Steemit: "Our Gift To Humanity!" Please Read This Steem Witness Proposal Post, Till It's Eternity!

Saw Half My Family (Three Sisters) After 5 Years And Steem Was Involved!

My steemit journey had phases and lots of pacing. It is one year since i joined steemit and alot has happened in my own journey in recent times and the entirety of this journey has involved the steemit community and steem technology. 

What is technology without community? Who is a steemian in reality, without the "human behind the steemian".

I started out on steem in a bid to adjust the world, into one filled with awesomeness: "Surpassing Google"

All my innovations from way beyond steemit, involved poking Mama Earth from its outskirts with happy vibes. It has worked! Before steemit and against all odds, i have touched people's lives. "It is testimonial. It is true!"

On steemit, i have managed to impact many people's lives, especially youths! Even in my weakest moments, i am out to empower and this has stayed the case. I did lose my physical health to hours of steemit chats helping new steemians find their feet and the notion was: if i was here to deal with the hassle of understanding steem, then should others have to go through the same. Ultimately, i have taught about steemit in way, that involves understanding life and becoming more powerful humans! This knowledge is ever-lasting, steemit and beyond!

I have help many youths in real life too, many of whom i am currently onboarding on to steemit:

@papa-pepper highlighted my overall vision for steem 5 months ago in this post:

@stellabelle highlighted my mindset with regards to humanity, in her amazing post:


Though very much apart, in terms of destination and perhaps, in culture and upbringing, these awesome steemians felt something. 

Humans aren't very different, in reality. Any difference between two humans, is not real difference because when you progress more, over time into the best version of yourself: "humans are simply humans!"

 We are not invincible; we are not pure; we are dust!

Then Steem Happened! 

I had created my own model of a social network before i found steem. Then steem happened!

Steem is open source and a blockchain! These are my words: "If you can't sit in a glass skycraper just yet, to look beneath on the vast array of , then open you PC and down upon its Integrated Circuit!"

I have understood the underlying concepts behind how steem was created to function and it very much involves the 'humans factor'. Creating the best version of humans by putting them in a community to mine their stake, mining with their minds, in an incessant creative loop, while maintaining best behavior. "True world impact!"

So i got on steem and stayed as it was in full alignment to my dreams!

In my journey i saw! 

There is need for pacing! To fully believe in steem, you need to get to know steem. Refine and redefine your believe in the platform through practice and study; dwelling in its ups and downs and thriving all the same. 

But there is more: love/learn to love the community of great minds called the steemit community. In my case, i loved all through. I forgave all through. I self-sacrificed all through!

And the reality? Truly loving steem and steemit, takes time! Love at first sight is indeed possible: happened in my case! However, true reality is; love that is tested is love that is proven.

I took my time! I evolved overtime, even in my own journey; from the times when i knew nothing about steem and the only major help was @sykochica; to times when i had to resort to 6-word posts due to continuous flags; to times when i simply used steemit as a means to document all my innovation, legacies, dream-bits for safety-sake; to times when i started to understand the true power of the steem blockchain in relation to real-world-positive-impact, freedom, equality, but for the most part, for propagating love!

Before steemit, the internet got boring but mostly because love was lost. Upon studying underlying steem, i saw, that it could accentuate love and an internet with love, cures!

Looks impossible but before steem arose, i wanted to eradicate phrases like "you are banned", "you have been flagged", "you are a spammer", "you are from a developing country". Yes, even your gmail has room for spam; so why not at least try to channel the spammers mighty passion aright with a measure of love or eat the spam! 

So my social network was to have room for spam! I wanted it to be a paradise. I didn't have any means to accomplish these things. A boy in the Philippines, away from family for years, with depression, without a team, capital, an enabling environment etc, wanted these things. So i dreamt and rehearse my dreams and i kept my self-believe, drive, mentality intact and steem happened; then i started to play out my dreams in dream-bits, even within my steemit posts!

Steem didn't just happened. I was searching the nooks and crannies of cyberspace for steem. Hahaha, an enabling environment happened; a team happened; inspiration happened; CEOism happened!

I was always CEO all along. At the very least, i could tell Bingo to sit and it would sit and i could tell, Jimmy in between my legs to sleep and it would sleep!

Simply put, according to me: If you stubbornly continue to dream against all odds, then you have an identical twin because someone is dreaming somewhere and alas, @dan was dreaming as well and so was @ned (vision within a dream) and steem made us meet!

My believe in the potential of the beautiful thing called steem and its power in effecting real-world positive adjustment  is unshaken, My love for the steemit community and humans in general is deeply-rooted. I am defined!

Again this took loads of time and self-sacrifice and love for humanity to find out. I kept moving from steem innovation to steem innovation, till date and i am still learning.

From general steem knowledge, i learned crypto, entered some python, understood curation, bots, blockchain technology, UIA, crypto but ultimately, more knowledge and understanding of life and humans. 

I moved from steemit is beautiful, Steem Lab, to the Giving Factory, the human behind the steemian, to two full blown communities with more than 300 steemians each. 

I got drained and drained, thus, i put all this vision into one giant one and called it "steemgigs"; a community-driven effort to reach 5,000 steemgigs to teach giving & receiving; mining with minds in newer ways; directing steemians into making full use of the potential of the steem blockchain in creating visions & dreams; and becoming part of history by using their expertise in creating the dreams & visions of others; all while improving our conviction in steem, true connections/bonds in the existing steemit community and accomplishing steemit growth in the search engines and in real life, via multiples gifts and charities. 

A Never-Ending Conclusion

I will love your support for my witness @steemgigs as it supports diversity, equality and human-hood. It will pursue steemit growth by directing more steemians into the vision-and-dreams aspect of life (especially for steemians in developing countries where people have to dare to dream), which in reality constitutes long-term awesomeness. 

My witness will promote steemit to the large audience of non-steemians as a place to also build dreams, vision, personal growth and as "our means to reshape the internet", "as our gift to humanity".

Steemgigs and SteemLab has a combined community of more than 600 steemians indeed!

Let's be of essence to the brother next to us. Let's tell the world in a variety of ways: "I WAS HERE!"

There is no competition, There has never been. The person next to you is brother/sister!

If you consider voting for my witness, kindly type "steemgig" in the search box here:

On this journey, i have special thanks to an endless list, so the list will be never ending and includes every steemian alike: @stellabelle @timcliff @drakos @infovore @barrydutton @officialfuzzy @papa-pepper @benjojo @tamim @thejohalfiles @merej99 @instructor2121 @virtualgrowth @kus-knee @lovejoy @andrarchy @someguy123 @clayboyn @anotherjoe @looftee @dreemit @surfermarly @patelincho @thatsweeneyguy @dracosalieri @inphiknit @nepd and youths from whom i drew inspiration because they gave me the privilege of talking while they listened @rahul-stan @aashishkandel @deepapoudel @oluwoleolaide @ogoowinner and many other youths!

Your Boy Terry


Join us on Steemgigs community on discord:  

Everyone has something to offer!

Was great to meet you this past weekend @surpassinggoogle!

Thank you alot. Same here! Hope to talk more! Saw you on steemgigs too. Thanks

so much reading to do...well, my friend is like a library lol my friend told me a story of the 'kingscrown as a proxy'. Only very few knows.

Can't help it! I have Kindle and good readgood, in short a huge Library.

I love playing board games. I bet you don't now how to play generals?
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I havent read a book in a very long time

Lol I got very excited again, hahaha you'll read so many stories soon.. Very happy stories hehe

Supporting with Blood, Sweat, Tissues, Tendons and muscles with the Bones!

Thank you for everything you do for the community; even more so now that you are running a witness! It is always great to see pillars of the community rise to this level. Thank you for everything you have done.

Your journey, personal struggles, and perseverance is a true testament to who you are, and what you do for the community. I did not even have to think for a minute to vote for you when you said you were going be a witness steemgigs. The truth is I have been hoping for a while now you would. My mind was already made up within my first week of being on Steemit that if this guy runs I will vote for him.

Hahaha, awesomeness! You will end up the "greatest writer" really soon!

That is one deeply philosophical witness proposal. Good luck on your project helping others 🙂

Thank you my main man for the magical things you do.

Very Good work @surpassinggoogle We are glad you have done so well with Steem and the Steemit platform. Things are really still just getting started thou we believe there is a bright future to all those who are actively generating Steem Power by Posting or Curating Great Content such as this.

We will consider voting for your witness proposal as well.

Real thanks! Will love your vote on my witness most certainly! Surpassing google!

Nothing beat this, i am proud to call you a MENTOR!

My Naija Boy Terry; I fully support your witness.

We have similar stories, I am glad you found your way to steemit early. I voted for your witness and I will advocate for more vote for you..

God bless Steemit, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria More! We are proud of you.

Hahaha, thank you. Glad you have stories. Real men are made of stories, dreams, vision, character and ofcourse mentality is key!

I love your enthusiasm and I'm glad to know you @surpassinggoogle!

Woah reddust! Thank you! Long time really. Thank you! I would love you vote on the witness. then you will need to type it "steemgigs". it is my witness!

I think I have a couple votes left ;-)

Awww thanks! Kindly check! I am really grateful. Is has been long and we are still here!

nice! i upvoted you!

PD: for all steemians on this post... follow me and i follow you bros! check my content and join me in this world of steemit :D

Great app better than Chrome and smaller sized than Opera and any other web browser.

Certainly a well structured post . So you want to be a witness ? I'll watch you for awhile and see what your view is on some of the friction causing issues . I think that's a fair commitment from me .

Already have the witness. It is called "steemgigs"

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :]


what a picture........

Nice picture..

look enjoyable


@ surpassinggoogle Beautiful post. I wish you all the best on your journey :)

You desurve every single vote !

Thank you a lot. We have had one long journey here.

interesting post. Upvoted and Voted for witness

Really beautiful .. thanks for the information .. hopefully we can cooperate .. follow me @riansteem .. may be a friend

Way to go @surpassinggoogle I just gave my support to @steemgigs this post is inspiring, hopefully I'll write down my story after a year. Cheers!

Great! Did you know how to vote for the witness as well. I would love that!

Yes I did, and dit it well :) best of lucks to you.

Well-deserved vote casted SG! Glad to see it all worked out for you and your travel. More power to you! ^_^

We are rooting for you @surpassinggoogle !!!

Cool... :) you are happy then I am happy :))

Hahaha, really! Thank you! I will be happy with your vote for the witness, if you have an open slot!

Soon yes when I have 95% back

Hahaha, it doesnt require voting power. it is a vote, without voting power impact and no sliders. It is used to choose witnesses. then just type "steemgigs" in the box

Ah :)) this ... I was think you want vote here :))

Very good job! @surpassinggoogle ! Thanks for helping the other people! Good luck to you!

very nice..good thing your enjoying steemit with the family....

im just new here... but im trying to tell my friends about steemit.... so lets spread it so we can help steemit grow more....

i know steem/steemit has a bright future ahead of us.... we will all be there together to reach our common goal....

Nice to hear, really! I can help you when you have questions!

You look a like Bruno Mars :D :D

Voted you for witness. Please return the support. I look forward to learning more about you and steem. #infowars #freedom #fairtax #dash

@surpassinggoogle @steemgigs @ulog I voted for witness steemgigs, I hope done all correct way. its a small vote may have little value in cause. thanx

te damos nuestro voto, te seguiremos