introducing the #sing-song contest @surpassinggoogle

I felt so sorry for your loss kabayan. Condolence from the bottom of my heart. It just reminded me of how hard my sister fought for her life for months in the hospital last 3 years. I understand the pain. Stay strong like you always do kabayan. I am praying for you, your family and for your mother's soul.

He has a very big heart
I am looking up to him!!!
My mentor! @surpassinggoogle

The saddest part in our life is lossing our love ones. I've been in that state when my grand mother passed away. The memories we shared will be treasured in a lifetime. Her sweetest smile is alive in my mind and heart.
Kuya Terry @surpassinggoogle as you need strength, you showed your strength in us and you inspired us all the strength you have. Love much!💖💖💖


@teardrops lovely write up..
Makes me to remember my grandma and the pictures I took of her even though her sight is bad..

Is good to take pictures with our mom and dad because there is a saying that pictures speaks louder then words.


I and grandma
May God keep us and bless us so as to bless or parents and take good care of them at their old age.

Why are you both just so pretty. Thank you for sharing. It is timely loving and it touched my heart. Thank you

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

Awwww thanks so much
God bless you.

Let's go there

My dear Terry,

You know quite alright how very emotional i am and yet you spew out such wonderful sensitive-to-heart contents. I cant stop my tears from flowing now brcause so many times i have taken my mum for granted. I love her too much to even think of losing her. I would embrace her more often now and love her more. More than anything to me, she is priceless😢😢😢.

By the way, i have missed so much from your blog qnd person. I am writing exams so i had to reduce time on here even if i hate to do so. I dropped a few contents on my blog though. You should check them out in your leisure. I would make sure to bounce heavily on your blog to catch up on the tears token updates i must have missed once i finish my exams. Do keep me in your prayers for success. I havent stopped praying for you too. I would even add Baba Terry to my prayers now. May we not all lose anymore than we have already done.
Much love from @aderonkemi💕💕💕💕

I wish you good grades in your exams.

Wow... I read every line and tears rolled down my cheeks... Nothing can be compared to motherly love and loosing a love ones is always hard... This really inspired me and I'll start spending more time with my family because I never can tell what will happen next.... I'm pretty new here but I'm already in love with your blog... Keep posting great stuffs.. Regards

Thank you for all the feelings you gave way to and for drawing inspiration. As for my blogs, its for you, each one, so please read them.. I put all the info there for life and steemit success with love in each one.

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Your deep heartfelt expression of the experiences you gave gone through leaves us with nothing but tears of joy at how much you are committing to give everyone a life here on steemit. Thank you @surpassinggoogle

You are welcome really

As i was reading your post @surpassinggoogle i almost shed tears because i know what it means to lose a loved one. please be strong bro, Everything happens for the best. Pls im so sorry about your beloved mum, accept my condolences. I like you and the good works you are doing, you will surely get rewarded from above.
Below is a pic with my mum

Thank you very much bro

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You are very welcome my mentor.. I wish you all the best bro. And taken.

Wow right now I feel so encouraged by you. I had always thought that you were quite an elderly guy with the kinda stunts you pull on steemit but to think that you are a young guy like me doing all these and reaching the many lives, including mine ,on steemit is just so so inspiring and I think watching that video is just the best way to crown my day today.

Your story is also a very touching one and I pray Jehovah gives you strength . You are indeed a leader and currently ,a lot of people are looking up to you.

Keep up the good work @surpassinggoogle

Yep bro, i am young but very old inside. Hahaha you saw the video. I just saw your comment to somewhere with donkeypong where you mentioned me. Thank you. There will be awesome times. I am working hard and yes on behalf of many but this is my role.

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

Always a blessing @surpassinggoogle

Yea bro you need all the mention coz your just so amazing.....

I actually make reference to you in almost all my posts. You are a role model and a rare gem.

Omg! I'm so sorry about your mother. This post almost teared me up. Stay strong, brother, and keep grinding!

Sing song will be amazing!

Yep bro. Thank you for letting yourself feel it. Hope sing song brings some fun into the air

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

I hope so too, bro. We're al going through one thing or another. Sing song is exactly what we need!

Take some @teardrops token Terry.
Life is not under our control.

So true. And alot we cant even answer. Thank you. Taken

Can't wait for the sing song thingy coming. It's gonna be mind blowing.

Hahaha, it will be simple but let's see what we will create

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ME TOO IM Currently unsteady, the Cells in my body are warming up.


This is really touching....

I must say that you have a really large heart.
I was so close to tears reading this piece.

May Jehovah heal you completely.

I still wonder how a man like @surpassinggoogle still factor the needs of the world in his situation, truly he has the largest of hearts that can accommodate so much and lift others up even when he himself is down in pains. You have been through a lot but I know your pains will heal completely @surpassinggoogle

I wonder too. This is Jehovah's power cos i am so broken.

Yep switie. May Jehovah heal us and soothe our hearts in Jesus' name amen. My heart is large really

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

I read this with tears on my face because I know how you feel losing the most precious woman that stood by in times of happiness and sadness..
You have truly define the types of woman she is because words alone cannot be used to describe the value she has added to your life, may her gentle and perfect soul rest in perfect peace and I know she's happy with the good work you're doing and the value you're adding to the society

Thank you for giving way to tears on this account. None of dem tears go to waste. There will be amazing times

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

I will always sleep while reading your post and continue reading because all your post always touch a part in my heart.....
I think you need to write a book about the full incidence of your mother aliment.... Sorry for digging old memories

Yes but i want even my saddest memories to fix, so the time isnt right just yet

With time you will get over it... The lord is your strength

There's nothing like a mother's love. My mum is very sick now but whenever we talk, she would skip questions about her health but will rather fuss over mine. You loved ur mama and she loved you too. God will comfort you!

I just prayed for her. Pray for her too and keep praying, to Jehovah is Jesus' name, then an amen. He listens.
Stay awesome

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Life. It goes by so fast. we are preoccupied with jobs and how to make money and how to be accepted my friends that some times we forget that our family is right there. We forget that they will not be there forever.


We buried my Grand mum December 2017 and it out aa ot of things into perspective.

I am definitely going to spend more time with my parents and take lots of pictures. Thank you so much for this inspiring post.

Yep switie. Please do. Sorry about grandma. It is tough. Only Jehovah heals these types of pains. Stay awesome

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thank you very much. you are inspiration personified

All I've got is great memories etched in my brain. Most times we never appreciate that much what we have till it's gone. Even when we do appreciate it, once it's gone the vacuum left by such a departure could hurt so bad. Let's appreciate this moment and try to live in the moment as tomorrow is gone never to return. Thanks very much.

Hhahaha yes bro. Real talk. These days tomorrow or today goes so fast

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

when there is no new side of everything feels lost, we often do not appreciate something that is in front of us because we assume easy to get, after the new loss we realize it ..

Honestly, this is my first time reading your post. I have only been hearing of your good natured support towards Nigerians and Philippines on this platform. Thank you for that.

I took time to read through your post and feel like reading it again and again. I perfectly understand the love of an ill mum to her children cause currently am in that position now. For one thing rejoice because she fought a good fight. Your currently generosity towards people who you do not know and who might never pay you back will make her smile wherever she is now.

I pray God to give you strength to carry on and live a life she will be proud of. Stay strong Bro.

Jehovah bless us all in Jesus name amen. Please read my posts and this posts alone links to many of them. In these posts are many gifts. Stay awesome. Pray for your mum. I just prayed for her now

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

I sure will do that. Its my first week on Steemit so am still learning about most things. Thank you.

Your parents are blessed because they have you as their son. Your love with your mum is great, but I feel so sorry because you experienced such kind of traumatic situation, . I can't stop reading your post because yout story touches my heart, and it inspires me. I hope to meet your mother in Paradise Earth and to talk with her.

Very very very sweet comment. Thank you sis

It's quite touching. It's always cool that at times we squeeze out time out of the frenzy of life, out of our ever-busy life and spend it with those who matter so much to us.

I had heard of her illness and i wasn't with her. I was in an enclosed room by myself and away from her.
Now, you need to amend this, I know you will, the kids will need it.
Continue being awesome.

Below are some of my pictures with mum and Dad


My Mum & I.jpg

Remember to take some @teardrops token

@idunique these are really cool pictures.
You have a beautiful mum.

Hahaha yes. That will be amended. Physically located was hard to comeby until recently. My sisters could even be at her burial. But it is understood. Kids time yes. Hoping there is desire or space of that. I am not a very regular human. We will see though. @teardrops hahaha, i take them. I wonder how it will be when we just keep giving it back.

Am happy you will make more adjustments to accommodate love ones...

it's gonna be well Sir.

Take some imaginary #teardrop

You tore my heart again.... May mama's gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Yes, we all should take pictures with our parents. I would take this more serious now.

Also, I got an inspiration to write a story from your post. The wrinkles part and how it eats you up struck me and I would make a story out of that soon.

And apart from all that..... Hello, from the other side.

Not only have you surpassed google but you are surpassing steemit soon.

I threw a contest- ndjt contest and one of the questions asked is "Who do you wish to be on steemit"...... I lost count of the entries that chose you.

One of a kind you are.

Have you taken the biggggg food I asked you to?


No food in this territory. You can reach me on the facebook page underneath my post. That is the only place where things are not buried. I have eaten nothing, done nothing. I have missed too much of you. You contest, is it still open or that other one you did. I would have loved to see the entries that mentioned me to thank them.

Read those two, just after you cooked deli beans for momsy and popsy

I can't take a selfie with my mom right now but I am going to give her a call. Thanks for the inspiration!

Hahaha that is the underlying message. Thank you for visiting. Stay awesome bro

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

My heart bleeds as i read your story and watched your 2min:59sec video over and over again @surpassinggoogle. Your story is really inspiring. You mum is resting to feel pain no more. I pray GOD heals your dad @surpassinggoogle. Please don't be sad, things are getting better.
This has taught me to love my family more, forgive quickly and cherish the times we spend together and definitely take lots of selfies .
My mum passed when I was a baby and my dad later remarried and that kind of created a drift in our relationship.
But we are very close now, since I moved out at 21(to another state). Selfies are the only way i get to see him again(virtually IMG_20160906_160745.jpg.
This was taken two years ago and it's one of our funniest moments together.
Thanks for your support, encouragement and selflessness Mr.Terry(@surpassinggoogle).
With 💖 from @adedoyinwealth

This is all sugar.

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I’m in tears .
I feel your pain
And I’ve felt it before
Loosing a loved one is worst thing that could happen to someone.
I remember I lost my dad to diabetes on 24th December (Christmas Eve)
I’m really sorry to hear this
But happy you’re strong enough to be here
Oblivion would be conquered because the memories of our lost loved ones would always remain in our hearts.
My condolences @surpassinggoogle

What can i switie. Jehovah will heal us.

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)


this is my mom very happiest day

@surpassinggoogle this my beloved mom it is her bday at 62 years old

Too sweet! Thank you for the love here

thanks also for the inspiring words @surpassinggoogle, you are truly our mentor sir terry

reading your post has made me to immediately take pictures with my mother. I have not done so far. this post does not make me inspired, but has made me sad and eager to be grateful for this life.

the saddest of reading these words

I'm young and I have three sisters and I've been haunted by the thought of losing them. Last time I was with them for 7 days; I will see them and what I see is "us" in the old days, getting ready to lose each other.

makes me almost unfinished to read your post. thanks terry. i like you

Thank you. We can put sadness to testimonial good use. You are special

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

Always distinguished ^^ 👍🏼

Thank you for the effort

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

My mum wore the clothes we bought her and i am sure you know how much she loved them but what she loved the most was to see her children together again.

I think these are the memories we need to hold on to and revisit.

The moments when our moms were laughing and loved us to the fullest of their hearts.

I hope you see your dad and will be with him soon. I try to make the most of the time I spend with my dad and I try not to hate celebrating mother's day.
I spend time with my dad a lot and take him out sometimes to eat, he was my date on my Itallianni's post.

I think grief and sadness will always be there but I try to focus more on making my dad happy.I imagine that would make my mom happy somehow.

God gives us the gift of mothers to provide us nurturing, comfort, and support. God can still provide that for you now, but he’ll have to do it in a different way. I’ll be praying for you to have comfort and support from God.

Very thoughtful comment. Thank you

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Your Mama sure loves you a lot Terry. She wanted the best for you and she only wants to see you happy. How heart breaking it is to see how this sickness stole away the beautiful moments you are supposed to be sharing until now. ☹️ I am also really touched knowing how much your father loves your mom. I'm sure he's broken too, I couldnt even think about how hard could it be to lose the one you loved for a lifetime.

I hope your plans would really go well so you could be with your father and so you could somehow comfort each other and be healed in time. Godbless your beautiful heart Terry. Stay awesome.

Your Mama sure loves you a lot Terry. She wanted the best for you and she only wants to see you happy.

That's the love of a mother for you my dear. She doesn't care much about her own happiness but yours.

Mother's are really the best.

I totally agree that that love in incomparable to anything. The painful part most times is that we don't get to show them that much love. Look at @surpassinggoogle's mom, this is probably the time for her to start enjoying the fruit of her labour's but we lost her to the hands of the inevitable. But us amazing how she gave her heart of love to @surpassinggoogle, which is why we all can see love through all his words and documentations.

Thank you for bring a sweetheart

"Sing for Fathers Mother" is a very nice thing. The message is very important for everyone. Due to the music, the sacrifice of the mom and dad I follow you One question, I want to be successful at steemit. How to develop my post please please say a little bit?

Sir, i visit your facebook page and send my post link please check your page inbox. i also send your wallet of my link.

My mum is not with me now. She is in Nigeria. You know what? I have no personal picture with her. But I am going too take one with her when she come visiting again.
I know you are strong physically but tender at heart but still strong. Keep moving on Terry and fulfill Baba Terry's dream. Stay bless.

No worries. Just love them and resound it to them. There will times for moments with them. Stay strong too and awesome

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Thanks Terry. You have always been a motivation to many. I will definitely love them and let them know about it. Jehovah God will be your strength for more to come from you to us.

You are welcome. So welcome!

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Hi our dear Terry boy, after reading this post, I was teary...I felt how much your mum loved you. Now that she's gone, continue that love you have received from her, and spread it to the people around you. I hope you will feel more love and care from our beloved fellow steemians who are always there to support you all the way. Please stay strong, humble and continue inspiring others. Your love and care for others reflect how your mum had raised you. You still have your daddy, you still have a chance to let him feel all the love you want to show as their son. May your steemit journey would make him happy as you share your great experiences and the beautiful people you have met here. Let your tears fall naturally as they are a natural sign of a normal loving human being. More power braveheart Terry @surpassinggoogle

He is actually doing more than that, I pray that God will sustain him and console him and his family.

Thank you alot

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Hey @surpassinggoogle, We all born to play our role in the service of mankind and after a certain period of time die. This is the reality of life. We can't negate it. You're doing your job very well and I want to see you happy. You love for your mothers is depicted in each of your post. This makes sense. Mothers are pure love. I hope you get patience to get over this priceless loss because that way you would be able to perform better. You are still doing lot better than many of us but Steemians look towards you as a role model. For many, you are the biggest support they have here at Steemit. In my view, you're very lucky and blessed person.

By the way, I liked the idea of sing a song.

Steem On!

Its one of the best homage to pay


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You've said it all, they deserve the love now before they are no more. It's just a pity am far from home , would have loved to take on tonight

Stop What You Are Doing; "Go Take A Selfie Or Groupie With Mama & Papa, For Tomorrow We Shall Sing Song".

Hahaha all good. There is deeper message to it. There will time for selfies. Stay awesome

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I have to admit this is the first time i am hearing your voice. That video gave me mixed feeling; laughter, emotions and lessons. Your sacrifice is so inspiring. You are never alone.

It truly has a deeper content. I have always have a mixed emotion and feeling them
@teardrops 😪😪
Its my joy if things are rectified before time runs out
I hope I still have a choice

Dear Terry, your life's journey has been very meaningful. You are lucky you have felt your mum's precious love. Just treasure it and that will be your great investment to succeed. You are a great guy, stay humble, caring and generous. You are inspiring others to do the same. We are here to support you. Keep going! @surpassinggoogle

We are not defined by the situations that hits us, you are a great man and I know your dreams will go far, I believe in you.

Thank you.

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I should be thanking you boss, please keep up being strong for us your followers

I'll be waiting to join this contest with giving selfie with my mom and dad.
Real inspiration one. Good luck with @teardrops.
Stay blessed.

Thank you. This isnt a contest yet. But ofcourse you can do posts about it

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Dear Terry, That's glorious post and pretty inspire me after hear about you and family. Hope to join contest. Be carefully and good healthy.

No contest yet. it wil be in another post. Thank you for drawing inspiration from it. Stay awesome

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Yep.. I know that.. I want to tell you will be join if you held in future...
Thank you for feed back.

Am really touched by the loss of your Mum.
Life sometimes hit us at the hardest of places and leave us with strong memories.

Take heart, and have some @teardrops too.

Thank you for the @teardrops, i so receive them. Stay awesome. I return them:

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Then came the slight breakthrough moment.

The hope is the worst! I'm glad you got to share those last beautiful moments with your mother, bro. The lord is your strength!

Thanks for untalented! Sing song!

Hahaha sing song coming soon. There was another moment of hope just before she died. I will talk about that someday. We do sing song sooner

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Selfie with mum.


Selfie with cousin.
Their smiles could take some teardrops away

Don't you know just how all sugar this all is. Thank you bro

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This is one of the saddest post i've read on steemit; hell, anywhere. I'm so sorry about your mother. Your story was so touching and i wish so much i could do something to help.

i'm glad you have the strength and you got to spend those last minute with her.

Just knw your steemit family is always with you, brother. Stay strong,.

Thank you bro. No worries, Jehovah is in charge of us in Jesus' name amen.

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Amen to that. Appreciate, bro.

I could not stop tears from rolling down my eyes reading this post. I've not written any post on teardrops but just made up my mind to write one now. I fill your pain.
It make me remember when I lost my grandma. I stayed with hee throughout my secondary school days and I loved her so much. It was really painful.
Let me leave the story for my teardrops post.
Thanks once again @surpassinggoogle

Okay leave it for that. There will be good times. We just keep praying. Only Jehovah can heal these types of pain

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Take heart @surpassinggoogle. God knows best. I'm sure she's dancing in heaven and telling the angels,"look, that's my son!"

Hahaha i smile. We will meet in Paradise. Stay awesome

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Surely! Your post has made me so sober. I have to see my mum tomorrow...probably buy her a gift.

You are great man ! Thanks a lot for everything Mr Hero !! :)) @surpassinggoogle

Thank you bro. You are as well great

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Your welcome bro , But don't forget.. I need you so much :)) @surpassinggoogle

RIP to your mom, i lost my dad just 2 years ago and i know the feeling. I spend more time with my mom now, taking more photos with her, regretting not taking any with my dad. The other day i was going through his photo album and i saw myself in one of his old pictures. I was probably 8 or 9 years old then....i remembered how close we had been and imagined how beautiful it would have been to have had more pictures with him.
I hope and pray that God gives your dad strength, and you too. It shall be well.

So sorry. Jehovah is in charge of our case.

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I'm feeling very sad for you , that moment was very painful i can understand
I definitely going to participate in the contest and take selfie with my mama.
God bless

Hhahaha no contest yet but yes you can. Stay awesome. Thank you for giving way to those feelings on my behalf

This is refreshing and inspires hope!!
What a project to be part of!
Your mum truly a gem. My condolence sir.

I am glad about that

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Sorry for your lost I believe you are strong person u will overcome it

Jehovah's willing. Stay awesome

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@surpassinggoogle what a hero, I heard your little story of how you started just last year they say. But now you are a community leader and a great motivator. When I look up to you I feel motivated and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you. You are my hero!

You are welcome. Each one here is hero to me

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